Thirty Years Among the Dead by Dr. Carl Wickland

CHAPTER VIII Spirits and Narcotics, Inebriety, Amnesia

RELENTLESS as is the grip which the drug habit holds on its mortal victims,
the power of narcotics extends even more tyrannically beyond the grave. The
desire is implanted in the very soul itself and the agony of earthbound spirits,
whose cravings for gratification are in vain, is beyond description.

Such spirits frequently obtain partial satisfaction through controlling
mortal sensitives, and forcing them to become addicts of some drug. Often
spirits suffering from the narcotic evil have come to our circle, and many
urgent warnings have been given by discarnate intelligences who were
formerly subject to this slavery.

Twenty-five years after the first conversation with Minnie Morgan,*
which occurred during my dissecting work, this spirit, who had been a
morphine fiend, returned and told of earth sphere conditions, as well as of the
higher spirit world.


I feel that I am one of you; although I do not know you, I was helped by
you. I certainly had wonderful help in being brought to understand that there
is a real life.

In the spirit world we know each other as we should be known, not as
you know each other in earth life, with all kinds of hidden thoughts.

You wander like wild cattle on the battle field of selfishness and jealousy.
Love is so little understood. You do not know what real love is, because God
is Love, and God dwells in. Love. The majority of people only believe, and
think there is some place in the sky to which they go when they die.

Whenever I gave that subject any thought, I made up my mind that I
would have a good time while I could and then, when the time came to die, I
would be ready to go, because at the last I could throw my sins on Jesus and
be washed as white as snow. I started out in life with that belief. I said:

*See Chap. 2, Page 20. Spirit: Minnie Morgan.


"Why can't I have a good time like others? The future will take care of itself."

With that thought many persons go out to sow their wild oats, thinking
that when the proper time comes they will be prayed for, and that then they
will step into the glory of Heaven.

That is what I thought. I tried to live a life of glory--or what I thought
was glory. What does that mean? It means to have a good time, to live, and
not care what becomes of one's soul.

I said, "Let us have, a good time while we can!" and I started out in life
that way. I had my sorrows and I had my good time, as I called it, but that is
not a good time. We cannot for one minute step over the laws of nature
except we suffer in some way or other. If we go too far in anything we suffer
for it both mentally and physically. We keep on going and going; sometimes
our good time is better, sometimes worse.

I lived a very fast life and called it a glorious time, but grief and adversity
came. In the way of the world I lived very fast. I went to church once in a
while to be sure my soul would be taken care of. I paid money to the church
so I would be all right, and then I drowned myself in the glory of the world.

It was all right for a while. Each time I had glory, as I called it, I suffered
both physically and mentally. I tried to shake it off and go on a little longer. I
fell by the wayside. After a while my physical body wore out and I had
misery and sickness.

At one time I was considered a very pretty girl. I had my beaux and all
that goes with a good time, but I went down and down to the very lowest. I
was a physical wreck, but I was still on earth.

Never let any one give you the least bit of morphine. When you start on
that road you are lost. Not that a soul is ever lost, but you are lost for a time
while you are a slave to the drug. You suffer agony. There is nothing worse
than to crave morphine and be unable to get it. It seems like every nerve in
your body is creeping.

I got wild because I could not get it. I did not care for anything. I would
have sold my very soul if I could only have gotten morphine. I lost all
decency; I lost everything. All I wanted was morphine.

It was terrible. It burned to my very heart. I felt it in every nerve, and I
felt as if I were on fire. If only some one


would have gotten morphine for me! Just a little! Just a little bit! A little bit!

I felt I couldn't stand it any longer. I wanted just a little; a little bit! Only
a little! (The spirit seemed to live again all the agony she had endured when in
earth life. It also seemed evident that, in addition to the visible circle of
investigators, she was addressing an audience of earthbound spirits.)

I died in that terrible condition. My physical body was gone. I had
worn it out, just worn it out. Then I was operated on (post-mortem) but I
still lived. I wanted to get to my body.

They operated on me, and after a while I felt that something was picking
me to small pieces. (Dissection.) I cried and I fought, because I wanted that
body so I could satisfy my very soul. I was burning up.

They picked at every nerve; they looked at my heart, my shoulder, and
down to the leg-pick, pick, pick, all the time!

I got so desperate I fought with all my power, and I seared some away
from my body. They never touched it again. There were five or six men, with
knives, all wanting to do something with my body,-pick, pick, pick!

But there came another; he looked and looked at me, and picked and
picked, and he drove me wild. I thought if I could only get hold of him I
would fix him. He paid no attention to me. I tried to scare him, as I had
seared the others, but I could not budge him. He would not move one inch
from that body of mine.

I followed him and thought I would haunt him, but all at once I got well
(controlled the psychic) and began to fight him with all the strength and
power I had for picking me to pieces.

To my great surprise, after this gentleman (Dr. W.) talked to me, I found
I was dead. I did not know I had lost my body, for I had not been dead at all.
This gentleman told me that the people working on my body were students
and that it was necessary for them to work on a dead body before they were
able to pass their examinations. I seared five of them and they never touched
me again, but I could not scare this one.

(To Dr. W.) Now I come to thank you. You were the one who
enlightened me and gave me an understanding of the real life beyond. I found
I could not. throw my sins on Christ. He was our teacher, but we must live
our own lives, as He taught us to live, and not throw our sins and troubles on Him.

That is a false doctrine. He is the Life, the Light and theWay. He said: 


"I am the Light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness."

Many others before Him taught the same lesson of life. I found that in
the past there had been many teachers like Christ. Confucius was one. He
taught the same as did Christ. In the Old Testament we find the same
principles as Christ taught; His sayings are the same in the Old as in the New.

Let us all do what we can to find God within us. Learn to live according
to Christ's teachings. "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart ... and thy
neighbor as thyself."

I would not have the home in the spirit world that I have if I
had not been disturbed and received an understanding of the real life.

I was very wicked and you know the desire I had for morphine. That
desire was with me even after I left my body. The desire for anything belongs
to the soul, not to the body. The body is only a cloak or dress for your soul.
All the desires of life, all the faculties that belong to the soul, go with you to the
grave, and beyond the grave.

What would I have been if I had not been given an understanding of how
to overcome my desires? I would have been an earthbound spirit and would
have gotten into some sensitive person's magnetism, and made that sensitive
a morphine fiend so I could have had my desire fulfilled, and the life of the
sensitive would have been ruined. I would have lived in the earth sphere for
years and years if I had gotten into that condition. I would have ruined one
and then another, and so I would have kept on.

Find out what belongs to the soul and what belongs to the body. If this
were done we would not have so much trouble and crime, nor so much sickness.
We would have Love, and Heaven on earth,because we would have pity for the
unfortunate ones who are living just for their own desires.

It says in the Bible: "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." That
means, do not have any desire for anything. If you use too much of anything
in this earth life, such as morphine, whiskey or tobacco, then you are a slave
and must stop its use.

Many people condemn many things and that thought of condemnation is
very hard for a sensitive person. Everything on earth is meant for us to use,
but not misuse.

Many people condemn liquor, tobacco, morphine, opium, but it is their
misuse which should be condemned. They are all necessary things if they are
used rightly. Isn't an opiate a good


thing if you must undergo an operation? To be operated upon without an
opiate would be wrong; the suffering would be too great. Opiates help pain.

Many people use these things because they are forbidden. They say:
"Forbidden fruit tastes best." When things are forbidden everybody wants
them, and they ruin themselves using them.

I lived in the lower world, the underworld, and I know what I am talking
about. I took anything to keep my nerves quiet.

Anything used moderately, in a sensible way, is all right. When a man
who works very hard, either physically or mentally, sits down to rest he is
nervous and fatigued. Give him a good cigar and let him relax. His
nervousness goes, and he becomes stronger. It is a thorough relaxation; he
smokes and feels better. With this complete relaxation comes quietude; the
man sleeps and is rested for his work the next day.

If people would have more love for each other and less condemnation
they would be more like brothers and sisters. That is the life in the higher realms.

We cannot reach that stage until we have gotten rid of all desires, all
hatred, all selfishness, all envy. We cannot progress until we have thrown
away all these things and said: "God help me to love my enemies and friends
better than myself." Then we will be ready to travel the road.

Some people think that after they learn the lesson of truth they will step
into the glory of Heaven. But Heaven is a condition.

In conquering my desire for morphine, I had to do so little by little, step
by step, until I could say: "No more morphine for me."

After I had conquered, my friends and relatives met me and said: "Now
you are ready to come with us to the home that has been prepared for you."
Before that time I had to live all by myself. I was not in a dark dungeon like
some are, but all around me was myself, nothing else. I had to learn and strive
to overcome.

It says in the Big Book that Christ went to the lower spheres to give
help and teach. We all have to teach and help the fallen ones, and give them
strength to overcome their desires.

I wish I could take you along with me for a few moments to see the
conditions in the lower sphere-what they call the earth sphere. Here is the
sphere of whiskey, here the sphere of


morphine, here the sphere of the opium fiend, here the sphere of selfishness,
and here the sphere of misers.

Of all these conditions that of the miser is the worst. He sacrifices
everything for money. He will not eat because he thinks he cannot afford it.
He starves his mind because he wants money, money,--and what is the
result? In the earth sphere he is in the dark, but he sees his money being
spent and he is in hell. He suffers terribly.

He sees his relatives get his money; it is divided, some going here, some
there. If it were all in one place he could count it over and that would be all
right; but his relatives all want their share to spend.

Now imagine; that money has been his treasure. Each cent that is spent is
like cutting a piece from his body, because his whole mind and soul were in
that money, and to see it scattered and spent is hell for him. Think what that
means to him.

He cannot be helped until he feels that he no longer wants his money;
then his soul or better nature will open up and he will be helped. He will be
under the guidance of a teacher and will be taught that money belongs to the
earth life, not to the spirit. He then has to do good.

A miser never gets his money in the right way. He may not be a thief,
but if he loans money, he charges too high a rate of interest. For every cent
he got in the wrong way, he has to do right. He must do some kind act and
help poor people in their work.

He has to lay down his life and earn everything before he can gain
happiness in the spirit world. He has to serve first, and he must help those
from whom he took money to get it back. You know a "sin against the Holy
Ghost cannot be forgiven." It must be atoned for. That is his life in the spirit world.

We have to look at a murderer differently. There are ten different degrees
of murder. There is murder by quick temper; that is not real murder. It is
committed under stress of strong quick temper. At heart the man is not a
murderer; he simply lost control of his temper. Of course he has to suffer and
do good where he did wrong.

Temper is a very hard thing to conquer but it must be conquered,
because it kills our better nature and makes us do many wrong and unkind things.

Then we have the cunning murderer. He plans and schemes; he wants a
man's money. He is nice and sweet, and goes to church. He plans and
schemes to get that man's life in some


way or another, but he does it slowly. He has evil thoughts. In the spirit
world this man has to suffer a great deal, and must atone for his actions from
the time he began to plan and scheme to murder.

Then there is the psychic sensitive who does not care for anybody. He
doesn't belong to one church or another; he takes things easy. What is not
done today can be done tomorrow or the next day. He does not use his will.
A cunning spirit gets into this man's magnetic aura and controls him. He
commits some crime. The man will hang for his deed, but he never did it. He
will probably say he does not know that he did anything. Or he may say: "I
must have been drunk when I did it, for I don't remember anything about it."

But it was not liquor that did it. Liquor never does that. When a man is
drunk his mind is in a stupor. It is a spirit that does the work. If that spirit
has been wronged in life, all he wants is revenge, The law does not really find
out whether the man is guilty or not; he is hung.

The majority of murders and hold-ups are committed by spirits. They
scheme and scheme, and use mortals as tools, until they wake up and realize
what wrong they have been doing.

Often honesty and modesty have both been killed. When I was a child I
was very modest, but when I killed modesty, I was ruined. Then I did not
care for anything.

Honesty is a virtue we should all cultivate. Judges, lawyers and
ministers, in the majority of cases, do not give justice; they look for gain.
They kill justice, honesty and truth. Let us do all we can to keep those three
to the front. Honesty and truth will convert the world. You cannot convert it
by condemnation. People are not taught the truth.

Have wisdom and human kindness and you will see better results. Teach
wisdom and let more of the Christ spirit be in every one. Live as He taught;
do as He did, then happiness will reign.

I am sorry to have taken up so much time, but I did not know I would
talk so long. Even now I feel I have more to say, but I must stop.

My name, when I lived in Chicago, was Minnie Morgan, but that name
does not belong to me and I do not want it any more. That name has a horror
for me. Even when I repeat that name I feel a horror of it. My own name is
not to be given tonight. We have to earn our names, and I have no name until
I have earned it.

After all these twenty-five years-it was in 1897 that I passed


out-I have not advanced sufficiently to have even a name. I am happy and I
will earn a name, and then I will be called by it. My name was down in the
very lowest place. If any one of you should pass out, you would have a
name that is honest and good. Your name will follow you and you will want it.
I would not cling to mine, for it has such a horror for me. Can you see the difference?

When you have done the best you could in earth life you have traveled
the right road, and when you pass to the spirit side of life your relatives
and friends will meet you. I had no one to meet me. No friends came; I
had gone too low. My friend was morphine. Isn't that a terrible condition?

