Thirty Years Among the Dead by Dr. Carl Wickland

CHAPTER XIV Christian Science

THE domination of any one fixed opinion to the exclusion of further mental
growth holds the spirit in a state of nonprogression, as has been attested by
intelligences who on earth had held strongly to the Christian Science teaching
regarding the non-existence of matter, and who have told of the difficulties
encountered in freeing themselves.

A friend of ours had been a deep student of Christian Science and at the
same time an investigator of the facts concerning spirit return. Shortly after
he had passed away he was brought to our circle to be awakened through
controlling Mrs. Wickland, and has since told us something of the conditions
in the spirit world.

spirit: MR. H. M. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

I am pleased to come here again. I felt that I must take advantage of this
evening to say something to my dear wife (present in the circle). I am so glad
I can talk to her as we always talked. I am happy she is here.

God bless you, my wife. We were so happy together. I would not care
to come back here at all if it were not that she is still on earth.

This world is only a school where we gain understanding through
experience. In the spirit world we go on and on, progressing, but before we
can progress we must have understanding of the spiritual laws. If we have
not the right understanding then we remain in darkness and hover around the
earth plane.

I am pleased that I had even a little knowledge of the higher life, for when
I reached there my spiritual eyes were open and I could see and realize the
beauties of the spirit world.

I have met many of my dear friends on the spirit side of life. Many
whom I knew are still in darkness and I have tried to help them understand
their transition.

If I could only express the conditions on the spirit side of life so that
you would get the full meaning! There is such beauty, such harmony.


I have to thank little Silver Star (one of Mrs. Wickland's guides) for
having awakened me when I reached the other side. Even with my knowledge
of the other world I might have slept a long time, because when I passed out
I was in a heavy sleep from an opiate which was given me on account of the
nature of my sickness. But this little Indian girl called me by name and woke
me up, and brought me to the spirit world.

You know I had been sick for a long time and I was very sick before I
passed out. I made my mistake in trying for so long to cure myself. Christian
Science says we should overcome matter.

We cannot overcome matter by will. When we are in the physical body
and the body needs certain forces of which it is made, if we do not get them
in our food we must get them through medicine and so build up the body,
because will cannot conquer substance.

God has given us a will to use as a force in Nature and we should use it
rightly. When as Scientists we refuse to do this we must suffer the
consequences. I was an example of such a consequence. I went into Science
with full will power and full faith that there is no such thing as matter and
that we should overcome it. I tried and failed.

Mrs. Eddy is suffering now for advancing that idea. When you have a
dress that is wearing out you try to get some material of the same color and
quality with which to mend the dress. We do not do that with our bodies.
We think the body should develop the substance it needs when it wears out.

I did not get enough elements in my food to build up my physical body,
my organs became atrophied and sluggish and were inactive because I did not
take the right food to give them proper activity.

I should have gone to a physician to have them put in normal condition,
but instead I tried to use my will to make them work. I tried by intelligence
to overcome and build up the weak part of my body. That is just as if one
refused to mend a worn place in a dress, insisting that no hole could come in
that dress. I was just as foolish about my body, and I had to suffer the results.

When the body needs toning up we must do something to tone it up and to
get the electric forces set right. I passed out because I wore out my body with
my mind and did not feed it or take sufficient care of it. 

God gave us our bodies and He also gave us minds to take care of them.
If we become one-sided and think mind is all then we get into trouble.


I took good care of my clothes, but how little I took care of my body. If
I had paid half as much attention to my body as I did to my clothes I feel
that I would have been on earth today.

Probably some day things will be so understood that there will be no
death-I mean that we will merely step out of the physical body into the
spirit world.

If one would prepare himself for passing out of the body as he does for a
journey he would be able to say: "Now I am ready to go. I am through with
this world. It is time for me to go, and I want to go to the spirit side of life."
Then there would be no dread.

Many Christian Scientists ruin their bodies by lack of right care and
often go as far as I did; they use will, no reason, and take improper
nourishment, or not enough.

I knew about ten years ago that I should attend to my inactive organs. If
I had had them attended to, I would not have suffered as I did. I suffered a
great deal and I used my will to make inactive parts act.

I should have liked to remain on earth long enough to do the work I felt I
should do; but I will do the work on the spirit side of life, and when my wife
comes we will work together.

My dear wife, if I had thought less of mental, or Christian Science, and
given more thought to the material side of things, then you would be in a
better position than you are now.

I really lost all thought of things material and I guess I thought we could
live on air, and I always thought conditions would change some time. I did
not realize. I was so hypnotized in my work that I hardly lived in the
material world.

If it had not been for my wife I think that sometimes I would have
forgotten that I should eat at all. I. thank God she was not so deeply
interested in the work as I, because then there might be two dead people.

Before leaving I must tell you of a little experience.

When I passed out I was awakened by hearing somebody say: "How do
you do?". I listened, and once again I heard the quaint voice of my little
friend, Silver Star.

Then I thought I must be in California, because I remembered that Dr.
Wickland and his wife were there, and I thought that Silver Star was
speaking through Mrs. Wickland.

Nobody says "How do you do" like Silver Star. I did not realize that I
had passed out of my body. Again I heard Silver Star say "How do you do"
in her strange way, and then I began to wonder where I was.


All at once I seemed to be alive again. Then I felt better. I thought, "I
must have gone through the crisis of my sickness and now I am feeling better
and am waking up."

That was the time Silver Star brought me in to control Mrs. Wickland. I
realized that I was weak from my sickness, but, having no pain, I thought I
was getting better. I felt so light and strong that my first thought was that I
could finish my book, but when I really came to myself I heard Dr. Wickland
talking to me.

Then I thought, "Well, how did I get to California? How did I get here? I
must be dreaming." It was some time before I realized where I was. I did not
even then realize that I was controlling.

Doctor asked me who I was. I thought it strange that he did not know
me, but I told him that I was Mr. M., and asked whether he did not know me.

Doctor was very much surprised and explained as gently as he could that
I had passed out of my mortal body a week before and was now a spirit.

That was the first time I realized that I had passed out of my physical
body into a spiritual body. It was very pleasant to think that I had wakened
in a mortal body instead of in darkness.

Afterwards I saw many of my friends and I felt that there is no death.

Doctor talked to me for a while and then my father, mother, sister and
brother all came to me, and they brought many relatives and friends, and we
had a happy reunion, one that can never be forgotten. Only, I wanted you,
my wife, to be with me when I met all my relatives and friends.

When I realized that I was using an earthly body I felt sick again and my
will power seemed to fail me. I began to feel very weak and a sensation of
sickness came over me.

I at once thought of my little friend, Silver Star, and she said I must
throw away my old clothes because I had no use for my old body, for I had
new clothes now.

When I thought of my spiritual body, I arose; I felt I had new clothes
and I received strength and left the physical altogether. The magnetic current
was cut and I dropped my old clothes entirely.

I was then lifted bodily, so it seemed, and I felt I was floating, and we
went through conditions of all kinds. I felt so strange and saw so much that I
grew fearful, so they told me to shut my eyes and keep them shut, which I did.


