The Seven Purposes by Margaret Cameron 1867 - 1947





"The lessons came from great forces combined. They represent unity of all purposes, and were framed by the co­operation and agreement of the greatest forces of each constructive purpose, to reach the consciousness of men in general terms of your plane."



"This is the first lesson."



March 23d.


"ALL pure purpose is fearless, whether for good or evil, but few humans are pure purpose, and the first fight is in themselves. All this has been said before in effect, but based on other premises. This is the first time the original purpose has been defined and explained. For centuries men have sought the source of life. This is the first time they have been ready to accept the whole truth about that, or to be prepared for the next step.


"Once convinced that chaos grew from purposes born of the Force Beyond Perfection, purposes perfect from the beginning, but at war because they contained within themselves all the elements of life and of conflict—once convinced of this, men will gradually find their own clear purposes defined, and the war within themselves will cease. They will choose definitely to build or to destroy, to be honest or dishonest. Self-deception will be less easy or possible, and the fight will then be with you,





as it is now with us, between forces clearly indicated. Now you are all confused by a war within a war, infinitely continued. Conflict multiplied by the number of purposes in each purpose. This has been recognized, but the remedy has never been clearly found. It lies in the conviction that force of every nature is purpose, which has existed from the beginning, and that the force which builds is beneficent and may be clearly segregated and united.


"The Force Beyond Perfection is composed of all things, and therefore understands all things. The original purposes were all good, and will be again, if they can all become intelligent. They became evil through attraction of like for like, akin to your atomic attraction, and chaos resulted. This struggle created a desire and determination to exist in concrete form, to add a new force to the forces of chaos. That was a great conflict, resulting in a tie. Purposes became fused in the same individual, and the battle infinitely multiplied, but yet not lost. Now the effort of both participants is for united purpose again, and the fusion of purposes in each individual makes the confusion greater and the fight more bitter. Men are swayed first by one purpose and then by another, and are themselves unable to distinguish between good and evil.





"This precipitated the Great War with you, the purposes in the Central Empires being more nearly united than elsewhere. Their purposes are fundamentally destructive, because fundamentally autocratic, based on fear, and would ultimately reduce civilization to infancy again. The reason Germany has been able to fight so long is because her purpose is conscious, while the Allies fight blindly but determinedly, moved by purposes they do not recognize and yet must obey. They talk of unity, but do not perceive its nature. They are misled by phrases hollow, but plausible, and do not perceive them to be the enemy in disguise not the mortal enemy, but the ancient purpose, divided into many.


"The light is beginning to break now, and the hour has almost come for the forces of construction to unite and smite powerfully. But it must be consciously, as the purpose of construction, if the victory is to be permanent or truly for progress. Men must learn to choose their purposes conscious] and intelligently, to be definitely and actually building for a definite and actual future. There is too Much quarreling about ways and means, and too little recognition of the goal. Too much self, and too little sympathy. This is equally true of all classes of society. Materialism has





been rank in the tenement and in the cottage, as in palace and counting-room.


"It is a common purpose we serve, for building or for tearing down. It is impossible to be consistently for both continuously. That has made the Great War, and that is the struggle that must be settled in the minds of men before there can be peace on earth or lasting and progressive brotherhood.


"This is the first lesson."


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