You know when I wanted morphine I did not always get it in the right
way. During my earth life I sometimes stole money to get morphine.

Now I have to do good, step by step. I have been doing work in the
slums, helping those as unfortunate as I had been. I lived with those who
craved morphine. Now I can help them to overcome their desire for it.

That is my work. It is not pleasant, but I have to do it. Some one has to
do it, so why not I ? I suffer with them. I can give them sympathy, for I,
too, have suffered.

Give these unfortunate ones your sympathy and loving thoughts, for it
will help them. You have not lived as they have, and you do not know what
their condition means. Each one that I help to the right road is Heaven to me.
Remember, each one is Heaven to me. The more I help, the more happiness I
find. Some day I shall say goodbye to this condition and progress to the
spirit side of life.

Do not condemn those who have fallen; remember, they have no will of
their own. Send kind thoughts to them, and say a prayer: "God help them to
have a will of their own to overcome their desire." Send out thoughts to help
them overcome; do not send evil, unkind thoughts.

The next time I come you will know what my name is, because by that
time I shall have earned it.

Thank you for helping me to the right road, because I am happy in
helping others; but I shall have a hard climb to find bliss.

Good Night, and I again thank you for having helped me.

The day after receiving a request by telephone, from an adjoining city,
that we concentrate for a pharmacist who was a


drug addict and evidently obsessed, the spirit of a morphine fiend
was removed from him and brought to our circle, an entity in torment,
convulsed with the drug craving and wildly begging for "just one grain."


Spirit Don't bother me. I want rest.

Doctor Haven't you rested long enough? Do you want to rest forever?

Sp. I have been running; I have not been resting.

Dr. What have you been running away from? The police?

(The spirit began to cough severely.)

Dr. Forget your old condition; that is all past. Tell us who you are
and where you came from.

Sp. I am so sick. (Coughing more violently.)

Dr. Do not bring that condition with you. You lost your body,
probably a long time ago. Do you know you are a spirit? What is the matter?

Sp. I don't know. (Another paroxysm of coughing.)

Dr. You ought to know. This is not your body; you are not sick
now. You are free from your physical body. Think yourself well and
you will be well.

Sp. I am sick; you do not know. Who are you?

Dr. I am a doctor, and if you do as you are told you will become
well. This is not your body. You are now an invisible spirit.

Sp. I am sick.

Dr. You only hold that idea in your mind. This body is not your
own. You are not sick.

Sp. You don't know.

Dr. You are ignorant of your condition and do not realize that you
have lost your body.

Sp. I am sick.

Dr. In your mind only; that is an old habit.

Sp. I am dying. I want to lie down. (Coughing.)

Dr. You are only using this body temporarily. Your coughing
body is in the grave. You must stop coughing.

Sp. I have no coughing body. This is my body. I can't help coughing.

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. I don't know. Why do you tell me I can't cough?


Dr. There is no need of it.

Sp. You don't know anything about it.

Dr. The body which you are using now is not sick.

Sp. I am sick. You give me some medicine, and give it to me quick!
Give me some before I get too sick!

Dr. You like to be sick. Don't you want to be well?

Sp. I am sick and ought to be in bed. Think of a poor, sick woman
having to stay here. (Coughing.)

Dr. Think strongly that you are not sick and you will not be.

Sp. Give me some medicine! I want a little morphine; my heart is bad.

Dr. You have lost your body and are a spirit now.

Sp. Give me some medicine, then I'll feel better. Give me fifteen
grains. My cough is so bad! Give me some! Give me some morphine, I
said! Just a little! Only a little then-just one grain! Give it to me in the
arm. I like it in the arm best.

Dr. You must stop this foolish talk.

Sp. (Shrieking wildly.) You must give me something quick! I can't
stand it any longer! I said, give me some! One grain, just one grain! I
must have it! (With face distorted, hands clawing the air fiercely.)

Dr. I thought you said you were sick.

Sp. I am sick.

Dr. From selfishness. Try to understand your condition.

Sp. You give me some morphine before I die!

Dr. You must be quiet, then we can help you. Where did you
come from?

Sp. Oh, my God! Give me some morphine! I want medicine. Won't
you please, please, give me just one grain?

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. (Claw-like fingers desperately clutching about.) My God, just
give me one grain-just one!

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. No.

Dr. You are in Los Angeles, California. Where do you think you are?

Sp. I don't care. Just give me one little grain! I must have it!

Dr. Forget that and think of something else. You have lost your
physical body.

Sp. I have such a bad cough, and my heart is bad. I'm dying.

Dr. How can you "die" when you have already lost your physical body?


Sp. If I have another body, I'm just the same as I was before.

Dr. Forget your old habits and you will feel better.

Sp. I want morphine. When you want it, you want it badly.
(Striking right and left.) I can't stand it any longer! Give me some!

Dr. If you listen to us you can be helped out of your present
condition. Intelligent spirits will also help you. If you do not want to
listen you will have to go. You must overcome old habits; your
physical body is gone.

Sp. Please give me fifteen grains!

Dr. I will give you nothing. You no longer have a physical body
which craves morphine. You now have an opportunity to be helped.

Sp. Give me some, oh, give me some! If you will only give me
some morphine I'll be all right. (Struggling.)

Dr. If you do not quiet yourself you will have to go.

Sp. That is nice! I am sick. I only ask you for morphine.

Dr. You are very selfish.

Sp. I have been running, trying to get some morphine. Why won't
you give me some?

Dr. No  more of that. You have lost your mortal body and are now
using my wife's body. You can be helped, if you will listen.
Understand you are a spirit.

Sp. I have such a bad cough. I need morphine.

Dr. No doubt you have been in the earth plane in darkness for a
long time. You no longer have your own body.

Sp. I have my own body.

Dr. The body you are struggling with is not yours. Will you try to understand?

'Sp. Yes, but I'm very sick.

Dr. You are not sick; you are very selfish. Why don't you pay
attention and try to understand that you are a spirit?

Sp. That's all right; I need morphine just the same.

Dr. Get that idea out of your mind. You only imagine you are sick.
Did you not say you had been running?

Sp. Yes. I have been to every drug store in town to get morphine.
I get it once in a while (through some sensitive) but it doesn't last long.

Dr. You get it by obsessing some one; you have no physical body now.

Sp. I have a body.

Dr. Not a physical body. You are using my wife's body.
Intelligent spirits have brought you here to be helped.


Sp. All the help I want is morphine. When I think I can't get it , it
makes me sick.

Dr. That is only because you hold that thought in your mind. Tell
us where you came from.

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. You don't seem to care.

Sp. No; I want morphine.

Dr. Do you know what year it is?

Sp. I don't care about that; all I want is morphine. I have been to
every store in town.

Dr. Which town?

Sp. I don't know; I can't remember. I never stayed in any place
long, because I wanted to see the world.

Dr. What is the last place you remember?

Sp. I can't remember.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. I haven't heard it for so many years that I don't know
what they would call me now.

Dr. Try to recall what year it is.

Sp. I want morphine so bad that I can't think or talk about anything else.

Dr. What was your mother's name?

Sp. My mother's name?

Dr. Was it Mrs. Brown, or Green, or White?

Sp. No color at all. If you would give me just one grain,
everything would be fine. If you are a doctor, then give me
some. They always do.

Dr. You will not get any this time.

Sp. Then you are not a doctor.

Dr. You are controlling my wife's body; you are a spirit.

Sp. I don't care anything about that.

Dr. If you cannot be sincere you will have to go. Overcome
your old habits; we can help you.

Sp. I am a sick woman.

Dr. Were you married?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. What was your husband's name?

Sp. Frank Noble.

Dr. What did Frank call you?

Sp. Elizabeth.

Dr. What did your husband do for a living?

Sp. Anything.


Dr. How old are you?

Sp. I am forty-two years old.

Dr. Who is President?

Sp. I don't know, and I don't care. I never entered politics. My
husband was crazy over politics. I was busy keeping my house clean.
My husband called me "Betty." He used to say: "Betty, you are a good girl."

Dr. Where is Frank?

Sp. I haven't seen him for ages. He was a pretty good fellow.

Dr. Where is your mother?

Sp. My mother is dead.

Dr. Where did you come from?

SP. I came from from El Paso, Texas.

Dr. Were you born there?

Sp. Ask my husband. (Moaning.) I am too sick.

Dr. Can't you realize that you have no physical body, but are a spirit?

Sp. Then I can go to Heaven and sing. I used to go to church.

Dr. What church did you go to?

Sp. The Methodist.

Dr. Did your husband go too?

Sp. Frank was such a good fellow. I have not seen him for a long
time. He liked me and I liked him. (In a shrill voice.) Frank, I want to
see you! Frankie, Frankie, will you help me? Are you here, Frankle?

Dr. Don't speak that way.

Sp. Would you give me some morphine? Frankie always gave it to
me. Dr. Russell always told me that I should take it for my heart.

(Affectedly.) Frankie! Frankie!

Dr. Why do you call Frankie in that way?

Sp. Oh, I always call him in time for dinner. I always used to call
him; he is a lovely little fellow.

Dr. Don't be so foolish. Be sincere.

Sp. Oh, I'm sincere when I call Frankie. I'm thinking of Frankie. I
love him. But I love morphine too. Oh, Frankle is standing there!
(Spirit.) When did you come, Frankie? Give me some morphine!

Dr. Does he answer you?

Sp. He says he will not give me anything. Frankie, you used to go
to the drug store for me. Be a good fellow now. Just give me one shot,
Frankie, and I won't ask you again. You


know I'm awful sick. You love me, don't you, Frankie? Then just give
me a little, and we will both be so happy together.

The spirit was taken away and her husband controlled the psychic.


Spirit I am Frank Noble. I have been trying very hard, for some
time, to bring my wife here for help.

Doctor It must have required a good deal of patience on your part.

Sp. Thank you for bringing her to me.

Dr. We are glad to have been of any help.

Sp. My wife was very sick. Once the doctor gave her morphine to
help her pain, and from that time she had spells so severe that we
could do nothing but call the doctor to give her morphine. It was an
awful habit to get into.

Many, many times she played sick, I know, when she wanted
morphine. She had played that game so long that it really was
very easy for her to play sick to scare us all, and to ask for
morphine. What could a fellow do? After she had it, she would
be well sometimes for whole weeks, and sometimes for a month.
The spells she had were very bad.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. We came from El Paso, Texas.

Dr. Do you know when you passed out?

Sp. No, I can't tell you. It has been very strange for me. I had a
hard time. Of course, I was not a rich man; I had to earn my living
doing what I could.

Dr. That is no disgrace.

Sp. I had no education, so had to do whatever I could. Sometimes
I worked at mining, other times I worked in the woods, and sometimes
I was a carpenter. I did anything to keep my home together.

At one time Elizabeth was a very good girl. One time, when she
had a child, she was very sick and in great pain. The doctor gave her
pills and after a while she wanted more and more, and at last she went
insane over morphine.

She was very hard to get along with until she got it and after that
she was happy, and she would not have another spell for a while. The
habit grew on her. She had bad coughing spells and she died in one
of them. She took a pill and in some way or


other she choked to death. She went through the death scene here tonight.

Dr. She would have coughed a great deal more if I had not checked her.

Sp. For a long time I tried to find her, but when I came near her, she ran
away, and only called for morphine. Once in a while I lost her completely,
and I did not know where she was. It is strange. When you think of people,
you are right with them. Finally I was always able to find my wife whenever
I lost her. Sometimes she got into another person. I found her again but she
was so afraid of me. I died before she did.

Dr. Did you have any knowledge of the spirit world before you passed on?

Sp. My mother was a medium and I learned the truth from her.
Elizabeth would never believe it because she was a Methodist. She thought I
would go to hell because I believed in Spiritualism. Look into the truth and
you will be much better off. Do not have creeds, dogmas or doubts.

Thank you for helping us, because when my wife gets out of this stupor
she is in, she will be better. They put her to sleep under morphine when she
was in the hospital. Now she will not bother others any more, and we shall
be together.

Thank you for helping us. Good night!


The spirit of Olive T.,* who had controlled the psychic upon several
occasions, returned one evening and, speaking of the real happiness of
service, urged that all those subject to the temptations of society life and the
excitement of the movie world be warned against the use of drugs, and asked
if she might bring in a spirit who was in trouble and needed to be awakened.

A spirit, who seemed to be in a drowsy state, then controlled the
psychic, collapsing weakly, but when spoken to began to struggle
desperately, as if in the throes of great pain and agony.


Doctor Tell us who you are. Do you realize that you have lost your,
physical body?

(The spirit did not seem to hear, but moaned incessantly, and writhed as
if in torture.)

Dr. Can you talk? Understand that you are now a spirit.

*See Chap. 7, Pages 155, 159.Spirit: Olive T.


(Still no answer; the contortions of the body continued.)

Dr. Try to talk. Who are you?

Sp. (Faintly) Wally.

Dr. Wally who?

Sp. Wally R.

Dr. Make an effort to talk; use your will. Will to be your rational self.
Try to understand your condition, then we can help you.

(The spirit continued to struggle and groan.)

Dr. Try to talk; you can. Forget your old condition; forget your old
habit. You no longer have your old physical body. You are controlling the
body of another. Make an effort to talk; wake up.

(No answer.)

