Thirty Years Among the Dead by Dr. Carl Wickland

CHAPTER IV Earth Sphere Conditions and the Magnetic Aura

UNENLIGHTENED Spirits often wander aimlessly for many years in
the earth sphere, their lack of knowledge of a higher spirit world, which is
attained only through understanding, keeping them in a dreary condition of
confusion, monotony and suffering; many remain in the scenes of their earth
lives, continuing their former activities, while others fall into a state of heavy
sleep from which they are with difficulty aroused.

A spirit who was still following his old occupation without any
knowledge of his transition controlled Mrs. Wickland at one of our circles in Chicago.

"Why are you sitting in the dark?" he asked. (We were at that time
experimenting with dark circles.)

"I am Hesselroth, from-the drug store," he said.

Mr. Hesselroth, the Swedish proprietor of a Chicago drug store, had died
the year before in a hospital, but we knew nothing of this man, his death, or
his circumstances; however, on this evening one of his friends, Mr. Eckholm,
was in, our circle.

The spirit was not aware of his death, claiming that he was still attending
to his drug store.

His friend in the circle said he had been informed that the drug store had
been sold to the clerk, and so stated to the spirit, but this the latter
emphatically denied, saying:

"Abrahamson only manages it for me."

The spirit told of a robbery which had occurred in his house recently,
and described the three burglars. He said he had been frightened when they
entered, but gaining courage, had gone for his revolver only to find that he
was not able to pick it up. He had then struck at one of the burglars, but his
hand had gone "right through the fellow," and he could not understand why
he could do nothing at all.

After his condition was explained to him he saw many spirit friends
appear, who welcomed him to his new home in the spirit world.

Later investigation verified the statement made by the spirit that the
drug store had not been sold and also the fact that the house had been

It could not be held that the subconscious mind of the psychic


played any part in this case, nor could the theory of auto-suggestion be
maintained, for Mr. Hesselroth was entirely unknown to every one in the
room with the exception of his friend, Mr. Eckholm, and this friend held the
opposite idea regarding the sale of the store.

Many years later this spirit returned to us in California, speaking again
through Mrs. Wickland.


Spirit I have come in to say just a few words, for I have been helped out
of darkness, and have become a helper in the Band of Mercy.

Doctor Who are you, friend?

Sp. I am one of the helpers here. I come around sometimes, and I came
tonight to say a few words to you. I was once in a very dark condition, but
now I am one of your Band. I thought you might like to know. If it had not
been for you, I would probably still be in the dark. Many years have passed.
I have quite an understanding of life now, through you, and through this little
circle of the Band of Mercy. It was not here, it was in Chicago that I was helped.

I am very much pleased to be here with you tonight. I should like to give
you my name, but I seem to have forgotten it, because I have not heard it for
so long. It will come to me, and then I will give it.

Do you remember an old gentleman you used to know-Mr. Eckholm? He
was not so very old either. He was a very dear friend of mine, and through
him I came to see you.

Dr. At some meeting in Chicago?

Sp. Yes. I had a drug store in Chicago. My name is Hesselroth! I could
not think of my name for a moment. I am one of your helpers here. Mr.
Eckholm is with me, and he also does all he can. He is very happy to help
with your work here. He was heart and soul with it during his earth life. I
also feel that I have to do all I can to help, because if you had not helped me,
I should have been in that drug store yet, selling medicine.

For a whole year after I passed out, I attended to the business as I did
when on earth, only I did-not feel that I was sick any more. I took sick in the
store, and was sent to the hospital, and I passed out in the hospital. They
took my body to the undertakers, not to my home.


You know, it says in the Bible: "Where your treasure is there will your
heart be also." When I woke up from the sleep of death, I thought of my
store, and there I found myself. I saw that everything was going on all right,
but it seemed so strange that I could not talk to any of my customers. I
thought that during my sickness I had lost my faculty of speech, so I did not
think much about it.

I attended to business, and I impressed my clerk to do things I wanted
done. I was running the store and the clerk was managing it for me. I did not
realize that I was dead until I came to this gentleman (Dr. W.) in his little circle.

When burglars got into my home I thought of the revolver that I always
kept in a drawer. I went there, and tried and tried to get it, but my hand went me.

I commenced to see things. I saw my spirit father and mother. Then I
thought I must be a little out of my head. So I thought I had better go up to
see my friend, Eckholm. I always thought he was just. a little off, because he
believed in Spiritualism. I wanted to see Eckholm to ask him if ghosts could
come back-and there I was a ghost myself!

Then I came to this circle and I found I could talk, and after a while the
door opened, opened to that beautiful land beyond.

I wish you could see the reception I had. My relatives and friends all
opened their arms to me, and said: "Welcome to our home in spirit! Welcome
to that everlasting life! Welcome to an understanding of God!"

Such a reception cannot be described until you see it for yourselves and
are with us. That is happiness; it is "Heaven."

I will not take any more of your time, but I am glad that I could come and
talk tonight. It was about fifteen years ago that I first came here.

Eckholm says he feels proud of this work, and he sends love to all of
you here.

Now, Good Night!


Pathos and tragedy are often the grim accompaniment of the sufferings of
earthbound spirits. The spirit of the following narrative was taken from a
patient who was subject to doleful spells of crying and afflicted with intense
head pains, all of which ceased after the spirit was removed.


Spirit: MINNIE DAY. Patient: MRS. L. W

Spirit (Crying piteously) Oh, my head hurts so badly! I don't like those
needles (electrical treatments given patient), they hurt me so. My head
hurts! I am lost, I don't know where I am at. There were thousands and
thousands of needles; I had to cry.

Doctor Where do you live?

Sp. I don't know,

Dr. Where did your parents live?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Aren't you a little child?

Sp. I am only little, I am Minnie Day.

Dr. Where did you live? How old are you?

Sp. I don't know. Ask Ma.

Dr. Don't you know what city you lived in?

Sp. In St. Louis. Oh! my father is coming! He hit me on the head! And
there's Willie.

Dr. Who is Willie?

Sp. He's my brother. Here's my father, and I'm afraid! He says to come
with him. Oh, Ma, my head hurts! My Ma says for me to go with her 'cause
she has a new home for me and Willie.

Dr. You will go to her home in the spirit world.

Sp. What is the spirit world? What does that mean?

Dr. That is the invisible world around the earth. Do you know that you
are dead?

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. I mean that you have lost your physical body. What have you been
doing recently?

Sp. I have been running all over trying to find somebody. Mama died a
long time ago when I was a little girl. After Ma died Papa was so mean to me
and Willie, and he hit me so many times. I feel so bad, and my head hurts. I
have been to so many places and my Ma is dead, and I don't know where to go.

Dr. You were in such mental distress that you did not realize your
condition. You have lost your physical body and your friends would call
you dead.

Sp. Did I die? Sometimes I feel as if I were in a box. We were a big crowd
(spirits obsessing the patient) and they Pushed and pushed, and there was
one big man and he was so


mean to us. He chased us one way, then another, but one day we lost him.
(This tormenting spirit had been attracted from the patient two days
before.*) I felt so glad he was lost and I thought I could be quiet, but I got all
those needles.

Dr. You were influencing a lady and making her cry.

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. You are a spirit, and were in the aura of that lady. When she had an
electrical treatment you felt it and left her. You are using my wife's body
now. Look at your hands; do they belong to you?

