The Seven Purposes by Margaret Cameron 1867 - 1947




April 8th.


"THIS is the ninth lesson.


"Men have lived in fear of forces from without, and have not perceived that within themselves all forces are made potent. Men have feared purposes from without, and have not perceived that their own purpose is eternal. Men have talked of power, and failed to perceive its source. Men have dreamed of possession, and failed to find freedom. Possession is temporary and ephemeral. Freedom is eternal. Should a man yield the freedom of his eternal purpose for any possession whatsoever?


"Build ye with all possessions, that purpose may be free For brotherhood commandeth service, and for this are possessions hallowed. He who hath, and denieth his brother opportunity, destroys his own purpose. He who hath possessions, and giveth his brother opportunity, builds for eternity. He who hath power and plenitude, and giveth his brother





help, has given all men more than the one can take. He has built for eternity.


"The man who has this power to build with possessions for eternal progress has a force beside his own, the force of material purpose to aid his brother's force. Many there be who build for eternity with material possessions. They are the keepers of the keys for all who labor, stewards of opportunity.


"He who has opportunity to strive, and striveth not, destroys his own purpose. He who has the key to opportunity for building offered him, and fails to free the force, destroys both his own purpose and that of his brother.


"One purpose are all to serve—Progress. And whether it be with purpose and possessions, or with purpose and poverty, all serve equally who put their whole force into service.


"So may all men know they are brothers. "This is the ninth lesson."


PART - 10