Dr. Forget your trouble and start anew. Do you know Olive T.? (Who
had preceded this spirit.)

(The intelligence moaned and held out imploring hands.)

Sp. (Weakly) My wife!

Dr. Your wife is not here.

Sp. Where is she?

Dr. She is not here. Friends have brought you here. Try to rouse
yourself. Often when persons pass out of the physical under the conditions
you did (under the influence of narcotics) they remain in a stupor for some
time. But it is time for you to waken now. Can you see Olive T. here?

Sp. (In a whisper.) I am sick.

Dr. You must forget that. Your sickness is over. You passed out of your
physical body quite a while ago. Do you realize that? You are what people
call "dead." But you are not actually "dead"; you have only lost your
physical body. You yourself are still living. You are using another body
temporarily. Olive T. and others brought you here to be helped. You have
been in a stupified condition for a long time. You feel much better now, don't you?

(The spirit motioned languidly, as if noticing a group of invisibles.)

Dr. Whom do you see? Endeavor to talk. Understand, you no longer
have a physical body; you are here in spirit, controlling this body, which
belongs to my wife. You have been brought here for the purpose of being
helped. Try to be your own natural self. We always enjoyed your pictures.
Wake up, and be yourself. Do not think you are dreaming; you are not. (The
spirit again stretched out his hands.)


Dr. Do you see friends?

Sp. I am going to die.

Dr. You have already done that, as much as you ever will. You have only
lost your physical body. Do you see friends?

Sp. Yes, but I am going to die.

Dr. You cannot die again.

Sp. I see so many who have died.

Dr. They are not actually dead at all. They are spirits like yourself. You
have already passed out of your mortal body. You are a spirit but do not
understand the fact. This body which you are using is not yours. You have
lost your body and have not wakened to your real condition. Friends have
brought you here for help.

(But the spirit could not be roused again and was taken away.)

One of the guiding intelligences then came in and said: "The other spirit
was so tired that we could not waken him, but now we will be able to take
care of him. He is so weak. He has not overcome his old habit. We brought
him here so that we could take him to the spirit world.

"Olive T. and others work to help the ones who are in that particular
trouble-earthbound spirits who have the craving for morphine. Often people
do not have the habit, but they are influenced by spirits who have the
craving, and who get into their magnetic auras.

"Many persons are easily influenced because they live such nervous,
sensitive lives that they are half in spirit. They then become influenced by
earthbound spirits who are so much in earth life that they obsess people.

"We are going to help this young man and sometime he will come again
when he is stronger, and tell his experience, but he cannot talk tonight.

"He has gradually been awakening for some time, but he is still
bewildered and he could not realize the higher life. He has been in many
places, and with his wife much of the time. She helped him in fighting his
habit, but he was too weak to properly understand. He had no resistive
power left.

"After he passed out, his spirit was in a kind of sleep from morphine.
Still he has been wandering, in a twilight state, on earth life, to find his home
and family, and trying to realize where he was. He thought he was lost.


"We have tried to reach him from our side of life, but it has been very
hard. We will now take care of him."


One week later the spirit of Wallace R. returned, somewhat stronger, and
telling of his suffering, made an anguished appeal to others to overcome the
drug habit.


The spirit seemed very weak and was at first unable to talk.

Doctor Whom have we here? Rouse yourself and talk. Do not think of
any sickness. Just talk as you used to do.

Spirit (Faintly.) That is easy to say.

Dr. Make the effort; you will find it easy.

Sp. I wanted to come in to get a little more understanding. I could not get
much the last time. I am in the dark. I am in the darkness--having to overcome
my physical habit, which is attached to the soul.

Dr. Have you been here before?

Sp. Yes, I was here not long ago, and I thank you for helping me, but I
need more help. Please give me strength to overcome my physical habit of using
drugs. I had little understanding of the life hereafter. I lived from day to
day, the life of the world. I did not realize what it would mean to be on the
other side of life.

Dr. Very few interest themselves in higher things.

Sp. I also want to thank you for having helped me during the time I was
sick. At that time I felt such a strong power trying to help me to overcome,
and trying to give me strength. I felt drawn somewhere, but I was too weak
to realize the power that was sent out to help me.

Dr. We concentrated for you during the time you were sick, as we
thought there might be some obsession there.

SP. I was too weak to realize.

Dr. Of course you did not understand.

SP. I had no power and there was no battery at our end to help me. My
only hope was to try to conquer. I was in such misery and so helpless that
many spirits demonstrated through me, and I had no one who understood
how to help me conquer the soul craving.

(The spirit kept the hands across the chest and constantly twisted the
fingers one over the other.)


People think when they take drugs that the habit will end
when they pass out of the physical. I tried to conquer, but when
my mortal body had gone, and my dear, noble wife could not be
with me to help me battle in the hard struggle, I seemed helpless.

She is a dear noble soul; she stood by me and helped me, but
I had not the power to conquer.

After I had lost all the surroundings of earth, I went into a
kind of sleep for awhile, but, oh, how I longed for my wife and
children! Also how I longed to conquer, but could not. I suffered
(writhing painfully), oh, how I suffered!

I tried to go somewhere to get help, to get help to overcome,
but I must thank you; you gave me both strength and power. I
wish I could have had more power from your good thoughts.
Since last I was here, I have gained much. I am not strong
yet, but I am able to see and realize how I can win my battle.
From the little I have seen of the spirit world since I was here
last, I realize how wonderful things are.

(Earnestly.) I wish I could warn many I knew and tell them
not to play with drugs. They think it is fun in the beginning,
but how they will have to suffer at the last! Even the soul burns
from the craving. They should do everything they can to over-
come the habit.
They not only suffer here, but they suffer terribly after they
pass out; then the soul is on fire. (With an agonized expression,
hands and fingers working nervously.)

Many, yes, many, come back and try to get the drug, try to
get even a little, and they ruin others against their will. I knew
many times that I myself did not want it, but there was such a
strong power back of me. (Obsession.) If the world could only know!

My dear, noble wife is trying very hard to warn others so
they will not meet the same fate and death I did. It was awful.
(After the death of Wallace R., his wife, Mrs. R., played a leading
role in a moving picture which vividly portrayed the horrors
of the narcotic evil.)

Thanks to you here, I have found relief. I feel better; I will
gain now. I have opened my soul's eyes and I find there are
great possibilities for me, and in time there will be relief for me.
Oh, if I could only warn and help others! So many are taking
that deadly drug. They think they can forget sorrow and
gain strength from the drug. They do for a while, but it only
lasts a little time, then it is worse. They take it a second time,


and it is a little worse; a third time, still worse, and so on.

When people drink whiskey it makes them drunk, but after
a good sleep they get over it, and they do not have the terrible
craving that they do from drugs.

The world will go mad if the narcotic evil is not stopped soon.
Shutting out liquor did great harm, because people must have a
stimulant of some kind. They work hard, very hard, in the
movies, and it is nerve racking work. As I said, they must have
something to stimulate their nerves so they can go on.

If they took some wine, or beer, or even some whiskey, to
quiet their nerves, it would not be such a detriment as morphine is.

Most of them use morphine, and, oh (moaning in anguish),
if I could only come back and warn them! If only they would
believe me! I would tell them to overcome, and let them know
what a terrible thing it is to be a slave to a drug. If they only
would realize what is beyond, they would never use drugs.

Dr. The condition of the spirits who have taken drugs during
earth life must be terrible on the other side.

Sp. (Shuddering.) I don't want to go there. (The earth
sphere.) I saw one glimpse of it. Thank you for concentrating
for me; it has been of such help. I was weak, but through your
concentration they have been able to help me on this side, and
give me strength, and also to put me to sleep so I can gain strength.

I was trying to come back somewhere to get help (at some
psychic circle), but I could not do very much. I did not understand
then. Since I was here the last time and you talked to me
I am stronger, and I have come now to thank you and to say I
am on the way to health and happiness

I wish I had know about you when I was first taken sick;
I could probably have overcome and conquered.

If I could only talk to my dear, noble wife and thank her for helping 
me and for trying to warn others who are on the same road I was!

I will conquer now, and then I want the world to know. I
want to warn the grown-ups, to warn children, to warn young
men, to warn young women, to never, never start taking that
deadly drug. I would rather have pain than take it. For a while
it kills pain, then opens the wound worse than ever.

You do not know how terrible the suffering is. I could not
tell You. If  I were burning in hell it could not be worse than


having every nerve in my body burning. It drives one mad. No one
can realize it except through experience.

Dr. The spirit friends can help you.

Sp. I have help now and I do thank you. Next time, if I can come
again, I may be able to tell of my progression in the other world. I
have seen very little, but I will learn. I am in a school, a hospital,
where I am learning to overcome.

People think that when they die, all troubles will be ended. That is
the first time you really live, and all your desires and cravings are
with you, because they belong to the soul, not the body. The body is
only the dress.

Now I am in school to learn the lessons of life from the real
standpoint, and I am learning.

Thank you all for helping me, and also for giving me the
opportunity of learning the lessons of life. I wish many places had
circles like this to help spirits in darkness.

Some time, send my love to my dear, noble wife. I will try, when I
am stronger, to impress her that I am there with her.

Dr. Be brave and forget all about your trouble. Let the Mercy
Band of Spirit Forces help you, then you will gradually overcome.

Sp. Yes, I will, and thank you. Goodbye!


Spirits of former drunkards, no longer able to satisfy their desire
for liquor in the usual way, may attach themselves to susceptible
mortals and through suggestive influence force the latter to drink for them.

Victims of such obsession have been brought to our observation,
the most recent case being that of Mrs. V., a periodic inebriate, who,
for some time, had endeavored in vain to overcome the tendency to drink.

Having again failed to conquer this irresistible impulse, she came
to us one evening, strongly under the influence of liquor, and asked
to be given a treatment. After her departure, we held a concentration
circle when the spirit of a drunkard, dislodged from Mrs. V., controlled
Mrs. Wickland.

Spirit: PAUL HoPKINS. Patient: MRS. V

Doctor Are you a stranger to us? Where did you come from?


Spirit (Attempting to fight.) It's too warm! Why did you pull me
away when I was just going to have a drink and a good time?

Dr. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Do you think that controlling
a lady and ruining her life is a good time?

Sp. When a fellow feels so blue, what can he do?

Dr. You must overcome your old habit.

Sp. I'm so warm. I'm awfully hot!

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. Give me something, quick! I'm so dry.

Dr. You have had all you are going to have.

Sp. I'm burning up!

Dr. You made a lady drink for you. Do you know that you are
"dead" and are now a spirit?

Sp. All I know is, I'm hot! It was pouring fire all over me.

(Static treatment given patient.)

Dr. That was good for you.

Sp. I ran away when all that hot fire came down on me. It's the first
time I ever felt anything like that. It was so hot that I thought I was in
an oven. They must have new things these days.

Dr. What do you mean?

Sp. Fire pouring down on my back. I am dry; I'm awful dry! Give
me something-just a few drops!

Dr. Can't you understand that you have lost your mortal body
and are a spirit? Do you understand what I am talking about?

Sp. No. I don't know you.

Dr. But you understand me, do you not? You are a spirit.

Sp. You give me something to drink! I'm awful dry. Give me
something, I tell you! I only got a very few drops when you took me

Dr. Why don't you behave yourself?

SP. I can't any more. Just give me a little, only a few drops!

Dr. If you don't behave yourself, you will find yourself in the dark.

Sp. Say, will you tell that druggist that he didn't give it to me
strong enough? Tell him, will you?

Dr. You are done with druggists.

Sp. I want something to drink.

Dr. Do you think it is honorable to influence a woman and make
her drink to satisfy you?


Sp. I've got to get it some way.

Dr. Should you influence that lady to drink whiskey for you ?

Sp. Lady? I drank it myself. No lady got any. I want it all myself.
You can't get very much these days, and when you get it, you don't
give it away. You want it all yourself.

Dr. Don't you realize that you are getting it through a lady?

Sp. You give me some and give it to me quick!

Dr. I want you to understand your condition.

Sp. I'm always a good fellow.

Dr. Good for nothing.

Sp. No.

Dr. That's it exactly-good for nothing. What have you been doing

Sp. I haven't been working for some time.

Dr. Do you know what year it is?

Sp. I don't care.

Dr. You have been interfering with the life of a woman. This is not
your own body; can you understand that? It is a woman's body.

Sp. Woman's?

Dr. Yes. See your skirts.

Sp. I don't wear skirts. But, I've been a woman once in a while.

Dr. And through that woman you got the whiskey. You should be
ashamed of yourself. You are not satisfied with abusing yourself, but
you must also control a woman.

Sp. Why should I be ashamed? I have done nothing but drink
some innocent whiskey.

Dr. You know that you are in a strange condition.

Sp. I know I feel funny once in a while.

Dr. You have been brought here and allowed to temporarily
control this body so you may be made to understand that you must
leave that lady alone. Her name is Mrs. V.; do you know her?

Sp. That's not my name. I haven't heard my name for a long time.
Once in a while I feel kind of queer. I am not so correct about things
as I used to be.

Dr. Should you not ask the reason? The fact is, you have lost
your physical body.

Sp. What's the matter with me?

Dr. You are a spirit, and are invisible to us. We cannot see you.


Sp. Can't you see me?

Dr. No.

