Thirty Years Among the Dead by Dr. Carl Wickland

CHAPTER XV Theosophy

THAT the belief in reincarnation on earth is a fallacious one and prevents
progression to higher spiritual realms after transition* has been frequently
declared by advanced spirits, while numerous cases of obsession which have
come under our care have been due to spirits who, in endeavoring to
"reincarnate" in children, have found themselves imprisoned in the magnetic
aura, causing great suffering to both their victims and themselves.

A little boy in Chicago, Jack T., had been normal until the age of five
when he began to manifest precocious tendencies and acted strangely.

Formerly he had had the natural disposition of a child but began to fret
about things ordinarily foreign to a child's mind and acted in many ways like
an adult.

He worried over trifles, lay awake at night with strange mutterings and
presentiments, and at times had an uncontrollable temper.

He was a boy of good appearance but talked constantly of being old,
homely and ugly looking, and was so intractable that efforts at reprimand
and correction proved of no avail.

This condition became so aggravated that his family despaired of
restoring the boy's reason.

A relative who knew of our experimental work in abnormal psychology
wrote to the Institute requesting us to concentrate for the boy. This was
done and an entity, whose actions and expressions were in every way like
those of the boy, was attracted to the psychic, Mrs. Wickland.

This entity said his name was Charlie Herrman; he was aware of having
died and declared he was a very homely man, with ugly features and a face
covered with pock marks. Nobody had cared for him and this fact preyed on
his mind.

Someone had once told him that after death individuals could reincarnate
and become whatever they wished to be. Since his only desire was to be
good looking, so that others would not shun him, he decided to try and

As a result, he became entangled in the magnetic aura of a small boy and
was unable to free himself.

*See Chap. 8. Page 197. Spirit: John Edwards.


Finding that he was helplessly imprisoned, and incapable of making
himself understood, he had outbursts of temper and "felt like flying to

"They called me Jack at times, but I am not Jack. That was not my
name, and I could not understand."

Our concentration for the boy had freed the spirit and for this he was
very grateful.

After instructions were given regarding spiritual progression and he had
been assured that he need no longer be homely if he would discard old ideas
from his mind, forget self and strive to help others, he expressed great
eagerness to go with the spirits who, he stated, had come to help him,

In a letter written a few days later by the boy's mother we were
informed that a remarkable change had occurred in the child.

"Jack is now a boy again and has been very good this week, really like he
used to be."

He remained normal and received excellent grades in school, where his
progress from that time on was unusually rapid.

At one time we concentrated for a crippled child in Hollywood with
interesting results.


Spirit Is it really true that I am well now? Can I talk? Can I move my
arms and feet? Then reincarnation is true, because before I could neither talk
nor walk. How did I get out of the child?

Doctor Intelligent spirits brought you here for help.

Sp. I wanted to come back and reincarnate in a child, and I got in and
could not get out. I was so paralyzed that I could not express myself and I
was in an awful state.

I was a Theosophist and I wanted to reincarnate to be great. I got into a
child's body and crippled it, and also crippled my mind and that of the child.
I stayed in the child because I did not know how to get out. I acted as a child
and I could not talk.

I know I passed out of my mortal body some years ago, far away in
India, but I do not realize when it took place. I wanted so much to
reincarnate and to come back to this earth life to live my other Karma.

Do not hold on to the thought of coming back. but look for something


higher, for the state I was in was the worst torture anybody could have.

I lived in Calcutta and wanted to learn to be a Master and go through my
Karma, but instead I am as you see me to be.

I reincarnated in a child and became crippled, and I also got into the
vibration of the mother. It was very hard and I want to warn others never to
come back and try to reincarnate through a little child. Leave reincarnation
alone, because it is only a mistake, but the philosophy of Theosophy is very fine.

Look upward; don't think of the astral shells, for they are of no use.

I was very selfish and wanted to come back to earth life just to be
something great, but instead I got into a very low state. I had intended to
show the Theosophists that I could come back and reincarnate in a child.

Madam Blavatsky should have taught differently. (Pointing to an
invisible.) I will tell you, Madam, you are the one who is to blame for the
condition I am in today.

Madam Blavatsky stands here trying to help me now. She is the one who
gave me the teachings and thoughts of reincarnation, and now she is trying to
show me the right way and states there is no such thing as reincarnation.

One gets all mixed up trying to enter another's body for reincarnation.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. I cannot recall my name just now.

Madam Blavatsky was in India and taught Theosophy, had many
followers and I was with her. I have also met Anna Kingsford and Dr.
Hartmann, and he also was to blame for my condition.

They pushed me in here that I might be taught and freed. I am so pleased
that I can talk again; that is something I have not been able to do for years.

Madam Blavatsky, Anna Kingsford and the Judge were all great lights,
and now they have found out their big mistakes. They are all working to get
their victims free, and so they brought me to this place for instruction and

I was in India, having been there for many years. My father was an
officer in the Army. I spent most of my time in Calcutta, where I met all the
great lights of Theosophy, and I joined the Theosophical Society. I liked
Colonel Olcott; he was a great fellow.

I remember being very sick in India for some time. I have


no desire to reincarnate again because reincarnation is a wrong doctrine. It
creates a selfishness to come back.

One can learn without being reincarnated. What I suppose did I
learn in my last reincarnation in the child? What did I learn ?

I believed in Theosophy and my Karma, and I thought I had to go
through with it.

Colonel Olcott belonged to the Great Masters. He belonged
to the spirit of Fire and Water-I mean the elementals of Fire and Water.

Dr. Have you ever heard of mediums?

Sp. They are only astral shells. Madam Blavatsky says we  must all help
those who try to reincarnate. She and the others have come to say they 
are trying to help and for that purpose have formed a big society.

I thought I had come to life when I came here, and that I could reincarnate
and talk to them as I did in life. I did not know they had passed over. Teaching
as they did, why did they not reincarnate the same as I?

Madam Blavatsky was a great missionary, as you know. She says she is
now trying to make all her victims understand about the life after this
as it really is.

She says that she was a medium at one time, but that she did
not want anybody to control her. She thought you should develop your own
self and mental faculties, and go through yourKarma.

I should not have been taught the falseness I was.

Madam tells me that I should listen to this gentleman, (Dr. W.) and that
he will explain things.

Explanations were given regarding life on the earth plane,
the preparation for the life that is to follow, and the fact that the knowledge
and wisdom gained here will be the light of understanding each one carries to
the other side of life.

