Natural Cures and Home Remedies

Pharmacopoeia Extemporanea



Forms of Select Remedies, accomodated
to most intentions of Cure usually
occuring in Practice.

Together with

Virtues, Reason of Operation, Rules,
Cautions, Practical Obserrvations, Manner
of Giving, Doses, a Catologue of
Medicines, and copious INDEX,
are propos'd for the Assistance of

Done into English out of Latin by the Author


With large Additions and Emendations.


Printed for BENJ. WALFORD, at the
Prince's-Arms in St. Paul's Church-yard.



A Catalogue






Antimonial Ale
Aperient Ale
Arthritic Ale 
Astringent Ale
Berry Ale 
Bitter Aromatic Ale
Cancer 1 Ale  
Cancer 2 Ale
Cephalic Ale
Chalybeate Ale
Chlorotic Ale
Daucus Ale
Diuretic Ale
Epileptic Ale
Hydropic Ale
Hysteric Ale
Icteric Ale
Juniper Ale
Pectoral Ale
Purging Ale
Purging Ale with Antimony 
Purging Hydopic Ale
Purging for Chidren Ale
Ricket Ale
An Extemporary Scorbutic Ale
A Sweetening Scorbutick Ale
Wram Scorbutick Ale
Against Scorphule Ale
Splanchnic Ale
Spleen Ale  
Ale of the Woods 

A Aromatic Bag
A Cummin Bag
A Bag for the Side             
A Bag for the Stomach
A Bag For the Uvula  

Baslsam Called Mirabile
Nephritic Balsam
Scheffers Balsam
A Balsamic Bolus
A Bolus For a Bruise
A Bolus of Cassia
A Chalybeate Bole
A Cordial Bolus
A Hypochondriac Bolus
A Hysteric Bolus
A Common Purging Bolus
A Sudorific Bolus
A Warm Bolus
A Yellow Bolus

Cock Broth
Consummate Broth
Broth for a Consumption 
Broth of Cray-fish 1
Broth of Cray-fish 2

Purging Cakes

Cataplasme of Bitters
Cataplasme with Cassia
Cataplasme with Cummin
Cataplasme of Eggs                  
Cataplasme with Elder
Cataplasme for the Feet
A Cataplasme with Fullers-earth
A Cataplasme of Herrings
A Cataplasme with Juices
A Laterale Cataplasme
A Cataplasme with Orris
A Cataplasme with Poppy
A Cataplasme in a Quinsy
A Cataplasme with Radish
A Stomach Cataplasme
A Cataplasme with Turneps
A Cataplasme for Vomiting
A Cataplasme of Webs

A Cordial Caudle
A Restorative Caudle 1
A Restorative Caudle 2


Decoction of Agaric
Decoction of Antiloimick
A Aperient Decoction
An Astringent Decoction
A Balsamic Decoction
A Decoction of Barberry-rinds
A Decoction for the Bite of a Mad-dog
A Bitter-Aromatic Decoction
A Decoction of Burdock
A Cachectic Decoction
A Decoction In a Cancer
A Decoction In a Catarrh
A Decoction of Catechu simple
A Decoction of Catechu Compound      
A Cephalic Decoction
A Decoction of Chamepitys            
A Decoction of Coralline
A Depurating Decoction             
A Decoction in a Diarrhea
A Diuretic Decoction                 
An Edulcorating Decoction
An Emmenagogue Decoction             
An Expectorating Decoction           
The Bitter Febrifuge Decoction
The Magistral Febrifuge Decoction                      
The Saline Febrifuge Decoction                         
Fracastorius's Decoction    
Fracastorius's Small Decoction                   
A Decoction for Glysters                     
A Decoction of Hempseed.             
A Decoction of Hounds-tongue                  
A Decoction of Horse-tail            
An Hysteric Decoction                              
An Icteric Decoction                     
An Incrassating Decoction                         
A Decoction of Juniper
A Decoction Called Liberans
A Magistral Decoction of  Mallows 
A Nephritic Decoction
A Pacific Decoction
A Pectoral Decoction
A Purging Decoction
A Pleuritick Decoction
The Portugal Decoction
A Psoric Decoction
The Common Purging Decoction
A Decoction of Raisins
A Decoction of Roses
The Decoction Called Sacrum
The Decoction Called Sanctum
A Decoction of Sarsa
The Scarlet Decoction
A Decoction of Scorzonera
A Decoction Against Scorphule
A Decoction Against the Scurvy
A Decoction of Sorrel-roots
A Spanchnic Decoction
A Splenetic Decoction
A Stiptic Decoction
A Decoction of Tararinds
A Decoction with Tartar
The Tolutane Decoction
A Traumatic Decoction
A Decoction of Trefoil
A Decoction of Turnips
A Variolose Decoction
A Decoction of Walnut-rinds
A Decoction of Walnut-rinds Purging
A Decoction of the Woods
A Decoction of Yarrow

