The Seven Purposes by Margaret Cameron 1867 - 1947




March 26th.


"THIS is the second lesson.


"The forces of disintegration are gathering for a titanic struggle, of which your Great War is only the beginning. Had Germany won there, they would have a foothold with you that we would find it difficult, if not impossible, to combat effectively for many years. The spirits of free men would have been soiled with fear and despair, and the forces of doubt and disintegration would have held civilization captive.


"Germany has felt her forces weaken and fail under the onslaught of freedom, light, and progress, and the forces of disintegration are deserting her. She is left alone, to work her way, through mazes of despair, back to a place in the sun. She must find her own way. She chose to follow the forces of destruction, and they will surely destroy her.


"But the forces she followed are uniting for a fiercer fight, more subtle, more deadly, more





furious. Hidden beneath the garments of peace and good will, they make ready to poison the minds of men before destroying their forces and delaying their purposes.


"This is the battle to which we call you and all who are for progress. This is the message you are to give the world, to warn them of the danger at hand. The time has come when men must choose consciously to fight for or against the forces of construction. They are confused from the conflict within themselves, running hither and thither, calling for help from the gods they have made unto themselves, but looking only to the present good, perceiving only the present purpose, fearing only the present defeat. They will find no help from these gods, for they have impotent feet of clay.


"The forces of disintegration have made friends with the poor and the needy, and have fed them husks of brotherhood. They have made friends with the powerful and rich, and have tempted them with earth and its kingdoms. They have fed the artist falsehoods, and the writer fear of fear. They have touched the priest with tainted hands, and rulers with fear of the people. They have entered the home and rent it asunder, and the temple is a market­place. These are the works of the





purposes we fight, and thus do they disguise themselves. Unless this can be brought home to the souls of men, the fight will be long and bitter.


"Forget the class and remember the man. Forget the price and remember the pearl. Forget the labor and remember the fruit. Forget the temple and remember God.


"Men fight together for one end alone—the purpose for which they live. It is hard to find there, in the confusion of personal conflict, but the time is at hand when it must be found.


"The forces of light are positive. Shun negation. The forces of freedom are individual. Shun dependence. The forces of progress are fearless. Shun fearful combinations. Work together as individuals, consciously cooperating, not as sheep. You will learn to think. You will learn to feel. You will learn to see. Then we may move on to the next phase of development toward the great purpose.


"The forces of disintegration are wily, but fearful. Bullies and cowards. But when they are united in sufficiently strong numbers, fearless and unscrupulous. They fear the reawakening of the forces of progress in your life. This is the reason they gather now, to smite





while the world is weary. Disguised as purposes of light, they hope for welcome.


"This is our call to arms. Arouse ye! Come forth for freedom, light, justice, and progress—consciously, freely, strongly.


"This is the second lesson."


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