The Seven Purposes by Margaret Cameron 1867 - 1947




March 31st.


"THIS is the third lesson.


"When men learn that the Force Beyond Perfection is purpose, which has personified itself in them, they will grow to feel the possibilities to which they have heretofore been insensible.


"Life is purpose. Purpose is force. Force is personality, from highest to lowest, from saint to stick and stone. Men have called it many things, but what it is none have perceived clearly.


"Eternal purpose is perfect justice, perfect fearlessness, perfect understanding, perfect honesty, perfect sympathy, perfect unity, and eternal growth, which is progress perfectly expressed. This is the end for which we work. Not Nirvana. Not oblivion. Not power stagnant and powerless. But a perfect balance, progressing to purposes and powers as yet undreamed. This is the Eternal Purpose, toward which all purpose moves. Purposes of construction





consciously and determinedly, purposes of destruction unwillingly and inevitably. They fear us, they fight us, they seek to destroy us, not perceiving that they must in the end rejoin us, having left us in the beginning.


"To bring this home to the souls of men is our first duty, and for that reason those of us nearest to your life work first among men. Purpose frees forces you but dimly apprehend, and free forces construct a foundation in your life for the perfect unity of Eternal Purpose.


"Any force not free destroys itself. Any good not animated and active destroys itself. Force imprisoned becomes destruction. Good imprisoned becomes evil. All are fundamentally good, fundamentally beneficent, but have become powers for destruction through lack of progressive development and exercise.


"All men are fusions of many purposes, moved by many forces, answering to many calls. Each responds to the call of his dominant purpose, which flows and fluctuates with his life's struggle. One day he destroys, and cares not. One day he builds, and marvels at his power. One day he sleeps and forgets. One day he fights to the death for a purpose he had not yesterday, and loses to-morrow. This is the life of man, and this our field of





battle. There are other lives, other struggles, other lessons to learn, but this is the first.


"Purpose manifests itself in man inevitably in action. His purpose is not what he believes, not what he desires, but what he is and does. If he destroys, and builds not on the ruins, he is against us. If he falls and fails not, he is with us, though he stumble an hundred times. He fights within himself the ancient fight, and if he win that, his eternal battle is won. Thereafter, he is part and parcel of the forces of construction.


"Purpose answers freely only to its kind, freely and fearlessly it responds to the call of self. If a man be captive to destructive forces, he responds to the cry, Destroy! But if he be given to powers of progress, he builds, though his eyes be blinded and his hands cut off.


"In every man captive to forces of disintegration the builder lies dormant. To reach that faint glow of Eternal Purpose is the first duty of every constructive force. Call to it, rouse it, free it, and it will eventually respond. But do not smother it with false charity, darken it by conflicting precepts, weaken it by fictitious aid. Every individual must serve his own purpose. Only thus is the integrity of the whole conserved. Though he be only a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord, yet does he





serve his eternal purpose as truly as the priest. Let each man learn his purpose and serve forcefully where his development has placed him. Only thus can he progress.


"Purposes are divided. Thus do they show themselves to men. The purpose of Progress is first and greatest, because it moves all the others toward the Great Purpose. The other constructive purposes are these, divided and subdivided: Light, Justice, Truth, Production, Healing, Building. Each divided and divisible by any of the others, yet pure and perfect in itself. Light may dwell with Healing or Production, but only Light calls unto Light, only Justice unto Justice.


"All forces of construction work together, yet each purpose separate unto itself. Choose ye, therefore. Build or tear down, produce or destroy, illumine or obscure, free men, or hold them captive to themselves. Choose daily and hourly the purpose ye serve.


"This is the third lesson."


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