The White Diet 
An Alexiphmac Draught
An Antemetic Draught
An Astringent Draught
A Bechic Draught
Our Bitter Draught
A Draught for a Bruise
A Camphorate Draught
A Cardiac Draught
A Draught for a Catarrh
A Cephalic Draught
A Consolatory Draught
A Diaphoretic Draught
A Diuretic Acid Draught
A Diuretic Oleose Draught
A Febrifuge Draught 
Riveriuss Fedrifuge Draught
A Draught for Gravel
A Hemoptoic Draught
A Draught of Hounds-tongue
An Hydragogue Draught
An Hysteric Draught
A Japanic Draught
A Milkey Draught
A Nitrous Draught
An Oleose Draught
A Common Paregoric Draught
A Refrigerating Paregoric Draught
A Peruvian Draught
A Pleuritic Draught
A Preparing Draught
A Saccharine Draught
A Saponaceous Draught
A Draught in the Small Pox
A Styptic Draught
A Draught of Volatiles
A Draught Against Whites 
A Draught in a Vulnerary Fever

An Electuary Against Abortion
An Acid Electuary
An Analeptic Electuary 1 
Analeptic Electuary 2 
An Apophlegmatic Electuary
An Astringent Electuary
A Balsamic Electuary
Mr. Boyles Electuary
A Camphorate Electuary
A Warm Cardiac Electuary 
A Temperate Cardiac Electuary 
A Carminative Electuary
A Cephalic Electuary
An Electuary with Colophony
A Cretaceous Electuary
An Electuary with Currants
An Expectorating Electuary
An Electuary with Ginger
An Hysteric Electuary
A Laxative Electuary
Lucatellus's Electuary
An Electuary of Mallows
An Electuary of Mars
An Electuary of Mastic
An Electuary of Mint
An Electuary of Mustard
An Electuary with Myrrh
A Nephritic Electuary
A Pectoral Electuary
A Peruvian Electuary
A Peruvian Astringent Electuary
A Peruvian Epileptic Electuary
An Electuary of Piony
Poterius's Electuary
A Purging Electuary
The Quadrate Electuary
The Electuary of Rhubarb
The Royal Electuary
A Sanative Electuary
An Electuary of Satyrion
A hot Scorbutic Electuary
A Temperate Scorbutic Electuary
A Splanchnic Electuary
A Stomachic Electuary
A Styptic Electuary
A Sulphurate Electuary
A Terebinthinate Electuary
An Electuary with Turmetic
An Electuaryof Zedoary 1 
An Electuary of Zedoary 2 

A Cardiac Eleosaccharum  
A Anodyne Elixir
A Cathartic Elixir
A Stomach Elixir
A Stomach Elixir with Cinnamon

Emetic Forms
The Arabic Emulsion
The Balsamic Emulsion
Brunners Emulsion
A Cathartic Emulsion
A Common Emulsion
A Cordial Emulsion
A Emulsion with Hartshorn
A Pacific Emulsion
A Emulsion of Piony
A Styptic Emulsion
An Aluminous Epithem
An Anodyne Epithem
An Epithem of Calx
A Cordial Epithem
An Epithem of Sugar of Lead
A Saponaceous Epithem
A Chymical Errhine
An Errhine of Elaterium
An Errhine of Juices
A Solid Errhine
A Vitriolic Errhine

A Cordial Hysteric Essence   

An Expression of Brooklime Compound
An Icteric Expression
An Expression of Millipedes Simple
An Icteric Expression of Millipedes
An Expression of Millipedes for a Chin-cough
A Pleuritic Expression
An Expression of Piony
An Refrigerating Expression
A Rosaceous Expression
A Scorbutic Temperate Expression
A Warm Scorbutic Expression
A Styptic Expression

A Pectoral Extract

An Anodyne Foment
An Astringent Foment
A Foment with Bitters
A Camphorate Foment
A Colic Foment
A Diuretic Foment
A Dysenteric Foment
A Foment of Elder
An Emmenagoge Foment 
A Foment in Flux of The Haemorrhoids
A Foment for The Pain of Haemorrhoids
A Foment for Inflammations
A Laterale Foment
A Pacific Foment
A Podagric Foment
A Scorbutic Foment
A Splenetic Foment
A Stomachic Foment
A Foment for a Tympany

