Ferry Over Jordan by Margery Lawrence 1944



SPIRITUAL--or Psychic-Healing is one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of the whole study of Spiritualism. Yes, I know three instant and obvious comments !

1. “ They don't always succeed in curing people.” 2. “ The cures don't always last.” 3. “ It's mostly faith-healing.”

Well, naturally they don't always succeed. As the Guides keep pointing out, Spiritualism is not magic in any of its aspects, however strange and extraordinary they may sometimes seem to those who are new to the subject.

The Guides, as I have already emphasized, are not gods - neither are the doctors and scientists on the Other Side who work through the mediums! They are men, men wiser and further advanced than when they occupied physical bodies, but still men - “ just men made perfect” - and they have at their command curative elements, rays, colours, vibrations of which we know nothing, which can do, and are doing, wonderful work. But they do not claim to work miracles, any more than do the Guides; and the Guides have never claimed to be infallible in medicine, any more than they claim to be infallible in prophecy or in any other side of Spiritualism. It is the fault of foolish, over-enthusiastic followers that these claims are made. And it is a great pity that this is so,


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as thanks to this over-boosting by well-meaning but stupid people, the real and amazing work that is being done from the Other Side through many mediums is apt to be clouded and obscured when some inevitable failures have to be listed along with the successes.

Regarding the cures that are made not being lasting - I am tempted to quote the apt retort made by the famous old evangelist Billy Sunday, when he was taunted that his conversions were not permanent.

He rejoined, “ Neither is a bath!” And while I have known many cures so complete that the sufferer has never needed to repeat the treatment, it would simply not be reasonable to suppose that this applies to all the patients who pass through the hands of a psychic doctor - or, indeed, of any earthly doctor either. If a complaint is of long standing, or very deep-rooted, sometimes an occasional “ refresher” course of treatment may be needed later on, to help the physical body to maintain the healthy condition restored to it. Sometimes the cure is only temporary, sometimes no cure results at all - no more infallibility is claimed for psychic healing than is claimed for earthly. But it is plain recorded fact that many cases that have been given up as incurable by earthly doctors have been healed successfully by psychic healers - there should be (and ultimately will be) partnership, not rivalry or antagonism, between these two types of “ doctoring”. They are meant to complement each other; and when greater knowledge is gained, and ease of communica­tion between this world and the next established, they will do so.

As regards psychic cures being done by faith alone, it is of course true that faith moves mountains, and the many successful cures performed by Christian Science healers is proof of this. If a patient has supreme and enthusiastic faith, matters are made much easier for the doctor, whether on this side or on the other, as the patient is then “ tuning in” along high and clear vibrations of optimism which not only increase her own mental and bodily strength, but open channels for the healing forces to enter; whereas suspicion and doubt clog these channels and make the passage of the forces harder. Any earthly doctor will tell you that the “ will to live” - the belief that one is going to live - is half the battle in any cure. But it is simply not true to argue that a person who is not already an enthusiastic believer in Spiritual Healing cannot be cured.

There are many cases on record of cures taking place when the patient was quite unaware he was being treated (absent treatment), and several where the patient was positively antagonistic to the whole idea of


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Spiritualism, but merely “ tried out” the treatment out of boredom, or curiosity, or simply for want of something better to do. I even know of two cases who, while rejoicing in their recovered health, were quite inclined to be indignant and annoyed when they were told of the means by which that health had been recovered, as they were both rabid anti­Spiritualists and had spent much time and energy denouncing the possibility of spirit healing - until they themselves were cured by it!

My own sister (Mrs. Phipps-Hornby) is a case in point. For nine years after the birth of her two children she suffered from terrible internal trouble that baffled all manner of specialists, English, French, and finally German. In despair she left the last specialist, a famous one, who put her through so grim a treatment that she broke it off half-way and left, feeling that if she continued with it she would commit suicide! And on her return to London greatly distressed at the failure of the last treatment, I persuaded her to come to one or two Spiritualist sittings with me, actually simply in order to try and interest her in something to distract her attention from her sufferings.

She became mildly interested, and when the medium's Guide suggested that she should try what psychic healing treatment could do for her health, she agreed more out of curiosity than anything else, and quite without any conviction that anything could be done. Had not the finest specialists of three countries lavished care and attention on her for nine years without result? I did not see her for some months after she began the treatment, and was surprised, on meeting her some months later, to see how much brighter and better she looked, and she said to me with every mark of astonishment and delight: “ I believe the thing's actually working!”

It “ worked” to the extent of restoring her to health such as she had not known for many years - and what is more, the cure has been permanent. I do not say she has never been ill since, but that particular trouble from which she had suffered for nine years has never returned. Now that plainly cannot be described as a “ faith cure” . Nobody was more sceptical than my sister at the outset, and nobody could have been more astonished when she actually began to feel better.