Sp. You don't see me? I'm a big fellow. Don't you see me? Why?
Probably you have had something to drink too. Say, you give me a
drink, will you? We will be pretty good fellows together. I shall be
happy, if you will give some whiskey.

Dr. You would be in a fine condition then.

Sp. If you will give me whiskey, I will remember you in my will.
You give me something to drink, then we will be pretty good fellows

Dr. I will do nothing of the kind.

Sp. Won't you help a poor fellow when he gets so dry?

Dr. We want to help you, but not in that way.

Sp. Why did you give me that hot fire?

Dr. I was giving an electrical treatment to a lady, not to you. The
lady asked me to. We drove you away from her, but that does not
seem to interest you, does it?

Sp. How would you have liked that?

Dr. You deserved it.

Sp. Say, can't you give me some whiskey?

Dr. You are only wasting time. What we are trying to do is to
make you understand your condition. You are an invisible spirit,
controlling the body of this woman.

Sp. What's the matter with that other woman? Why do I always
have to go with her?

Dr. You have been obsessing her. You are selfish and have been
controlling and influencing her. It is not the woman's fault, it is your
own fault. Did you ever read the Bible?

Sp. The Bible?

Dr. Do you remember how Jesus cast out unclean spirits? You are
such a spirit.

Sp. (Looking at hands.) These rings do not belong to me, and yet,
how in the devil could they belong to any one else?

Dr. Do you recognize these hands?

Sp. No. I must have had a little too much. But I don't seem so very
tipsy. I guess I have had a little too much, probably. You can
hypnotize people in many ways; maybe that's it. Or probably I've had
too little, and you had better give me more whiskey so I can see-just
a few drops. I am blind. Give me something and be a good fellow.
Give me just one glass more, then I shall be all right. Will you do it?

Dr. You will have to leave if you are not sensible.


Sp. You can't drive me out, and there's not many fellows who
could either. I'm pretty strong, you can see that.

Dr. We cannot see you at all.

Sp. I could fight all of you. I have done it before with people.
(Rolling up sleeves.) You'd better look out!

Dr. Why can't you listen to what I am telling you? You are
invisible to us.

Sp. Can't you see me?

Dr. No. You have lost your own body. This is not your body.

Sp. It isn't? (Attempting to fight.) Give me something to drink!

Dr. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Sp. Why should I be ashamed? All I had was a drink.

Dr. You do not understand your condition.

Sp. Why didn't you tell that woman to wait a minute? (The patient
had left after her treatment.) She ran away. What for? Tell her to wait
a minute.

Dr. You will be taken care of, and will not disturb any more persons.

Sp. She's a pretty good woman. When I want whiskey, she is
always ready with the money and gives it to me.

Dr. That will not happen any more.

Sp. I am not alone; there are many others with me.

Dr. Did they all want to drink?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. You were ruining a woman's life. You drank through that
woman. You controlled her and she drank for you.

Sp. Do you mean that big, fat woman? Say, she's good hearted.
She's always ready to treat me. We have very good times together,
glorious times! (Laughing.)

Dr. You have had your last good time. Do you think you are doing
something honorable when you upset a woman's life, and make a
drunkard of her?

Sp. I'm no drunkard. I can walk just as straight and fast as any
one. I have sense. We both have a good drink together.

Dr. There is no sense of shame in you. Try to realize that you are
an invisible spirit and have lost your own body. It is 1923 now. Do
you know that you are in Los Angeles, California? You lost your
body probably many years ago, and have been hovering around in
the earth sphere ever since.

Sp. I want something to drink right now.

Dr. Is that what you call a glorious time?


Sp. It's a good time for a while.

Dr. You were ruining a lady's life.

Sp. I haven't done that.

Dr. When you wanted whiskey you made that lady drink it for you.

Sp. I did not; I drank it myself.

Dr. Yes, through the lady. Don't act so innocent. You impressed
the woman to get whiskey for you.

Sp. Well, she has the money. I don't make any money any more.

Dr. Is it right to influence that woman, just to satisfy yourself? Did
your mother teach you such things?

Sp. My mother died long ago.

Dr. Suppose your mother were alive; would you like to see her a
slave to an earthbound spirit?

Sp. I am not an earthbound spirit.

Dr. Would you like to see your mother surrounded by a crowd of
earthbound spirits, who were making her drink? Would that make you

Sp. She wouldn't do it. This woman is good enough for me. She
only buys whiskey.

Dr. Yes, and you drink it through her.

Sp. I drink it myself.

Dr. By controlling the lady, Mrs. V., just as you are now
controlling the body of this lady.

Sp. I am not controlling any one. I've only had a drink.

Dr. Try to be sensible. This body is not yours.

Sp. Whose is it then?

Dr. It belongs to my wife. She is a psychic sensitive through
whom spirits can talk.

Sp. Will she have a drink with me? Will you?

Dr. No.

Sp. I'll treat the crowd.

Dr. I thought you had no money.

Sp. I always get some money from the lady.

Dr. She is not here.

Sp. You get it, and I'll treat the crowd. Come on with me,
everybody! I'll treat you all.

Dr. Does the lady pay the bills with money that you earn?

SP. She's splendid. There's another man helps her to pay for things.

Dr. That is her husband.

SP. Husband?


Dr. Yes, husband. You are making a slave of the woman, and
making a drunkard of her. Suppose it were your mother who was
being tormented.

Sp. My mother?

Dr. Yes; think that over carefully. Suppose somebody should
make a drunkard of your mother, how would you feel? Or of your

Sp. They know better.

Dr. Is your conduct honorable?

Sp. I'm a good fellow, and I always want to be on the best side of
the women. Women are always my best friends. They always have
money and are willing to spend it.

Dr. Now listen to me. You have actually lost your physical body,
probably many years ago. Who is the President?

Sp. I don't know. I can't recall any one.

Dr. Is Lincoln the President?

Sp. No, that was a long time ago.

Dr. Cleveland?

Sp. No.

Dr. McKinley? Arthur?

Sp. He was President a long time ago.

Dr. Do you remember Wilson?

Sp. Wilson? I don't know that fellow.

Dr. Do you know about the big war in Europe, with twenty three
nations fighting?

Sp. I don't care; all I want is a drink. I am getting so thirsty. What
do I care for war? If they want to kill themselves, what do I care? They
are better off. If they don't know any better than to kill each other, let
them go ahead.

Dr. What did your mother call you?

Sp. She called me Paul.

Dr. What was your surname?

Sp. It is a long time since I heard it.

Dr. What did they call your father?

Sp. They called him John Hopkins.

Dr. Then you must be Paul Hopkins. What state were you born in?

Sp. I have forgotten. Of, yes, I was born in Yuma, Arizona.

Dr. Were you ever in Los Angeles?

Sp. Yes, once in a while. They used to have pretty good saloons
on Main Street, and I suppose they are there now.

Dr. No, they are all gone.


Sp. Then I don't know what became of them.

Dr. They have all been done away with.

Sp. They were on Main Street, between Second and Third.

Dr. What would your mother think of your condition?

Sp. My mother is dead.

Dr. Her spirit did not die. She would be sorry to find you in this condition.

Sp. I'm in an all right condition. I feel tip-top! I get a glass of
whiskey when I want it, and it makes me feel good and happy.

Dr. Does it make you happy to see a man lying drunk in the gutter?

Sp. I have never seen it. But liquor is good! Oh, ho! Who is that?
(Seeing some spirit.)

Dr. Who is it?

Sp. I will have to sit up and take notice. She's a nice lady. (To
spirit.) Who are you?

Dr. Perhaps it is you own mother.

Sp. She was an old lady. This lady says she knew my mother. My
mother was a good Christian woman. I suppose she is with God in
Heaven, sitting near the throne.

Dr. Jesus taught that God is Spirit, and God is Love. You cannot
find such a God sitting on a throne.

Sp. Where does He sit?

Dr. God is Spirit, and is not in any particular place. He is the Life
of all Nature. You are an expression of God himself. Understand that
you are an ignorant spirit and must overcome your old habits and
that you will then progress.

Sp. This lady says if I behave myself I can go to bed and rest. I'm
awfully tired. I am a pretty tired fellow. Will they let me rest myself?

Dr. Yes, and when you wake you will realize that you are a spirit,
and that you must overcome old habits and progress as you should
on the spirit side of life.

Sp. That lady is a nurse.

Dr. We cannot see her as you do. We do not see you. You are
controlling my wife's body.

SP. I do not understand that. I want to go to that bed.

Dr. You must learn the purpose of life.

SP. They say if I lie down in that bed I will not get any more whiskey.

Dr. You will be taught how to progress.


Sp. Can I have any more whiskey?

Dr. No.

Sp. Well, I don't care. I'm tired and I feel happy. What can a fellow do? I
have no home and no place to go. You must have a good time sometimes, a
jollification time.

Dr. You did not understand your condition.

Sp. This lady says I will have a home with my mother. I will go to my
mother. Will she like me?

Dr. Mother love never dies. After you acquire understanding you must
help this lady whom you have been tormenting. You have made that poor
lady a drunkard.

Sp. Have I? I didn't know that. I wanted something to drink, but I did
not know I was doing any harm.

Dr. When she came here tonight she was drunk, and I gave her a treatment.

Sp. I had that.

Dr. You made her drunk; she herself does not want to drink. She tries to
resist the impulse. She is a sensitive, and you hypnotized her and made her drink.

Sp. It's pretty hard for a fellow to give it up.

Dr. You will have to do your duty and help her.

Sp. I feel pretty tired. I want to go to that bed.

Dr. Think yourself in that bed and you will be there.

Sp. I will? By thinking?

Dr. Yes, be perfectly quiet and think yourself in that bed.

Sp. Remember me. I am a good fellow, and I like you anyhow, even if
you gave me that fire. I mean well.

Dr. The lady whom you see will be your nurse and will look after you.

Sp. My mother is here! Oh, mother, my dear, will you forgive me? I was
not a good fellow. I will not drink any more whiskey. Mother says she will
help me. God bless you for the work you have done for me.

After the foregoing experience a friend reported a marked change for the
better in Mrs. V., saying that no further desire for intoxicants was
manifested. Mrs. V. herself acknowledged this change and expressed her
gratitude for the relief obtained.


Not at all uncommon are the cases of amnesia, when total lapse of
memory occurs, all sense of identity is lost and the victim wanders to strange
places, returning to his normal self without any knowledge of his recent actions.


We have abundant demonstration that this state is frequently due to the
influence of obsessing spirits. One case was that of a young man, C. B., who,
shortly after he had established himself in business with his father, rose early
one morning and left his home without the knowledge of his parents. No
trace of him could be found and after several weeks of anxiety the parents
asked us to concentrate for their missing son.

We did so, emphasizing that the young man should have no rest until he
would write to his parents. The following morning he wrote to them, saying
he was on board a United States Man-of-War at San Francisco, that he had
enlisted in the Navy and would be gone for several years.

The boy's parents were anxious to have him at home with them, and
wrote him to that effect, saying they would do all they could to obtain his

The day before our next concentration circle, C. wrote his parents that
they should do nothing regarding his discharge, for he was entirely willing to
serve his term of enlistment.

The following evening we again concentrated for C. B., and a spirit
controlled Mrs. Wickland, as related in the succeeding article, clearly giving
indication of having been the cause of the young man's recent actions.

Spirit: JOHN EDWARDS. Patient: C. B

While singing "Throw out the Life Line" an amusing episode occurred.
As the intelligence assumed control of Mrs. Wickland he seemed to be
pulling himself along, hand over hand, as if by a rope, and then made the
motions of swimming.

Doctor Did you hold on to the life line? Have you been drifting about?
Where did you come from? You do not need to swim on dry land. What is
the matter with you?

Spirit I want to find out what's the matter with me.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. (To audience.) He calls me dead! I am not dead-but not so much alive

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. Lots of people brought me here.

Dr. Who brought you?

Sp. A whole lot of people.


Dr. I don't see them.

Sp. I don't see why they want me. I want to be out at sea. 

Dr. Have you been out before?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. Why do you want to go out to sea? Have you been out many times?

Sp. Quite a little.

Dr. Don't you want to be on shore?

Sp. I don't want to be a dry crab. I was all ready to go out, but
you pulled me to shore. I don't see why they should pull me to shore.

Dr. Were you drowned at sea ? 

Sp. If I had been, how could I be here?

Dr. Your spirit could be here.

Sp. You mean the soul?

Dr. Yes.

Sp. Then that should be with God.

Dr. Where is God?

Sp. If you don't know that, then you ought to go to Sunday School.

Dr. I did go, but I did not find out there.

Sp. Then you did not go to the right one.

Dr. Which one should I have gone to?

Sp. There are all kinds of denominations; they are not all alike,
but they all know about God.

Dr. What church did you go to?

Sp. The church where I go is where I can be all alone. I do not go
there very often. I can belong to any denomination. When you are on
the water you can't go to church, you go to service.

Dr. Which church did you like best?

Sp. They are all alike. It's just a matter of form. They all belong to
one God, and teach a hereafter, a Heaven and a hell, and that Christ
died for our sins. So you see I feel like this you can just as well belong
to one as another. They all praise God, so it makes no difference.

Dr. You were a liberal man.