The spirit finally gave the name of William Stanley, and departed,
grateful for the enlightenment he had received.

J. A., a listless, crippled boy of seven years, with an adult manner of
speech, was a patient from Chicago, who suffered from convulsions
and a slow, hesitant stammering, was notional about his food and
subject to violent attacks of temper.

Through concentration, a spirit was dislodged from him, a superficial
Theosophist, who was peculiarly self-hypnotized


Spirit: EDWARD JACKSON. Patient: J. A.

Doctor Have you been here before?

Spirit (Slowly.) Myself-do-not-know.

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. (Drawling.) Me--do-not-know.

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. Where-they-shot-fire-at-me. (Static treatment given patient.)

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. Myself-do-not-know.

Dr. Don't you understand that you have lost your physical
body and are a spirit? Listen to intelligent spirits who will
help you.

Sp. Me does not know anything about spirits.

Dr. Don't you want to know something about them? Where
did you expect to go after "death"?

Sp. Me does not know.

Dr. Would you like to know anything?

Sp. That takes care of itself.

Dr. If you had been more concerned about the facts of life
you would not be in this condition; you would be in the spirit
world. Do you know anything about the spirit world?

Sp. No.

Dr. Would you care to know?

Sp. I do not know.

Dr. You must want to know. You have lost your mortal
body and do not understand it.

Sp. I don't care.

Dr. You will have to care. Are you happy in your present

Sp. No.

Dr. Were you sick?

Sp. I was.

Dr. What was the matter with you?

Sp. Crippled.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. I don't know. It is a long time since I was born.

Dr. Were you a man or a woman?

Sp. I suppose I am a man.

Dr. Were you married?


Sp. No.

Dr. Why?

Sp. No one likes a cripple, and I stuttered and stuttered a great
deal. I also studied.

Dr. What did you study?

Sp. All kinds of books that came my way.

Dr. On religion?

Sp. Why, yes.

Dr. Were you orthodox?

Sp. No,thank God.

Dr. Did you have any fixed opinions at all?

Sp. Once, for a time, I studied. Then I was shut up in one place
one time and another place another time. It is the fourth time I have
been reincarnated. (Obsessed sensitives.) Twice I got in a cripple.

Dr. Were you a cripple in the first place?

Sp. I do not remember anything about it. People told me to
remember about my lives, but I do not. I know I was once a cripple,
and then I got into somebody and was more crippled. But I got out. I
do not know how I got out. I feel stronger now than I have before, I
thought when I reincarnated I should be a nice young man, but
instead I got crippled, because I suppose my mind was crippled.

Dr. What did they call you when you were a cripple?

Sp. I had so many names, but you know, I liked the last time. I
liked it very much to be a rich man's son, so I did not need to work. I
had my father to work for me. I had a good time.

Dr. Did you become a rich man's son?

Sp. In a way, yes, and in another way, no.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. My name was, once upon a time-I do not know. Some time
ago, when I was studying Theosophy, I was a cripple born. Some
friends brought some books to me about Madam Blavatsky. They
called me Edward Jackson.

Dr. What other names did you have?

Sp. The other was J.

Dr. Was J. a grown man or a boy?

Sp. I do not like that fire shooting and someone talking all kinds
of things. Why cannot I reincarnate and not be a cripple all the time?

Dr. I suppose when you found yourself in a rich man's


family and thought of reincarnation you believed you were experiencing your
former condition again.

Sp. It is Karma to develop one's highest self, so the Theosophists say.
They chased me out, so I tried again, because I wanted to know if that
theory is true or not.

Dr. It is very true in one way-earthbound spirits can control mortal
sensitives. That is very true.

Sp. They must live out their Karma which has been put out for them; it
is the only way.

Dr. Where did you come from?

SP. Chicago. I was going to be a rich man's son, but I was turned out.

Dr. Did you like that?

Sp. I was fighting and when I get mad I do not care what I say, and I get
mad once in a while. Sometimes I get so mad because I shall be a cripple all
my life. When I reincarnated I got into the same crippled state again.

Dr. Don't you think you had better stop trying to reincarnate ?

Sp. I must live out my Karma, and must not interfere with it.

Dr. Then you must continue suffering because of your foolishness.

Sp. I was trying to get to Devachan. I was not well educated, but I read
up on Devachan, which is the resting place where they reincarnate again.

Dr. You came back too soon.

Sp. Theosophy appealed to my mind, and then I wanted to have a good
time. You must not interfere with your Karma. You can choose your life and
I was going to have plenty of money, but I got crippled again. But my mind
was good. They said you should not think of your former life.

Dr. Who told you that?

Sp. They said you should progress and not interfere with your Karma,
then you would get to Devachan. I suppose I must be an astral shell. I did
not study enough.

Dr. Would you like to use a little discrimination and progress in the right
way to the spirit life?

Sp. I want to go to Devachan-that is the best place for me. Then you can
be a Master.

Dr. You should become a Master of your own destiny.

Sp. I want to be a Great Master. Then I would not be a cripple, and
would have lived out my Karma.


Dr. How were you crippled?

Sp. In my legs.

Dr. Could you not walk?

Sp. No, my knees were too weak and my ankles were weak. I am
crippled all over now.

Dr. Could you think and talk?

SP. Yes.

Dr. Do you like corn meal mush? (An especial aversion of the patient.)

Sp. I don't know what you mean.

Dr. Are you particular about eating?

Sp. I will not eat meat and not much fish. I like to have some raw
vegetables. I want my food more sun-kissed. I want to go to Devachan and
be a Master.

Dr. Master of what?

Sp. Master of Higher Things. I want to be a Master.

Dr. Madam Blavatsky denies reincarnation now and says it is folly.

Sp. She doesn't know what she is talking about.

Dr. Do you want to be perfectly well again?

Sp. Then I have to reincarnate again.

Dr. Now wake up and be sensible. Understand you are a spirit. You are
now controlling the body of my wife.

Sp. I did not reincarnate in another person's body. I thought next time I
would reincarnate differently. You say I am a woman now. I do not want
to be a girl--I want to be a man

Dr. You are using a woman's body just now.

Sp. I have to be born again, even if I am crippled.

Dr. Don't be foolish. Realize you are no longer crippled.

Sp. How can you tell any one not to be a cripple when they are?

Dr. You are now a free spirit, temporarily controlling a woman's body.