In my own case I have had reason to bless the curative powers of the healers and doctors on the Other Side.

Some years ago I had a very severe emotional shock that, coming on the top of a protracted period of ill health and worry, laid me flat with a


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serious nervous breakdown. It is not as widely known as it should be that every human being consists of three bodies (physical, etheric and spiritual, the Trinity expressed in Being) that are so closely and intimately “ knitted together” in the normally healthy man or woman that we are not conscious of our own “ three-in-one” ness. But a serious nervous or emotional shock can “ jar” them out of alignment with each other (this will sound crazy to an earthly doctor, but it is true!), and this is what happened to me.

I could not walk steadily, sleep, or think coherently; my heart and my entire nervous system were affected, my brain refused to work levelly, and as far as I was capable of thinking clearly about anything I became seriously worried as to whether I was going to fade out altogether, or if I clung to life, whether I would be quite right in the head or not! I was ordered rest, massage, tonics and light and heat treatment and so on, without result, but night after night I felt myself “ slipping out of my body” - I was so weak and disorganized that I simply could not help it, and I knew if it went on, some night I would slip out, and remain out for good! The “ silver cord” that holds the etheric body to the physical was weakening as I weakened. If it snapped I should merely die in my sleep - and at the moment I was inclined to welcome the idea.

But the gods had other ideas for me, and my work on earth was still unfinished. And when I was perforce sent away for several months to a warm climate to rest I was lucky enough to encounter a friend who has great natural healing gifts, though she is not a professional medium.

She saw at once what was wrong with me. The life-force was literally “ leaking” away as the blood leaks out of an unstaunched wound, because my three bodies were no longer closely knitted together, but slightly dislocated, like a joint out of place - and she took me in hand at once. As her method is an interesting one (though by no means typical of all healers) I will describe it.

Twice a day she lay beside me on my bed (for weeks I was too weak to walk more than a few yards a day), took my two hands firmly in her own and sank into deep trance; then a certain great Healer on the Other Side, whose name I am not allowed to mention, took charge of us both and literally “ poured” strength back into me so strongly that I could feel it coursing and thrilling like electricity all up my arms and through my entire body! This was certainly no imagination, as the bed (which was a brass one, with its head against the wall) used to shake to such an extent with the immense vibrations that were coursing through us both that


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someone in the next room asked the concierge of the hotel if the lady next door was using vibromassage machine, as she could hear the head of the bed rattling against the wall with the force of the current that shook it !

Needless to say, after that we moved the bedstead away from the wall. But the force of the current that was being sent through me via this girl who was lying entranced beside me can be appreciated - and within three weeks so much new strength had been poured into me that I was beginning to gel normal again, and subsequently recovered, though it took a long time for the three bodies to become entifely “ dovetailed” once more. Incidentally, one of the most remarkable things about this treatment was that though during them I myself and the bed on which I lay were throbbing as though shaken by a great dynamo, during the treatment the girl giving it to me never moved at all! She lay perfectly quiet and tranquil, not moving a muscle while the Force poured through her.

Another interesting form of treatment was given me quite recently by a Guide when I arrived for a private sitting with his medium in a rather strung-up state, having received some gravely-worrying news only an hour before I left my flat to go to the sitting.

The first thing he said on coming through was, “ Oh, my child, I cannot allow you to try and talk to me in this condition! First we must, straighten out all these tightened-up nerves. Sit quite still and wait!”

I sat perfectly still in my chair, and without rising from her seat the medium raised both hands as though in benedictionand within a few seconds I began to feel a colossal force radiating from those upraised hands, though I was sitting a good eight or ten feet away from her. A force that I can only describe as being like a rapidly-thrilling vibration, powerful and steady, and cold with a pure, icy coldness that made me feel as though I were sitting high up in space, perched on some remote star in the ice-blue beauty of the night sky, a million miles above the fevered earth and all its petty concerns! My physical body was aware of piercing coldness - and yet did not suffer. I believe that my vibrations, for the time that the treatment lasted, were raised to a higher, more rarefied spiritual atmosphere that brought an effect of coldness because of its utter peace and purity. Time seemed to stand still. I was only vaguely conscious of my body, and felt peace descending upon me like a cloud, enwrapping me, enfolding me until all my tensed-up nerves loosened and lay tranquil, and I had even forgotten what was worrying


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me . . . At last, the force being gradually withdrawn, I saw the Guide make a slow sign with both hands - and I realized that the atmosphere of intense cold had passed away and with it all my strung-up, nervy condition. I don't say my trouble had been removed - that is not the Guide's way. It was still there, a gigantic ordeal still to be surmounted, and the wise and kind advice the Guide subsequently gave me helped me to find the strength of mind to surmount it. But I had regained my balance, the steadiness of mind that should always, I know, have been mine. That inner serenity of the fully-developed soul that can “ meet with triumph or disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same.”