A Frontal with Camphire
A Frontal with Mastic
A Frontal with Opium
A Rosaceous Frontal

A Fume in a Catarrh 1
A Fume in a Catarrh 2 
A Fume in a Consumption
A Fume for the Falling of the Anus
A Fume for Falling out of the Uterus
An Odoriferous Fume 1 
An Odoriferous Fume 2 
A Fume in a Tenesmus

A Common Gargle
A Detergent Gargle
An Emollient Gargle
A Levigating Gargle
A Gargle for Heat of Mouth
A Gargle with Myrrh
A Paralytic Gargle
A Gargle with Pellitory
A Gargle for Phlegm
A Gargle for a Quinsy
A Refrigerating Gargle
A Gargle with Roses
A Scorbutic Gargle
A Gargle in the Small Pox
A Gargle of Black-Thorn
A Gargle with Vine-leaves
A Gargle for the Uvula
of Gargles
An Anodyne Glytster
An Apoplectic Glytster
A Balsamic Glytster
A Glytster of Bitters
A Carminative Glytster
A Colic Glytster
A Common Glytster
A Comforting Glytster
A Corroborating Glytster
A Emollient Glytster
An Epileptic Glytster
A Febrific Glytster
A Glytster In Gripes
An Hysteric Glytster
A Glytster For Infants
A Laxative Glytster
A Lenient Glytster
A Glytster with Mullein
A Nourishing Glytster
A Oiley-Bitter Glytster
A Glytster Of four Oils
A Glytster Of Pomgranate
A Purging Glytster
A Refrigerating Glytster
A Saponaceous Glytster
A Somniferous Glytster
A Sweet Glytster
A Terebinthine Glytster
Honey of Raisins
Mayerns Honey of Raisins
A Chartaceous Hydrogale

An Hydromel of Cherries
A Diuretic Hydromel
Joels Hydromel
A Pectoral Hydromel I 
A Pectoral Hydromel 2 
Simple Hydromel
An Arthritic Infusion
A Bitter Infusion
A Bitter Chalybeate Infusion
An Infusion Of Camomile
A Cardiac Infusion
A Cephalic Infusion
An Infusion for a Colic 
An Epileptic Infusion
A Purging Infusion
A Red Infusion
A Refrigerating Infusion
A Infusion Of Rhubarb Compound
An Infusion with Roses Compound
The Infusion of Roses Simple
The Spanish Infusion
A Styptic Infusion
A Traumatic Infusion
Attempering Juice 
Juice For the Hemorrhoids
Juices For a Dropsie
Scorbutic Juices
An Acid Julep
An Alexiterial Julep
An Amber Julep
An Antemetic Julep
An Astringent Julep
An Camphorated Julep
An Carminative Julep
A Cephalic Julep
A Chalybeate Julep
A Cordial Julep
A Temperate Cordial Julep
A Diuretic Acid Julep
A Diuretic Aromatic Julep
A Diuretic Nitrous Julep
An Emmenagogue Julep
An Epileptic Julep
A Golden Julep
A Julep with Houseleek
A Hysteric Julep
A Musk Julep
A Musk Julep for Children
A Pectoral Julep
A Pearl Antiphthisic Julep
A Temperate Pearl Cordial Julep
A Warm Pearl Julep
A Pearl Hysteric Julep
A Pleuritic Julep
A Julep of Propriety
A Julep with Raspberries
A Refrigerating Julep
A Scorbutic Julep
A Splanchnic Julep
A Stomachic Julep
A Styptic Julep
A Julep for Child-bed Women

An Hydropic Lavament

An Hysteric Laudanum
A Liniment with Alum
A Cephalic Liniment
A Frontale Liniment
A Haemorrhoidal Liniment
Joel's Liniment
A Liniment with Gum Lac
A Lateral Liniment
A Paralytic Liniment
A Spinale Liniment

A Litus for the Face
An Hydropic Lixive
An Apophlegmatic Lohoch
An Asthmatic Lohoch
A Balsamic Lohoch
A Bechic Lohoch
A Common Lohoch
A Lohoch with Elecampane
A Lohoch with Garlic
A Green Lohoch
Haly's Lohoch
A Japanic Lohoch
A Incrassating Lohoch
A Levigating Lohoch
A Lohoch with Linseed Oil
A Lucatellus's Lohoch
A Mucilaginous Lohoch
A Lohoch Of Myrrh
A Oleose Lohoch
A Lohoch with Olibanum
A Peruvian Lohoch
A Pleuritic Lohoch
A Red Lohoch
A Lohoch with Sperma Ceti
A Styptic Lohoch

