Nicholas Culpeper 1616-1654.

       An Astrologo-Physical Discourse of the Vulgar
Herbs of this Nation.

Being a Compleat Method of Physick, whereby a man
may preserve his Body in Health; or cure himself, being
sick, for three pence charge, with such things only
as grow in England, they  being most fit
for English Bodies.


Here in also shewed,

1.  The way of making Plaisters, Oyntments, Oyls,          
    Pultisses, Syrups, Decoctions, Julips, or Waters, of   
    all sorts of Physical Herbs, That you may have them    
    readie for your use at all times of the yeer.
2.  What Planet governeth every Herb or Tree (used in      
    Physick) that groweth in England.
3.  The Time of gathering all Herbs, both Vulgarly, and    
4.  The Way of drying and keeping the Herbs all the yeer.
5.  The Way of keeping their Juyces ready for use at all   
6.  The Way of making and keeping all kind of useful       
    Compounds made of Herbs.
7.  The way of mixing Medicines according to Cause and and 
    Mixture of the Disease, and Part of the Body           


By Nich. Culpeper, Gent. Student in Physick
and Astrologie.


Printed by Peter Cole, at the sign of the Printing-Press in
         Cornhil, near the Royal Exchange. 1652.

Index of Herbs

Directions for making Syrups, Conserves, Oyls, Oyntments, &c. of Herbs, Roots, Flowers