I have had other kinds of treatment from time to time from professional healers and derived great benefit from it. Again, to say that it is all imagination is frankly nonsense. Is it “ imagination” that I can tell with my eyes firmly bandaged just where the healer's hands are, though she is not touching my body at all? (Quite often the hands of the healer do not touch the patient, but remain poised a few inches above him.) I can tell where those hands are poised by the sheer feel of the ray that is being driven through. One ray would produce a feeling like the needle­bath at Vichy, another would cause a feeling of faint warmth, another would feel quite definitely cold, another tickled, another would produce a queer but rather pleasant sort of throbbing vibration, another a regular sort of pulsation like a drumbeat, and so on. The healing rays that are the chief curative agents are sent through the hands of the healers much as the current of electricity is sent through a vibro­machine. These rays are, of course, invisible to the normal eye, though clairvoyants can often see them, and even see the spirit-doctors at work, bending over their instrument, the healer, and watching the effect of the rays that they are pouring through his hands.

The rays are vari-coloured - and colours in themselves have very strong healing powers. The colour green, the shade that belongs to the earth in spring, soothes restlessness and irritability.

I use a great deal of it in house-decoration. I also always have my bedroom hung with almond green - it helps to induce sleep. I have proved this many times, both myself and with other people. Purple, especially the orchid shades, clear amethyst and violet (not the very dark and heavy shades which tend to become depressing), is also a soothing colour, and brings with it a very high and pure vibration. The seance rooms of at least two great Guides I know (White Eagle, and the Guide-Without-a-Name) are hung with amethyst curtains, have


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amethyst-coloured chaircovers, glass and so on, and the atmosphere in both is extraordinarily pure and beautiful. Yellow and the clear tones of apricot and orange are stimulating colours, and are of great service in reviving failing health, curing depression and infusing vitality and self­confidence. Red is also powerfully stimulating, and encourages mediumistic powers (one reason why red light is used at seances), but like the fiery shades of orange colour, it is a tint to be used carefully, as it can do harm as well as good. Blue is a much-used and very powerful colour. Besides being one of the strongest healing colours, it allays fear, soothes excited nerves and has a powerful effect on mental cases - to “ lay” ghosts temporarily, a blue lamp kept burning is of great service.

The effect of colour in curative treatment on earth is still little understood as yet. But the time will come when as a matter of routine in our nursing homes patients will be placed in rooms painted with the colour known to have a good effect upon their particular complaint; they will even probably be dressed in that colour, and certainly treated with similar-coloured rays! I believe certain far-seeing scientists are already breaking ground in this direction; if so, they are obeying the instructions of their more advanced colleagues on the Other Side, who have been using colour as an invaluable adjunct in their treatment of ill­health for many years past.

The Blue Ray is the most generally used on the Other Side, I believe - blue being the essential colour of healing. But some wonderful cures were effected by the “ Pearl” Ray, first used (in this day of life at least) through Mr. Morris, a gifted healer working under the direction of the famous Guide Abduhl Latif (of whom more later). And there are rays of all colours and strengths, ranging all through the colours of the spectrum and far beyond. Some - especially the Silver Ray and the Jade Ray - are so terrifically strong that they are only used with great caution. The effects of these great Rays could quite easily disintegrate the human body unless used with extreme care. (We have a proof of what I mean on earth in the damage certain rays can do to the body if carelessly used - the X-ray, radium and so on - although they can accomplish marvellous cures if rightly used.) These rays are only brought into use in moments of great danger, when risks must be taken to save life.

Beside purely psychic treatment, the spirit-doctors give sound and practical advice as regards diet and living in general while the treatment is being taken. For some serious conditions they may forbid meat or


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fish, and in general they advise as little as possible of rich foods, tobacco and alcohol; these two last, however moderately taken, are still drugs - and to a system being regularly impregnated with strong rays from the Other Side they can be not only a serious hindrance to the patient's progress towards health, but almost dangerous at times. Plenty of salads, fresh fruit, milk and vegetables are always advocated, and they make great use of herbs both as poultices and as tisanes; and the spirit­doctors were advising the use of sour milk long before Metchnikoff succeeded in making it fashionable! Actually one of the reasons why so many of the Balkan races, despite their insanitary mode of living, the high rate of infant mortality and the constant danger of loss of life from famine, epidemics, feudal wars and so on, have remained healthy and even remarkably long lived through so many centuries, is thanks to the fact that sour milk (or “ yoghourt” ) has always formed one of their staple forms of diet.