A Camphorated Lotion
A Cephalic Lotion
A Lotion For the Face
A Lotion For the Feet
A Mercurial Lotion

Balsamic Lozenges
Cardiac Lozenges
Lozenges For a Catarrh
Cephalic Lozenges
Lozenges Of Elder
Hemoptoic Lozenges
Hysteric Lozenges
Paralytic Lozenges
Pectoral Lozenges
Black Pectoral Lozenges
Peruvian Antihectic Lozenges


A Acovistic Mixture
A Aromatic Mixture
A Asthmatic Mixture
A Balsamic Mixture
A Balsamic Nephritic Mixture
A Bechic Mixture
A Mixture with Bole
A Cardiac Aquose Mixture
A Cardiac Edulcorating Mixture
A Cardiac Oleose Mixture
A Carminative Mixture
A Colic Mixture 1 
Colic Mixture 2 
A Consolating Mixture
A Corallate Mixture
A Diuretic Mixture
An Ecphractic Mixture
An Epileptic Mixture
An Erysipelas Mixture
Expectorating Mixture 1 
Expectorating Mixture 2 
A Mixture For Glysters
A Golden Mixture
An Hysteric Aquose Mixture
An Hysteric Spirituose Mixture
A Juniper Mixture
A Musk Mixture
A Oleose Mixture
A Pacific Mixture
A Paralytic Mixture
A Pectoral Mixture
A Peruvian Mixture
A Pleuritic Mixture
A Saline Mixture
A Saponaceous Mixture
A Scorbutic Mixture
A Mixture with Sperma Ceti
A Stomach Mixture
A Sulphurate Mixture
A Tartareous Mixture
A Thebane Mixture
A Mixture For the Throat

An Hysteric Nodule

An Acovistic Oil
A Cephalic Oil
A Paralytic Oil
Oil of Rhubarb

An Asthmatic Oxymel
A Purging Pectoral Oxymel
An Oxymel Of Tobacco

A Paste for Aphthe
Gallic Paste

Pellets for the Teeth

Alexiterial Pills
Amber Pills
Autemetic Pills
Arthritic Pills
Astringent Pills
Balsamic Pills
Bennet Pills
Black Pills 
Cachectic Pills
Camphorate Pills
Carminative Pills
Catarrh Pills
Catholic Pills
Cephalic Pills
Chalybeate Pills
Purging Chalybeate Pills I
Purging Chalybeate Pills by Dr. A. 2
Cinnaber Pills
Cochineal Pills
Colic Pills
Crato's Pills
Diaphoretic Pills
I Diuretic Pills
2 Diuretic Pills
Dysenteric Pills
Ecphractic Pills
Emmenagogue Pills
Expectorating Pills
Pills For Fainting
Febrifuge Pills
Garlic Pills
Gentian Pills
Gilead Pills
Guaiacum Pills
Hemoptoic Pills
Hydragogue Pills
Hysteric Pills
Japanic Pills
Icteric Pills
Myrrh Pills
Nephritic Pills
Olibanum Pills
Pectoral Pills
Pleuritic Pills
Polychrest Pills
Poterius's Pills
Saffron Pills
Salt Gem Pills
Saline Pills
Salt of Steel Pills the less
Scammony Pills
Smegmatic Pills
Solenanders Pills
1 Splenetic Pills
2 Splentic Pills
Stomach Pills
Stomach Pills Purging
Styptic Pills
Sylvius's Pills
Tar Pills
Turpentine Pills
The Womens Pills
Yellow Pills

1 Plaister Against Abortion
2 Plaister Against Abortion
An Anodyne Plaister
An Apoplectic Plaister
An Arthritic Plaister
A Balsamic Plaister
A Cephalic Plaister
A Dorsale Plaister
An Epistpastic Plaister
A Febrific Plaister
A Plaister For the Feet
A Frankincense Plaister
A Plaister with Hiera
An Hydropic Plaister
An Icteric Plaister
An Ischiatic Plaister
A Lateral Plaister
A Plaister For the Loins
A Plaister with Marjoram
A Mastic Plaister Compound
A Nephritic Plaister
A Pectoral Plaister
A Plaister with Pellitory
A Pleuritic Plaister
A Quinsy Plaister
A Spinale Plaister
1 Splenetic Plaister
2 Splenetic Plaister
1 Stomach Plaister Compound
2 Stomach. Plaister Compound
A Plaister For the Temples
A Volatile Plaister