Sp. Oh, look! I have a ring! But that is not mine, and I have not stolen it.
(Excitedly) Take it away! I didn't steal that ring!

Dr. This is not your body, and that is not your ring. It is very likely that
you died when your head was hurt. The spirit lives after the body dies.

Sp. But I have been alive.

Dr. You were living, but without a physical body, and came in touch
with a sensitive, a lady, who is now in the other house. She acts just as you
do, and complains of her head hurting in the same place yours hurts you. She
has been acting like an insane person, but it is all due to spirit influence.

Sp. The man was so mean that we had with us, but now he is lost, and
we are so glad. We were all seared of him, but we could not run away from
him. He was awful mean; he bit and scratched and would fight.

Dr. He was very obstinate. He was controlling this body a short time ago,
just as you are now. We have circles like this where spirits may come for help.

Sp. Spirits? I don't know anything about them. My head hurts me.

Dr. The body you are using belongs to my wife, and she has no pain in
her head.

Sp. Those needles hurt me so much.

Dr. When the lady had a treatment today you evidently were able to get
away and are now allowed to control this body So that we can help you. A
short time ago you said that your father and mother were here; are they here now?

Sp. Don't you see Mama? She's standing right there.

Dr. Wouldn't you like to go with your mother?

Sp. But she's dead.

Dr. You are "dead" also. There is no "death" really. We

*See Chap. 5, Page 96. Spirit: John Sullivan; Patient: Mrs. L. W.


only lose our physical bodies. Spirit is invisible.

Sp. Oh, take me away! Take me away! My father is coming, and I'm
afraid! He'll strike me again! Take me away!

Dr. Your father probably comes for forgiveness. You understand, he
cannot progress in the spirit world until you forgive him. Ask him what he
has to say to you.

Sp. He doesn't say anything; he's crying. He comes up to Mama now.

Dr. Doesn't he look sorry?

Sp. He says he is so sorry for what he did.

The child spirit was removed and the distressed father took control of the
psychic. Crying in anguish he fell on his knees, with his arms outstretched.

Spirit: William Day

Spirit Forgive me! Forgive me! I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't
mean to kill you, Minnie. I was very nervous and the children made such a
noise. I was so sad because my wife had died. Give me a chance! Just give me
one more chance! 1, too, have suffered. If I had only lived! I have been in the
dark so long and cannot be helped, and I cannot come near my child, she is so
afraid of me. I have tried to reach her to ask for forgiveness, but she is so
seared when I come near her that I cannot reach her.

Don't any of you ever strike a child, else you will suffer for years and
years. I did not mean to hurt her; I loved her, but I killed her. If there is a
God, lift this trouble and sorrow away from me! Give me some light and
comfort, in my suffering! I cannot restated have no peace. I can only see my
work that I did in anger. Try to control yourself if you get angry, else you,
will suffer as I have. God help me! Oh, God! Give me one more chance-just one!

Dr. Do you realize that you are dead?

Sp. No; I ran away when I killed my child. Somebody got after me and
ran very hard, then something hit me in the neck, and I fell down. (Evidently
killed.) I got right up and -ran, and I have been running so long it seems years.
Many times I have seen my wife, accusing me for killing my child. I did kill
her, God help me! I have tried to find just a little comfort and light.

Dr. You cannot find light until you have understanding.

Sp. God give me light and understanding! All I see is that poor child's
head, split open where I struck her. I tried to ask


Minnie for forgiveness, but she shrank from me and I could not get
near her, and there was my wife, always accusing me for what I had done. 

Dr. She will not accuse you any more.

Sp. Will she forgive me?

Dr. Yes. What is your name?

Sp. William Day.

Dr. Can you recall what year it is?

Sp. My brain is in such a turmoil. I have been running and
running for so long, trying to get away from that crowd of people
that were after me. Everybody I saw, I ran from, knowing that they
too would accuse me for killing Minnie. At nights my wife has stood
by me accusing me, and then there was the child, with her head all
split open, and the blood pouring out. I have had hell. It could not be
worse. Is there no help for me? I prayed and prayed, but it did no good.

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. California? When did I get here? Did I run all the way from St.
Louis to California?

Dr. Do you understand that you are a spirit controlling the body
of a mortal?

Sp. Do you mean that I am dead?

Dr. You have lost your physical body.

Sp. Won't I have to stay in the grave until the dead rise?

Dr. You are here now; how did you get out of the grave?

Sp. I have had no rest for I don't know how long.

Dr. There is no such thing as "death." When you pass out of
your physical body you lose your five physical sense organs, and
unless you have understanding of the spirit life, you are in the dark,
and can only see when coming in touch with some mortal.

Sp. The people are hounding me until I am tired out.

Dr. Now you must try to become reconciled with your wife and child.

Sp. Do you think they will ever forgive me? Please, forgive me,
wife! I was not worthy of you. You were an angel and I was such a
brute. Will you please forgive me? If you will only give me just one
chance, I will try so hard. I have suffered so much. Carrie, Carrie! Is it
really true that you will forgive me? Is it true? You were such a patient
woman and tried so hard to help me, but I was no good. I loved my
children, but I had such a bad temper. I really killed my wife by letting
her sew just to keep the family together. I made good money, but
there were always men around, telling me to come


with them, and I did not know anything until my wages were all gone,
and I went home feeling like a devil.

Dr. Perhaps the trouble was not all yours, for you might have
been obsessed. When you leave here with your wife, you will find a
wonderful spirit world.

Sp. I am not worthy to go with my wife, but I will try to do good. I
don't want you to go away from me any more, Carrie! (Crying) Minnie,
can you forgive your Papa? My dear child, I killed you, but I did not
mean to. Forgive your Papa. Will I wake up after a while and find
myself in darkness again? Am I asleep or dreaming? Minnie, don't go
away from Papa! Please, forgive me!

Dr. You are neither asleep nor dreaming, but are beginning to
realize your condition.

Sp. Did they kill me when they hit me in my neck and head? They
shot me.

Dr. We can't say certainly, but they probably did.

Sp. If I can just have one more chance I will do my level best to
keep my family together.

Dr. There is something else you can do, also, after you acquire
understanding-it will be your duty to help poor, unfortunate spirits
who are obsessing mortals, making devils of some. of them. When
you had your own body you may have been obsessed by some spirits.

Sp. I did not care for drink; I hated the very sight of it. But when
once I got just a smell of it, something took hold of me and made me
feel like a devil and I could not resist it. I could not do anything with
myself. God help me and give me just a little comfort.

Dr. When you leave here you will be reunited with your family.

Sp. Are you sure about that?

Dr. Positive; but you must do as the advanced spirits instruct you.

Sp. If there is anything I can do to help you, I will do it, because
you have reunited me with my family. I came home drunk and you
don't know how I felt when I realized that my wife was dying. I was so
drunk that I did not fully realize things until the next morning when I
woke up, and there was my wife-dead! I could not understand it.
What was I to do? What could I do with the children? My wife dead!

My wife and Minnie say they will both forgive me, and now I
have my wife and two children, and I am going to start all over


again. God bless you all for what you have done for me and my family.

The confusion and mental suffering existing on the earthplane is
vividly portrayed by the spirits who are brought to our circle for help.


The controlling spirit came in while we were singing "That
Beautiful Shore" and laughed uproariously.

Doctor Have you found the "Beautiful Shore"? Tell us what you
know about it.