In collecting material for this chapter, my good friend Maurice Barbanell was kind enough to lend me a very interesting book entitled ‘Health, Its Recovery and Maintenance’. This consists of twelve lectures on healing given by the famous Persian physician of whom I have already spoken - Abduhl Latif. They were given through the mouth of the well-known medium, Mrs. Eileen Garrett, taken down and edited by R. H. Saunders, and published in 1928. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle contributed an eloquent foreword to the book - along with Sir Abraham Wallace and other notable scientists and professors who attended many of the sittings at which these lectures were given out by Abduhl Latif.

It is particularly interesting to note in this book that amongst many other essentially modern methods of treatment, Abduhl Latif is an ardent advocate of the internal flushing system called “ colonic irrigation” which has been accepted for years in America, but over which even now many of our British doctors still boggle - in this year of grace 1943! This alone proves how far ahead of most modern doctors is this great Spirit. The following details of his life and career on earth may interest my readers. They are taken from a previous book edited by Mr. Saunders entitled ‘Healing through Spirit Agency’, in which the amazing story of this wonderful spirit-doctor was first revealed.

He was born in Bagdad in the year 1162 of the Christian era. He lived to the age of sixty-nine, travelled widely and was a man of vast learning and many interests. During his lifetime he was not only deeply interested in medical matters and science but in theology, botany, logic,


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music, belles-lettres and literature. He wrote over one hundred and sixty-five books, one of which, ‘Al Mokhtasir’ or the ‘Compendium’, is in the Bodleian Library at Oxford.

Since his death he has concentrated on medicine, and has made a point of meeting and consulting with all the great doctors and scientists who pass over to the Other Side, with the result that his treatment of all manner of varied diseases through his healer, Mr. Morris, and his medium, Mrs. Garrett, had an amazing record of success. Hundreds of astonishing cures were recorded during the time of his ministry, many of them performed without his ever seeing the patient, or the patient even knowing he was being treated. (So much for faith-healing, again!)

But whether one is a believer in spirit healing or no, it remains a fact that this book (Health, Its Recovery and Maintenance) is a book remarkable in its advanced knowledge of the ills affecting the human body and how to treat them. Many doctors, while looking down their noses at the suggestion that a spirit-guide wrote it, are forced to admit the great knowledge behind it.

Abduhl Latif, back in 1928 (the year of publication of the book), was urging treatment of diseases by natural means. By light, heat, warmth, diet, rest, by the constant cleansing of the body inside and out, by the drinking of pure water and the use of salt, olive oil, herbal extracts and fruit juices, baths, massage and so on, just as Aesculapius did in Epidaurus in ancient Greece. Incidentally, the broken remains of the clinic built and used by Aesculapius can still be seen there - I have visited it and seen its out-patients' hall, its baths and consulting-rooms and the little separate cubicles with their stone couches, each built so as to face the sun. Internal irrigation was practised in those days also - no strong purges or injections were employed, and, above all, there was no resort to surgery except in the case of dire need.

It seems to me that we have fallen sadly back since those days in our knowledge of medicine!

Many thousands of great spirit-doctors like Abduhl Latif are working to revive within us some of this old knowledge, (*) as well as to put through much new and valuable knowledge that they have discovered on the Other Side. Before the war, for instance, besides investigation that had just been started in that direction of the value of colour in treating disease, there was a movement on foot directly guided and


impelled from the Other Side to attempt to photograph and study the human aura.

(*) A proof of this lies before me at the moment in an article in the Sunday Despatch of April 11th, 1934, headed “ Doctors May Heal Patients by Telephone”. The article goes on to describe cures given (I quote the article's own wording) by “ treatment given without drugs and from a distance”. They call it “ Radi-aesthesia” and it is apparently based on the doctor's possessing one drop of blood from the patient, which establishes a “ link” and enables him to treat him. A famous West End nerve specialist said to the reporter: “ We do not yet understand what this force is.” We Spiritualists do! Our Healers have been using it for years. So much for the medical

profession's scoffing at absent healing.

I came across a medical book published some years before the war (unfortunately I do not possess it, so cannot give its name) that was a serious attempt at analysing and studying the aura; it contained, besides much deeply-interesting reading matter, several amazing coloured photographs of the aura, showing how the shrinkage or discoloration of it in ill-health marks the aura, even the type, of disease.

See also ‘The Human Atmosphere’, by Dr. Walter J. Kilner, late electrician to St. Thomas's Hospital, London. He claims that the aura is visible by means of chemical screens composed of dicyanin. It is notable that an aura surrounding a corpse was never seen by Dr. Kilner.