Posset with Tamarinds
Posset with Wood Sorrel

An Ammoniac Potion
A Lenitive Potion
A Purging Hydropic Potion
A Purging Nephritic Potion
A Purging Rosinous Potion
A Rhubarb Potion
The Potion Called Sancta
The Vulnerary Potion of Arceus
The Warwick Potion
The White Potion
Powder against Abortion
Alexipharmac Powder
Amber Powder
Powder Of Angelica Compound
Anthelminthic Powder
Anthelminthic Purging Powder
Arabic Powder
Aromatic Powder
Arthritic Powder
An Astringent Powder
Balsamic Powder
Bezoartic Powder
Powder For a Bruise
Capillary Powder
Cardialgic Powder
Carminative Powder
Common Cathartic Powder
Cephalic Powder
Chalybeate Powder
1 Colic Powder
2 Colic Powder
Comfrey Powder Compound
Powder Of Crabs Eyes Compound
Damask Powder
Dentalgic Powder
Schroders Dentrifrice
Diaphoretic Powder
1 Diuretic Powder
2 Diuretic Powder
Edulcorating Powder
Emmenagogue Powder
Epidemial Powder
Eye-bright Powder Compound
Eye-bright more Powder Compound
Febrific Powder
Mayerns Powder de Guttera
Hemoptoic Powder
Powder against Hemorrhagies
Powder in an Hernia
Hibernic Powder
Hysteric Powder
Incrassating Powder
Gum Lac Powder Compound
Laxative Powder
Marjoram Powder Compound
Mastic Powder Compound
Powder Of Millepedes Compound
Myrrh Powder Compound
Nephritic Powder
Nitrous Powder
Nutmeg Powder Compound
Odoriferous Powder
Orange-peel Powder Compound
Pauchymagagogue Powder
Peacock Powder
Pectoral Powder
Peptic Powder
Pearl Powder Compound
Piony Powder Compound
Pleuritic Powder
Splanchnic Powder
Sternutatory Powder
Stomach Powder
Bitter Stomach Powder
A Powder for Strume
1 Styptic Powder
2 Styptic Powder
Tartar Powder Compound
Tilingius's his Powder
Viper Powder Compound
Uvular Powder
The Womens Powder


A Quilt for a Cap
A Cardiac Quilt
A Pectoral Quilt
1 Stomach Quilt
2 Stomach Powder

Rob of Acacia

Salt Volatile Sudorifick

Antiscorbutic Spirit
Spirit of Caraway Compound
Spirit of Wine rectifyd without Heat

Alexiterial Stone

Dur Sugar of Pearl


Dur Syrup of Ammoniacum
Asthmatic Syrup
Balsamic Syrup
Mr. Boyles Syrup
Chalybeate Syrup
Diuretic Syrup
Syrup of Elecampane
Syrup of Garlic
Syrup of Hounds-tongue
Incrassating Syrup
Syrup of Liquorice
Syrup of Mallows
Syrup of Moss
Syrup of Myrrh
Syrup of Salt of Steel
The White Syrup

Alexiterial Tincture
Antiphthific Tincture
Balsamic Tincture
An Epileptic Tincture
Tincture of Gentian
A Martial Tincture
Purging Tincture
Purging Cephalic Tincture
Tincture of Rhubarb
Stomachic Tincture
Stomachic Tincture
Sweet Tincture

A Tobacco for Catarrhs
A Tobacco for Consumptions

A Diuretic Vapour
A Vapour for the Ear
A Vapour for the Hemorrhoids
A Pectoral Vapour
A Vapour for a Qunisy

Aleotic Unguent
Aperitive Unguent
Unguent de Bills
Cordial Unguent
Crinific Unguent
An Erysipelas Unguent
Frontal Unguent
Hemorrorhidal Unguent
Unguent to drive back Milk
Pectoral Unguent
I Pleuretic Unguent
2 Pleuretic Unguent
Podagric Unguent
Renale Unguent
Saponaceous Unguent
Unguent for shrinking of Sinews
Splanchnic Unguent
Splenetic Unguent
Stomachic Unguent
Unguent for the Stone

Wafers of Tamarinds

Burdock Water Compound
Chalybeate Water
Horse-dung Water
Juniper Water Compound
Water of Millepedes
Scelotyrbic Water
Pectoral Snail Water
Scorbutic Snail Water

Deoppilating Whey
Purging Whey
Scorbutic Whey

Bitter Wine
Bitter Cathartic Wine
Bitter Chalybeate Wine
Cathartic Wine
Chalybeate Wine
Diuretic Wine
Elecampane Wine
1 Hydropic Wine
2 Hydropic Wine
Icteric Wine
Wine Called Mirable
Pectoral Wine
Scorbutic Wine
Stomachic Wine