Spirit It's all humbug.

Dr. Is that so?

Sp. Yes. (Laughing hilariously.) It's silly to believe in such a thing.

Dr. You are on the other side of life; tell us something about it.
Have you found nothing? If you do not believe in a hereafter, tell us
why. Explain yourself. If you are a skeptic, tell us your belief.

Sp. Belief? Gosh! (Laughing.)

Dr. Tell us what you are laughing about.

Sp. You might just as well laugh as cry; one is just the same as the
other. You were singing "That Beautiful Shore," and while you are
singing that, you know you are lying.

Dr. Do you imply that life does not mean anything at all?

Sp. It most certainly does not. There is nothing in it. It is just a lie.
The whole thing is nothing but a pack of lies both life and religion-the
whole humbug, life, religion and everything connected with it.

Dr. Have you tried to understand your own life-the mystery of it?

Sp. My own life? Humbug, nothing but humbug! (Laughing.)

Dr. How do you know it is humbug? You are laughing at your
own ignorance.

Sp. I might just as well laugh as cry, one is no worse or better
than the other. It is all lies-damned lies. I had my troubles.

Dr. Where? Over there, or here?

Sp. Everywhere! (Laughing.)

Dr. Are you happy?


Sp. Happy? Such nonsense. There is no such thing, there never
was, and there never will be.

Dr. Do you really know anything about it? Did you seek for truth
when you had your own body?

Sp. I prayed to God and all that nonsense. Gosh!

Dr. And you found it all a humbug. What has that to do with the
actual facts of life?

Sp. Once I tried to be some one. Then the thought came to me that
everything was humbug, humbug, nothing but humbug. As a man,
you know what I mean. You are talking to a man and you know all
about it.

Dr. You are invisible to us. Have you ever seen intelligence?

Sp. What kind of talk is that? I don't believe in nonsense any
more. You can have faith, and believe that you can walk on water, but
you fall through, just the same. I said, "I have faith that I can walk on
water," but I fell through.

Dr. Because you left reason out.

Sp. Reason? You can't walk on water with reason.

Dr. It was not intended that we should walk on water. Water is for
drinking and bathing.

Sp. Why are you holding my hands?

Dr. I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. You don't know what you are talking about. Do you believe that?

Dr. I know that I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. I used to have faith like that.

Dr. How did you happen to lose faith?

Sp. It is all humbug.

Dr. Life is the beginning of knowledge.

Sp. I haven't had any knowledge yet.

Dr. You will have before you leave here.

Sp. I had faith, and I believed, and then what?

Dr. What next?

Sp. Yes-what next? I worked like a slave for a "minister of God." I
do not work for him now; that was some time ago. I went away from
there. He cursed me, and I had my cares and troubles. I swore to God
that there is no such thing as God if he could be so mean as to call
such a man his "minister." And I lost faith.

Dr. What has that to do with the facts of life and the hereafter?

Sp. When you die you are dead.

Dr. Then why didn't you stay dead when you died?


Sp. Stay dead? I haven't died yet.

Dr. You "died" as far as your body is concerned.

Sp. I have been running away from those hypocrites. In the first
place, they took all the money I made. If there is a God, then, for
God's sake, why does he always want money? They always say you
must have faith; have faith and pay your money to the church, and
you should work for God. My work was hard. I worked from six
o'clock every morning until late every night-all for God. I worked for
God, and often I did not get enough so that I could get along.

Dr. Tell us where you came from.

Sp. All I want is my freedom.

Dr. Won't you tell us where you came from?

Sp. Look at all those devils down there? (Invisibles.) Hear how
they curse and laugh. They say: "I know you! I know you!" Look at
that one sitting over there. Look at them all. Hear them laugh. They
say I should tell you that they want you to pray for them, for they are
in darkness.

Dr. We want to help them to a better understanding.

Sp. Oh, listen to them cursing!

Dr. You must show them charity. You do not seem to know what
charity is.

Sp. God! Look at that man! They say when you give charity they
don't like it.

Dr. I do not mean money. Give them a chance to help themselves.
Do you know what year it is now?

Sp. I don't care. I don't care if it is a hundred years from now. I've
lost faith in God, humanity and everything and everybody. I used to
have faith. Then a "servant of God" took my wife and children away
from me, and yet I worked for God from six in the morning to twelve at

Dr. But you did not add understanding to your faith.

Sp. I had faith in the Holy Ghost and the Spirit.

Dr. Why did you not add understanding to your faith?

Sp. I had faith enough to move mountains. We were taught to just
have faith in the Holy Spirit. Just look at them all, (spirits) sitting
there. Look at that one! Here you, Calango! He and I have fights,
once in a while, but I always get the best of him. I can talk better now
than I have done for a long time. Here, you, Calango, sitting there like
a fool! They told me to go in there, so I came in. I think you were
afraid of me at first, but I came in just the same.

Dr. How did you come in?

Sp. In here? How did I come in? I don't know.


Dr. Where did you get that hand? (Touching Mrs. Wickland's hand.)

Sp. That hand? I suppose it is mine. It doesn't belong to any body
else. Here Calango, you sit here. Now I can talk to you fellows.

Dr. Now stop talking.

Sp. Do you think you are the boss here?

Dr. Yes.

Sp. I have no faith in you, nor any one else.

Dr. I want you to understand that you have lost your physical
body. You are controlling my wife's body, yet you are invisible to us.
You talk about those men sitting there,--we cannot see them. We are
in mortal bodies, but you have lost your physical body.

Sp. Can't you see me?

Dr. We cannot see spirits. You are controlling my wife's body.
Intelligent spirits have brought you here.

Sp. You asked me to come. All those in darkness came in too. You
invited us. (During a concentration for all, earthbound spirits.)

Dr. I said you should listen to intelligent spirits around you who
would help you. You are all in darkness.

Sp. Yes, but you invited us in and here we are. I want to tell you,
if you don't want us, I won't talk.

Dr. You were invited by intelligent spirits to come here and
allowed to control my wife's body, so that we could help you
understand that you no longer have a mortal body. The church has
not the right understanding of God. You found humbug in the
church, so you think everything is humbug. You lost your body
probably a long time ago. My wife is a psychic sensitive and you are
temporarily controlling her body. Look about; perhaps you can see
some one you know.

Sp. I can see Calango.

Dr. You must realize that life means something.

Sp. I have had faith, and enough of it too. I sacrificed my money
and my wife, and you see where I am.

Dr. What has that to do with the facts of life? Did you ever study
the wonders of Nature?

Sp. I do not believe in God,--there is no such thing.

Dr. God has nothing to do with humbug. Did you understand the
Bible at all? The Bible says: "God is Love." Humbuggery has nothing
to do with universal life. We want to help you understand better things.

Sp. No one ever helps me.


Dr. Do you know you are in Los Angeles, California?

Sp. No.

Dr. Try to understand what the real life means; it means something you
do not know of. Did you ever make a flower? Can you make grass grow, or
suspend life? Did you ever study vegetation?

Sp. That's God's Nature.

Dr. Can ignorance produce intelligence? Did you ever study the
marvelous things of God? Break an egg, and you do not find life in it. Take
another egg, keep it warm for twentyone days and a chicken comes out of it.

Sp. That's natural.

Dr. What produces the chicken? We must add knowledge to our faith.
The Bible says: "God is spirit: and they that worship him must worship him
in spirit and in truth." You do not find that in the churches. They only have
blind faith.