There is also much interesting matter concerning this and other aspects of the supernormal in a work by F. Osborn (a detached and intelligent observer) entitled, ‘The Supernormal’.

It was written by a young scientist who was convinced that the study of the aura would be a vast help towards the diagnosis of the disease, if not its cure . . . in which he was, of course, completely right. Disease, like emotion, immediately affects the aura; and if sufficiently delicate instruments could be produced to photograph and analyse the aura, it would be of great advantage in diagnosing and so dealing with disease. I understand that the scientist in question was obliged to drop his research on this subject, as he could not get sufficient financial backing to continue it - which was a thousand pities, as he had his finger on the pulse of a new and vital development in the treatment of disease. But the study will be revived again, and his work will not be wasted - even though he may think it has been thrown away.

On the whole the Guides and healers are not greatly enthusiastic over either injections or blood-transfusions - though as they say, man has free will and he can use any cure he wishes, as long as he wishes it. And the spirit-doctors and scientists are far from being “ anti” our earth­doctors as a whole, being at all times anxious to work with and to help them. But their opinion seems, to be that to inject matter, even curative matter, into the bloodstream - which is very literally “ the life” and a very strange and subtle fluid which carries with it many psychic

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elements of which we are at present unaware - is by no means always a good thing to do. And this is especially true of the infusion of blood taken from the veins of another human being. The fact that the blood taken from the veins of B, belongs to the same blood-group as A, who is to receive it, is a matter of comparatively little importance - “ blood­groups” belong solely to the physical plane. The fact is that by injecting B's blood into A, you are, though you do not know it, introducing a whole series of alien and possibly dangerous vibrations into A's psychic being. Each and every one of us is an entity complete within itself, a “ solar system” as it were, each enclosed within its own individual envelope; and the experiment of intermingling two “ solar systems” is one fraught with many and far more subtle dangers and difficulties than our earthly doctors ever dream of. “ But it saves life!” I grant you it does that, many thousands of times over. But . . . it is sometimes possible to buy life at too high a price.

However, this blood-transfusion is, like so many other things in medicine, merely another phase. It will pass, and be succeeded by other phases. But to those of us who know the vast resources of spiritual healing, the opportunities that lie open to the average person of being cured without resort to any of these drastic cures, there comes sometimes a feeling of sadness that human nature ignores so much that lies on its very doorstep; it suffers so much that it could certainly be spared if it would only “ lift up its eyes and see”!

There are many private healing groups doing excellent work, and a far larger number of public “ Spiritual Healing Centres” than the ordinary person realizes - and without exception that I have heard of, they are all as busy as they can be.

For years Red Cloud, the famous Guide of Estelle Roberts, had a band of healers, men and women, working constantly under him, and the cures effected by those devoted workers and their helpers on the Other Side must run literally into thousands. There is a similar Healing Group at the White Eagle Lodge in Kensington - indeed, there are few great Guides who do not allot a large part of their medium's time towards the alleviating of human nature's physical ills. It may be of interest to my readers to have a brief description of how these groups conduct their work. Though, naturally, many mediums' methods vary in detail, I think the following can be taken as fairly representative of this type of healing circle.


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In the case of these organized bands of healers, as a rule, say, two mornings a week are set aside for diagnosis pure and simple, - during which the patients who desire treatment sit around the room in a circle. The medium goes into trance; her spirit-guide comes through and surveys the circle (the medium sometimes remaining in her chair, sometimes arising and going round the circle lightly touching each patient), analyses each person's malady and advises the healers regarding treatment, any special diet, medicine, exercise or so on that might be needed to assist the treatment. The Guide generally appoints a special healer to certain patients, saying, “ Clare will take such and such a case, and I want her to use the A treatment.” “ Joseph will take So-and­so and apply the X treatment,” and so on. (Sometimes the medium becomes entranced in a separate room and the patients are taken in one by one by the Head Healer, who notes down the directions for each case and instructs the other healers regarding the treatment prescribed by the Guide. Again, each medium has her or his own system.) The Guide then withdraws, the medium emerges from trance, her work done for the moment, and the patients are dismissed after their appointments have been booked with their respective healers.

When the patients appear for their treatments, they are led into separate little cubicles, each by their appointed healer (the healers generally neatly dressed in white overall and cap, and with everything meticulously fresh and clean), and if the patient feels able to spare anything towards expenses, a box with a slit in it is kept in an unobtrusive place in the cubicle, and any contributions are gratefully received and devoted to the inevitable expenses of running the centre. But the healers ask nothing for themselves. Many of them are business men and women who devote their spare time to healing, leaving themselves little time for anything else at all. Indeed, if the world at large realized the numbers of selfless and courageous people who are devoting themselves to this work they would cease to make cheaply cynical jibes about human nature.