I did not know anything after that until they placed me on a beautiful
bed. I was very tired and all I wanted was to rest, just rest.

When I awoke from that sleep of rest my relatives and friends were
around me. Somebody said: "Now you are well and strong and we will take a
journey to our home in the spirit world."

We went to many of their homes. Each had a little home. We were united
and happy, for here only harmony exists. We traveled from one place to another.

When I had been to visit quite a few friends, they said: "Now you have
seen the spirit side of life. Here we are not idle. This is not a world in which
one is idle; it is a world of busy minds. It is each one's duty to work. Now
you are strong and we will take another journey-to earth."

I wanted to see my wife so much. You were in my mind so much, my
wife, and I wanted to see you. We passed through the spirit world and earth
sphere to matter again.

The earth is a little globe. The globe has a sphere around it. The distance
between the spirit world and the world of matter is about sixty miles. This
sphere is the world of the spirits in darkness.

Christ went to the spirits in darkness and prison-the prison of ignorance.

We passed through conditions that cannot be described, the most
hideous, the most fiendish, so ugly that I cannot describe them.

It made me shudder to see the condition of the crippled minds, the
selfish minds, the jealous minds. Each had the countenance of his mind. They
were dressed as when on earth, but only because of their minds.

They were like vermin. They were like a lot of worms stirred up and
crawling over one another. Talk about hell-that surely was hell! They told
me that was the earthbound sphere.

Then we came to matter again. We saw the people walking around in a
life of matter, each one in some kind of business. It looked like a world of
ants, and each one seemed to have some of these evil-minded spirits clinging
to him. They are like the barnacles on boats; some are shaken off, but others
come on. I cannot describe the sight.

I have been with you, my wife. You have felt me. I could not impress
you because I was not strong enough to use my mind for that purpose, but
still you have felt me. It has only been


a little, because I had not strength enough to come closer. I am with you a
great deal. After I learn in spirit how to overcome matter then I can come to
you and help you.

I will build a home for you in the spirit world and when that home is
finished and your work here is done then I shall be the one to meet you, and
we will have a real home.

I want to thank you all for the privilege of coming to your little circle,
and would like to come again some other time.

An extract from another communication from Mr. H. M. follows the
same line of thought as the previous remarks.

Spirit: MR. H. M. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

I wish that I had had less belief that I could cure myself by thought.

Everything that God has put in Nature is for man to use, not misuse. We
should not condemn anything that God has given the world to use, but we
have so many beliefs and creeds that we forget the principle of our Maker.

If we would understand His wonderful work through Nature we would
love others better than we do. Do not condemn anything but teach men and
women to love each other, teach them to know what their duties are in this
mundane sphere.

Those on earth have so many creeds and fads that they drown
themselves in their faith, forgetting that it is their duty to help the weak ones
instead of stepping on their feet.

So it is also with the body God gave us to take care of and not misuse.
For my part I should have done more to learn what was the matter with me
instead of only thinking there was nothing the matter, that I only imagined it
and that there was no such thing as sickness.

If I had not hypnotized myself in that belief of Mrs. Eddy's that mind
should overcome matter, and that it is only our mortal mind that is so-called
sick and we have not the right understanding-if I had tried to find out what
was the matter with me and called on some physician, one who had studied
anatomy and the philosophy of life, one who had spent years in studying
human nature and the human body, I should have been better off.

Christian Scientists condemn physicians, yet physicians have devoted
their lives through centuries to the study and control


of all sickness. Should we condemn them and say there is no such thing as
sickness? Why should anybody condemn another who has devoted his whole
life to study?

Christian Science says there is no such thing as sickness and that you are
not in the understanding.

Suppose that in olden times we had held the theory that there is no
matter. How about Harvey? He discovered the circulation of the blood. Poor
man! He was killed because of his discovery; he was killed by ignorant
people who did not believe the truth.

So one thing after another has been discovered in human anatomy. Yet
Christian Scientists discard that altogether, and also say that there is no such
thing as the body.

I did not take care of the body that God gave me. I thought mind should
overcome it. If I had consulted a physician I might even be with you today.

Do not let yourselves be hypnotized by ideas. Every theory has some
good in it, but let us take the good and discard the rest.

As Mrs. Eddy now sees these things, she wishes she could correct many
of her statements. She now has to suffer for her mistakes, and it is very hard
for her. Her followers come to the spirit side of life and expect to find things
as she taught them.

Mrs. Eddy herself has spoken in our circle several times, and has brought
invisible audiences which she endeavored to free from the misconceptions
acquired from her teachings relating to the problems of life and matter.


I am here again and I feel so sad. Do not doubt me, do not doubt me!
Why will people doubt me?

Help me! God help me! I am in a terrible condition.

I knew about the wonderful truth of the life beyond. I knew it well while
in life, but I shut the door because I wanted a religion of my own.
Spiritualism belonged to the past days. I wanted something new, something
higher, something better than spirit return.

I taught that you must not let any entities control you, or influence you,
or give you any inspiration, but that you must be Yourself and develop
yourself, and be one with the Infinite.


Shut the door to the spirit world and be selfish-that was I.
I had the truth of healing the sick.

I was a medium, and in my younger days, my childhood, I
was obsessed. As I grew older no one knew what was the matter
with me, for I had such queer spells. Now I know what it
was-an influence was controlling me whenever I had the spells.
I was of a very nervous temperament and I was cured of
those spells by Dr. Quimby. He believed in the work of obsession.

I took some of his doctrine and used it for my own. The
doctrine would have been all right if I had not denied the finer
forces in Nature.

I denied matter, but friends, as I told you one time, I had a
vision, and I saw how they treated patients in the other world,
but at that time I thought it was a dream.

They were teaching the spirits that there is no such thing as
matter. They said: "Forget it, is is only imagination. You are
not sick, you just imagine it. That belongs to matter. That is
only your mortal mind. You should overcome and develop the
spirit within you."

I thought that this vision meant that I was to teach that on
earth, and I set to work. Now I see my mistake, because there
is matter, and so long as you live on the material plane you will
have to recognize matter.

When you reach the spirit side of life your mind has to be
taught to overcome matter, not cling to it, because spirits in
darkness are clinging to matter as much as we cling to matter
when we have our physical bodies.

I took this and taught it, and started on my work. It was so
misunderstood, because I could not myself explain why matter
was not.

If only I could get people to recognize matter and recognize
the truth of life after this! If I could only go back to my
Church and teach the truth, the genuine Truth of God! God is
the Spirit of the Universe and we are a part of that Great
Spirit. Understanding this, we can overcome matter.

You are in the material body and you become sick. You become
sick because there is a lack of something in your body
which you must have, some element that helps in some way or
another. But your mind can help to overcome. If I had taught
that instead of denying matter altogether, it would have been
so much better.

I wanted money and we concentrated to have the grandest


churches in the world. My aim was to have churches of my own
teaching all over the universe.