Sp. I sure had faith.

Dr. The Bible says: "Know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
Although the Bible is not a "Holy Book" it contains some wonderful truths.

Sp. I don't believe it. (Laughing.)

Dr. You're laughing at your own ignorance. My wife allows ignorant
spirits to control her body so that we can bring them to an understanding of
their condition. She wants you to know that life exists on the other side. We
do not know where you came from, but we allow you to control my wife's
body. Where was your home?

Sp. My home? That was in Canada, near Montreal.

Dr. I was there in 1881. Are you a French-Canadian?

Sp. My great grandfather was.

Dr. Do you remember your name?

Sp. I can't remember things.

Dr. Now we want you to understand things.

Sp. I was a slave.

Dr. That is all in the past.

Sp. I only see the -past and it makes me crazy. Instead of crying as many
do, I thought I would laugh at everything. Whenever I got so mad I did not
know what to do with myself, I started to laugh. I guess I felt a little better
for laughing instead of crying.

I had my heart sorrows; they took my wife, my home went, my children
went. My wife was a very pretty girl. One day I came home from my work,
and I had worked very hard. My wife and children were gone.


But after a while that "minister of God" did not want my wife any more;
then she commenced to go back on him, but by that time I had gone down. I
said, no church for mine; that if one of "God's ministers" can break up my
home and take my wife and children, then there is no God. I went clear down
to hell for that fellow. I went down and down, but even down there in the
gutter you find friendship and love for each other. If you are down, they, too,
are down with you. All the other people look down on you, but, believe me,
these others are true friends. They will help you and divide whatever they
have with you. No matter how -down you are, if you haven't a cent, you will
find they will help you.

One day-I will never forget what I saw, never forget! God!-if there is a
God-why in the name of the devil does he allow such things? One day I met
my wife. Where was she? She had gone down to the gutter. I found her in one
of those fine houses you hear about, where that filthy devil had put her when
he was through with her. I looked at her, and she looked at me.

"You here!" I said.

And she said: "You here!"

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"What are you here for?" she asked.

I said: "I came here, probably of my own free will."

She said she had been put there by that glorious "minister of God" to
hide his own shame. To hide his own dirty work and not have people ask her
questions, he put her in a fast house and let her stay there, and she did not
care for anything. We were both down, all because of that devil.

I have never gone to church since. I cursed that man and all religious
cranks. My wife wouldn't have anything to do with me, and I wouldn't have
her. She was lying there, full of disease. There is not an animal living that
goes so low as a woman when she goes to the dogs. Can any one believe in a
God that would let a woman like my wife suffer as she did through no fault
of her own? Why should such things exist?

Dr. Why didn't you use the reason God gave you?

Sp. There are hundreds of people living low down, and they don't care
where they go.

Dr. Now you are going to care. Let me talk now. You went to church and
adopted a blind faith,-that you admit.

Sp. I wanted to be a good man.

Dr. Didn't you feel a desire for something higher? You

merely had faith and did not add understanding. God gave you


sense, he gave you intelligent reasoning faculties, but you adopted a blind
faith and clung to it. That was not God's fault. To our faith we must add
knowledge and that will make us free. God did not write the Bible.

Sp. It is a Holy Book. That is what they say.

Dr. It was written by man. Did you ever analyze the marvels of the
human mind? I am talking of facts now. Did you ever realize how wonderful
the human body is, or how the invisible mind is able to control the material
body? Did you ever see the wonders of Nature?

Sp. All that has nothing to do with my misery.

Dr. If you had used your own faculties you would understand that love
and mind are invisible.

Sp. Didn't that devil love my wife?

Dr. That was not love. You did not use your faculties. You joined the
church in blind faith, without using your reason. We do not see you; you are
invisible to us and are using my wife's body temporarily. We are interested in
the condition of the so-called dead and many of them are brought here to be
enlightened. You have been brought here by intelligent spirits so that you can
learn to understand your true condition. You have an opportunity to
progress in the spirit world, but you must forget your hatred. You lost your
physical body. Do you know what year it is? It is 1921, and you are in California.

Sp. How did I get here? I never was in California.

Dr. How does spirit travel? You spoke of other people here,-we do not
see them. We do not see you. You are using my wife's organism. Can't you
see how wonderful life is?

Sp. Why aren't we taught those things?

Dr. Because "the truth is not in the people." You will have to judge for
yourself between the facts of life and the creed of the church. Churches are
man-made things; God is Spirit, and you must worship him in spirit and in
truth-in spirit. and in truth. We have aspirations for a higher life, but that
does not give us knowledge. God is Spirit, invisible Intelligence. He manifests
himself in all the wonders of the Universe.

Sp. All these people here (invisibles) have had disappointments as I
have, but all have different stories. We sit and talk to each other from time to
time, all telling of the past. All have their troubles.

Dr. God has nothing whatever to do with that. The Universe is God's
Temple and our souls are His Manifestations. Think of the marvelous things
in the Universe. You speak of your friends being here, yet we cannot see them.


Sp. They want to know if you can help them all from their troubles.

Dr. Yes, we can. Tell them that life means something. Look around and
you may see intelligent spirits who will help you.

Sp. There are six of us and we have all had the same trouble and
disappointment, but each has a different story.

Dr. Tell them that none of you need be in the condition you are in.

Sp. There's one group called "The Laughing Fools"; there's another called
"The Cursing Fools"; there's another called "The Swearing Fools"; there's
another called "The Singing Fools." They sing and pray from morning until
night. You get sick and tired of hearing them.

Dr. The Bible says: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Religious
fanatics are the worst. They have not added understanding to their blind
faith. We all have faculties but do not use them. Is that God's fault?

Sp. I have not worked for a long time. Sometimes none of us have any
food. We have done without it so long that now we do not seem to need it.

Dr. The spirit does not need food.

Sp. We are starving, starving.

Dr. Spiritually starving.

Sp. We are all starving for something, but we don't know what it is. We
are all anxious to know. We all say that our souls cry out for something, but
we don't know what it is. None of us want to pray. For my part I cannot. I
had faith and prayed, but here I am, in all this trouble.

Dr. God has given each one of you reasoning faculties.

Sp. Would you help us all? They all say they are hungry for happiness.
All we can see is our past, and we all want something higher. All I can see is
my wife as I saw her last-down, down.

Dr. So far as your wife is concerned, it was only her body that was
diseased, not her spirit.

Sp. When we saw each other we both cried.

Dr. After you have understanding, you can all do a great work in helping
others. Listen to the invisible friends who are around you. All be quiet a
moment, and your eyes will open to undreamed of things.

Sp. Do you think my wife can get help? She was as pure as a lily. I loved her.

Dr. You can love her still. We must all try to find ourselves.


As we grow out of our ignorance we see the higher things of existence,
both here and in the spirit life. If we were born into a perfect condition, we
would not appreciate it. You have seen "hell," and when you progress you
will see "heaven' " You will find a beautiful condition and you will appreciate
it. You will then be enthusiastic helpers, eager to serve others. You must all
open your hearts for higher things.

Sp. I love my wife. (To the invisibles.) No, boys, don't go yet; wait a
little while longer.

Dr. The Bible says: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall
find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

Sp. (With heartfelt solemnity.) If there is a God, help me! Help my poor
wife! We loved each other. Oh, God! Help us all! We are starving for something.