Sp. I do not understand what you are talking about.

Dr. Your Devachan does not work at all. You did not study thoroughly.

Sp. Yes, I did, but I disregarded it.

Dr. Do not talk such nonsense. It makes nice earthbound spirits.

Sp. We have to reincarnate to learn and get all kinds of experiences.


Dr. I suppose you could not progress to Devachan if you did not have
all the different experiences?

Sp. You have to come back and learn them.

Dr. Do you know what you have been doing? You have been controlling
different persons, and disturbing their lives.

An ignorant spirit ruins the life of a mortal sensitive by clinging to him.
You have been brought here for help and are now controlling my wife's body.

Sp. I have to reincarnate in your wife? No-I must reincarnate in a child,
and be born again.

Dr. This is not your body. It belongs to my wife and you are using it

Sp. Then I have to reincarnate in your wife.

Dr. You are controlling her body for a short time only. Look at this hand-
do you know it?

Sp. I have reincarnated again in your wife's body. No-
you must reincarnate again in a child and be born again.

Dr. You do not know what you are talking about. If you understood the
truth you would not talk as you do. You are an earthbound spirit, making
cripples of children.

Sp. That is my Karma. I have to so live until I get Devachan.

Dr. You live so only because of your ignorance.

Sp. When you have a chance to reincarnate why should you not do it?

Dr. When you have a chance to take possession of the body of another
and ruin his life, is it right to do so?

Sp. I would just as soon be that spirit in that body.

Dr. The asylums are full of 'people who are controlled by earthbound
spirits like you. You have been ruining the lives of children. Evidently you
have come from a boy we know. When we applied static sparks to the boy
we got you out. Now you are allowed to control my wife's body temporarily
and we are trying to make you understand your condition.

Sp. That has nothing to do with my Karma.

Dr. You have lost your physical body a long time ago. Do you realize
that you are controlling my wife's body?

Sp. It is my Karma, and I don't care.

Dr. You have been bothering a little boy and you should now listen to
what is being told you.

Sp. I know the only truth is reincarnation. I have reincarnated, and I will again.

Dr. You will have to leave at once if you cannot be sensible.


Sp. You cannot frighten me out. I am reincarnated.

Dr. Where is your mother?

Sp. She is in Devachan. She is ready to reincarnate again.

Dr. You will soon see spirits who will show you something different.

Sp. They are only astral shells.

Dr. They will put you in a dark dungeon. You do not know the A-B-C
of Theosophy. You do not want to know.

Sp. You cannot stop my talking if I want to talk. I am reincarnated again.
I am going to live out this Karma. If I am a woman now, I will live it out. If I
get killed, that is part of my Karma. I will just have to study and get in the
Inner Circle, and know that God is my Creator. I have reincarnated and I will
reincarnate again, then go to Devachan and be happy. I will finish my Karma.

.Dr. You get out and take your Karma with you.

Sp. You think you are going to take away what is my Karma, but you
will not. I am happy and I am going.

Smiling beatifically, the spirit departed.

Several extracts are given from remarks made in our circle at various
times by the spirit of Ralph S., son-in-law of a lady who attended our circles.

He and his wife in former years had been deeply interested in
Theosophy, and when he reached the spirit world he had found it difficult to
free himself from preconceived ideas.

Spirit: RALPH S. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

Spirit I have been here before and I was so anxious to come again.

Doctor Who are you, friend?

Sp. Don't you know who I am? I am Ralph S. I studied a great deal about
Theosophy and the law of developing myself regarding the higher things, but
forgot to study the truth.

My wife and I studied to develop ourselves, aiming for the highest, but
we forgot to learn the simple lesson of life everlasting. How little we know
of the world beyond. How I do wish we had both understood more of life.

There is so much dogma. Now I have so much to unlearn, so much to overcome.


Dr. "Love is the fulfillment of the law."

Sp. Yes, we have to serve.

Ques. Are you happy?

Sp. In one way, yes, but not in another. If only the door were not closed!

Ques. Which door?

Sp. The door of communication. My wife would be afraid if I tried to
manifest myself to her. It hurts me.

We studied and studied so much, and it was very hard to find that when I
reached the spirit side of life I knew so little and was in darkness.

I am pleased to know, Mother, that you are not ashamed to stand for the
truth. Give it to others as much as you can, for it will help you in return.

Spirit: RALPH S. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

Here I am again. This is Ralph, Mother. I want to come to my wife, but
cannot, as the door is shut.*

I know it is as much my fault as it is my wife's. The door is shut for me
and will be for some time, because of the dogma and creed there is in the
mind. If only my wife would realize the truth-it is so simple, but the simple
truth is always rejected. Something mysterious is always accepted.

We thought that by working out our Karma everything would be all right,
but we developed selfishness. It is selfish to shut yourself up and try to be a

Master of what? We should try to master ourselves, try to learn about all
things, look up to all things, because God is in all things and is Love and

We should not feel that because of a little learning we are better than
others merely because we studied to be "Great Masters." We speak of things
of which we do not realize the full import and we make ourselves sensitive
and become obsessed.

I realize now how dangerous the doctrine of Reincarnation is. According
to that doctrine, this would be the time for me to reincarnate. Should I
reincarnate and obsess a child and tie both of us up in one body until such
time as the child leaves the mortal

*The two made an agreement that should one pass out the other would not try to establish
communication, considering this to be a hinderance to the ego In its progression to Devachan.


body? Why should I "reincarnate" and make a child become an idiot?

All creeds should be set aside and we should seek the simple truth of life.
Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself. There would be
great rejoicing if everybody tried to live up to that teaching; then there would
be true happiness. Creeds and dogmas interfere and make us selfish, and
selfishness is the root of all evil.

I am to blame for the present conditions surrounding my wife. (Her
refusal to receive spirit communications.)

My work now is to come down to earth to help the ones who believe in
the same theory as I did, and are engaged in the same study I was. I have to
work hard trying to bring them to realize the truth.

I must also work to try to bring my wife to the realization that she must
not go into that dogma any further. If she does she will become more
psychic and will be obsessed by some theory or other. I do not mean
obsessed by spirits, but ideas.

I was more deeply steeped in the dogma of reincarnation than my wife,
because I was further advanced in my studies. I went into the subject deeper
than she. We were both so selfish in our theory that we could not see
anything else, and we condemned all other theories. We felt we were better
than many others because we lived to sacrifice. (Having adhered to a
restricted diet, a supposed requirement for spiritual attainment.)

