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The Book of the Prophet Amos

Yule and Noel - The Saga of Christmas by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Ph.D.

The Bible Hell by J.W. Hanson, D.D.

Within You is the Power by  Henry Thomas Hamblin

Animal Intelligence by Edward L. Thorndike

The Bible And Other Ancient Literature In The Nineteenth Century by L. T. Townsend

Facing Life Fearlessly, The Pessimistic Versus the Optimistic View of Life by Clarence Darrow

The Myth of the Soul by Clarence Darrow

Meditation Handbook, A student helping student project

Evolution of Self-Consciousness By Chauncey Wright

Power of Will By Frank Channing Haddock, M.S., PH.D.

Papyrus of Ani, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge

The Story Of Electricity by John Munro

Nostradamus, His Prophecies

Character-Building Thought Power By Ralph Waldo Trine

The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism By Theron Q. Dumont

Literature on Tea Leaves - There uses and Healing Aspects

Practical Mental Influence By William W Atkinson

The Science of Getting Rich By Wallace D Wattles

The Sun Dance and Other Ceremonies of the Oglala Division of The Teton Dakota. by Walker.

Thought-Force In Business and Everyday Life By William Walker Atkinson

Thought Vibration By William Walker Atkinson

Iridiagnosis And Other Diagnostic Methods by Henry Lindlahr, M. D

The Hygienic Care of Children by Herbert M. Shelton




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