I lost the opportunity to develop people's finer nature, the
finer nature of men and women, because I shut the door of love
and sympathy.

Do not doubt who this is-do not doubt me! I am here, I am
here. I am no more than any human being. Mine was a life
which did not do what it ought.

I want to be helped. My people come to me and want help,
and I need help myself. They cling to me and hold me down,
and I shut the door for their happiness.

We have only one mind. You understand where I got the
mortal mind part from? I thought that should be taught here,
but it should only be taught beyond the grave, beyond the veil,
and only to the earthbound spirits who are in darkness and
cling to matter. That should be taught on the spirit side of life
and not on the earth plane.

Have love and sympathy and do the very best you know how
for others. I could not leave this matter alone and I do not feel
that I should, because it crushes me so.

I came to this circle because so many have been helped here.
I go from one place to another, and you will hear of me at different
intervals because I can explain to a few at each place,
and in that way people will wake up.

We cannot do much yet, but will you allow me to come here
once in a while, when I see I can be helped?
You know I have so many people who hold me down, and say:
"Why did you teach this? Why did you shut the door for us?
Give us light, give us light and understanding!"

So many people are here, but they cling to matter. So many
of my people are here and in talking with you I talk to them.
You understand, I knew the real truth, but I shut the door. I
cannot open the door to many of my followers because I shut the
door for them and closed the door for myself, and when they
pass out the door is closed. They want me to help them and
when I explain things to them in the true light they doubt me,
and say that I am not Mrs. Eddy because she did not preach
such lessons.

I thank you for giving me this little time. Tonight many of
my followers came with me, and through my talk to you they
will be helped. Their subconsciousness, which is asleep, must
be awakened.

Question: Is the little pamphlet, recently published, called


"Confession by Mrs. Eddy, from the Spirit World," authentic?

Spirit  Certainly it is. I am trying through every avenue to speak; I am not
going to stop here. I will take advantage of every chance there is
for me to tell the truth and reach my people.

You may hear from others that I have talked with them. I will bring
up the above subject here and there. People doubt me now, but I
shall keep on; I will not rest. We will have centers for the work.

I want you here to help me spread the news, not much, just a little
thought now and then will help. I will get my people together and
bring them here and talk to them, if I may come once in a while, for I
can reach them more easily when I control a mortal body.

God bless you all, and again I thank you for the privilege of
having this opportunity of speaking to some of my people and
helping them.

Further evidence of the fact that Mrs. Eddy, when on earth, knew
the truth regarding the spirit side of life and the earthbound condition
is found in one of the early editions of the Christian Science text book
in the chapter on "The Science of Being."

"If the Principle, rule, and demonstration of Being are not in the
least understood before what is termed 'death' overtakes mortals, they
will rise no higher in the scale of existence at that single point of
experience; but will remain as material as before the transition, still
seeking happiness through a material instead of through a spiritual
sense of Life, and from selfish and inferior motives. So long as the
error or belief lasts, that life and mind are finite and physical, and are
manifested through brain and nerves, so long the penalty of sickness,
sin, and death will continue. To the other, the spiritual class, relates
the scripture: 'On such the second death hath no power.' "

A spirit who had become fanatical over the Christian Science
teachings was brought in by Mrs. Eddy as an example of the
difficulties which she encountered in the work of enlightening her


Spirit What kind of a meeting is this?


Doctor This meeting is held for the purpose of helping ignorant
spirits-spirits in darkness.

Sp. We should not sing so much as we do, for that belongs to the
mortal mind. We should be quiet and concentrate our minds to understand.

Dr. To understand what?

Sp. The true understanding.

Dr. What is that?

Sp. The Spirit of God.

Dr. And what is that?

Sp. If you do not know then you had better study and understand.

Dr. If you can tell us something about God or Spirit we should all
be glad to hear it.

Sp. God is All in All, and we are a part of that great Divinity. We
should concentrate and put our mind toward the Great Spirit. We
should develop the finer forces within us-but I am not here to talk to
any one.

Dr. Should you not like to enlighten us?

Sp. I do not know if you belong to The Church.

Dr. Did you not say that God is All in All? Then we are a part of
Him also.

Sp. If you have the right understanding, you are. If you do not
have that understanding then you are not; you are more of the mortal mind.

Dr. Are we not a part of God, if God is All in All?

Sp. I do not care to answer your questions.

Dr. Is the mortal mind also of God? What happens to people after death?

Sp. I have nothing to do with death.

Dr. Have you found God?

Sp. God is within you when you have the right understanding of
His wonderful works.

Dr. How is it with yourself?

Sp. I am one with that Great Spirit because I have understanding.

Dr. Understanding of what?

Sp. God, and how to develop your own self.

Dr. As far as I can tell, you have developed selfishness.

Sp. That all belongs to the mortal mind.

Dr. What happens to people when they lose their bodies?

Sp. They go back to the Infinite.

Dr. Where do they go?


Sp. Don't you know? I know, but I do not care to speak of it. I do
not argue. I know myself, but I do not like to teach. I am one of His Elect.

Dr. Then you do not like to teach ignorant people?

Sp. No, I do not.

Dr. What church do you belong to?

Sp. I belong to The Church of Understanding.

Dr. Where does it exist?

Sp. It is the church that should be all over the world, the church
where the people understand and know they can overcome matter and
overcome mortal mind and be one with the Infinite.

Dr. Are you a Christian Scientist?

Sp. Yes. Why do I have to come down to such mortalminded people?

Dr. Don't you think you must have made some misstep which
brought you down to such people as we are? Don't you think if you
had read and studied the Bible, and had acquired an understanding of
the real mystery of life, it would have given you more peace of mind?

Isn't it strange that you should come down to such common clay
as we are?

Sp. I suppose I have come here to do some missionary work
among you. I suppose I came to teach you to forget mortal mind. You
should all be loving and kind-one with the Infinite.

You are not in the understanding. I may have come to lead you up
to God-to the right understanding. I must help you all to understand.

You must take the first step and read Mrs. Eddy's books, then you
will be one with the Infinite and leave all mortal mind behind. You go
on and on.

You have to go through a great deal to get understanding. You
can be led up to the Infinite God if you read and study. You have not
understanding of the Infinite.

Dr. What does that "Infinite Understanding" call you?

Sp. I do not care to talk or argue with you.

Dr. What did they call you when you had a mortal mind?

Sp. Call me? Names belong to the mortal mind and I have nothing
to do with that. It degrades one and drags one down.

I came to teach you regarding the Infinite, the Spirit within you.

Dr. Do we have to give you two dollars for your teaching?

Sp. That belongs to the mortal mind. Develop the Spark


of the Divine within you, then you will rise to the Infinite God.

Dr. Do you suppose we could ever climb so high?

Sp. Yes, by studying and studying. It is the only salvation for you.

Dr. You seem to have gone so far that you cannot join in anything
with us.

Sp. I have passed beyond mortal mind, and we do not need to go
back; we go forward.