Sp. I don't know that I was that either. I don't know what kind of a
man I was. I had my own religion in a way. I had to go to church once
in a while to show the Captain that I could.

Dr. What ship were you on?

Sp. I was on all kinds.

Dr. Were you an ordinary sailor?


Sp. I was in the Navy.

Dr. Can you tell us what year it is?

Sp. I don't even know what month it is.

Dr. Do you know the year?

Sp. I do not know.

Sp. Is it 1922 ?

Sp. No. That's not the year.

Dr. What should it be?

Sp. 1912.

Dr. Where were you sailing?

Sp. One time I went around on the battleship "Cincinnati."

Dr. Where did you go?

Sp. One time around the Coast.

Dr. Did you ever go through the Panama Canal?

Sp. No. I was near it once, but not through.

Dr. What did you do on ship?

Sp. I just did anything that came along.

Dr. How old were you?

Sp. I can't seem to remember.

Dr. And now you want to go to sea again?

Sp. Yes. I don't want to be on land, because I don't feel I belong
there. There is something in life when you are on the ocean--something to it.
You have regular meals and no worry, if your work is done all right,

Dr. Is there much work to do?

Sp. Oh, yes, lots of scrubbing; there is always something to do.
The Captain does not want his men to be idle. If we were left alone we
would have a good time. If there is nothing else to do we have to
polish all the time.

I know something about it. We have to polish the stairways; the
machinery, and the fixings around it, all have to be polished. Every
day we polish the knobs, the machinery and the stairs. It is all bright
and shining. It's a big ship.

Dr. Were you on a battleship?

Sp. I was on different battleships.

Dr. Were you under fire at any time?

Sp. No; we did not fight. The Cuban War was not much of a war.
The Philippines was more.

Dr. Were you there?

Sp. We were outside. We did not get in the Bay, not all of us,
only a few. Dewey went in. I was there, but not on his ship.

I was outside cruising around. Some had to be on guard


and watch. If we had all gone in we would have been trapped. There were
others around there.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. My name? It has been so long since I heard it, I have forgotten it.
My name is John.

Dr. John what?

Sp. John Edwards.

Dr. Were you ever on the Pacific Coast?

Sp. Yes, we were around there one time. I was more on the Eastern Coast.

Dr. Were you discharged when you left the vessel?

Sp. (Slowly.) Left the vessel?

Dr. Didn't you leave the vessel? Or did you have an accident of some kind?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Were you sick?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Is Manila Bay the last you remember?

Sp. No; that's a long time ago.

Dr. Where did you go from there?

Sp. I was quite young when we were in Manila Bay.

Dr. That must have been in 1898. How long were you at sea ?

Sp. I don't know. The last I remember is 1912.

Dr. What happened to you in 1912? Were you sick?

Sp. I seem confused. It seems to me that we were-I do not remember
very well-we were painting the boat. I do not know what place it was; I can't
think. In some way we were not in the Navy Yard, it was a little outside. We
were on the scaffold on the side of the vessel.

Dr. Did something happen to you?

Sp. My head got so funny. I think I had some kind of a vertigo spell. I
felt funny. It seemed like my head was swimming.

Dr. Were you painting the boat?

Sp. We were cleaning and fixing it up.

Dr. Were you in dry dock?

Sp. I cannot remember what it was. Something happened so I got in the

Dr. You probably dropped off the scaffold.

Sp. I don't know, but I got well right away.

Dr. It is very likely that you lost your body at that time and became a spirit.


Sp. A spirit? What do you mean?

Dr. I mean you lost your mortal body. You are invisible to us.

Sp. But I was going to sea. I felt as if a part of me was a sailor, but I also
felt that I was teaching some sailor. (Through obsessing C. B.) I could smell
the salt air around him.

Sailors have a kind of atmosphere around them; you can tell them when
you see them. I wanted to go back again. You feel funny when you are on
land. You feel you do not belong there. The land is so solid; you do not feel right.

I feel the ocean is the bosom of a mother; you are rocked to sleep. You
feel so fine when the waves rock you to sleep.

Dr. When you fell from the boat, you probably lost your body, and you
have been a spirit since then. This is not your body. Look at these hands.

Sp. (Noticing hands of psychic.) That is not my hand! (Laughing.) No, I
should say not! I had big, big hands. That hand has not pulled any ropes.
That's funny-I have a hand like that! (Laughing with amusement.)

Dr. And you have a dress, and long hair. Are those the feet of a sailor?

Sp. They are not mine. Oh, I see! One time, a long time ago, you know,
we used to go to one town, then another. I was not on the battleship all the
time. You know my father was a sea Captain, and, of course, we were on
water all the time. He sailed from New York to India, and around there.

Dr. On a sailing vessel?

Sp. Yes. He had a sailing vessel first, when I was just a little kid. Then
he had a vessel. He went between Calcutta, New York and England.

Dr. With a merchant vessel?

Sp. Yes. He had a lot of stuff. Then he went to Australia one time; he
dealt in cotton and wool. When I grew up I felt I wanted to be in the employ
of the Government, so I joined the Navy, to my father's disgust.

He did not like it, but he said I was a sailor born. I think I was born on
the water; I do not know the land. My mother taught me to read and write
and that was all the schooling I had. We were always on the water. Mother
was a pretty good woman.

Dr. Did your mother die?

Sp. My mother is not living, and my father is dead too.


They both died some years ago. But this was not what I was going to talk about.

Dr. You were talking about these hands, and this dress.

Sp. I do not see how I could get a woman's hands and dress. That was
what I was going to talk about when I drifted away. I do not know, but I
should judge I was about eighteen or nineteen when we were in Calcutta.

I like to go around and see everything, and I like to talk. I drifted into a
meeting one time. In India, Calcutta is a pretty good town and has a nice
climate. I drifted into this meeting and I got a whole lot of books.

They called this meeting "Theosophy." They were nice people, but
queer. When they talk, before you know it, you believe in reincarnation.

Is this skirt reincarnation? You said I am dead, so now how can you
explain it in any other way? That must explain it, because I am back as a woman.

Dr. You might call this reincarnation, in a way. When you pass out, you
leave your mortal body and become a spirit.

Sp. You know, they go to Devachan, and that is a long way off. Say,
Madam Blavatsky was a great speaker. I heard her in Calcutta. Then there
was Leadbeater.

I was only a kid, but, you know, when you get something in your head
when you are a kid, it stays there.

My father said: "John, don't you believe that; you will go crazy."

I said: "It is better than nothing; it tells good things. That salvation
scheme is not right."

My heart felt so big when I said that. It swelled up when I got those
books. It may be that I am back again as a woman. I didn't think I would be a
woman. I wanted to be a sailor again.

Dr. You are using a woman's body only temporarily.

Sp. So I am a woman temporarily! (Laughing.)

Dr. You are a spirit, and probably have been since 1912. It is 1922 now.
You have been out of your body ten years.

Sp. How do you know I died then?

Dr. You say that is the last date you remember.

Sp. Do you go by that? Then I have been in Devachan? Maybe sailors,
don't stay in Devachan so long; maybe their vibrations are better. I know the
vibrations are much more vibrating on a steamboat, especially when there are
storms! (Laughing.) Really and truly, have I reincarnated?


Dr. It is likely that you passed out of your body at the time you spoke
of, and you have been a spirit but were not aware of your condition.

Sp. So I do not know anything?

Dr. Whatever your condition has been, you have been brought here
tonight to acquire understanding. We are investigators of psychic phenomena
and spirit obsession. Sometimes spirits take control of mortals and cause
them to do strange things.

You have been attracted here, and are controlling this body, which
belongs to my wife. You are using it temporarily. We do not see you; we
only hear you talk.

Sp. Then, in reality, I am in a woman. I am only fooling you then.

Dr. My wife is so constituted that spirits can use her body temporarily.
Have you ever heard of mediums?

Sp. Yes, I have been to mediums to have my fortune told. You know
they are only controlled by Indians.

Dr. Indians are excellent "gate-keepers." They are good protectors for mediums.

Sp. Why did I come here,

Dr. For understanding. You have evidently been doing mischief
unconsciously. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. I know I was in San Francisco once. I have not been there for a long
time. It was in 1894.

Dr. You probably made a young man leave his home and parents
without any provocation at all, and made him enlist as a sailor in the Navy.

Sp. He had no business to do that.

Dr. He is interested in other work. He seemed to lose himself and
enlisted in the Navy. He is San Francisco now. There is evidence in his case
that some spirit has been interfering with him, and I surmise that you are the one.

Sp. For goodness sake, I wouldn't do that! I woke up one morning and I
felt I was on land for some reason or other, and I wanted to be on water.

Dr. You were drifting about and came in contact with this young man,
who is sensitive to spirit influence. He had been studying too hard and so
made himself sensitive. You got into his magnetic aura, acted through him,
and caused him to do things he did not want to do. Did you enlist very
recently to go out to sea again?

Sp. It seems I woke up early one morning and wanted to


go back to the water. I felt I was lost.

Dr. Didn't you realize that you did not have full control of yourself ?

Sp. I felt queer. In a way, I was in a dreamy state. Say,
I didn't mean to do anything wrong.

Dr. We understand your position, and know you are a good
fellow. We don't blame you.

Sp. Who is that boy?

Dr. His name is B.; he is a young boy of seventeen.

Sp. He claimed he was twenty-one, or he could not have joined.

Dr. He is large and looks older than he is. We concentrated
for him and I suppose we pulled you to shore.

Sp. I felt some one pull me, and then I felt I was in the
water. I recall-we were in New York, or somewhere around
there, and it was awfully stormy and icy. I was doing something and 
fell in the water. There was ice all around me. We had been there for
a while, but I do not know any more. How did I get into that boy?

Dr. You drifted into his aura.

Sp. Why, here comes my mother! I haven't seen her for a
long time. She died in New York. She says: "Oh, John, I have
been hunting for you for so long." I didn't know it. If I am
dead, why didn't I go to her?

Dr. Many fall into a sleep and remain in that condition for some time.

Sp. Oh, I was in Devachan! That is where I was sleeping to reincarnate!

Dr. Now you must go with your mother. She will take you to her home.

Sp. I will go to my mother and father-my old father.

Dr. Does he have understanding now?

Sp. Mother says, Yes, but she had a time with him. He
wanted to see the Savior. I never quite believed in that story.
I wanted to find out about it, but never did. I think Theosophy
is the best, because they do not have that blood question to deal
with. I don't believe in one person being killed for others.
If I did anything wrong, why should I not suffer myself ?
God is Love, and He never wanted any one killed to save another.
Such damned foolish things! The church people are so down on
Jews, and yet Jesus was a Jew.

Dr. Now you must go with your father and mother.

Sp. I've been in a nice crowd. This has been a good night.


I feel pretty good. It has been a good night--to speak with
nice people and spend a couple of hours having a good time.
You say you cannot see these others here, but there are quite a few.
Now mother says-my dear little mother-she says I must
go. She has not seen her son for a long time. We have lots to
talk about together. I told you my mother was good. I must
say goodbye to you all. (Trying to rise, but unable to do so.)
Why, what's the matter with my legs? I cannot stand on them.

Dr. You are only controlling the upper part of the body.

Sp. Then I'm only half a man! (Laughing heartily.) Worse
and worse! Only half woman, half sailor! Now I must go
with my dear little mother.

Dr. You must learn to think.

Sp. Think! Have I not been thinking before? (Laughing.)
Excuse me, but everything seems a joke.

Dr. That's all right. You will have to travel by thinking.

Sp. Not by my legs? Will I not need my legs any more?
I haven't any; you know I'm only half a man.

Dr. Just think yourself with your mother, and you will be there.

Sp. Think myself with my mother, and I will be there? I
am going now. But you folks are so jolly that I think I'll come
again some day. You don't mind if I come, do you? By the
way, will you please tell that boy I feel sorry if I did him mischief ?

Dr. Will you try to help him? You can.

Sp. I can? How?

Dr. By impressing him to return home. Your mother will explain to you.

Sp. My mother says I should thank you for finding me. But
she found her son in a woman! She did not recognize me in a
woman-but we have to take things as they come. Now I will go--Good Night.

The day after this the attitude of C. B. changed entirely. He
then wrote to his parents urging them to do everything possible
to secure his release, as he wanted to come home and continue
his work. He added that he could not understand why he had
enlisted, and that he seemed to have been in a daze.
Since the young man had enlisted as being of age, while in
reality only seventeen, he was, after many difficulties and delays,
released from service, and he returned to his home, once more his normal self.


CHAPTER IX Psychic Invalidism

SPIRITS who are ignorant of having lost their physical
bodies often hold firmly in mind the thought of their former
physical condition and continue to suffer pain. This
"error of the mortal mind" persists until an understanding of
transition and spiritual laws is reached, when freedom from
ideas of physical limitations is attained.

When spirits who are under this delusion of suffering and
disease come into the auras of mortals their condition is conveyed
to the sensitives, and chronic lassitude, pseudo-illness and
psychic invalidism result.

These sensitives endure all the pain of the spirits' former
physical condition, and ordinary methods of treatment fail to
cure, for the only permanent relief is found through the dislodgement
of the ignorant entities.