The body is only a dress for the spirit. We should eat what comes before
us. Let us not put our minds on eating and drinking. We should not sacrifice
our bodies and crucify the flesh to become more spiritual. That was never
meant to be.

Take care of your body but do not rob it of its needs. God gave it to you
to take care of. Keep it in a healthy condition so the spirit can work through
it to the best advantage.

It does not make us spiritual to abstain from certain foods. We need
specific elements for the body, so let us strive our utmost to take care of it.

My wife is hard to reach. We had agreed not to try to call each other
back after death. We were hypnotized by our theosophical theory that we
must go on and clear our Karma, and that we cannot open the door to the
higher life unless we go very slowly. This makes it much harder for me.

I am to blame as much as she is. I shut the door for her as much as she
shut the door for me. I condemned Spiritualism, because I thought the theory
we held was the real one and that


everything else was false. Of course there is some deception in Spiritualism,
but there is good as well as bad in every movement.

Let us not be carried away by anything; let us use reason in all things.

Spirit: RALPH S. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

It will soon be three years since I passed away, but in those three years I
have learned a great deal. I did not find conditions as I had believed them.

I am sorry that I was so set in my mind on the theory of Theosophy that
we must come back again and again in order to reach the higher plane.

Since I have come to the spirit side of life I have not had any thought of
coming back except to help my dear wife. We both studied to learn about life,
but after I came here I tried to impress her that there was nothing more to
learn about the religion we had both studied, because it is not the true religion.

If I came back I could not reincarnate as I thought. I would rather come
back to help my wife and learn all I can about spirit return than to come and
stay in one state for a certain time, then come back again as a baby.

I had said to my wife that I would not come back to her because I wanted
to go on and be a Master. We think a Master is one who is very highly
developed and cannot do anything but be holy.

You do not want to become such a "Master"-the greatest masters serve.
The more we learn in the spirit world, the more we want to serve. Here we
want to help, to learn, to teach others.

Christ is worshipped as a Master. Did He come back? He went among
the poor and lowly, trying to teach and serve people, and to help them to a
higher life and understanding.

Learn the truth, give it to others and serve others.

Be a master in learning, but humble in serving.

When we have learned to serve others we have learned the lesson Christ

When we have reached that state we can love our enemies as ourselves
and God above all things. Then we are masters. That does not mean that we
are so high that we cannot come back to serve, to teach, to help others.


It means that we must all be masters of ourselves and conquer all desires.

In a little talk given one evening by one whose writings were well known
to many, reincarnation was also mentioned.


Good Evening. I have not been here before. But I heard of you while I
was on earth, and I also heard of your work and had read your pamphlet.

We should all try to understand the true meaning of God, but how few
try to understand the actual truth. Truth is always crucified. Truth should be
known, and not clothed with all sorts of creeds.

When I was in earth life I was once a bond servant, with wrong ideas and
foolish thoughts of truth, but toward the last the simple truth and an
understanding of the real life beyond were shown to me and I accepted them.

The truth had to come to me through sorrow. We do not seek for truth until 
we have had a deep sorrow, such as losing a dear husband or friend, then the
heart seeks after the truth and will not let dogmas and creeds stand in the way.

We are hungry to know about the life beyond, and to learn if our dear
ones and friends are with us to guide and help. I felt the loss of my dear
husband so keenly that I was brokenhearted. I could not think that I would
not be with him and near him again, but the light of truth and the
understanding that there is no death came to me and I felt him around me.

This beautiful truth will come to everyone who earnestly seeks after it,
and after finding it we must stand for it in all honesty and sincerity because,
if we do not, doubt will come in, and fear, and shut the door for our dear
ones, who have only gone ahead to prepare our home everlasting.

How we mortals are clothed with doubt, and when the truth of
continued existence is presented to us, even then we doubt. The Bible is full
of the beautiful truth which is revealed to us, but still we all doubt.

When I found the truth I wanted to teach it to the world, but my
physical body was not strong enough to do what I should have liked. I tried
to tell it to the soldiers, because I knew that


to them the truth would be a Godsend, because they were here today and
tomorrow there.

Should I not, when I had found the truth, give them the understanding
that there is no death? They then felt that they could go right on and fight
because they realized that death was not the end of life. It would only be the
clothing-the body which would be destroyed.

How courageous and how happy they were when I said to them that
there is no death, only a transition to a happier and more beautiful state, and
I wished so much that I could give them more.

I spent my life in dogmas; all my life in trying to do good. I did good, but my
thoughts were clothed with dogmas of different kinds. At last I found the truth.

Oh, my dear Robert had to go to open the door before I could realize
what was awaiting me! I did some good after I found the truth; let us all do
the same.

People will scoff at you at times, but never mind, never mind. By so
doing you will become stronger and you will find that it will help you to
grow in understanding.

I found the truth, but by a dangerous method; I had to struggle as well
with that. The Ouija Board is a dangerous thing, and I found it out. It greatly
weakened me.

Be very guarded in seeking for the truth, for it is a dangerous road. You
must learn the way in order to have help and guidance.

I had struggles with others because I went into the midst of earthbound
spirits as well as the soldiers. If you could only realize the dreadful pressure
around the soldiers! They wanted light on one side as well as on the other.
(Spirits yet in ignorance of the higher life.)

It was too much pressure on my physical body and I gave out. I could
not stand it, or the thoughts that were centered on me.

I taught the truth to the soldiers on earth but I did not realize how many
I lectured to who had gone before. The strain was too great for me so I came
home, not weak in spirit but in body.

Still I feel happy that I was enabled to help. I found the world of spirits
where I could be with my dear one whom I loved the most.

You wonder where the real life is. The real life is on the other side of the
grave, as you call it. This life is only a temporary school-the school of
learning to know ourselves, and for what object we are here.


People think that when they die they will see God, but how few realize
what God means. God is the Life of all things. How little people think of this
earth plane and what it really is. It is only an infinitesimal part of the Universe.

Once I thought of reincarnation. I was at one time a Theosophist.
Theosophy is all right so far as it goes; the thoughts and teachings are
beautiful, but why should we reincarnate on this little planet?

I would not care to come back to the earth plane except to tell you of the
higher and real life which lies before you. I would not like to come back to
this earth plane again to be a little baby and I do not see why I should, for
what would I learn? Could souls like we come back into children again and
feel satisfied?