Dr. It hurts to come down to mortal mind again, doesn't it? There
is an old saying that "What goes up must come down."

Sp. What kind of people are you?

Dr. We are just common sense people, just "mortal-mind" people.

Sp. Then I must raise you to a higher level.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. Just call me "Infinite."

Dr. Christ went among sinners. Are you better than He?

Sp. I am one with the Infinite God myself.

Dr. Have you seen God?

Sp. God is within you. You are a part of the Infinite. You are
happy with Him-the God of the Universe; just beautiful Bliss and

Dr. How did you happen to come here?

Sp. I suppose I came to be your teacher.

Dr. You spoke of going forward and that God is All in All. Is He
within you?

Sp. I am one with the Infinite. I am in love with the Lord and the
Infinite. You people, here are still in your mortal caskets. You do not
know anything.

Dr. That is a very elaborate statement.

Sp. We have to overcome; it is just an error.

Dr. On your part or ours?

Sp. I must help you to climb higher. I came to be a teacher to you
all, to help you to understand and become one with the Infinite.

Dr. Probably an exchange of ideas might be helpful.

SP. I do not need any teaching. I am one with the All in All.

Dr. What do scientists think will happen when they die?

SP. They shall be a part of the Divine. I was a follower in one of
the churches of Christian Science. I belonged to the Mother Church
in Boston. I am one of the Elect.

Dr. Did you ever see Mrs. Eddy?


Sp. Mrs. Eddy is Christ Himself. She is my Christ; she is God
Himself. She is the most wonderful, woman on earth and she is the
one we should worship.

Dr. How long have you been so radical on that subject? Sp. I will
not answer you.

Dr. How long has Mrs. Eddy been dead?

Sp. I do not care to argue with you.

Dr. Who died first-you or Mrs. Eddy?

Sp. (With asperity.) I will not answer your questions!

Dr. I did not think you had so much "malicious magnetism."

Sp. Mrs. Eddy never died. She never will, because she is the Teacher of the
Infinite Spirit.

Dr. Have you ever seen Mrs. Eddy?

Sp. She is in Boston.

Dr. She is dead.

Sp. She is not dead and she never will die.

Dr. Mrs. Eddy died several years ago.

Sp. Her teachings were that she would never die. She will go from
the mortal casket into the Infinite.

Dr. How long is it since you died?

Sp. I did not die; I only left my mortal casket. I was a fine practitioner.

Dr. How did you come to Los Angeles, California?

Sp. I am not in Los Angeles; I am in Boston.

Dr. Some intelligent spirits have brought you here to be helped.

But the entity was so wrapped in her own ideas that she would
not listen to anything else and was taken away, after which Mrs.
Eddy came.


Good Evening. I am Mrs. Eddy-Mary Baker Eddy. I wanted to
come back here again to give you one demonstration of what I have
had to deal with. (Referring to preceding spirit.)

I cannot do anything with people when they are like that until
they contact matter again.

I feel so sad and sorry, for I shut the door myself.

I want you to let me come here and extend help to a great number
of spirits (by speaking through the psychic to an invisible audience)


that have the same understanding of my doctrine. If I had only
opened the door of the real spiritual understanding and taught
the real truth on earth, things would be different. I knew I
had the truth.

We should unite and be one strong body, because I know there
is power in concentration, and I only wish that I could have the
whole world understand this doctrine.

If I could only come back and tell my people what I now have to
do. You saw the demonstration you had here tonight. I asked the
Band of Mercy to bring one of my followers in to show what I have to
deal with. With this one we could probably demonstrate to a hundred
similar spirits the folly of the mortal mind idea.

Concentrate your mind over and over, again and again, round and
round, and read and read-that was the way I taught one was to reach
understanding. I said my followers should read my books, and read
them and read them until they became second nature.

When you are in matter the mind has to have some food. But
when my people pass to the spirit side of life and matter is no more,
and they have thrown off the mortal error, you see just where they are.

What can I do with them? How much could you do with them
under similar circumstances?

There is my work and more is coming. Every day there are more
and more people coming. I try to help them because I taught mortal
error and did not teach the truth.

I feel so sad, and I do wish I could tell them to open the door for
the spirit of understanding, and not keep on just reading and reading
and concentrating.

In every church, all over the United States where we have
churches, they use the same lesson on the same Sunday. They form a
circle, round and round, and you must know they form a very strong
magnet and draw people into the same condition.

When they come here they cling to me, cling to me so closely, and
what am I to do? If I tell them the common sense things I should have
taught them, they will not believe.

I knew I had the real truth and I had power, but I was selfish. I
wanted to have a religion of my own. I wanted one that the whole
world should know.

What have I now? When my people pass to the spirit side of life
the door is closed and I cannot open it. What progress could you
make with the spirit you had here tonight?


I thank the Mercy Band, and all of you here, because through this
experience we took this spirit to the spirit world, and they will teach her
through object lessons.

There were many Scientists here tonight and they saw how foolish it all
is; their eyes were opened and the spirit friends took them away with them.
The one here we could not do much with, but she was an object lesson to
teach the others, and in time she will be helped.

My people read and read, and the majority come over here without any
understanding. I closed the door for my people and it is hard.

It is easy for them so long as they are in the mortal body, but when they
have lost the mortal body they see nothing. For them there is no spirit
world, it is all "Infinite." I taught them to close the door to the spirit world,
and I taught them to read only my books.

I wanted a religion of my own.

I was a trance medium and I gave readings, but I must confess I felt that
was too common. I wanted to reach more intelligent people, because I found
that Spiritualism would not reach the people I wanted to reach, so I took
Quimby's doctrine, and also, as I told you previously, the vision I had of
mortal mind in the spirit world, and combined the two.

I want it understood that I used to give readings in Boston. I was very
selfish and wanted to be somebody and have some kind of a religion where I
could have a following.

I wished once that on my birthday church bells all over the United States
would ring, and before I died I had that wish. I wanted to be one that would
be looked up to.

I was brought up in such orthodoxy that I would not have anything to do
with any of the churches. I went into Spiritualism first, and found that was
much better than Orthodoxy, so I followed it for some years, but I felt I
could not get very far with it, and in the end I was obsessed.

What I saw in visions I put in "Science and Health." That book was
written through the visions I had. It was not from my own brain.

If only with that I had given the truth which my brother wanted me to-
he was in the spirit world-but I would not. I did things Albert (brother) said
I should not do, and I closed the door for him.

During the last of my days I was not myself very much. All through life
I was back and forth on the invisible plane.


You know I was a psychic and I could have been a very good one, and have
done more good to the world through my psychic power than I did. At the
last I was too obsessed to be responsible for all I was doing.

If I had used my psychic power I could have helped thousands.

Now I have to deal with what you saw here tonight. So long as my
people are in the mortal body they are all right, but once the body is lost
things go round and round. My followers are in just as bad a condition as are
those who followed orthodoxy. When they pass out of the body everything
they see is "mortal mind."