While we were in Chicago a friend of ours, Miss F. W., a
companion to Mrs. McA.,** prominent modiste in the city, asked
us to concentrate for Mrs. McA., who was a chronic invalid.
The latter had been ordered by her physicians to take a rest
cure and could not be induced to get up again. She was suffering
intense pains in the head and was subject to many changeable moods.
Miss F. W. and Mrs. McA.'s masseuse were present during
the following occurrence.

Spirit: GRACE BRUSTED. Patient: MRS. MCA

The spirit at first spoke with great difficulty, complained of
being very sick and was unable to sit up. She insisted that she
was too sick to be up and wished to go to bed.
When asked whether she knew any one in the room she at
once recognized Mrs. McA's masseuse and demanded that she take
her to bed inimediately, wait upon her and draw down the shades,
as the light was too strong for a sick person.

*For origin of Mrs. Eddy's "Mortal Mind" teaching, see Chap. 1, Page 372. Spirit: Mrs. Eddy.
**See Chap. 6. Page 128. Spirit: Harry Hayward; Patient- Mrs. McA.


She gave her name as Grace Brusted, of Boston, said she
was a Universalist, and that the year was 1898.

She had been sick for a long time and felt as if she were
two persons, at times herself and at other times another person.
She was often called Mrs. McA., but was tired of answering
to that name, as she did not like Mrs. McA. Recently she had
had to do entirely too much work, having had to give orders to
the sewing girls; futhermore, Miss F. W. would have to do things
in her way or be discharged.

The spirit repeated again that she was tired of living a
double life, that she could not understand it and was more than
ready to die.

The way of progression was then explained and the spirit's
grandmother and mother appeared to her, saying that she had
always been a spoiled child, but would now have to learn to
serve others.

Miss F. W. and the masseuse said that Mrs. McA. had been
acting in the same manner as this spirit, even using the identical
language, and they later reported that on the following
morning Mrs. MCA. was in a very genial mood, remarking that
it was, the first time for many months that she had wakened
without a headache. After this she improved rapidly, left her bed
and resumed her usual activities.

For over a period of six years, a friend of ours, an elderly
gentleman, eighty-four years old, was afflicted with unaccountable
pains in the back of the neck and a peculiar dizziness and
vertigo which came upon him with increasing frequency.
When seized with these attacks he felt that walls and buildings
would fall and crush him; an extreme nausea accompanied
these sensations, and if seated, he would fall forward with his
head below his knees and for some time would be unable to
straighten himself without help.

Unable to find any physical cause for his distress, the possibility
of spirit interference was suggested, and we concentrated
for him at our psychic circle.

A spirit then controlled Mrs. Wickland and fell forward with
head between the knees. We labored with the entity for some
time until he was finally able to tell us that his name was Jack
Finch, that he was about sixty-five years old and had been an
inmate of an institution near Madison, Wisconsin.
He said that when he was quite small some one, probably his


sister, had been carrying him and had dropped him to the floor
and that this fall had broken his back and left him helpless.
As he grew older he became a great care; his mother neglected
him and he was finally placed in an institution. He remembered
he had been in a cyclone at one time and that something had
struck him on the back of the neck, adding still further to his misery.
He had always been in great pain, and his broken back and
injured neck produced dizzy spells which would cause him to
double over and remain in a cramped position until aid was
given. When this dizziness came upon him he would feel as if
he were sliding off a roof, or as if the walls were crushing him;
again, he often felt as if the bed would fall on him and as if
everything were spinning around.

He said that because of his helpless condition no one had ever
cared for him, with the single exception of a nurse by the name
of "Anasteena," who had been very kind to him at the institution
and had always fed him.

"But everything is changed now. Sometimes I feel like a
small man, and sometimes like a woman, or like a big man."
(Sensations experienced when influencing different mortals.)
When the spirit was brought to a realization that he had lost
his mortal body and could no longer have any physical pain, he
asked: "If I have lost my body, and if I am dead, then why
haven't I seen God? Where is He?"

This led to an explanation of the true nature of God, His
manifestation in all things, and the existence of the spirit world.
Being told to look about to see whether some one was present
whom he had known on earth, he said: "Why, there is my
mother! She wants me to go with her to her home; she says
she will take care of me now. She says I never knew what real
life was on account of my crippled body, but that I will commence
to really live from now on."

While speaking, he saw in the distance another spirit coming
toward him, and he exclaimed with great joy: "It is Anasteena!
Can I go with her, too?"

Assured that he could go with his mother and friend, that he
would be well cared for, and would begin a life of happiness, he
said fervently, "God bless you!" and was then taken away.
The next day the friend who had suffered from the vertigo
attacks found himself free from the ailment and said he had so
much surplus energy that he felt he must be forty-eight, instead


of eighty-four. Nor was he ever subject to any recurrence of his former trouble.
Mr. Z., from the neighboring town of Burbank, who had suffered
for twenty-five years from sleeplessness and an intense
nausea without having been able to obtain relief, was brought to
us by a physician, who suspected obsession in the case.
During the consultation Mrs. Wickland saw the spirit of a
man standing behind the patient, and when she described this
spirit, the patient recognized an old friend who had passed out
a number of years before.

After an electrical treatment had been given to the patient,
this spirit left him, and taking control of Mrs. Wickland, spoke
to his friend, recalling incidents of their former acquaintanceship.

Mr. Z. had at one time been engaged to the daughter of this
spirit, but for religious reasons the engagement had been
broken. The two men had, however, continued friendly relations
and when the father found himself in financial straits,
Mr. Z. had aided him in a business way.

When the father later died of cancer of the stomach, he was
attracted to Mr. Z. because of his regard for him; becoming
enclosed in his aura, he was unable to free himself and had
remained with him for twenty-five years, conveying to his mortal
friend the symptoms of the disease from which he had suffered
while in earth life. After receiving an explanation of the laws of the higher
life he left repentantly, and Mr. Z. was no longer troubled with the
nausa condition.
                            - - - - - - - - - - -
An unusual type of psychic invalidism, due to spirit influence,
was the case of Mrs. G., who had for many years suffered in-
tensely from a peculiar spinal affliction, which baffled all skill
of physicians.

After Mrs. G. had been under our care for some time a spirit
who had died of a broken back and neck was removed and controlled
Mrs. Wickland.

The guiding intelligences explained that he had drifted into
the aura of the patient when she was a child and had become
enmeshed in her nervous system, thus transferring to his victim
the physical condition under which he had died, and which he
still believed himself to be suffering from.

With the removal of the spirit the patient was promptly
relieved and suffered no more pain in the back.


Spirit: JAmEs HOXEN. Patient: MRs. G

The controlling spirit seemed to be paralyzed, with head
hanging toward the shoulder. At first unable to speak, he pointed
to the neck, and moaned continually as if in great pain.
At these indications, both Mr. and Mrs. G., who were in the
circle, became intensely interested.

Doctor. Overcome your old habits, friend; forget your pain.
(Manipulating hands and arms.) See, your arms are not stiff
now. Straighten up; you are not paralyzed. We are going to
help you.

Understand that you have lost your old body. You are a
spirit and must not hover around the earth plane causing trouble.
Talk, and tell us who you are. Where did you come from?

Spirit Oh! (Making frantic efforts to reach Mrs. G.,
stretching forth both hands to her imploringly.)

Mrs. G. No, you cannot come back here. I do not want you.

Sp. Oh! (Beginning to cry, and making another effort to
reach Mrs. G.)

Dr. You cannot be selfish any longer. You must listen to
intelligent spirits who will help you. You can only find happi-
ness by forgetting your present condition. Intelligent spirits
will take you to the spirit world. Moaning and crying will not
help you.

Mrs. G. The gentleman who is speaking to you is a doctor
and he will help you.

Dr. Try to talk.

Sp. I don't want any more fire! (Electric treatments given patient.)

Dr. You surely will have more, if you stay around here
Sp. I don't want any more. (Struggling.) Oh, that fire!

Dr. Listen to me. Something must have happened to you
a long time ago. Can you remember what occurred?

Mrs. G. Answer the doctor.

Dr. Understand your true condition. You died probably a
long time ago.

Sp. Oh! My back, my back!

Dr. What is the matter with your back?

Sp. It's broken.

Dr. What happened to you?


Sp. I fell off a horse.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. I can't tell just now. I thought I was dead in a way, but
I don't feel like dying now. My back and head and neck are all
gone to pieces. My head is going off my spine. (The patient had
continually suffered from a sensation of the head being dislocated from the spine.)

Dr. When did the accident happen?

Sp. I don't know. I struck right here. (Left side of neck.)

Dr. Forget that condition; you do not need to have that
sensation now. This body, which you are controlling, is all right.
Do you know you are invisible to us?

Sp. I don't want any more fire. It strikes my neck too hard.

Dr. That was necessary to get you out. Why did you influence
that lady and bother her?

Sp. My neck, my neck, and my head! They ache so I can't
stand it any longer.

Dr. How long have you been troubled this way?

Sp. Many years-a long, long time.

Mrs. G. Were you grown up, or little, when you fell off the
horse ? Are you a boy or a girl?

Sp. I am a boy. I broke my neck a long time ago, but it
hurts yet.

Mrs. G. Where did this happen? Was it in California?

Sp. No; far, far away. I don't know where.

Dr. Think back and your memory will return.

Mr. G. Was it Illinois, or Iowa?

Sp. I have been asleep and you'll have to wait a minute. My
head aches so, and my neck. My neck is broken. My head has
gone from my spine.

Mr. G. You no longer have a physical head.

Sp. But the fire gets on top of it!

Mrs. G. That is good for you; it will help you.

Sp. It's fire-fire!

Mrs. G. Your neck does not hurt you at all now.

Sp. Yes, it does.

Dr. No, it does not.

Sp. I got paralyzed. My spine! I can't move, and, oh, my
neck! I can't move! My neck is broken.

Dr. Can't you understand that your broken neck went to the
grave? Your physical body is gone. This body is all right, but
you will use it for only a little while.

Sp. You don't know how everything hurts.


Dr. Because you hold that idea in your mind. How could
your body hurt you now when it is in the grave?

Sp. How do you know it is?

Dr. This is not your body.

Sp. How do you know my body is in the grave?

Dr. Because you yourself are here. This body you are
talking through is not yours.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. You do not want to understand. You are a selfish spirit.
You know that is true.

Sp. I have been to church and I know about Jesus Christ.

Mrs. G. To what church did you go?

Sp. To the Mennonite Church. (Mrs. G. had grown up
among the Mennonites.)
Mrs. G. Where was that?
Sp. In Kansas, a long time ago. (Mrs. G. had lived in
Kansas for some years.)

Mr. G. In what town?

Sp. N.

Mr. G. What is your name?

Sp. I lost it. My neck is so bad.

Mr. G. Did you live in town?

Sp. No, on a farm about a mile north of the College.

Mr. G. What is your name?

Sp. I had a name, but it is such a long time since I heard it.

Mr. G. How did you happen to fall from the horse?

Sp. We were going up the hill and my horse got scared of
some rabbits. Then he went off quick. I did not get hold of the
reins quick enough.

Mr. G. You were not a good rider.

Sp. I had no saddle. How could I stick on?

Mr. G. Evidently it was not a gentleman's saddle horse.

Sp. I was only a hired man.

Mr. G. How old were you?

Sp. I was about sixteen or seventeen, I think.

Mr. G. What did your mother call you?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Did she call you Mabel?

Sp. They never call a boy that. My shoulder and back are
broken. My neck has been broken for years and years.

Dr. Will you understand that you have lost your body?
What is your name?

Sp. My name is James.


Dr. Was that all they called you? Is this your hand? (Indicating
hand of the psychic.)

Sp. No, Jimmie never had a ring.

Dr. You are using this hand temporarily; it does not belong
to you. It belongs to my wife.

Sp. I have seen that my hands have been small for a long
time. My name is James Hoxen.

Dr. You may have lost your body after that accident.

Sp. My head will drop off!

Dr. Then we will have to pick it up. You are an ignorant
spirit, and have been bothering that lady.

Sp. What is a spirit?

Dr. That is what I am talking to.

Sp. This is James.

Dr. I see my wife when I look at this body. Ask any of
these people whose body you are speaking through.

Sp. Then I belong to some one else.

Dr. To whom?

Sp. (Stretching his arms toward Mrs. G.) I want to come
back to you. I like you.

Mrs. G. You will never come back to me any more. You
will have to go to the spirit world.

Sp. Where is that?

Dr. It is the invisible world around the earth plane.

Sp. (Affectedly.) I want to see Jesus Christ.

Dr. Why do you whine?

Sp. That is my way to talk. Will you cure my neck?

Dr. Yes, by making you understand your true condition.

As an ignorant spirit you have been bothering a lady. By using
the "fire," as you call it, we drove you away. You are temporarily
controlling my wife's body. You have lost your physical
body, and you must obtain understanding of the invisible side
of life, where you are now.

Mr. G. Do you know my name? Did you know any one by
the name of G.?

Sp. They lived far away.

Mr. G. Did you know anybody by the name of K.? (Mrs.
G.'s maiden name.)

Sp. They were in another town.

Mr. G. Were you born in the place where you had the accident?

Sp. I was born far out in the country.

Mrs. G. What year do think it is?


Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Who is the President?

Sp. I never read very much about things. I lived on a farm and did the 
chores. That was long ago. For a while there has been so much fire.