Dr. His messengers will help you. You will see many who will gladly
help you all.

Sp. God help us all!

Dr. If you will look around, you will see spirits who will help you.

Sp. There's my boy-my own little boy, Charlie! You are my boy! You
died many years ago, but you are my boy Charlie. Have you come to help
your old Dad, my boy? Your poor Dad has suffered hell, my boy. Help your
mother, boy, help your mother, poor mother! (Suddenly amazed.) Why-
that's my little boy, Charlie, but he's a man now! Charlie, my little boy, can
you forgive your old Dad? I tried so hard to have faith and I tried to be good.

If there is a God, open my eyes to see! God help me! (Gazing at some
vision, then speaking in a hushed voice.) Now we can all see the glory of
God, and we will all go with Charlie. (Astonished.) You! Are you here also?
Clara! Come to me, oh, Clara! I forgive you. I forgive you, Clara. I know it
was not your fault. It was that devil; he took you away from me. I love you
and always have loved you. Come, Clara, come with us, and let us go with
Charlie. He will probably forgive you.

Dr. What does he say?

Sp. He says: "Come with me to my spirit home, where all is lovely,
where you will be happy. It was because of sorrow and suffering that you
looked at life as you did."

Dr. Don't you realize there is something beautiful ahead of you ?

Sp. Is it Heaven? Why, look there! There's 'my mother and sister Emma.
Are you both here too? Can you forgive


Clara and me? I thought you were in Heaven, mother, you were
so good. You always loved me.

Dr. Do you realize now that there is something higher than your past?

Sp. Yes. Now I know there is a God. I do believe in God
now, for I know His glory. I see and feel His glory.

Dr. After you have understanding you must help the others you were
talking about.

Sp. They are all coming with me. I want them all to come, for I cannot
leave them. You-- have helped all of us. Now, we will go; come on, boys. We
had names for each other, but they were not our own. In our hatred, and
because we laughed, we were called "The Laughing Fools." Most of our time
was spent in talking over our past. Now we have all found God; we have
found Him in His glory, in His happiness, in the spirit world. We do not
need to believe, for we know. He will help us all. Mother, father and sister,
all are here.

Come on now, boys. We all listened to what this man said, and you see
where it brought us. Today I call you our savior, because you have saved us
from darkness, and brought us to glory. You saved us all. Not only myself,
but the others have opened their eyes to see the glory of God, and not a God
of hatred and envy.

Dr. You can thank my wife, who allows her body to be used so that
spirits may be helped.

Sp. I will never forget you. You have given me happiness that I have not
known for years and years. You say it is 1921. Is that true? I thought it was 1882.

Dr. Can you tell us your name, friend?

Sp. My name? Yes, it's Mallory. They called me a Laughing Fool. We
thank you all for your patience. I was full of hatred when I came, but that
has all gone now. God bless you all. I have to call you my savior, because
you have saved us from that dark condition and brought us to a beautiful
place. Clara, you come too, for I love you dearly. You are well now.

Dr. You will now become useful spirits. Find God and forget the past.

Sp. The last time I saw Clara, she was very sick and was taking
morphine all the time. Come to me, Clara, I forgive you. See, Charlie is with
us. Can't we help Clara? She seems dazed.

Dr. She is probably still under the effects of the opiate. Your love will
bring her to you.

Sp. I never could hate her, she was so pure. Clara, wake up! You are not
dead. Forget the past, and live in the new life.


Thank you all for bringing me happiness, and also for bringing God to
me in my heart. I never properly understood Him before. I found Him in the
glory of Nature too. Look at all those beautiful flowers! Is this Heaven?

Dr. It is the spirit world.

Sp. Now I'm always going to be with my loved ones in the spirit world.
We will go. Goodbye.

A communication of a different type was received from the spirit of a
young man, son of one of the members of our circle. The young man had
passed over two months before, but having been unbiased and open-minded
was readily enlightened by his spirit friends.

In his short visit to our circle, he gave an interesting description of
conditions as he observed them in both the earth sphere and the spirit world.

Spirit: W. Y.

Spirit Well Dad, I'm here again. The spirit friends gave me the privilege of
coming and talking first. Dad, it's queer that I should go so quickly, but my
time had come. I am glad the door is not shut for me. I have seen many
heartbroken spirits who go to their relatives and friends, and the door is
closed in their faces. (Through skepticism and unconsciousness of the
presence of spirits.)

I have much to be thankful for, because it's hard for them. 

Grandpa B. and Uncle C. stood right beside me when I woke up
from the sleep of death. It was queer. It was like an electric
shock going through my body.

Life is queer. If each one of you could see the experiences gone through
by those who go into the sleep of death!

Dad, I had a little knowledge of the next life, not much, but a little, and it
helped. I could realize that the change of death had taken place. I recognized
my relatives and friends.

Uncle F.* says I should tell you that I was much better off than he was
when he passed to the other side, and that now his work is to help the
unfortunate ones who do not understand the real life.

Dad, wasn't it queer that I should wake up to the new birth

*See Chap. 11, Page 250, Spirit: F. W.


of life on my earthly birthday? Now I have my spiritual birthday on the
same day as my earthly birthday.

Dad, it's glorious! Tell E. so, and B. and mother; tell all of them that I am
happy in the thought that I can come to them and that the door is not closed
to me. Tell my little son that I am not dead; that I am not in the grave but am
with him, and I will learn the laws governing so that I can guide him through
life. Let him have an understanding that I am there with him and that I have
more strength and power to help him than before.

Thank God that I also had understanding so that I did not come too close
to my dear wife; otherwise, I would have gotten into her magnetic aura and
might have caused trouble. My dear little wife,-I am glad that I did not make
trouble for us both.

I have seen much of the work done among those who have passed out
and do not realize it. They go home to their relatives and friends, and want
to stay there rather than go on.

Dad, I'm so glad you could come here again, and I'm glad, so glad, that
there is no wall between us.

Mr. Y. (Father of spirit.) I am glad too, that I had an opportunity of
being here again.

Sp. I feel now that there is no parting. It is only that I have gone to
another country, but I am with you all. I am with you when you are all
together and talk about me. I do not feel that I have gone.

Tell mother and my dear little wife not to mourn for me, but to feel glad.
that I can be with them. It was very hard that we should have to part when
everything looked so bright for us in our little home, but it was my time to
go, and when our time comes to go from this earth life, we have to go. We do
not go away, as people think we do; we are here with our loved ones, only
our bodies are not visible.

I wish you could see how Uncle F. works in the dark earth sphere to
help and to serve the unfortunate ones there, to prevent them from obsessing
any one. He is so anxious to have everybody know the real truth on the
other side, and it is a pity that so much dogma and creed are the
stumblingblocks. The little time I have been gone I have learned so much.

I thank you, Dad, that you and mother did not force any strong dogma,
or religion, or creed, upon my mind. I was free. Thank you for it.

Mr. Y. It's pretty hard, sometimes, to know exactly what to do regarding
religion in bringing up children.

Sp. I wish all could have been as free as I was, then there would not


be so much sorrow and doubt. Dad, I'm so glad I can come to you again.

The other day, Uncle F., Uncle C. and I went to the earth sphere-not to
our home, but to the condition that exists on the lower plane. That is more of
a hell than anybody can describe. It's worse than an insane asylum, where
one is crazy in one way, and another in another way. You can't imagine what
a hell it is.