Possibly you felt sorry you did not convert the spirit you had here
tonight, but while not successful with her, hundreds of others were converted
through seeing how foolish it all is, and were helped through your talk. This
room was crowded with people, and I hope you will all be liberal enough to
never shut the door for the beautiful truth of spirit return.

I bless you all and give you my solid support and help and I hope you
will allow me to bring more unfortunate ones sometime. I thank you for
keeping the door open for me to come. I am only mortal and I am not of the
"Real Infinite" either.

We all have our ups and downs, here as well as on the other side of life.
People think that they change their condition when they die, but they do not.

My people are especially fixed because everything with them outside of
themselves is "mortal mind" and their own mind is "Infinite."

Many who were followers of my Church have gone into New Thought.
From New Thought they come into a more spiritual understanding. New
Thought is more liberal.

In New Thought they branch out and, being liberal, will look into spirit
return. They are more liberal in their reading of books.

I forbade my people to read anything but Science books. That was
because of my selfishness. I wanted a church of my own with my people
under my thumb.

How I do wish I had taught obsession, which I knew was true, but I did
not. When I used to go into trances I wrote -a great deal, and when I came to
myself I would deny what I got.

I was obsessed by some spirit who wanted me to do such work and I
could not really help myself. If I had written the books as they were given to
me, and credited their source, I might have revolutionized the world.


I again want to thank you and hope I can come another time. I also want to
thank you, lady, (Mrs. M. mentioned in the first experience of this chapter)
because your husband helped me in the very beginning. (In the spirit world.)
He was one that helped me to a better understanding, and brought me here
where I could get help.

I hope you will have all the success you wish. Concentrate your mind
on success and have no fear that you will not succeed , and all over the world
will spread this wonderful truth of spirit return and obsession, and through
your obsession work you will cure many more people than I did.

In our work, often when a healing was instantaneous, it was an obsession
being relieved. You understand also that all the healers are in the circle of
concentration with the power of the whole church to aid them, and that
power of concentration is so strong that an obsession cannot live in that

Many I cured were obsessed, but they concentrated that they were not
sick. How are they helped? I will tell you. The average doctor tells a patient
that he has such and such a sickness. He creates a fear in his mind.

Let us take a case of gall stones. It is very hard to diagnose such a case
correctly. The doctor says the patient has gall stones; sometimes he operates
when that should not be done.

Sometimes the patient gets well without an operation. That is due to his
mind. He concentrates his mind on gall stones, gall stones, until he can think
of nothing else.

You understand, you have in your mind a creative power. We have a
spark of the Infinite within us. In that Divine spark God created the world,
all in it, and you as a part. Each of us has much of that creative power and
when you set your mind working with that power you create your condition.

When you go to one of my practitioners, the first thing that is done is to
take your mind off your sickness. You are given absent treatment to get rid
of fear.

You have the same creative power within yourself.

In a case of diphtheria the mind can help, but we cannot kill germs. There
are many things we fail in, but we have success with chronic cases.

We have more success because so many are obsessed. When you have
fear you are negative.

I will be with you to teach obsession to the world. Teach the real truth
and do not care for people's opinions.


If only I could go to my Mother Church and teach them the truth!

Thank you each and every one of you, and sometime I shall come again.


That the mind has power to create the condition in which a spirit finds
itself after transition is illustrated in the following experience.

A former patient of ours, Mrs. Anna R., who had at one time been under
our care and had been entirely restored to health, many years later left her
home to care for a sister-in-law, Mrs. Jessie R., who was very ill.

The latter was a Christian Scientist and denied that spirit obsession had
been the cause of the former illness of her sisterin-law, claiming that
Christian Science and her own concentration had cured her. She was a
masculine type, a very large woman, preferring to assist her husband with his
oil station rather than care for her home.

After a long illness she died in the arms of Mrs. Anna R., who then
remained in the house to care for the widower, and also keep house for him.
She occupied the room and bed of her sister-in-law, and not only attended to
all household duties but spent much time working in the garden until her
strength failed when she became, negative and was again disturbed by spirit

She acted in a masculine manner and a brother, Mr. Herman M., realizing
that some spirit had taken possession of his sister, at first thought the entity
was a man. But Mrs. Anna R. began to talk as though she were Mrs. Jessie
R. and authoritatively ordered everyone to leave the house.

Mr. M. urged his sister to come to us for treatment but this she refused
to do, insisting, under control of the obsessing entity, that "Christian Science
cured me the last time."

Mr. M. then telephoned us regarding the situation and attended a seance
in our home, mentally commanding the spirit that was troubling his sister to
come with him. We concentrated for the patient and when Mrs. Wickland
became entranced a corroborative conversation with the controlling spirit ensued.

Spirit: MRS. JESSIE R. Patient: MRS. ANNA R

Doctor Can you tell us something about yourself? (Touching arm.)


Spirit: Leave me alone.

Dr. We want to enlighten you.

Sp. I am enlightened enough. They thought they were going to
get me but they got left. (Intelligent spirits.)

Dr. To whom do you refer?

Sp. Those people. I don't want you to hold my arm. You have no
right to touch me.

Dr. I have a right to touch the arm of my wife.

Sp. (Struggling.) I don't want to be held down!

Mr. G. Be a nice fellow.

Sp. Fellow! I'm not a man, I'm a woman. Can't you see that?

Dr. When I look at you I see my wife.

Sp. I don't care. There must be something the matter with you.
They all think they are smart! (Evidently referring to intelligent spirits
who had been endeavoring to free patient from influence of this
entity.) I tell them they can't fool me. I don't want to talk to any of you.

Dr. To whom are you talking?

Sp. (Flourishing hand.) I'm talking to all of you. This is my house
and my home.

Dr. Can you tell us your name?

Sp. I don't think I need to tell you my name.

Mr. G. The gentleman on your left is Dr. Wickland.

Sp. Oh, so that's it! (Dramatically.) Now you can all get out of here.
This is my home and I'm going to stay right here.

Dr. Just now you are in our home. Do you know me?

Sp. Yes, I knew you some years ago. (When visiting the patient,
Mrs. Anna R., who had been restored to health while under our care.)

But I never believed in you. I was a good Christian Scientist. Now all
of you get right out of here! This is my home. What right have any of
you here?

Mr. G. You speak as if you were omnipotent.

Sp. I am not God but I am next to Him. When you are a true
Christian Scientist you come next to God!

Dr. What about the lady whom you have been bothering?

Sp. She can go to the dickens. When I get well I'll show her !
That's my home.

Dr. Did you buy it?

Sp. I worked and helped pay for it. Now others are occupying my
home but when I get well I'll chase them out!

Dr. Who is occupying it?

Sp. My husband is there for one.


Dr. Do you want him to leave?

Sp. I want everybody to get out.

Dr. Did you pass out?

Sp. Oh, no, you'll find out that I'm not dead yet. I scared one woman.

Dr. Who was that?

Sp. She laid down on my bed, but I made her get up. I scared her!

Mrs. N. W. (Remembering that upon a recent visit to the patient's
home she had lain down to rest upon the bed which had belonged to
the former mistress of the house but had been unable to remain there
because of an unpleasant influence.) I wasn't at all frightened.