Dr. I gave you that "fire'; it is electricity.

Sp. I saw fire; it is not electricity. You hold electricity in your
hand, and it jerks.

Dr. I caused that fire.

Sp. You! Shame on you! Shame on you! You! To do that to an
innocent little fellow like me! Shame on you!

Dr. You have been bothering that lady for a long time, and she
could not live her own free life. I put the "fire" on you, and you left.
Look around and you will see intelligent spirits here who will help you.

Sp. There's a lot of people here. (Suddenly becoming greatly
excited and beginning to cry.) Mother! Oh! Oh, Mother!

Dr. She has come to help you.

Sp. Oh, Mother, why did you die? I was only a little boy, and
when you died everything was broken up and I had to earn my own

Dr. What does your mother say?

Sp. She says: "Oh, Jimmie, where have you been?" She has been
looking for me but could not find me.

Dr. That is because you have been with that lady, making a great
deal of trouble. Now you can go with your mother.

Sp. It's a long time since I saw my mother.

Dr. It is 1923 now.

Sp. No!

Dr. It is the fourth of July, 1923, and you are in Los Angeles,

Sp. No, it must be 1893.

Dr. That was thirty years ago.

Sp. But I was living in 1896; after the accident I was crippled for
years. The last I remember it was 1896.

Dr. That was twenty-seven year ago.

Sp. How can all those years be gone? Have I been sleeping?

Dr. Only partially. You have been bothering people.

Sp. I have. been kept shut up for years and years. (In aura of
patient.) I thought I was going to die once but after I had been shut
up for a while, I felt different. I had lady's clothes on and I felt like a
woman, but my neck bothered me so, and my head was like it came off
my spine.


Dr. You got into that lady's magnetic aura and bothered
her. When you lost your body you still had the idea that your
neck was broken; but your body went to the grave.

Sp. But I had a neck that always hurt.

Dr. You held the idea in your mind that you still had a
broken neck. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Your
mind was on your broken neck, and you did not realize that a
change had occurred. This body, which belongs to my wife, has
no broken neck.

Sp. Your wife? Where is she?

Dr. Sleeping. Look at your feet; they are not really yours.

Sp. Am I a woman?

Dr. Only temporarily. Now you must go with your mother.

Sp. Mother, will you take me with you?

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says, yes, but I must ask that lady to forgive me.
But I could not help it. I could not get out. I was shut up such
a long time, and I'm tired. Now I will go with my mother. Oh,
Mother, come and take me! I will be a good boy.

Dr. Now you will find understanding.

Sp. I feel I am dying. My head is off again.

Dr. That is only a temporary sensation. When you leave,
you may feel as if you were dying, but that is only because you
are losing control. You could not "die" if you tried, Nobody
ever really dies. Spirit never dies.

Sp. Will I have a better body?

Dr. Yes. Now forget your broken neck and your pain.

Sp. I am going with my mother. Please forgive me, lady.

Mrs. G. That's all right, James. Forget the past.

Dr. Intelligent spirits will help you and will teach you won-
derful things. Think yourself with your mother and with the
Mercy Band of spirits. Goodbye.

Sp. Goodbye.
In the summer of 1923 a gentleman, Mr. I., consulted us
about his wife, who for nine months had been confined to her
bed suffering from intense pain in the head, diagnosed by others
as due to brain tumor, and from a seemingly paralyzed condition
of one arm, which was helpless.

We made several calls at the home of the invalid, giving
electrical treatments which strengthened the patient, but Mrs.
Wickland clairvoyantly saw the spirit of a man with a ghastly
head wound and a woman with a crippled arm hovering about


At our next concentration circle, the spirit of this man controlled
Mrs. Wickland, and we learned that in life he had been a
house painter who had fallen from a scaffold, and, as he said,
"split open" his head.

He did not know that he had died and declared that he was
suffering from agonizing pains in the head, but that lately he
had a very comfortable bed to rest in. Convinced of his true
condition he was taken away, and from that time Mrs. I had no
further pain in the head.

She still remained in bed, however, feeling weak and suffer-
ing with the paralyzed arm. * After another treatment we re-
turned to our home, inviting Mr. I. to attend our concentration
circle that evening.

When he came he said that after our departure his wife felt
so much better that she had risen, and for the first time in nine
months, spent the day out of bed.

The events of the evening, therefore, were of great interest
to the gentleman, as the controlling spirit complained of pains
corresponding exactly with those endured by his wife.

Spirit: MRS. Lizzy Davidson. Patient: MRS. I.

The spirit held one arm pressed tightly to the body, moaning incessantly.

Doctor Good evening. Have we some one here who it sick?

Is this one who has passed out with some sickness, and still
holds the trouble in his mind? What is the matter?

Spirit (Groaning.) My arm! Oh, my arm!

Dr. What is the matter with it?

Sp. It hurts me.

Dr. What happened to it?

Sp. Where's my bed? I'm sick.

Dr. Are you sleepy?

Sp. I'm sick in bed. I ought to be in bed.

Dr. Haven't you been in bed long enough?

Sp. I'm awfully sick.

Dr. How many years have you been sick?

Sp. A long, long time.

Dr. How long is it since you died?


Sp. Died? I'm sick, I said. I am not dead. I said "sick."
you do not know about me. I am so sick.

Dr. I realize that you are sick in your mind. Otherwise you
are not sick.

Sp. Oh! Oh! I'm a very sick woman. Don't touch me!
My arm! My arm!

Dr. Was it hurt?

Sp. Why did you take me away when I was so comfortable
in bed? Oh, that nice, comfortable bed! (To Mr. I.) He (Dr.
W.) took me away just when I was going to lie down and sleep.

Mr. I. I am very glad to see you here.

Sp. He took me along with him, and I wanted to sleep. I
am a very sick woman.

Dr. We are going to cure your arm.

Sp. Oh, I want to be in that bed. It's so nice and comfortable.
It's such a nice bed, and there is such a nice gentleman
to wait on me.

Dr. You will never be in that bed again.

Sp. I am a very sick woman. You had better call a doctor.

Mr. G. That gentleman is a doctor.

Dr. How long have you been sick?

Sp. (Recognizing Dr. W.) Why, you are the one who gave
me those sparks! Take me away from him!

Mr. G. That was an electrical treatment.

Sp. He told me I should go with him. He said, "Any one
who is around this lady, must come with me," so I went with
him. Why did you tell me to come with you, and then hold me
like this? (To Mr. I.) Can't you do something to protect me?

Mr. I. This is a good place for you.

Sp. You think so! Why did you let this man bring me here?

Mr. G. He did not want you to make an invalid of his wife.

Sp. Can't you tell this man to leave me alone? (To Mr. I)

Mr. I. No, I think you are in good hands.

Sp. No! No! No! I don't want to stay here! (Stamping feet furiously.)

Dr. Do you want to hover around this gentleman's wife, and ruin her life?

Sp. He can take care of us so nicely. I like him and I want to stay there!
(Angrily stamping feet.)

Mr. I. They will take good care of you here.

Dr. You are not sick, but you have a bad temper.

Sp. I am sick with my arm.

Dr. Only in your mind.


Sp. Can't I go back to that bed? (To Mr. I.) You are such
a nice nurse.

Dr. You have been bothering his wife, hovering around her.
That gentleman is taking care of his wife, and incidentally has
been taking care of you. You are a spirit. He doesn't want
you there any more.

SP. (Coaxingly to Mr. I.) Don't you want to take care of
me again?

Mr. I. No.

Sp. You mean thing, you! (Crying.)

Dr. You must obtain understanding. Are you a cry baby?

Sp. No, I am not a cry baby! (Stamping feet again.)

Dr. Then it is just temper. Now behave, and understand
that you have lost your mortal body.

Sp. I have not lost my body.

Dr. You have lost your physical body; that is in the grave.

Sp. I am not in the grave!

Dr. But your body is.

Sp. My body is myself. No, I am not in the grave; this is my body.

Dr. Look at your hands; they are not yours.

Sp. Where did I get these rings? I had more stones in mine,
didn't I? (To Mr. I.)

Mr. I. My wife had.

Sp. You gave me a nice ring.

Mr. I. No, I did not. I gave it to my wife.

Sp. Yes, you did.

Mr. I. No, I did not.

Dr. You are a selfish, earthbound spirit.

Sp. Spirit! I'm no spirit. I am a good woman, a good,
religious womant I love Jesus.

Dr. Then why are you not with him? You have evidently
been dead a long time.

Sp. I say I am not dead ! Oh! My arm, my arm.

Mr. G. You forgot that you had a crippled arm. You have
been moving it about.

Sp. Yes, I forgot, but I know where my pains are! (Stamping feet.)

Dr. When you have a temper you forget your pains.

Sp. You do not! I have pains just the same. Don't you know that?

Dr. I know you have a temper.


Sp. I am a good Christian lady. I love Jesus with all my
heart and all my soul. He is my Savior.

Mr. G. To save you from what?

Sp. From sin.
Dr. Then you cannot be so very good if you have sins.

Sp. Is that so? Say, are we in church? Look at all the
people. Did you take me to church?

Dr. This is a place where we release earthbound spirits.

Sp. Earthbound spirits? What are you talking about? Will
you pray, and sing "Jesus, Lover of my Soul"?

Dr. No, we will not. Where did you come from?

Sp. I get so mad when I think of that bed. Why did you
take me away from that nice bed? I feel so sad. My back and
my arm hurt me so much. My arm is paralyzed. I was shot in my arm.

Dr. Who shot you?

Sp. Ask them.

Dr. Did they use a hypodermic?

Sp. Yes, that's what I mean. I would like to have one more
shot. Will you give me just a little? Oh, please, just a little
bit! Give me just a little shot in the arm.

Dr. Were you a drug addict?

Sp. I was sick such a long time, and I couldn't sleep, so they
put something in my arm. They put it in so many times that
my arm got sore, then it seemed to be paralyzed. They put in
too much.

Dr. Well,now we must hurry; it is getting late.

Sp. What's the hurry? Where are you going-out?

Dr. We are going to help you understand your condition.

You have lost your mortal body and, are a spirit. This is not
your body.

Sp. Is that so? You only think so.

Dr. This is not your body at all; you are only borrowing it temporarily.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. This is my wife's body.

Sp. I never married you.

Dr. I did not say that.

SP. You said I was your wife. Yes, you did! I heard it myself.

Dr. I.said you were talking through my wife's body.

Sp. Have you ever heard of any one talking through another person's body?


Dr. Tell us who you are.

Sp. Hold my hand, not my arm.

Dr. We will treat your arm, then it will be well. (Manipulating arm.)

Sp. Oh! That electric man!

Dr. Now your arm is not paralyzed at all. Look at your
dress. Is it yours? Where did you get it?

Sp. Did you buy this dress?

Dr. My wife did. What is your name?

Sp. Lizzie.

Dr. Lizzie what?

Sp. Mrs. Lizzie Davidson, and I don't want to be called
Lizzie! When you speak to me, you must call me Mrs. Davidson.

Dr. Now listen to me. I am telling you a fact when I say
you have lost your own body, but you do not realize it. You
have been bothering that gentleman's wife (Mrs. I.) for a long
time. You have made her an invalid.

Sp. I have not been his wife.

Dr. No, but you have been bothering his wife.

Sp. (Coquettishly, to Mr. I.) You are a nice nurse, and I
like you. Don't you like me?

Mr. I. No!

Sp. I don't want your wife to go to sleep, because when she
sleeps I can't stay, and I want to sleep in that nice bed, and have
you wait on me.

Dr. You have been keeping that lady awake all night.

Sp. Because when she sleeps I have to go.

Dr. That is selfishness.

Sp. I have no home, so I have to make my home with her.
She's an awful nice lady.

Dr. Now you will have to find a home of your own in the
spirit world.

Sp. Where is that?

Dr. It is the invisible world about the earth plane. Do you
believe in Heaven?

Sp. Yes, where God is, and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
I am going to Heaven.

Dr. Use a little reason. You lost your physical body long ago.

Sp. Where did I lose it?

Dr. We cannot tell that.

Sp. Then how did you find it out?


Dr. You are proving the fact yourself. Do you realize that
this is the hand of my wife that I am holding?

Sp. You are holding my hand, and I am not your wife!(Stamping.)

Dr. I am holding my wife's hands, and you are talking through her.

Sp. You are not going to hold me any longer!

Dr. You are talking to us, but we cannot see you. You are
invisible to us. Every one here sees that this is my wife's body.

Mr. I. Did you follow Dr. Wickland here this morning?

Sp. He put those awful things in me. (Electricity.) Then
he said: "Everybody come along with me!" (To. Dr. W.) Why
did you do that and make me get out.? And that Indian girl!

(Silver Star, one of Mrs. Wickland's guides, who had controlled
for a brief time that morning, telling funny stories to attract
the spirit's attention.)

She made me laugh until I got so weak and sick that before
I knew it I was away from that lady. I'm so mad! If I could
only get hold of that Indian I would wring her neck all right!

Dr. I thought you said you were a Christian?

Sp. Yes, I am. God forgive me for saying that! Let me
pray! I made a mistake.

Mr. I. You said the doctor brought you here.

Sp. He did not bring me in this body.

Mr. I. That body has been here all day; you came with the
doctor and his wife in their auto this morning.

