Discoverie of Witchcraft


Reginald Scot


London, 1584


CHAPTER I. The exposition of Iidoni, and where it is found, whereby the whole art of conjuration is deciphered.


CHAPTER II. J. Wierus in Pseudomonarchia daemonum. Salomons notes of conjuration.


CHAPTER III. The houres wherin principall divels may be bound, to wit, raised and restrained from dooing of hurt.


CHAPTER IV. The forme of adjuring or citing of the spirits aforesaid to arise and appeare.


CHAPTER V. A confutation of the manifold vanities conteined in the precedent chapters, speciallie of commanding of divels.


CHAPTER VI. The names of the planets, their characters, togither with the twelve signes of the zodiake, their dispositions, aspects, and government, with other observations.


Chapter VII. The characters of the angels of the seaven daies, with their names: of figures, seales and periapts.


Chapter VIII. An experiment of the dead.


CHAPTER IX. A licence for Sibylia to go and come by at all times.


CHAPTER X. To know of treasure hidden in the earth.


CHAPTER XI. An experiment following, of Citrael, &c: angeli diei dominici.


CHAPTER XII. How to enclose a spirit in a christall stone.


CHAPTER XIII. An experiment of Bealphares.


CHAPTER XIV. To bind the spirit Bealphares, and to lose him againe.


CHAPTER XV. The making of the holie water.


CHAPTER XVI. To make a spirit to appeare in a christall.


CHAPTER XVII. An experiment of the dead.


CHAPTER XVIII. A bond to bind him to thee, and to thy N. as followeth.


CHAPTER XIX. This bond as followeth, is to call him into your christall stone, or glasse, &c.


CHAPTER XX. When to talke with spirits, and to have true answers to find out a theefe.


CHAPTER XXI. A confutation of conjuration, especiallie of the raising, binding and dismissing of the divell, of going invisible, and other lewd practises.


CHAPTER XXII. A comparison betweene popish exorcists and other conjurors, a popish conjuration published by a great doctor of the Romish church, his rules and cautions.


CHAPTER XXIII. A late experiment, or cousening conjuration practised at Orleance by the Franciscane Friers, how it was detected, and the judgement against the authors of that comedie.


CHAPTER XXIV. Who may be conjurors in the Romish church besides priests, a ridiculous definition of superstition, what words are to be used and not used in exoreismes, rebaptisme allowed, it is lawfull to conjure any thing, differences betweene holie water and coniuration.


CHAPTER XXV. The seven reasons why some are not rid of the divell with all their popish conjurations, why there were no conjurors in the primitive church, and why the divell is not so soone cast out of the bewitched as of the possessed.


CHAPTER XXVI. Other grosse absurdities of witchmongers in this matter of conjurations.


CHAPTER XXVII. Certaine conjurations taken out of the pontificall and out of the missall.


CHAPTER XXVIII. That popish priests leave nothing unconjured, aforme of exorcisme for incense.


CHAPTER XXIX. The rules and lawes of popish Exorcists and other conjurors all one, with a confutation of their whole power, how S. Martine conjured the divell


CHAPTER XXX. That it is a shame for papists to beleeve other conjurors dooings, their owne being of so litle force, Hipocrates his opinion herein.


CHAPTER XXXI. How conjurors have beguiled witches, what bookes they carie about to procure credit to their art, wicked assertions against Moses and Joseph.


CHAPTER XXXII. All magicall arts confuted by an argument concerning Nero, what Cornelius Agrippa and Carolus Gallus have left written thereof and prooved by experience.


CHAPTER XXXIII. Of Salomons conjurations, and of the opinion conceived of his cunning and practise therein.


CHAPTER XXXIV. Lessons read in all churches, where the pope hath authoritie, on S. Margarets daie, translated into Enghsh word for word.


CHAPTER XXXV. A delicate storie of a Lombard, who by S. Margarets example would needs fight with a reall divell.


CHAPTER XXXVI. The storie of Saint Margaret prooved to be both ridiculous and impious in everie point.


CHAPTER XXXVII. A pleasant miracle wrought by a popish preest.


CHAPTER XXXVIII. The former miracle confuted, with a strange storie of saint Lucie.


CHAPTER XXXIX. Of visions, noises, apparitions, and imagined sounds, and of other illusions, of wandering soules: with a confutation thereof


CHAPTER XL. Cardanus opinion of strange noises, how counterfit visions grow to be credited, of popish appeerances, of pope Boniface.


CHAPTER XLI. Of the noise or sound of eccho, of one that narrowlie escaped drowning thereby, &c.


CHAPTER XLII. Of Theurgie, with a confutation thereof a letter sent to me concerning these matters.


The copie of a letter sent unto me R. S. by T. E. Maister of art, and practiser both of physicke, and atso in times past, of certeine vaine sciences; now condemned to die for the same: wherein he openeth the truth touching these deceits.