Sp. Just the same I made you get up!

Dr. What satisfaction do you find in staying around the house?
Don't you realize you are a spirit?

Sp. I don't believe in spirits and never did. Several years ago you
talked spirits to me but I didn't believe you and would not listen to
you. (This had been the case.)

Mr. M. Do we know you?

Sp. I am Jessie R. (Sister-in-law of patient, Mrs. Anna R.) You
thought you would chase me out, Herm, but you got left.

Mr. M. I think we succeeded in getting you away. You are
at Dr. Wickland's home now.

Sp. All of you tried to chase me out, but you got left.

Dr. No, they didn't, because you are now at our home.

Sp. I never liked you. You believe in spirits and I don't.

Dr. You believe in the continuation of life, don't you? What are
spirits but those who have passed on to a continued existence?

Sp. (Angrily.) I tell you I have not passed on. I live in
my home and I want everybody chased out!

Dr. Christian Scientists die just as other persons do.

Sp. Not if they are in the understanding.

Dr. Mrs. Eddy died. Where does a Christian Scientist expect to go
when he loses the physical body?

Sp. Body! The body is only imagination.

Dr. Then why do you object when I touch your arm?

Sp. Because I feel tied up. I was a big, fat woman and here I am
with a little body. I have told you before, I don't like you and I never did.

Dr. Why?

Sp. Because you always talked about spirits.


Dr. Yes, we often talked about the subject. You are now proving
the fact of spirit return.

Sp. (Addressing patient's brother, Mr. Herman M.) Herm, why did
you bring me here?

Mr. M. I thought you needed a little education. You were not
doing the right thing where you were.

Dr. Did you come here in an auto?

Sp. I don't know how I came. Herm made me come with him.

Dr. Did you bring anyone else with you? (Referring to spirits
obsessing the patient.)

Sp. Three of us came. They help me. They are all good Christian
Scientists. They don't associate with anybody but their own people
because it causes cross-currents. I was the leader.

(Laughing.) They all thought I was a man. I did a man's work, so
why shouldn't I have the honor of being a man?

My husband was sick, but he is well now. Just as soon as Anna
came he braced up.

Dr. Because your sister-in-law took proper care of him.

Sp. What business had they to bring me here? I said I would
never go to Wicklands' again. (Patient had made similar statements
the day before, although normally very friendly.)

Mr. M. I heard last Sunday that the Christian Scientists take the
credit for curing Anna some years ago, when the Wicklands
straightened her out and got rascal spirits away from her.

Sp. (To Mr. M.) I will get you yet.

Mr. M. Don't worry about me. You had better try to get

Dr. This body belongs to. Mrs. Wickland.

Sp. I used to talk to you folks when I came to your house to see
Anna but I had no use for you. If you had become Christian Scientists
I would have been interested in you.

Dr. You are controlling the body of Mrs. Wickland and she is
unconscious while you talk through her. You claim you are Jessie R.,
but when I look at you I see the face of my wife, hence you are a spirit.

Sp. How could I get in this little body when I am a big, fat woman?

Dr. You are a spirit and spirit does not need a big body. You must
realize you are a spirit and understand your situation. When spirits
are ignorant of their condition they often cause much trouble.


The spirit of Mrs. Eddy has spoken through this same instrument
several times and she has always expressed regret that she failed to
include in her teachings the truth of spirit communication, which she
knew from her own experience to be a fact.

Sp. Where is Wes? (Wesley R., her husband.)

Dr. On the ranch, because that is his home.

Sp. He likes it there much better now than he used to. Why is Mel
R. bothering me? (Referring to spirit husband of patient.) He is here
now. He says I have no business to bother his wife.

Dr. Ask him whether you are so-called "dead"?

Sp. He says, Yes, and that everything you have said is true. He
bothers me all the time.

Dr. He is not in the physical; we cannot see him. You know that
he has passed out. You say he bothers you?

Sp. Yes. He is here and he says I shall not stay around the house
but must keep away and leave my husband and Anna alone.

Dr. Does any one ever talk to you?

Sp. No, they take no notice of me, and that's what makes me so
mad. (Listening to some invisible.)

You tell Anna that I feel sorry for what I have done to her. Her
husband (spirit) has opened my eyes. I am also sorry for Wes.

Dr. You must acquire understanding.

Sp. Pray for me. Tell Anna how sorry I am that I have disturbed
her. I did not have a proper understanding and I was angry. I had a
quick temper. Herm, you know that.

Dr. It was wrong to upset Mrs. R. She thought a great deal of you.

Sp. (Penitently.) I can see how selfish I have been. My Christian
Science belief was only a cloak.

Dr. The higher ideals of Christian Science are excellent, but
should include the whole of life.

Sp. Help Anna!

Dr. Are there any more spirits troubling her?

Sp. Yes, there are.

Mr. M. Isn't Mel trying to get them away?

Sp. He chased me all the time and I didn't like it.

Dr. He wanted you to realize your condition and leave his wife alone.

SP. Will you help her, Doctor?

Dr. That is what we are trying to do.


Sp. I liked my home very much. I was taken very sick and I went to
sleep (died) and after awhile, when I woke up, things were changed. Anna
was taking care of my home and I stood it for awhile, then I wanted my
place as I had always had it. I commenced to bother Anna. Poor girl! I
wouldn't let her come here. Please help her, and help me, too.

Dr. Yes, we will, but you must also help yourself.

Sp. They (spirits) tell me I have to go-but where, I don't know.

Dr. Mrs. R.'s husband and other spirits will take care of you and teach
you how to progress in your new life. Forget the past. You must broaden
your mind. Realize there is a spirit world. We are all spirits whether in the
body or out of it.

My wife allows spirits to control her body in order that we may
enlighten them and learn the facts.

If the future life were more clearly understood such conditions as yours
would not exist. If you had understood the truth of spirit existence, spirits
could have helped you at the time you passed on. But your mind was on the
earth plane. Now you have an opportunity to learn and advance.

Sp. Clint is here. (Spirit, a brother of the patient.) He says I should come
with him. I had him on one side and Mel on the other; you can imagine how I
have been bothered. Where shall I go when I leave here?

Dr. These spirit friends will take care of you.

Sp. (Addressing Mr. M. in audience.) Will you forgive me?

Mr. M. Surely; we know you did not understand.

Sp. Tell Anna I will do the best I can to help her when I learn how. I
bothered her because I did not like the way things had been changed in the
house, then, all at once, I lost myself. (Obsessed patient.)

Doctor, I never liked you because you believed in spirits, but now I have
to thank you for helping me.

Dr. Be open minded; think yourself with your spirit friends and you will
be with them.

Sp. Goodbye.

The following day a sister of Mrs. R. telephoned that a noticeable
change had taken place in the patient and that the latter had that morning
said: "I want to go to Dr. Wickland for treatment."

Upon her arrival Mrs. R. was extremely exhausted and between static


treatments slept for two days but upon the third day awoke clear in mind.

