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Mary Anne Carew: Wife, Mother, Spirit, Angel. by Carlyle Petersilea

Fifty Years A Medium by Estelle Roberts

Clairvoyance by C.W. Leadbeater

The Worship of The Generative Powers by Thomas Wright

Elizabethan Demonology by Thomas Alfred Spalding

Egyptian Ideas of The Future Life by E. A. Wallis Budge

Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by Swami Panchadasi

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes by Miss Parloa

A Book of Fruits & Flowers for Meat or Medicine by Tho Fenner

The Vital Message by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Country Life Readers, Flowers of the Farm by Arthur O. Cooke

The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward

The Chalice of Ecstasy Being A Magical and Qabalistic Interpretion

The Egyptian Conception of Immortality by George Andrew Reisner

Sex as Symbol by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, PH.D.

The Voices, A Sequel to Glimpses of the Next State by Vice Admiral W. Usborne Moore

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism, An Address delivered to the Annual Conference

The Zoetic Grimoire of Zos by Austin Osman Spare

Questions Answered Extempore by Miss Emma Hardinge

The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals

Psychic Self-Defence by Dion Fortune

Anima Astrologiae or A Guide for Astrologers by William Lilly

Thirty One Hymns To The Star Goddess

Letters From the Other Side




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