One has one creed, one another, and they are all in the dark. They are all
hypnotized in their creeds and beliefs and you can. not get any sense
whatever into them. You have to put some object lesson before them to
attract their attention. At times music will make them realize their condition.
If you can attract their attention, you can sometimes reach the real spirit, but
dogmas and creeds are so planted in their minds that they cannot see anything.

If you want to realize in part what the condition of the earth sphere is,
go to the worst ward in an insane asylum, and you can then have some
realization of the condition on the invisible side when they have no
knowledge of the next life.

Imagine a spirit of that character coming in contact with a person's
magnetic aura and acting through him, as is often the case. They call that
person insane and send him to the insane asylum where there are a lot of
other lunatics, both of earth and the spirit side of life. It is terrible to know
that such a condition exists and that selfish creeds And dogmas are the cause
of it all.

I have to thank you and mother again for not forcing any dogma on me;
what little knowledge I had was the real truth of life.

Uncle C. took me, at another time, to different conditions. He said,
"Come, we will go," and we went to some place in spirit life. We came to a
place which I cannot describe. I can't describe my feelings, I can't describe the
conditions, because the music was so sublime, so different from anything I
have ever heard. I felt so light; I felt I was lifted up. Such people as were
there! I cannot describe them.

Imagine, if you can, a place where there is the most beautiful music,
where there is a grand orchestra of masters, all playing in one grand unit of
music. Can you imagine what it would be?

I enjoyed it,-but Oh I could not realize its full import, because I wanted
you and my dear little wife to hear it. I could not enjoy it alone. I wanted to
open the door to you all at home, ,so that you could all listen to it-then I
should have felt satisfied.


I thought and thought, and an old gentleman came up to me and patted
me on the shoulder, and said: "Young man, I receive your thought. Do not
worry. Soon the time will come for which we are all working, when an
instrument will be invented on earth, through which all who wish can hear
the grand masters in the spirit world. Not yet, but in time."

Dad, my work is to learn to help others less fortunate than myself, and
also to learn to be a help and not a detriment to my dear wife and little boy
and to you all. I am learning my lessons, and after knowing them I will come
to you.

Don't think I am not with you all, but think I am there, for I am, and in
that way I can be much closer, especially when you have music, because
music brings us much closer to those we love.

Goodbye, and tell my dear wife I send her best love.

With exquisite grace and courteous inquiry came the spirit of one,
formerly a famous actress, whose friends had tried in vain to waken her from
the "sleep of death."


Doctor Good Evening, friend! Where have you come from?

Spirit Somebody told me to come here, but I do not know what I should
do. My condition is so strange that I cannot understand it. I do not realize
where I am.

Dr. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. No! There are many here who wanted me to come, but I cannot
understand why. I do not know any of you here.

Dr. You were brought here to be helped.

Sp. I do not know that I need any help. Things look so confusing to me.

Dr. That is because you do not understand your condition. Where do
you think you should be?

Sp. Where my home is.

Dr. What state did you live in?

Sp. Of course, most of the time I was in New York, but at times I was in
London and other places.

Dr. Cannot you see any one you know, or the one who brought you here?

Sp. Oh! (Disturbed greatly by pain in limb.)

Dr. Were you in some accident? Were you traveling? What is the last
thing you remember?


Sp. I was very sick; I had such pain.

Dr. Probably that was your last illness. Did you become well suddenly?

Sp. No, it seems to me that I have been sleeping, and in some way or
another, I am just waking up. Everything looks so queer.

Dr. You do not understand your condition. You do not need to have that
pain. If you say: "I will not have that pain," it will disappear. Will you do that?

Sp. Yes, but it seems very hard to say. You are a Christian Scientist, are
you not? I looked into Christian Science, but I certainly could not say my
pains were imagination.

Dr. You are in a different condition now. Do you ever see any of your
friends around you?

Sp. Yes, I sometimes see many of my particular friends that have gone
before, and then I think to myself that I have gone crazy. My friends are
around me, and some one says: "Wake up!" But I cannot see. I do not want
to see them.

Dr. That is because you do not want to understand. Were you afraid of
them when they were living?

Sp. No, I was not.

Dr. Then why should you be afraid of them when they have lost their
mortal bodies?

Sp. I am afraid and very nervous, and I do not want them to come near
me. Why don't my lovely friends come?

Dr. To your earthly friends you are dead, but to your spirit friends you
are not dead.

Sp. I was sick, but I cannot remember that I died. I went to sleep but I
cannot remember that I failed to wake up. Several of my friends just came
and called me to go with them.

Dr. Do you know why they told you to wake up? To your spirit friends
 you are only sleeping.

Sp. Why do they call me?

Dr. To help you and make you understand.

Sp. I do not know you.

Dr. I am Dr. Wickland. Who brought you here?

Sp. Anna H. (an actress well known to the spirit during earth life) told me to come.

Dr. She spoke to us once as you are doing now.*

Sp. She came to me but I knew she was dead and gone.

Dr. She is not dead. We do not see you, we only hear you talk. You do
not see me, you only see my body. Mind is invisible; there is no death.

*See Chap. 12. Pages 285, 289.Spirit: Anna H.


Sp. So many people have come to me and want me to wake up, and start
in my work again.

Dr. If you do not mind telling us, we should like to know who you are.

Sp. Don't you know me? I was an actress. I was known as Lillian R. I am
not dead. William Stead came to me, and also the late King Edward. I was his
favorite actress. I cannot understand why I came here. They say I was
brought here for you to awaken me.

Dr. We are interested in life's problems and in the question, "What
becomes of the Dead."

Sp. I studied some, but only understood slightly the phenomena. I
studied, but at the same time my life was so busy, so much taken up with
others, and I was also trying to live the best I knew how. I am very tired and

Dr. What was the nature of your sickness?

Sp. They told me so many different things until at last I do not know
what it was. I had such dreadful pains down this way (from the knee down).
I was unconscious for a time. I cannot remember things very clearly; in some
way I seem to have lost my memory. I cannot recollect anything of the past.
I feel different, as if I had nothing to look forward to in the future. I am not
unhappy, but at the same time I am not happy.

Dr. We will explain matters to you. You do not need to worry.

Sp. My friends came and I would not have anything to do with them.
They said, "Come along," but I said, "No, no, no! I am not ready yet. I do
not want to go."

Dr. You had already gone, but did not understand it. Your friends came
to help you, but you did not understand it. Do you know where you are
now? This is my wife's body you are using. She is sleeping. You are not
talking through your own body.

Sp. (Noticing another invisible, formerly a friend.) John J. A.* is here.

Dr. This lady is a psychic. She is my wife and allows spirits to control
her so that we can make them understand their condition. Mr. John J. A.,
Mr. Stead and Anna H. could not make you understand.

Sp. I was afraid of them.

Dr. This is a "Clearing House" for just such conditions as yours. You are
a spirit and are controlling a mortal body. We

*See Chap. 12, Page 281. Spirit: John J. A.


on the mortal side can talk to you because we are in our mortal bodies. You
have lost your physical body, but have a spiritual body. When you passed
away you only went to sleep, and you are just now waking up. You awaken
and find yourself in this twilight.

Sp. Someone seemed to give me an electric shock and I seemed to come
to life, but still I am dazed. There is a room full of faces, people whom I have
known in life, but who have passed on. They have been around me trying to
talk to me, but I would not listen.

Dr. That was your mistake.