Further records of statements made by the founder of Christian Science


I wanted to come again to speak of the work you are doing. What a
blessing it is to humanity to help the mortals here on earth and the spirit who
has passed on in ignorance, with no knowledge of the life beyond.

I closed the door I should have opened wide to give my knowledge to the
world. I had the power and gift that God gave me to do work to help
humanity, and to teach humanity that there is a life after this.

I was a medium and could have helped open the door from the spirit
world to earth life, but I closed it because of my selfishness. Also I liked to
have something new that was not known before, and to establish a religion of
my own.

I taught the wrong religion of life, and I denied the truth of spirit return,
and tried to give out other things which suited my own fancy-my own self

I shut the door for myself and for my followers hereafter. If you could
only help me to open the door again to tell them that I am trying my very
best to open the eyes of my followers. Tell them not to shut the door to the

Truth will stand wherever you find it, but do not deny it when you find
it. I denied it, and so I suffer.

Here are my followers coming to me one by one. Every day there are
some coming over to the spirit side of life, and I am trying to tell them of the
beautiful spirit world.

But they say, "No, you are not Mrs. Eddy, because she did not teach
that when she was on earth. You are only a false person." And then they go

You see what I have to deal with, and I cannot progress-until I can help
all these to open their eyes.

We should not deny God's wonderful manifestation of matter. It is real,
not imagination. You could not live without matter. You could not have
manifestations without matter.

I denied the wonderful manifestation of matter and called it only
imagination and error.


We have only one mind-the mind that God gave to every
mortal being. Matter belongs to material things. Still we have
matter in the spirit world, but more ethereal. I denied it.
What is my spiritual body now? It is in a very crippled condition,
because my mind was so closed and I denied the truth.

I prayed to God, and I said that God was All in All, and His
manifestations beautiful, and said that we should look up to Him.

Where is God? What is God?

I said to my people that "God is Love, and Love is God," but that
phrase became only empty talk with my followers.

We must realize God and where God is. God is Life; God is Electricity,
because electricity is life. Electricity is only one part of God's wonderful

Flowers and colors of all kinds are manifestations of His wonders.

Go into chemistry, go into the wonderful mystery of life, go into the
microscopical world. These I denied entirely. I denied there was such a thing
as disease and denied the existence of germs. When you get into the
microscopical world you will find a world in itself, and a very wonderful one.

Now I am talking of what I have learned.

Body and spirit are the nearest to His wonderful manifestation, yet a
little microbe can kill the body but not the spirit. Why should we not be
powerful enough to overcome a little microbe?

I denied God by denying matter. Let us go into chemistry and see the
wonderful things there. That is matter. Did I go into it? No, I did not.

It is easy to say there is no such thing as matter, that it is only mortal
error. Let us study. Anything that is in matter, study in every phase.

I have my eyes open now. I wish I could come back to teach my people
the wonders of Nature, and the wonders we can do to help humanity, and the
spirits that are in darkness.

I am here myself. I have to serve for what I have done, and I speak, not
here alone, but everywhere. I came to tell you this.

Let everyone open the door to the spirit world when he has once found
it. Do not deny it, do not deny it. Christ said, do not hide your light under a
bushel. Let it shine for others.

Christ said: "I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not
walk in darkness." Christ was the Truth. When you find the truth do not
deny it but give it out to the world.


I shut the door. I wanted to keep the people under my control, and I
did. I am now suffering for what I did.

Tonight I feel so happy to think I can be of help to earthbound spirits
that are doing very much mischief to humanity.

If you could only see how many spirits there are in darkness who cling
to human bodies and obsess people and send them to the asylums, or to the
spirit world by shortening their lives. There is so much work to be done.

Let us all join hands and work together to spread the truth of the life
hereafter, and also to help the earthbound spirits. Do not cast them away and
say they are devils. They are only ignorant spirits-like myself. I wanted to
be something in the world and sold my soul, for money.

Let us all join together and pray to God to open the hearts of all my
people to look into the higher life of spirits.

If all my churches could be turned into sanitariums for earthbound spirits
what great good could be done! We could empty the asylums and help
people out of their misery.

Let us help the unfortunate ones instead of sending them to the asylums
where they are mistreated, for it is not understood that the poor ones who
are obsessed have to suffer because of the spirits who control them.

Let us try to do all we can to spread the truth and help every one who is

God bless you all. Goodbye.



I wish all could realize and understand how beautiful and simple
conditions are if people would only open their eyes to see them. I mean they
should open the soul eyes, but they are so material And everything that is
being taught is only matter. People cannot grasp spiritual things.

The Bible is a beautiful book if it is read spiritually, not taken literally,
and not as history. I wanted to study and learn what is in life, what is the
aim of life here on earth.

If you would only stop to think and study yourself a little you would
see how wonderfully God has manifested in you. First, there is your material
body-how beautifully and wonderfully it is constructed. But how much more
wonderful your mind is.


How few understand the real meaning of life; it is always theory or
dogma. It seems hard to get people to understand. When they get a little
glimpse of light they add dogma and theories of various kinds.

If they would only be natural and look at Nature. Everywhere you look
it is so simple to understand. There is no dogma or theory in Nature's finer
forces. These forces are hidden, but they are for you to discover.

It is for you to find God's wonderful manifestation in Nature. Let us
worship God in that way. Let us worship Him in that wonderful spirit
which is everywhere.

Let us send out love to His children. We are all children of God, not just
my child or your child, but all. Do not think there is no one for you but your
own child. That attitude is a sin and very selfish, for it is all only for self.

Let us give out love as God gives it to us all. Let the sun shine every day
on us and on everybody-not one or two, but all. Let the sun of understanding
bring out beautiful thoughts of love.

I want to know the real life. I have had many difficulties and I still have,
because I wanted to shine and I wanted to be a light. I wanted to be known as
one of The Teachers.

I had my difficulties before I attained my ambition. I followed studies of
various kinds but most of all the secret of suggestion.

If you knew how to apply and concentrate! Get one thing in mind and
do not let anything else come into your mind; just concentrate your thoughts
on that very thing.

Suggest and suggest and concentrate, then you will gain strength and
power. When you talk try to suggest things, keep them in your mind and
hold them, because you have power over them. There are meetings of various
kinds but in a meeting for concentration and suggestion there is power and strength.

A man can hold his audience by his hypnotic power, and you follow
along and presently you get strength and power. I studied that because I
wanted to have such power and I got it.

I got that, but another much more important thing I did not get, which
was to study Nature's finer forces instead of clothing myself with one idea
and just circling around and around. I held people in that circle and did not let
them get out.

If I had only done what was first given to me in a vision! That is what I
should have done, but I closed the door because


I wanted to hold my people through suggestion. I felt that I had the power
to conquer everything, even the world.

I did a great deal, but selfishness crept in. I meant well in the beginning
and I did well, but I was selfish. I thought I had it all.

Others had power before me and others will have it after me in the same
way, but I felt I had it all and that I had found it all.