After you have learned the higher things of life, you do not care to come
back to matter another time. You want to learn while here and gain sufficient
knowledge so that when you pass on you will not want to come back and
learn it over.

You can learn much about the other side of life while here, and when you
pass over there you will learn more and more of things which you could not
learn while here because you could not understand them.

Oh, the world of worlds! If you could only travel to the beautiful worlds
beyond and see the grandeur there!

We also have to serve, to bring others to the same harmony we enjoy. We
cannot return and be babies again, but we step down to earth life to help our
loved ones and friends.

There was a time when I thought I had reincarnated, because when I
would write I felt that I had been here before, but I find that it was only
spirits who sent the thoughts to my mind ,and gave me strength to write, and
in that way I felt that I had been here before. It was only another's mind
reflecting on my mind.

The work you are doing here is one I wish I had known about and could
have helped with, because it is so much needed. So many need help and
enlightenment. We cannot reach many from our side of life because they are
bond servants to creeds and desires of different kinds which attract them to
this earth plane.

We must have stations like this where we can bring them and open their
spiritual eyes that they may see. Then they will


see us and we can help them to a better understanding.

Let us all try to concentrate for training schools where earthbound spirits
can be brought for enlightenment.

You may be surprised to think I came tonight. I have tried to come
through Ouija Boards, and I have tried to come other ways, but here I can
step in and talk as you talk. It is like talking through a telephone, and I feel
strong. I feel now that I am amongst you really in body and in spirit.

We must all unite, and do all we can to further this work, because we
want stations like this, here, there and everywhere.

In time you will have receivers which will record messages from our side
of life. It will not be long before a message will come over this receiver from
the other world that will awaken the people from their creeds. It will awaken
the churches.

Churches will be empty, but it will only be for a short time, because a
new religion will spring up, a religion which will be founded on the truth of
spirit return, and not on dogma. People will live for others and will not grasp
all for themselves. The churches will be for the people and not for creeds.

People will pay money to the church but it will be to further the work of
the beautiful truth of the life beyond. There will not be any salvation, but
you will learn to know that we are with you. There will be churches which
will have open doors for the spirits as well as the mortals.

I wanted to come to California to see your work while I was on earth, as I had 
heard of you and was very much interested in your pamphlet and your work.

I wrote a little about it but I thought I could do more if I could see you in
person. However, I went to the spirit life before I could meet you.

Now I am here to see your work. If you could only realize what vast
numbers (invisibles) there are outside the door who are waiting for a chance
to come in to learn the truth of life, and how they are crowding each other for

Now, I cannot take more of your time, but I do thank you for letting me
come. I am glad if I can be of some service to you in your work. Have
courage. People refuse to recognize the fact of obsession because they think
it hurts the cause--spirit return. I believed in it thoroughly because it is true,
and I knew it.

I am Ella Wheeler Wilcox. I wanted to come here to give you
encouragement in your work. Go on with the work of obsession


because it is so much needed, and we will give you help from this
side of life.

Please understand I would have been here in your concentration circle
before, but the door is crowded with people who are waiting for an
opportunity to come. We have to come one by one. This evening, I am very
happy to say, was my turn.

This work is so much needed to help humanity. There is only one other
that I know of who has such concentration circles where the medium allows
earthbound spirits to control.

There are very few indeed who will allow earthbound spirits to come in
and control. For my part I know only one other, and I have been hunting for
some time to see where the work could be done.

The work of obsession, as carried on by you, should be done in every
town and city. Every medium should be willing to do this line of work. The
time will come when every minister will speak regarding the philosophy of
life and spirit return, and all isms will be done away with.

I cannot stay any longer but I thank you very much for the privilege of
coming, and shall come again some time, I hope.


A venerable family friend, Dr. J. M. Peebles, former Consul to Turkey,
world traveler and for sixty years an international lecturer on psychic
science, passed on at the age of ninety-nine and has since spoken through
Mrs. Wickland upon various occasions, sometimes bringing earthbound
spirits for enlightenment.

Spirit: DR. J. M. PEEBLES. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

Spirit Good Evening, my friends. I thank you for opening the door so I
could bring in the ones that are in misery and have them find understanding. I
like to be here with you and I like to help you with your work.

Doctor Whoever you are, you are very welcome.

Sp. You know who I am-you know. This is Dr. Peebles.

I am young now. I was always young in spirit but my body commenced to
grow old and I could not always do as I wished. I should very much have
liked to live to be one hundred years old, but I could not. I had a most
beautiful celebration on my hundredth birthday in the spirit world among friends.

I was very glad to go. When I reached the spirit world I was glad to find
such glory and happiness and beauty. I understood about the spirit world


but it cannot be described. I cannot tell you how it is when we have understanding.

Even though I had been a Spiritualist for many, many years, still I clung
to dogma as well. I was a Spiritualist on one side, but I could not give up the
dogma of the Christian religion-it was my hoodoo.

I traveled around the world five times, saw many conditions of life and
heard many different lectures on the Great Truth. Let us not have beliefs. Let
us only learn to understand the grandeur of God.

Realize that this little earth is only a grammar school. It is not a
University, not even a High School; it is only the first lesson of life. Many
do not learn in that school.

Dr. (Who had been discussing reincarnation with a member of the circle,
jestingly.) They reincarnate again!

Sp. (Earnestly.) No, they do not. Why should you want to come back
again? Why should you go back to be confined in a small body and have no
will of your own?

In the spirit world you are free to travel everywhere; you do not need a
physical body. Why go back into that prison again? Why should a child,
ready to enter High School, go back to the Sixth, Seventh or Eighth grade?

Those of you who are here at the present time, when you have learned
the primary lesson of life, would you like to go back into a small body, and
know nothing?

When you travel, you learn. You can learn in one day here what it takes
ten or twelve years to learn on earth. If you feel like seeing things, you travel.

During my life I studied Reincarnation, and also Mrs. Cora Richmond's

Ques. What is Re-embodiment?

Dr. It is a projection of self into the physical to acquire certain experiences.

Sp. She believed you had to have many experiences; that you had to be a
murderer, a thief, a salesman, a tailor, that you must learn all the trades and

Why can't you learn these experiences through others? If you come in
contact with a man, you do not need to be perfect to profit by his experience.
You can learn by object lessons. We teach children by object lessons and so it
is through life.