Sp. What do you mean by auto?

Dr. Don't you know what an automobile is?

Sp. What is it?

Dr. It is a car that runs by itself. There are millions of
them in use now. You lost your body evidently a long time ago.

Sp. Are you sure about it? When did I lose it?

Dr. I do not know. We do not know you.

Sp. I told you I am Lizzie Davidson. Let us pray!

Dr. I think you are two-faced.

Sp. I think so, too, sometimes. Sometimes I have dark hair
and sometimes light. (The patient had dark hair.)

Dr. How can you explain that?

Sp. I don't know, and I don't care. I only love Jesus.

Dr. Where did you come from? Do you know where you
are? You are in Los Angeles, California.

SP. I am not, I never have been, I never was. I had no
money to go there.


Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. In New York.

Mr. I. Was it down on Twenty-seventh Street?

Sp. No, it wasn't.

Dr. It must be a long time since you were on earth, for you have
not seen automobiles that run without horses.

Sp. Does the devil run them?

Dr. No, internal combustion.

Sp. Blab! Blab! Internal combustion.

Dr. What year do you think this is? We think it is 1923.

SP. Then you're off . It is 1883.

Dr. Who is President?

Sp Don't you know?

Mr. G. Yes, we know, but we want to see if you know.

Dr. I think it is Harding.

Sp. . Wait a little; I have to think. It is Arthur Garfield was shot in
1881, in July.

Dr. Is that the last you remember? Can you recall any President
later than that?

Sp. No, just Arthur. He became President after Garfield was shot.

Dr. We have had many Presidents since then: Cleveland,
Harrison, Taft and many others.

Sp. I had a brother-in-law named Cleveland.

Dr. Was he the President?

Sp. Not much! He didn't know very much anyway. What kind of
people are you?

Dr. We are all investigators. Do you know what becomes of the dead?

Sp. They go to Heaven, and see Christ and the Holy Ghost and
the Father, sitting on the throne, and the people sitting at His feet. I
love Jesus! I never loved anybody as much as I do Jesus!

Dr. You say it is 1883; that is forty years ago. It is 1923 now. Why
are you not in "Heaven" since you have been dead all that time?

Sp. I have not been dead.

Dr. You are dead only to the world; you lost your physical body
forty years ago.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. From your own words. We are now listening to what people
call a dead person. You are talking through my wife's body,


Sp. (Seeing a spirit.) Who is that over there?

Dr. Ask them who they are.

Sp. There's Cleveland, my brother-in-law. Hell! What do
you want?

Mr. G. Hello, Cleveland! How are you today?

Sp. (Angrily, to Mr. G.) You keep still! You don't know him.

Mr. G. What was his business?

Sp. He was a shoemaker.

Mr. G. He was probably a good one.

Sp. He was not nice to my sister. I don't like you, Cleveland!
You always made trouble.

Dr. Listen to what he says.

Sp. (To spirit, Cleveland.) You devil, you!

Dr. That is fine talk for a Christian.

Sp. God forgive me! God forgive me!

Dr. Be serious and forgive Cleveland.

Sp. I will never forgive him-never! He went away and
took my sister with him. (To spirit.) You devil! You went
away with my sister and it broke my heart when you took her.
Not now, nor in the world to come, will I ever forgive you-no,
not much! Get away there!

Dr. Is that Christian charity? Is that the teaching of Christ?

Sp. People forget themselves sometimes.

Dr. You will have to forgive him, and ask him to forgive you.

Sp. I will ask forgiveness from Christ. From Cleveland I never will.

Dr. Jesus said: "Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven."

Sp. Yes, but nobody practices it. I will pray and that will help.

Dr. No, it will not. Praying won't help you any in this case.
You have been in darkness forty years.

Sp. Sometimes I have been a man, and sometimes a lady.

Dr. You have been obsessing people.

Sp. Here, you Cleveland, you have no business to come here
and torment me again. What have you done with my sister, you devil, you?

Dr. I thought you belonged to the Holy of Holies.

Sp. Cora! (Spirit.) My sister! Why did you go with that
man? I will never forgive him. I suffered so much. I thought
you would be with me for the rest of your life. I promised


mother I would take care of you all my life" then you ran away with
that thing! You broke my heart.

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. No-she says she loved him. There is no such thing as loving
any man. Say, there's David, too! I suppose you think you are going
to make up with me. Not much you aren't! I never will forgive you either.

Dr. Who is David?

Sp. My husband.

Dr. What was the matter with him?

Sp. He was a fool.

Dr. For marrying you?

Sp. The world is coming to an end! People are so full of sin that
God does not know what to do with them. He will have to teach them
in some way, so let us pray! I want to go to Heaven.

Dr. Do you think you have much chance of getting there? Sp. I will
pray for you. You know, David, you were no good. I have had my troubles.

Dr. Didn't you have any faults?

Sp. No, I prayed to God.

Dr. Doesn't your conscience bother you?

Sp. My conscience?

Dr. Yes. Doesn't it make you feel guilty?

Sp. Cora, you always loved me, and you said you would always
be with me for the rest of your life, and then you ran away with that thing.

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. Cora says: "You did not let me go anywhere. It was always
church, church, and you wanted me to pray all the time. I got tired of
it, and then Cleveland came, and he promised to give me a home. He
was very good to me." But I will not forgive him anyhow.

Dr. You were a religious fanatic, and your sister could not stand it.

Sp. She ought to love Jesus.

Dr. You have not found Jesus yourself.

Sp. I haven't found Jesus because I am not dead.

Dr. Will you not believe what your sister says to you? Where did
she live?

Sp. She lived in New York, then moved to Chicago.

Dr. Ask her whether she is a spirit.

Sp. She says she's dead. (To sister.) You're dead, and you


deserve it, too, because you became a spiritualist at the last, you
crazy thing, you! I got mad at you because you ran around to
spiritualist meetings all the time. That Cleveland took you because he
belonged there and believed in spirits!

Dr. I am sitting here with my wife, and you, an invisible spirit, are
talking to us through her.

Dr. Does your sister say anything further?

Sp. She says: "Lizzie, come to your senses!" You don't need to tell
me that! Shut up with you! They have crushed me.

Dr. Were you always selfish?

Sp. No. David, he was a good man at times. He always worked
and took care of me. I had a good home, but he did not want me to go
to church so much. He wouldn't pay his money to the church, so I
got mad and called him a stingy fool. I told him if he did not go to
church, and pay money to the Lord, he would go to hell. And there he is!

Dr. He is not in hell.

Sp. Yes, he is--but I don't see how he skipped out. David, you
died a long time ago and I have prayed for you because I thought
you were in hell, and you should have stayed there, because you did
not pay any money to the Lord.

Dr. Ask him if he has been in hell.

Sp. He says: "No, there is no such place." You big fool, you are in hell!

Dr. You yourself are in the hell of ignorance. You are bound by
selfishness and ignorance.

Sp. Now, David, don't you bother me. You go to hell, because
you belong there. You did not go to church.

Dr. Jesus said: "Judge not that ye be not judged.!".

Sp. I have been born again in the blood of Jesus. I paid all the
money I could to the church.

Dr. And kept yourself in ignorance.

Sp. I have been baptized, immersed, and I am one of the holiest. I
was a good church member. I worked hard for my money and have
suffered, so I will go to Heaven when I die.

Dr. You never will really die.

Sp. David is dead.

Dr. If he himself were "dead" he could not talk to you.

Sp. Cora died in Chicago.

Dr. If they are "dead" how can they talk to you?

i Sp. (Frightened.) Why-they are ghosts! I forgot they
are dead.

Dr. Ghosts like yourself. You are a ghost.


Sp. But they are dead.

Dr. Do they look as if they were dead?

Sp. No, they look much prettier than they did before. I
suppose they are in Heaven. (To the spirits.) Have you folks
seen Christ and God? Have you been in Heaven with Them?

Dr. What do they say?

Sp. They say: "No!". Then you are-I thought so-then
you have been in hell. Have you? They say: "No!"

Dr. Ask them if the body you are using is yours.

Sp. (To invisibles.) Well, what are you looking at? Don't
you know me? They say, not as I look now. How is that?

Dr. Have I not been telling you that you are invisible to us,
and that you are using my wife's body?

Sp. How?

Dr.  Spirits can control mortals as you are now doing. Jesus
cast out unclean spirits.

Sp. Unclean! I'm not unclean. You insult me again.

Dr. You influenced that gentleman's wife, disturbed her life
and made an invalid of her.

Mr. I. Don't you recognize me?

Sp. Yes, you are a very good nurse, and I think I should
like to have you nurse me again.

Dr. He was not nursing you, he was nursing his wife.

Sp. We had such a nice bed; I just love it. You tell your
wife that she must not get up, because if she does I can't stay.

Dr. You will never go there again.

Mr. I. My wife is up now. She has been up the whole day.

Sp. I want her in bed.

Mr. I. She has been up since the doctor left this morning.
She had to remain in bed for nine months.

That Indian girl made me laugh so hard that I could
not stay with that nice lady. It makes me so mad! I was listen-
ing to what the Indian said, and I laughed so hard at her that I
lost control of the lady. (To Mr. 1.) What did you come here for ?

Dr. He wanted to get rid of you.

Mr. I. I came here to see you tonight.

Sp. (Coyly.) Were you lonesome for me?

Mr. I. (Emphatically.) No!

Sp. I would like to go back with you, can I?

Mr. L No, you cannot.

Dr. You were very selfish, but you will not acknowledge it.

Sp. Here's my sister Cora and her husband, Cleveland, and


my husband, David. No, no! Oh, there's my mother! Did you
come from Heaven, Mother? Are you happy in Heaven, Mother,
with Jesus and God?

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says: "Lizzie, behave yourself." Now, Mother, I
was always a good girl to you. Mother says: "You were always
selfish, Lizzie."

Dr. That comes from your own mother. Your conscience
tells you the same thing. You had a mean disposition-ask your mother.

Sp. Mother, did you come from Heaven? Mother, I'm not
dead yet, so I can't go to Heaven. I have to die before I can go there.

Dr. The Bible says: "Ye are the temple of God and the
Spirit of God dwelleth in you." Where will you find that God
outside of yourself?

Sp. It says in the Bible that God sits on a throne, with
Christ on His right hand.

Dr. The Bible says: "God is Love and he that dwelleth in
Love dwelleth in God." Where will you find such a God?

Sp. In Heaven.

Dr. Jesus said: "God is Spirit, and they that worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and in truth." Did you do that?

No, you simply accepted a dogma, and pretended you were saintly
but your conscience condemned you all the time, did it not?

Sp. I was not happy.

Dr. Your conscience tells you that you were a hypocrite.

Sp. How do you know it does?

Dr. Your actions show that. Does your mother say any-
thing more?

Sp. She says: "Lizzie, behave yourself." What does she say
that for? She was always after me, because she says I had such
a tongue.

Dr. You must change your attitude, or the spirit forces will
take you away and place you in a dark dungeon.

Sp. God forgive me! I will pray.

Dr. You are not sincere.

Sp. (To Mr. I.) Will you forgive me?

Dr. If you are sincere in asking, he will.

Sp. David, you were always good to me, but I was not always
a good wife to you. I thought you were a devil, and I always talked
about you-yes, I did. (Crying.)

Dr. Crying will not help you.


Sp. David, I loved you anyhow. Do you like me, David? I
was your dear little wife. He says, "Shame on you!", and that
I was nice when I did not have a temper.

Dr. Now you must hurry and go.

Sp. I want to ask that nice man to please forgive me. (To
Mr. I.) Will you?

Mr. I. Yes.

Sp. Cleveland, I was mad at you. You were good to my
sister, but why did you go away? Why did you go to Chicago
and take her away from me? He says his business was there.
(To Mr. I.) Will you forgive me? I mean it, I really mean
it this time-will you? If I never meant it in my life before, I
do now. Mother, will you forgive me? Will you? I love you.
I was very selfish; I know now. I can see it now; I see every-
thing now. My eyes have been opened. Oh, oh! (Crying.)

Dr. Crying does no good. Listen to what your relatives say.

Sp. Can I go with them to Heaven?

Dr. Forget "Heaven," and be sensible. You will never find
God as you have imagined. You must be honest with yourself.

Sp. I have never, in all my life, been so humiliated as I have
been tonight. You forgive me, David, don't you? And you,
Cora, and Cleveland, too?

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. How did I get there?

Dr. You evidently have been "dead" some forty years. No
one actually dies, but the physical body is lost, and people call that "death."

Sp. Part of the time I have been walking, but for a very long
time I have had such a good time in that nice bed.

Dr. Yes, disturbing that gentleman's wife.

Sp. But he has been so good to me; he's so nice.

Dr. Aren't you ashamed to make an invalid of a poor mortal?

Sp. David, will you take me along with you?

Dr. Now you must go.

Sp. I am going. (Rising.)

Dr. You cannot go that way.

Sp. How in the world will I go then? That Indian girl
won't take me away, will she?

Dr. She will teach you beautiful truths.

Sp. But she laughed at me.

Dr. Now think yourself with your relatives and you will be there.

Sp. Now I will go. Will I see God?


Dr. Forget that. You do not have the right understanding of God.

Sp. Goodbye!

After this Mrs. I. recovered her strength and was soon walk-
ing and driving about.