I was not true. I should have said I had found the truth and I should have
given it to others as it was given to me, but I did not. I called it my own, and
I closed the door for the real truth.

I found the truth in the beginning, but I clung to theory, and that is the
way with all of us who try to be leading lights. We are always clinging to
theories and not to the truth.

Theories seem to hold the people better than does the truth. We do not
teach it as we should. The truth would always stand if we did not deny it.

All leaders want a little theory of their own, and want to gather the
people around them and hold them. They succeed for a while only, for truth
will spring up and spread.

Do not be afraid of the truth, do not be ashamed of it. Some day or other
every one will have an understanding of truth. It is there and it will blossom.
Do not clothe it with dogma and theory.

If I had taught the truth I should be so much happier and it would have
been so much better for my Church.

I thank you for what you have done in publishing my little article.* It
will shed a little light here and there. People may say No, and scoff, but they
cannot do so truthfully, because my spirit will be there and impress the truth
upon them.

I never felt that I was a little woman; I felt that I had the power to
conquer the world. You can have that power too if fear does not interfere
with you. Concentrate and shut the door to fear. Do not let fear come in.

If you feel fear, say "No, no, no, I am not afraid. I shall conquer," and
you will be surprised at your power. In a moment you will feel you are a
giant. Shut the door to fear and open the door to spiritual power and the
strength of God will flow in and give you strength and power to conquer.

You can never accomplish anything when you have fear.
Take five minutes each day and concentrate on fear. Say,

 *Published in the magazine "Reason."


"I shall never be afraid, I can conquer," and keep on and on, and you will be
surprised at the result.

There is always worry and fear. Worry is the sister to fear. When you
have conquered these two you will have strength and power, and you can
help in healing. You can help everybody by just speaking a word to them.

When I had conquered fear and worry I sent my thoughts for strength
and health to the persons who were sick. That was power and removed the
fear of sickness from them.

When you treat persons, the first thing is to take away fear and worry.
Let them forget themselves. Forget self and you will be surprised how strong
and well you will be. That is the secret of health.

It takes time to conquer; do not be discouraged. If it looks dark,
overcome fear and worry. When you once have conquered you will be well.
You will be well and you will do well in every way.

Now I will say just a few words about my experience in the spirit world.

In the first place, when I passed into the spirit side of life it was in one
way surprising to me, because I had concentrated that I should live forever,
and had gotten the idea in my mind that I would not die. I had the idea that
there is no death, and that I would never die.

I took it literally. I thought my body would never-die and that I would
stay on earth forever. There is no death when you have understanding; we
only change the physical body for the spiritual.

My body began to grow old. I concentrated and suggested, but I used too
much energy in my work and I wore out. Finally I lost out and another
stepped in; at the last I was obsessed. Of course my people did not know it,
but there were times when I was not myself.

I thought I would never die but I had to go just the same. Now I can see
how ridiculous the thing was.

You know I did not believe in matter. There was no such thing as matter,
still my body was placed in a casket and sealed so well that my body could
never get out of the casket. It was sealed in many ways so nobody could get it.

If there is no matter why should all that money have been used to put
my body into the grave? That was against my teachings, but we are material

When I woke up to life-remember, I say life, because that


was the real life-I had a spirit body. In my visions I had been to the spirit
world many times and had always returned to earth. This time I felt that I
could go back again, but my body was not there. It had been interred.

Still I did not realize the change because I had closed the door for spirit
return. I did not want to teach it. I knew it, because I was a medium in my
early days.

I gave readings in Boston for some time, and I gave lectures as well, but
after a while I denied it all -the truth was not in me.

When I woke up in my spirit body I still did not realize that it was not
my material body. It was very hard for me to understand that I had gone
through the change called death because I had concentrated and
concentrated that I should never die.

The realization took much time. Then I had much to do, and many
difficulties to overcome.

First of all came my brother Albert. When he came I felt that I did not
want to have anything to do with spirits. You see, I said in my book that
there is no such thing as spirit return. I had so hypnotized myself with that
theory that it was real to me. Albert came and told me that I had not taught
the whole truth.

There was a time when I was a medium and he talked
through me, but after a while I refused to allow this.

Now he came to me again and said . "Come, I will show you that what
you have taught is not true, and that you did not tell the truth."

After that my first husband came. He understood me better than the rest.
He showed me the way.

One by one many friends came. Then came Quimby. he said: "You took
my theory. Why did you not give me a little credit for the help I gave you?

Then I saw how selfish I had been. I was accused. I was helped but had
not given credit for it.

I was obsessed when I was a young child and often had spells of
obsession. For many years those obsession spells came over me.

Quimby helped me; he took the spirits away and taught me the true
religion. He taught me to know myself. He taught me spirit return,
but I did not listen. After he had gone I took his theory as my own.

In the spirit world I had to go through a great deal to over come
selfishness. I had to serve and learn the lesson of life as a little child. I
had to be taught about God in a different way.


Mental healing is something we should all learn, It is of great importance.
Let us all learn to overcome by suggestion and concentration.

Get your mind centered and learn the art of concentration. Take some
object-say that table--concentrate and concentrate and try to hold your mind
on that table, nothing else, for five minutes. You cannot do it. Try, try very
hard, and after a while you will succeed.

That is the secret of health---concentration is the secret of power. You
must be able to concentrate your mind on one object for five minutes. This
will require a long, long time of practice. It does not come to you at once
because as soon as you try to concentrate and keep your mind absolutely on
the table there will be a dozen other thoughts coming into your mind. Keep
them out, and keep your mind on the object and you will find in time that I
am right.

When you can concentrate your mind for even one or two minutes you
have gained much. Say to yourself, "I can concentrate, for I have no fear or
worry," and keep on concentrating.

Shut other things out and keep on shutting them out, and before you
know it you will have strength, and you will feel powerful, because you
have a part of life itself-God.

When you have gained that power you can say to a sick person: "I send
you power, and you will have strength and health," and you will be surprised
how quickly recovery follows.

Before you try to send out that power concentrate your mind on one
object for fifteen minutes. Do not think, "Now I have the power in my hands
and I can heal," for you cannot heal if your mind is not there.

For that reason many healers are not successful. The mind must be
centered on one object before you can heal. That is the secret of healing. Now
learn the lesson and conquer.

When you are sick, or you go into a sick room, concentrate your mind on
some object. Hold your mind on that object for a while and you will feel that
you have great power and that you can heal because you will receive strength
from God to heal.

That is another secret. We should all understand it.

By concentration, without fear and worry, you can all heal, but
remember, settle your mind first before you begin to heal, for otherwise it
will be of no use.

Now I have taken up too much of your time, but I wanted to say a few
words and to thank you for having my article published.


It will awaken some people and teach them to think and understand
that the real life is on the other side.

Do not try to lean on others but stand by your own self and conquer
self, then you can help others and bring them together in one circle of
harmony and you will have true happiness.

This is Mary Baker Eddy. Thank you for letting me come. Good Night.