In the spirit world, if you wish to see a big factory making all sorts of
machinery, you can, as a spirit, go there by thinking and can learn all about it.


If you want to learn what they are doing in other parts of the world, in
Russia, Germany, England, Indian, Australia, think and you are there, and so
learn your lessons. Should you then be born again?

All you learn in life is only like a day in spirit. I do not mean you grasp
it all at once. You have nothing to hold you when you are free-remember, a
free spirit, free and open to learn.

Dr. For instance, here, when we want to know what is in a book, we
have to go through it. In the spirit world, I presume you sense the contents.

Sp. Yes, you sense it by feeling. When you are in the body, you have to
act through the brain, and it is difficult, but in the spirit world you are free.
You have no brain to interfere.

Life is everlasting. Everything you have learned through life that belongs
to the soul is stored in your memory, but so long as you live in the material
body the cells clog up. You lose your memory because the spirit cannot
work on the brain cells as well in old age as in youth. The cells are not so
active, and there are times when memory is shut out.

There are times when you feel like a drowning man; everything stands
before you, things which have been forgotten.

As spirits we have our memory, but when we come back and control a
medium, sometimes even our names are forgotten. We get into another body,
very much like obsession.

Dr. That must be a form of obsession.

Sp. No, it is not. When obsession takes place, the spirit clings to that
body and it is hard to let go.

I would say that there is not one person on earth who is not obsessed in
one way or another.

You know, in olden times, when I was a young boy, life was very
different from what it is now. We did not hurry, because there was nothing
to hurry for.

Now, life is all hurry. People are living too rapid a life. If a man does not
work fast, they say, "Quit him"; if he does not do that and that, "Quit him."

Nowadays people have to be so keen that the nervous system fails and
they lose themselves; then the spirits step in.

If you were a clairvoyant and walked down some busy street, You
would be surprised to find how many persons have invisible company.

Very few people, on entering the spirit side of life, even


among the Spiritualists who preach it, understand the condition of the
higher life.

Dr. They usually care only for phenomena; they do not care for philosophy.

Sp. Tonight I brought about one hundred spirits here. At first I lectured
to them and tried to waken them, but could not. Then I saw the English lady-*
(spirit who preceded him in controlling psychic) and from her actions I
thought she would listen, but she would not.

So she was allowed to control Mrs. Wickland and served as an object lesson.
The other spirits were watching her, as they thought she acted so strangely.
They were curious, so they roused themselves and woke up; then I could talk.

You may think that sometimes we bring in strange spirits, but it is to
help many others, as well as to give the controlling spirit an understanding of
spiritual things.

Forget Reincarnation, because it is a sandbag around your neck. You will
have that so centered in your mind that you will think and think about only
that, and then you will stay just where you are. You cannot progress because
your mind will always revert to the earth again, and that Gate which was
opened for the English lady could never be opened to any one who believed
in reincarnation.

The thought of it is so self-hypnotizing and so self-satisfying that there
is nothing in your mind except coming back, and those are real selfish
thoughts. You wrap yourself in those thoughts and you remain just where
you are.

You cannot reincarnate. I have seen the effect of such thoughts, and have
also talked with people who believed in reincarnation.

Ques. What does Madam Blavatsky think about reincarnation now?

Sp. We had some dispute about it when I was on earth, and we have had
more since I came here. She does not believe in it now. She has had her
lesson. It took a very long time, but now all she would like to come back for
would be to correct her mistakes.

Dr. That is hard to do.

Sp. I had my hobby. I thought I should see Christ. I have not seen Him
and never will. "Christ" is the Principle of God; "Christ" is the Principle of
Life; "Jesus" is Truth and "Christ" is Enlightenment and Understanding.
When you have found

*See Chap. 12, Page M. Spirit: Esther Sutherland.


yourself and learn to be one with your Maker that is At-OneMent with God.

Through "Jesus" you find the Truth, and "Jesus" has to be crucified that
"Christ" may live. We must overcome earthly things. Crucify selfishness and
jealousy on the cross. Truth cannot be selfish or jealous; selfishness and
jealousy belong to the lower part of man.

Do not become hypnotized in any way by dogma, creed or belief, but
find God within yourself and be free. Ask to hear, to see, to feel and to know
God, then your eyes will be opened to spiritual things and you will not want
to come back to this earth life again.

You could not live on earth more than once-no, no! You cannot light again
a candle that has burned out. Life is progression not retrogression. You go
from one degree to another, and so on and on.

In the spirit world your time is so taken up with duties that you have no
time to think of coming back. You want to see your friends and you want to
travel, because you can see all you want to when you are free and have

Many ask, "How about children who have passed out and have not had
earth life experience?" They have it. The spirit of the mother's love brings the
children to her, often they are around her and in this way learn of earth life.

They are also taught. We have, in the spirit world, teachers of higher
things, and they teach by object lessons. We take children to schools of
various kinds and teach. them God's wonders. There they learn the real life,
not merely reading and writing.

They learn the real lessons-anatomy, astrology, astronomy, and many
other subjects. Those are the studies of the children, and the masters therein
are teaching the lessons.

Our schools teach progression to a higher life. I wish you could open
your eyes to see how rapidly the children progress by object lessons.

I want to tell you that I am with you in your work. I want you to
understand that I have not left you.

People are lost for lack of a real understanding of life. Obsession is very,
very bad. Insane asylums are filled and the doctors do not know what to do
to stop insanity.

Let us have more love for each other; let us all help the weak ones and
reach the point where all are brothers and sisters.

When that time comes everybody will work just half the


time they do now; they will have more time for themselves and will have
more pleasures. Now half the people are idle and are a detriment to
themselves and the world at large.

If all would work for others and not have such unrest it would be better
for everybody. Now I must not say any more but must go. Good Night.


Very unexpectedly we had a visit from the one whose teachings and
writings have made world-wide the theory of Reincarnation.


I wanted to come to you this evening. I believe in the work this little
circle is doing, and I am very pleased with the work you are carrying on. I
wish there were more to help us, to meet us on a half way basis to
understand there is no death.

I do wish I had taught this truth more, and also that I had tried to look
further into it. I knew about it. I also had many manifestations.

I do not know why, but when truth comes to us we shut it out. Truth is
always hidden. We have to search to find it. Theories and dogmas seem to
have more chance in the world than truth. Every one has some manifestations
but hides them instead of acknowledging them.