Sp. Does the -spirit still live?

Dr. Certainly it does. We are mortals, but these others whom you see are

Sp. They are just as real as you are.

Dr. They are more real than we are, because they are free, and we are in a
dream state.

Sp. I feel that my being well is just a dream and that I will wake up in pain.

Dr. When you leave here you will go with the others.

Sp. Do you mean I can go with them?

Dr. As soon as you cease to resist them.

Sp. Here comes one, then another, and they say they want me.
Dr. Don't you remember that Longfellow said: "Life is real! Life is
earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to
dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul."

Sp. What beautiful things I see! Are they not beautiful! This is not a

Dr. They are showing you some of the things on the spirit side of life.

Sp. Just look at those beautiful homes on that hillside! Look at those
lovely walks, beautiful lakes and hills, lovely flowers that bloom
everywhere! Isn't it beautiful! Can I go there?

Dr. There is nothing to hinder you except your own unwillingness and

Sp. I was -an actress in life, still in my heart I believed in a God. You
know the church always looks down on actresses. I always liked to give the
world the best there was in me. I wanted to show what we can do to help
amuse people.

Dr. You can do the same thing now in your new life.

Sp. In a way, many would say that I was not a Christian.


In my own way I believed in being good and doing good for others-that was
my belief. At times I went to church, but at times I did not feel at home in
that atmosphere. I always tried to do my best.

Dr. The reason you did not feel at home in church was because the spirit
of truth was not there.

Sp. Look at the lights! Are they not beautiful! they are singing and
vibrating into different shades and tunes. The colorings are wonderful.

I will try to do there what I could not do here. I should, many times,
have liked to give the world more than good and happy thoughts. I knew at
times that life must have a greater purpose than is generally realized. I was
true to myself, in my own heart.

Such beautiful things I can see! Is that Heaven?

Dr. Yes, but not the Christian "Heaven." Not the "Heaven of Salvation,"
but the spirit world surrounding the earth world. Jesus taught the existence
of spirits and a spirit world, and Paul says: "There is a natural body and
there is a spiritual body ... first that which is natural and afterward that
which is spiritual."

Sp. Anna H. says she is different now from what she was when I knew
her. She says I do not know her now. She is serving and helping the
unfortunate ones. She says she wanted to do what she could to wake me up.
May I ask what you are doing here?

Dr. This is an Institution for research and the obtaining of knowledge
concerning what becomes of the dead. This is also a Spiritual Clearing House.

This lady you are controlling is my wife; she is a psychic intermediary
and you are allowed to use her body and brain to convince you of your
present condition. You are using a body not your own. (Raising Mrs.
Wickland's hand.) This is not your hand.

Sp. No, it is not. It is queer.

Dr. The queer part is the human ignorance on these points.

Sp. The church does not teach these things.

Dr. The church limits itself to faith alone, and does not desire to add the
required knowledge regarding the natural continuation of the spirit after death.

The Bible says that to our faith we must add knowledge and Jesus
taught: "Know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

If you had understood these truths you would have accepted


the spirit friends who came to you when you awakened.

Sp. It is all so beautiful that I should like to go with them. They say that
when I am stronger I shall finish my work over there. How will they take
care of me? I am very weak.

Dr. You will not be so weak when you leave this body. "As a man
thinketh in his heart, so is he." You will be received with love and taken to a
beautiful home. You will be so overjoyed with your new condition that you
will not have time to be weak.

Sp. Will I not go into a sleep again?

Dr. When you were sick and in great pain you were probably given
opiates and they may have had a stupifying effect.

Sp. Thank you. Now they are calling me and I feel that I want to go. I
feel such gratitude to you for helping me, and for being the means of my
understanding, and also for helping me to reach my friends so that I may
know how to go to them, instead of shutting the door against them and
leaving myself in the dark.

I thank you all that I had the opportunity of. being awakened to such a
beautiful condition as I now see. I was only in the darkness of my own
consciousness. They call me, and keep on calling me, and they all say they
are glad to invite me to their home in the spirit world.

There is one thing they want me to say, but I do not know whether I am
strong enough.

One gentleman says: "I was King Edward in life, but I am an ordinary
person now. I wanted to wake you up, because I have been awakened from
the life I led. My mother was a ,Queen, but she is a Queen no longer. She has
to serve others more than she did when she was on earth.

"My mother knew of spirit phenomena and she also knew of spirit
return, but she did not know what her duty was, and she was waited on all
her life. She was never allowed to do anything or have any real responsibility.
She serves here and there. Now I have to serve and help until I understand the
real life."

This gentleman says that is the message he wished to send. He came to
say this because you probably thought he was still a King. He is here only as
a man. He wants to help you as the others are doing. He is not of noble or
royal blood any more.

All my friends have come to shake hands and they all seem to be one family.

I want to say Good Night, but how will I go?

Dr. "Thought is the solver of Nature's problems." Think


of your friends over there and you will be-with them. You will have to fix
your mind from here to there. Think, "I am actually there."

Sp. I certainly want to thank you for the opportunity of coming here
and for awakening me so that I can be with my friends over there.

The organism of every human being generates a nervous force and
magnetism which surrounds him with an atmosphere of vital emanations and
psychic light known as the Magnetic Aura. This aura is visible as a light to
earthbound spirits in their condition of darkness, and they may become
attracted to persons peculiarly susceptible to their encroachment.

Such spirits are often unable to leave this psychic atmosphere and in the
resulting state of confusion- ("confusional psychosis"?) -although struggling
for freedom, they find themselves living the life of the psychic with him,
resenting his presence and bewildered by a sense of dual personality.

After a number of spirits had been taken from a patient who was very
unmanageable at first, we had the following experience, which clearly shows
the suffering that spirits may endure when enmeshed in the aura of a mortal.

Spirit: EMILY JULIA STEVE. Patient: MRS. L. W

Doctor Tell us who you are. We are interested in all spirits who are in
darkness. Tell us how long you have been dead.

Spirit I guess something happened to me.

Dr. Do you realize that you have passed out of your own body?

Sp. I don't want my hands held. I am a lady of means (an expression
often used by the patient) and want to be shown the courtesies and respect
due a lady.

Dr. Did they call you "Mrs." or "Miss"?

Sp. I am a lady of means, and I am not used to this kind of questioning. I
just feel like giving you a piece of my mind.

Dr. What seems to be your trouble?

Sp. You,' it seems, have such a way of giving me all kinds Of strange
things in my back, (static treatment of patient) and cannot see why you
should do so. You have also kept me in


prison. It must have been you that put me in prison. Who are you, anyway?

Dr. I am a friend, and I want to talk to you.

Sp. In the first place, I don't know you, and in the second place I have
nothing to talk to you about. Who are you? Tell me your name.

Dr. I am Dr. Wickland.

Sp. I really didn't mean to ask your name, for I'm not at all interested to
know it.

Dr. Wouldn't you like to go to the spirit side of life?

Sp. I do not like to hear about such. things. I am no spirit.

Dr. Look at your hands; do they belong to you?

Sp. You are the means of my having been kept in prison so long, and now
you are trying to show me things that are not true, and so I will not listen to you.

Dr. How did you happen to come here?

Sp. I do not know myself. It is very curious. I seemed to be in prison and
before I knew anything, I was here. I do not see how I came. There were a
whole lot of us, and somehow I have been left alone. I have been in prison but
I do not know what I have done.