Here is a description of a typical private or “ home” healing circle - of which there are many doing excellent work in helping their fellow beings.

These are generally held once or twice a week, and besides the medium herself, through whom the healing Guide works, consists of several regular sitters who sit to help provide the power needed. Sometimes one or two of these also may be healers, but generally they merely come


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to give their help as “ power-batteries” as it were. The patients - there may be one or more than one - sit among them, and there is generally a sofa in the room, or some sort of simple couch on which the patient can lie down if such a posture is necessary for his treatment. The medium then goes into trance and the Healer-Guide comes through, greets the sitters, and picking out the prospective patients, diagnoses their condition and prescribes the treatment. Then the patients go and lie down, with clothing comfortably loosened, in turn upon the sofa; the entranced medium then rises, comes to the side of the sofa, and administers the treatment prescribed. Sometimes one hand is slipped beneath the body while the other rests upon the top and the current or ray is driven through, while the medium's hands remain still; sometimes the treatment is so strongly vibratory that it shakes medium and patient both, and sometimes (as I have already stated) the healer does not even touch the patient's body at all. This continues until the patient has had sufficient treatment for the time being; the spirit-doctor then advises him what to do regarding diet, rest and so on, the medium washes her hands while the patient retires, and the treatment begins all over again with a fresh patient.

There are several remarkably fine individual healers in this country­perhaps the most famous is Parish of East Sheen, to, whom many owe not only their health but their lives.

Parish's healing history is an interesting one. (*) He occupied a responsible position with one of the leading railway companies and had neither interest nor belief in Spiritualism in the beginning. And when his wife fell ill of the dreaded disease of cancer, and a woman friend wanted her to try spiritual healing (as the hospital in which she had been operated on had said that nothing more could be done and that the trouble was certain to recur), at first he laughed the idea off, declaring that “ Spiritualism was only for weak-minded women and for men who didn't think”.

(*) See Parish the Healer, the life-story of this remarkable man published in book form by Maurice Barbanell.

But Mrs. Parish insisted upon trying - it could at least do no harm, she said - so the two began investigating Spiritualism, and finally went together to a private sitting with a well-known medium. While the medium was in trance the Guide told Parish that he himself was a born healer, and that if he could carry out his instructions faithfully he could cure his wife of cancer! Amazed and still sceptical, but willing to try


- 158 -

anything that might help his beloved wife, Parish followed the instructions exactly, reporting to the spirit-doctor once a month for fresh instructions; when obliged to leave home on business for short period, he applied absent treatment and Mrs. Parish was completely cured, and remains cured to this day!

This had been done, the spirits told him, to prove to him that he possessed great powers as a healer and that he was intended to use them for humanity's sake - and filled with wonder and gratitude, Parish has devoted himself ever since to this great work. He is known over five continents, and receives thousands of letters begging for help from all over the world. He spends his entire life in the work of healing, both in the actual “ laying on of hands” or in periods of absent treatment. He has absolutely no knowledge of medical matters, but allows himself to be “ overshadowed” by his spirit-guides, who work through him - chief among them being, again, the great Abduhl Latif, who frequently gives Parish proof of his presence and advises him when on occasion he goes to sit with a medium.

The record of cures effected by this amazing man - who, incidentally, does not accept money for his services - would fill a whole row of volumes. He has succeeded in curing any and every kind of disease, often so speedily that the cure seems literally miraculous - and many of his finest cures have been cases that have come to him (as, tragically, they often do come) as a last resort, having spent time and money uselessly in treatment by earthly doctors and fallen back on spiritual healing as a forlorn hope. If sufferers would only come to these healers when their disease is in its infancy the long list of these psychic cures, already remarkable, could be doubled! But so sadly often it is left to the last minute, when the body is so wasted, or the disease has got so vital a grip on the entire physical structure, that it is too late for a cure; and then the spirits are blamed that they cannot rebuild a body already rotten with disease! But it is not a fair test - and to reproach a healer with failure when a case like this is brought to him is frankly foolish.

The point is often raised by objectors that only nervous diseases, mental or psychological complaints can be really affected by spiritual healing; but this is not so.

Organic disease responds every bit as quickly as nervous disease; and Parish, in common with many other healers, has cured and is curing such complaints as diabetes, consumption, infantile paralysis, deafness and blindness, rheumatoid arthritis and every other sort of malady


- 159 -

imaginable. There is no case dismissed as hopeless; and though in some cases things have been left too late for a complete cure, and in others the clairvoyance of the healer will often tell him that the sufferer's time on earth is up, even then the treatment will help much towards soothing pain and bringing comfort and tranquillity. I vividly remember the last words spoken to me by a dear friend who died of T.B. only two years ago in a nursing home, when she realized that the absent treatment she had been having could not keep her on earth.