I wanted to be a leader in some way or another. Now I want to bring the
truth to the world. I knew of spirit manifestations and I had them myself. I
did a great deal in my early days along this line but I commenced to
investigate Theosophy. Philosophy and Theosophy should go hand in hand.

To me came Reincarnation. It appealed to me for a time. I could not see
the truth clearly. I felt that it was very unjust some should be rich and have
such good times and that others should be poor and have so much trouble.
Others did not get enough earth experience-at least so I felt.

I studied Reincarnation, and I thought there was truth and justice in the
theory that we come back and learn and have more experiences. I taught it
and wanted to bring it out to the world and its peoples.

I felt that I remembered far back in my past. I felt I knew all about my
past, but I was mistaken.

Memories of "past lives" are caused by spirits that bring


such thoughts and represent the lives they lived. A spirit impresses you with
the experiences of its life and these are implanted in your mind as your own.
You then think you remember your past.

When you study, especially when you study Theosophy, you develop
your mind and live in an atmosphere of mind. You remove yourself as much
as possible from the physical. Naturally you become sensitive, and naturally
you feel the spirits around you.

They speak to you by impressions and their past will be like a
panorama. You feel it, and you live over the past of spirits and you make the
mistake of taking this for the memory of former incarnations.

I did not know this when I lived. I took it for granted that these memories
were true, but when I came to the spirit side of life I learned differently.

I studied a great deal. Theosophy is the best and highest philosophy of
life intrinsically, but let us study the truth, let us live up to the truth of it and
forget theories.

Let us develop the truth within us-find ourselves. Do not let us look far
away; do not let us look in the past, do not let us look into the future, but let
us find ourselves in our present condition and let us be true to ourselves. Let
us forget all theories and dogmas. Let us know and feel the nearness of God.

Reincarnation is not true.

I did not want to believe that. They told me here in the spirit world that I
could not reincarnate. I have tried and tried to come back to be somebody
else, but I could not. We cannot reincarnate. We progress, we do not come

Why should you come back to live another life when you have gained
experience and an understanding while you were here, and, furthermore, since
this is only a preliminary school on earth?

Let us learn to find ourselves. While I am sorry to say many have not
found themselves, let all of us here acquire knowledge so that when we go to
the spirit side of life we shall go on to a higher life.

In earth life you have your material body to hinder you. If you want to
write a book you have to look up data here and there and go to the library to
find some book that contains what you wish to know. You may have to go
from one place to another and yet not find it. It all takes time, and time is
limited; You are hindered.


In the spirit world, if we want data on a certain thing we think of it and
it is all before us. There is no time, no matter, to hinder.

In the spirit world, if we want earthly experience, do you think we have
to reincarnate to get that experience? No, we do not.

For illustration, say one wants to know more about medicine. He then
goes to a school as a student, hears everything, sees everything, and comes in
contact with everything, learning it much quicker than he could grasp it on
earth, and he has it much clearer in his mind.

In earth life you have to study for years, and then you do not get it as
clearly as we do.

Suppose you want experience in the spirit world with machinery or
anything else-you can get it easily. We have everything in the spirit world,
because everything that is invented on earth has first been invented in the
spirit world.

Suppose an inventor passes on before completion of his invention. He
will not give it up. He studies it on the spirit side of life because it is easier
to study there, as he has more time. When he has everything ready he finds
some sensitive and impresses the invention on his mind. Then that one
commences on it, perfects it, and gives it to the world.

If I impress a sensitive with an idea, in one sense I reincarnate-not in his
body, but by impressing him with what I want done.

In this way we come and go, if we are attracted to earth life and want to
be here.

When you have once reached the spirit world, where all are congenial,
where all is life, where all is bliss, where there is no jealousy, no envy, where
all is one grand harmony, do you think for one moment that you would want
to leave that beautiful condition to come back to earth and be a little baby,
restricted in mind and knowing nothing-nothing whatever?

Furthermore, you might get into a sickly, crippled body and be worse
than you were before.

No, reincarnation is not true. I believed it, I taught it, and I was sure that
I should come back and be somebody else. But I will not. I can do far more
good now.

If I want to do some missionary work, or some good, I go down to the earth
sphere, the earthbound sphere, where the spirits are in all kinds of misery. I 
preach to them and teach them; I try to rescue them. So I find my work.


Why should we go down from the harmony in the spirit world to what
I might call hell?

Here we have one group, singing and praying and praising God from early
morning until night, and they are so selfhypnotized that we cannot talk to them.

We go to another group and there we find the misers. They are so busy
counting money, money, which is their God, that we cannot reach them.

We go to others who have been ruined in life; they are bitter and jealous,
they have nothing but revenge in their minds. They have no love or kindness.
They are like sponges which have been dipped in muddy water; you would
not even know they were sponges. Their love has turned to hate and they
cannot be taught love and kindness.

They will spit at you, they will laugh at you, for they feel that there is
no God, no kindness, no love, but all is jealousy and selfishness.

But we are not disappointed; our mission is to turn these souls to better
things. We may have a hard time. We cannot go there and pray for them-no,
no! They would shut the door and say they did not want us, and so we
cannot go there and talk and lecture.

You may ask how it is possible to reach them. First we try to
concentrate on them. Then we have music. Sometimes we have to play very
softly so they can hardly hear it, then we play a little louder. No matter how
evil, how mean, how low souls have been, they will listen to music. When
they have given their attention to the music, we concentrate on them to
waken and look up to higher things.

Artists then paint pictures of the higher life for them, object lessons,
little stories. Their life history can be seen by us and we put this in pictures,
one by one, and let them see the mistakes they have made. Presently they
ask questions and then we come a little closer to them. After that we take
them to the higher life.

In another group are those who are self-hypnotized. They have gone to sleep.
They were taught that death is a sleep and that they will sleep until the Last Day
when God will sit on His throne and judge them. They are difficult to reach,
especially if they have put themselves into an actual death sleep.

Sometimes we have to bring them to control a medium and waken them
in that way. When we cannot reach the earthbound spirits at all we have to
bring them to earth life to a circle like this where they get understanding
through matter.


In one sense you can call this reincarnation, because we have to bring
them to matter to find themselves.

I wish we could have more circles like this to waken these spirits and
make them understand about the life beyond.

Some may say this is not Madam Blavatsky, but do not doubt-it is.
They may say, She would not say so and so, she would not talk so and so,--
but it is Madam Blavatsky.