Dr. Where were you, when you had those others with you? Where were
you staying? (Referring to obsessing spirits in patient's aura.)

Sp. I was staying where I belonged. There were a lot of us, all bunched
together, men and women. We had a home, but we could not get out of it.
Sometimes we were in warm quarters. For a time I have been by myself and I
have been in a dark place. Before I was in prison we could talk one at a time
(control the patient) but now I am all alone. You have no right to put all those
burning things on me.

Dr. That kind of electrical treatment is very good for earthbound spirits--
ignorant ones.

Sp. Ignorant! How dare you talk like that to me? How dare you ?

Dr. Don't you know that you have passed out of your mortal body? You
have lost your physical body.

Sp. How do you know I have?

Dr. Because the body you are talking through is not your own. It is my
wife's body.

Sp. I never saw you before you put those sharp things in me.

Dr. You were not using this body at that time.

Sp. What does it all mean?


Dr. It means that you have been using another person's body.

Sp. Well, that explains many things, in a way. Sometimes I felt that I did
not belong where I was, then once in a while I felt I was myself again. There
was one big old man, a big fool, but we had to do just as he said. (Another
spirit* obsessing patient, previously removed.)

I did not feel like doing as he said, because I had all the money I wanted,
so why should I bother with such a rascal? I felt I had to do what he said,
and yet I could not see why I should. I was not in my own home, and yet I
had to be there, and I never could understand why I could not get away. He
kept several of us with him.

Dr. Did the electricity help you to get away?

Sp. Yes, it did, but it hurt like fury. It seems as if it tore the life out of me.

Dr. The electricity liberated you, just the same.

Sp. We could not get away from that man. We had to do as he said. He
ran and ran all the time, (the patient often ran away) and we had to do the
same. There was a little girl, and she cried all the time. (Obsessing spirit,**
previously dislodged from same patient.) At times I was free, and at times I
was in such misery. Some times I felt I could float from one place to another.

Dr. At such times you were a free spirit.

SP. Don't say that word. How I do hate it. I do not have any use for
anything of that kind.

Dr. You do not recognize the fact that when you pass out of the mortal
body, you do not die, but that you live; you then become a spirit.

Sp. You know I am not dead. Cannot you understand that I am talking to
you, and that I can move my hands and arms?

Dr. My friend, while you are talking, we cannot see you. We can only
see my wife. You are talking through my wife's body. This is Mrs. Wickland
sitting here. What is your name?

Sp. I am Mrs. Emily Julia Steve. I was married, but my husband died
some years ago.

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. I have never been there. I went first to Chicago, and from there to St.
Louis. (The patient had also lived in St. Louis and had there first developed
her aberration.)

Dr. Where did you live in St. Louis?

See Chap. 5, Page 96, Spirit: John Sullivan; Patient: Mrs. L. W.
See Chap. 4. Page 65. Spirit: Minnie Day; Patient: Mrs. L. W.


Sp. I was traveling, I did not live there. I did once live on La Salle
Avenue, Chicago, but I was there for a little while only. It was near La Salle
and Division. From there I went to St. Louis, and from there-well, I really
don't know where I went. I do know that my head was bothering me a great
deal. (Patient complained similarly.)

Dr. Do you remember being sick?

Sp. I cannot recall much of anything. (Suddenly greatly excited.) No! No!
I think there is something the matter with me. Do you think I am going
crazy? Look! Look! There is my husband! No, no! He is a ghost. Just look at him!

Dr. We are talking to a ghost when we talk to you, and we are not afraid.

Sp. There is my child, too! There is my little baby! I am losing my mind.
My Lily, my little Lily! Oh, my Lily! Hugo, my husband! I know I am
losing my mind. Why, there's my mother! I know my mind is giving way. I
am afraid-they are all coming toward me! Hugo, my husband, is it really you?
My little Lily, how I do love you! I am so afraid.

Dr. Understand that you have lost your physical body and are now a
spirit. Try to realize this.

Sp. Please explain why Hugo, my mother and Lily are around me. Are
they not happy in Heaven? Why don't they stay there?

Dr. Do you know anything about Heaven?

Sp. Heaven is above, where Christ and God are.

Dr. Jesus said: "The Kingdom of God is within you." The Bible says:
"Ye are the Temple of God and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you." Again:
"God is Love, and he that dwelleth in Love dwelleth in God." God is above,
God is below, God is everywhere.

Sp. Don't you believe in a personal God?

Dr. God is Spirit. God could not be only in one place.

Sp. I am getting so tired that it is hard for me to understand what you
say. If there were only a place where I could rest, I would gladly go. I cannot
describe to you what misery I have been in. I have no home anywhere that I
can go to, no place to rest my weary head. I went from one place to another,
and I could not find home or peace. I have prayed that I might find rest for
just a little while, but somebody always comes and disturbs me. There were
so many around, each crowding the other, and I probably was mean myself,
but I could not help it. I felt as if a wild beast had gotten hold of me, and I
fought everybody like a tiger, and when I was through I was weak for


days and, days. I suffered terribly. That horrible man was always after us,
and that poor little child was crying all the time, she was so crowded.

I wish I had a little home of my own where I could go, and not have that
man around me again. He was terrible-you have no idea. He was such a
rascal, but he went away and we have not seen him for quite a while.

The little girl who cried so much has also gone. She always had trouble
with her head. I did not mean to be a bad woman, but that man tormented us
all so much that we did not know what to do.

Dr. Wouldn't you like to go with your husband and mother and little girl,
and have them all take care of you, so that you can rest? Try to realize that
you have lost your physical body.

Sp. When did I lose my body?

Dr. We cannot tell you that.

Sp. Sometimes I have felt I was a big woman, and I could fight
everybody, and then I would seem smaller, and it was very confusing.

Dr. That may have been caused by your influencing different people.
You can be free from that condition.

Sp. Then will I have a rest? Will I wake up and find that I have only had a
dream, and then have that horrible man and that crying child around me? I do
not want to ever see that man again. He used to fight those women as if he
were a demon, and he was so angry, and he treated the little girl very badly.
She was afraid of him.

Dr. Now try to forget what has happened, and live for the future. Go
with your husband and he will explain the beauties of the spirit world to you.

Sp. My husband, Hugo! I love him so dearly, and after he died life was
not worth living to me. My dear child went to him just a month afterward.
She was a child three years of age. Hugo, my husband, was my life. I did not
care what became of me after he left. When my husband lived, we traveled a
great deal. We went everywhere. We went to Alaska and there he took cold
and had pneumonia, and my little child got very sick. It is hard to live all that
over again.

Dr. Why go all over that again, when your people are here to take you
away with them?

Sp. I want to go with them but I am afraid, because they are dead. Hugo
says he has been looking for me for years and years, but he could not find me,
and I cannot tell him where I have been. When Hugo and Lily died, I took
very sick, and the


doctors said I was a nervous wreck. I grew very much worse, and I remember
them taking me to a place called Elgin (probably an asylum). I have just a
faint recollection of that. When I grew better (evidently died) I went to St.
Louis, because I had a sister there. Since I began to talk I feel different, and
now I want to go with all my people. Just look at that beautiful bed. Now I
can rest, and with Hugo I shall not have worries any more.

God bless you all and help you. Hugo says to tell you he is so pleased
he found me at last and to say we shall be reunited and never part again. God
bless you, each and all.