“ Tell them,” she said, “ that I'm grateful. The healers couldn't save me and I've known for some days that my time is up. But I have been conscious of their presence every night and of their kindness, and the treatment has done so much to make the passing-over easier”

Another well-known psychic healer of to-day is W. H. Lilley of Leeds, whose guide is Dr. Letari, a Hindu doctor who passed on many years ago.

Lilley's mother was a healer, and he developed the gift of healing when quite a boy; he was employed on leaving school at an engineering works and used to devote his several evenings a week to his healing. Like most healers, he uses herbs as an essential adjunct to the purely psychic side of his treatment, and in those days he used to gather them on returning home from work at night. The right herbs were “ shown” him by a faint blue light that used to descend and rest upon the plant. As the fame of his remarkable gift grew he was obliged to give up his whole time to healing, and in 1938 a group of prominent Leeds business men became so impressed that they formed themselves into a special band to help and further Lilley's cures. The head of this group was Arthur C. Richards, a public-spirited man who generously relinquished part of his engineering works to provide Headquarters for a Centre where the gifted young healer might conduct his work.

Under Mr. Richards' direction the organization of Lilley's healing career is complete and successful. Every paper is properly filed, there are records with details of the diagnoses and the treatment given, there is a dispensary where herbal extracts, etc., are dispensed, there are six healers continually busy besides Lilley himself, and a staff of twenty-one is needed to deal with the clerical and correspondence side of the Centre, and various medical men, impressed with the young healer's amazing cures, have also co-operated with Mr. Richards in testing and proving Lilley's cures. The obvious comment by cynics will be, “ Oh, if he


- 160 -

is backed by a group of business men Lilley must be making a nice thing out of it.”

The answer is that up to a recent date at least Lilley received a salary of £ 3 a week only! At first the treatments were given free, even the herbs that formed part of them - but since the war the minute charge of 2s. 6d. has been made. This healer's work has grown from a single Centre in Leeds, first opened in 1939, to another Centre in Hull, and now there is a nursing home in the West End of London. In one representative year (1937) five hundred patients were treated, most of them with success - and the work is rapidly expanding.

Now here I have given a rough outline of the life-stories of two outstanding healers - and if space permitted I could give many more. (*) Isn't it obvious that unless these men were, so to speak, “ delivering the goods”, they would not have this continuously increasing flow of patients? Nothing succeeds like success; and if the cures were “ freak” or faith cures that faded when the moment's emotional exaltation had faded, their healer's reputation would fade with them. They do no advertising. The only advertisement they have is the constant stream of patients who leave their hands once more in normal health, who in their turn pass on the good news to their friends, and to their friends' friends. One of the most heartening signs of the times is the fact that here and there progressive medical men are beginning to take a serious interest in psychic healing; this movement must necessarily be slow, as it must be sure, and naturally the medical profession as a whole is rightly jealous of the wonderful work it has done, of its prestige and of its rights. But the Guides declare that in the end every type and sort of healer must link up, as each and every type is needed, from osteopaths (whom they call “ manipulators” ) to psychic healers, the G.P. and the surgeon, the specialist in ray treatment and electricity, the hypnotist, the psychiatrist and all the rest. Each of these varied types of healers on this side and the Other have their rightful place in the helping of mankind to overcome the ills to which his unfortunate flesh is heir; no one branch has cornered every aspect of the healing art, but all should, and one day will, be used for the benefit of mankind.

A. K. Challoner, in that deeply interesting book ‘The Path of Healing’, quotes A. Cockren as a great healer. Cockren has been healing for thirty years, and I understand a book by him is due on the market soon, to be entitled ‘A New Science of Manipulation’.

And the Sunday Pictorial (October 17th, 1943) describes the healing work of Dr. Peters, M.P. for Huntingdonshire, and former Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Ministry of Labour. In 1936 Dr. Peters declared before the House of Commons that he was a psychic healer, and he has


- 161 -

many remarkable cures to his credit. As the Sunday Pictorial remarks, “ such a statement, coming from a man in Dr. Peters' position, cannot be taken lightly”.

If sceptics still feel doubtful about what I say I suggest that they take the trouble to investigate this interesting aspect of Spiritualism by reading some of the books and records available.

Besides those I have mentioned, there was a deeply interesting account published some time ago under the title of ‘The House of Wonder’, recording some of the many fine cures obtained at a nursing home run at Hulham House, near Exmouth; the home was entirely under the direction of a spirit-doctor called “ Dr. Beale” who worked through Miss Rose, his medium, who had herself not the remotest knowledge of medical matters. Dr. Beale's treatment consisted mostly of diets, baths. and massage - plus, of course, the purely psychic treatment sent through from the Other Side. He was assisted by another spirit called “ Dr. Nova” who worked through Sister Mercia, another medium, and between them these two doctors performed many remarkable cures - cures effected sometimes by dealing with the patient direct, sometimes by “ Absent” treatment.