If you have any questions you would like to ask I will try to answer them.

Ques. Will you tell us about the "Masters"? What do you think of
them by now?

Sp. We talk of "Masters"-yes! We are all masters when we try to study
higher things, but a "Master," as we understand it in Theosophy, is some big
and great mind.

A master is one who can master matter, can overcome matter, one who
can live a pure and good life, and master the conditions of life.

Learn the lessons of Nature; learn how to progress.

I am sorry to say that most of those who want to be "Masters" on earth
fall. It is not they themselves who fall, but they become so sensitive, so
psychic, that, although they do not know they are on the borderland,
earthbound spirits step in, control them and they fall.

We should master matter first before we try to master new ideas.

Take myself-what did I really do that was good for humanity?

Ans. You led many out of orthodoxy.

Sp. Yes, but I only gave them more theory. I could have done, oh, so
much more if I had stayed with my mediumship and worked to bring this
world and the other together. I was a medium and I could have done a great
work, but I became obsessed.

I am sorry to say that Theosophists are breaking up. You live now in a
time when things are breaking up; there is a general restlessness. All theories
will go down and philosophy will rise.

Dr. There should be more simplicity in life.

Sp. That is a very good word to apply. You have found the truth . You
have good workers on the other side connected with this medium.

You have no theories, no mysterious things, as Theosophists have. They
think the more mysterious they are, the greater


"Masters" they are. Where are they? Where are they?

I am sorry to say that they are so self-hypnotized that their
imagination runs away with them.

One may look back and say: "I was Julius Caesar."

He has probably read some book about Julius Caesar and become so
wrapped up in it that he feels he has lived in that time. Then he receives
spirit impressions and is sure that this was his former life.

You can make people believe almost anything. They do not build their
houses on the rock of reason, for a storm will blow them down.

All denominations have some truth. You have heard the story of the
elephant? Of the blind men who examined an elephant, and each declared that
an elephant was like that part which he had touched-like the trunk, the leg or
the tail. Every one had the truth, but none the whole truth.

We do not seek for the whole truth, so one hangs on to the tail, another
to the trunk, and so on.

Let us all join together, then we will find the whole elephant, and we will
all be together in one great truth.

Ques. Will there be psychics to carry on further investigations?

Sp. When the time comes and the people are ready, the psychics will be
ready also. We can all join together then and there will be psychic circles in
every church.

Ques. Why are there not more inspirational speakers to teach the truth?

Sp. The public lecture work will be inspirational. Lecturers and
politicians often think they are going to say what they have written down,
but before they know it they speak of something altogether different. They
are speaking inspirationally, for there are always those on the spirit side of
life who are interested in this life and are ready to inspire a speaker.

Ques. Will a psychic be protected?

Sp. One should always be positive in ordinary life, cure disappointment,
never let anything disturb one. No anger or sorrow may creep in, because
anger comes from the other side the lower sphere.

Everyone must be positive. When we open the door to the spirit side of
life there are crowds of earthbound spirits who want to see the light which
they can see through a mortal body. Having lost their physical sight they are
blind, for there is no material light


in the earth sphere, and without an understanding they have no spiritual light.

Ques. Should not a psychic be well informed on all subjects?

Sp. Suppose a great musician had to play on a poor piano. He could not
bring out the shading of the music in any way. He must have a fine
instrument. So it is with a psychic. A psychic should be informed on all
topics regarding the world. An uncultured psychic cannot be used to speak
properly on scientific subjects.

Ques. What becomes of the spirit of a psychic while another spirit is controlling?

Sp. You understand that in spirit we can be large or small as we think.
The spirit of Mrs. Wickland, at the present time, is in her magnetic aura.
There can be a number of spirits in one aura. Some come and some go, but
only one can control at a time.

Mrs. Wickland just now is in a coma state. She does not function on the
mental plane. She is the live wire; she is the battery. She is the motor, and we
have many lines from that motor. If she left we would not have the electrical
force to control. In this case the psychic is the battery through which we work.

Ques. Theosophy teaches that during sleep one develops mentally and
spiritually; that the body will stay at rest, but the soul will leave the body,
connected only by a slender thread, And gain experience on the mental or
astral plane. Is that true?

Sp. Yes, it is. When you sleep you often dream. Some dreams are
meaningless; others are real experiences.

When you study Yoga you learn to leave the body. Hindus study Yoga
and leave the body at will. Most persons do not know that they leave the
body and travel in the spirit world.

Ques. Would it be desirable to have continuous consciousness ?

Sp. If humanity had continuous consciousness it would be a big factor in
the welfare of this world.

God is All in All, even to the little microscopic things. He is all Life. If
all were taught this simple truth earth life would become ideal.

There is no death, only progression. All should be taught that.
Selfishness, ignorance and jealousy would be gone then; doubt would be
buried. Love and charity would rule.

Suppose you go out of your body. You pass through the first strata-
what do you find? Selfishness. You have to pass


through this first strata before you can reach the higher. Ignorance,
selfishness and jealousy must be passed through before you can reach the
better life. It is a case of development.

The Hindus have peace and harmony. They live for higher things,
although I do not mean every one in India does this. But when the more
advanced leave their bodies no one can get in and disturb them.

What I want to say tonight is that we should study life as it it. Let the
dreamers and thinkers of the past take care of themselves. I see now that I
had many earthbound spirits around me.

I never saw so many religions in one city as in Los Angeles. People go
from one church to another and they do not know where they are at. Cranks
and others sing and pray, and everybody loves Jesus.

"Jesus" is the Truth. Read Anna Kingsford's works and you will find
many interesting things there. She was not a crank. We read many books
together. She was a wonderful woman.

Dr. Wasn't she opposed to mediumship?

Sp. She was a medium herself. Her writings were not her own. Writers
have a hard time. When they think they are getting along very nicely their
thoughts suddenly change. They are influenced by some spirit writer. All
Anna Kingsford's writings were inspirational.

Ques. What about Olcott?

Sp. Olcott has found the truth. Let us be sensible and learn not to be
foolish. Let us find the simple truth.

I have greatly enjoyed this talk with all of you and I will certainly come
again. Do all you can to further this noble work.

This room is full of spirits who have listened to what was said tonight.
Many have been helped and will go with us to the spirit side of life.

May strength and power be with you all. Let God's light shine in your
soul and go on with this good work.

Good Night.