A Rebirth For Christianity


Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Ph.D.


Forward ix

Chapter 1. Relighting an Ancient Lamp

Chapter 2. Egypt's Wayward Offspring

Chapter 3. The Breach Between Jew and Greek

Chapter 4. A New Orientation, Not a New Revelation

Chapter 5. Religion and the Illumination of Mind

Chapter 6. Some Consequences of Esotericism

Chapter 7. The Mirror of Truth

Chapter 8. The Ghost of Ancient Egypt

Chapter 9. The Divine Archetype

Chapter 10. When Messiah Cometh

Chapter 11. Jesus - Man or Myth?

Chapter 12. Peter's Jesus and Paul's Christ

Chapter 13. The Triform Messiah

Chapter 14. Pre-Christian Christianity

Chapter 15. Four Evangels

Chapter 16. Are the Gospels Fictitious?

Chapter 17. Jesus and Christos

Chapter 18. The Witness of Allegory

Chapter 19. History Robbed of Meaning

Chapter 20. Gods Die for Men

Chapter 21. Death Throes and Birth Pangs