Two more books have been published about this Healing Centre – ‘One Thing I Know’ and ‘Dr. Beale’. All are by E. M. Storr, herself a patient who was cured by psychic healing after she had spent fifteen years on her back as incurable.

More fine healing work has been (and as far as I know, still is) performed by another spirit-doctor called Dr. Lascelles at the Centre called “ The Seekers” in London; and Mrs. Leonard, the well-known medium whose Control was North Star, has some interesting accounts of psychic healing performed through her by that Guide in her book ‘My Life in Two Worlds’.

Going back in history, one can trace the path of spiritual healing during many centuries.

St. Bernard, the Abbot of Clairvaux (1090-1153), Valentine Greatrakes (1662), Jacob the Zouave (1828-1913), Dr. J. R. Newton (1810-1883) and the late Earl of Sandwich (1839-1916) (see the latter's ‘My Experiences’ in Spiritual Healing, London 1915) have all testified in their respective ways and times to many astonishing cures that seem, by their records and witnesses, to be authentic. And the records of healing performed at many great religious centres are matters of history. Lourdes is, of course, the most famous Centre in the West to-day, but Holywell in


- 162 -

Wales cannot be ignored, and Treves in Germany, in 1891, claimed many cures through the agency of the “ Holy Coat” .

Twenty-two archbishops and bishops of Languedoc wrote to Clement XI thus:

“ We are witnesses that before the tomb of Father John Francis the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear and the dumb speak.”

Amazing instances of healing are recorded in a book written by Carre de Montgiron and dedicated to the King of France, and the cemetery of St. Medard became so famous in its days for the healing cures that took place there that the Jesuits became jealous and petitioned that the healing be forbidden! This provoked Voltaire into one of his most famous and cutting bons mots:

De par le Roi - defence au Dieu
De faire miracle en ce lieu.”

Though he would doubtless eschew any suggestion of his work being allied to Spiritualism, yet the Rev. John Maillard, who has a healing centre at Milton Abbey, Blandford, Dorset, and himself possesses the gift of healing, has many fine cures to his credit - or rather to the credit of the Power that heals through him. I hear of another parson, Pastor Jefferies, who does successful healing for the “ Four-Square­Gospellers”, and there are many others; so I do not suggest that this wonderful psychic gift is the exclusive right of any particular creed or belief. But I consider that Spiritualism, better than any other system, explains and recognizes psychic healing for what it really is. And I would go as far as to say that the greatest number of psychic healers at present working in Great Britain are drawn from the ranks of Spiritualists - even if in the beginning, like Parish, they do not believe in it at all!

Truly we are only at the beginning of learning what man is, whence he comes and whither he goes! Only now are we beginning to recover our ancient wisdom, after these nightmare-long centuries, the Dark Ages, when we forgot or repudiated that ancient wisdom we learnt in the days when the world was young! When the Sphinx was still uncarved, a gaunt faceless rock gazing out over the sea that in those days rippled where now the desert lies, and the white temples and palaces built by the Atlantean colonists in Mexico and Peru shone in the sun, and man still retained some faint likeness to the gods from whom he sprang.


- 163 -

But the old knowledge is awaking! Despite the darkness that still seems to brood upon the stricken world, despite the endless disheartening, dispiriting struggles and quarrels that must ensue before we see the riven, embittered countries even beginning to know tranquillity once more - despite all this, the opening of man's “ third eye” is at hand. The reawakening of his old knowledge - never quite lost because guarded by a few Wise Ones all through these grim centuries since he fell from grace - is coming as surely as night follows day.

“ Man, know thyself!” The cry that has rung down the ages is the cry that heralds the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, of the Watercarrier, when the Water of Life, the Water of True Knowledge, will be at last brought to the lips of thirsting humanity.

Two thousand years since the birth of the Nazarene . . . the Master Who taught so much and to Whose teaching we have paid so little heed! Within the next two thousand years perhaps we shall learn to appreciate Him as He deserves - and to follow His Teaching as we have never yet done.

But Time is not important there is, indeed, no such thing as Time. And so I declare with confidence that though in this physical life I cannot live long enough to see anything but the very small beginnings of the New Age - the Age wherein man will not only recover his Old Wisdom but a vast new wisdom also, since he is beginning to know how to open the door between the two worlds - I shall see it from the Other Side, and be, I hope, allowed to play a part in it.