Psychography, A Treatise of Psychic or Spiritual Phenomena 1840 - 1892




THE sum of what I have stated may be resolved into the following propositions:


1. That there exists a Force which operates through a special type of human organisation, and which is conveniently called PSYCHIC FORCE.

2. That this force is (in certain cases) demonstrably governed by Intelligence.

3. That this Intelligence is (in certain cases) provably not that of the person or persons through whom the Force is evolved.

4. That this Force, thus governed by an external Intelligence, manifests its action in (amongst other methods) the writing of coherent sentences without the intervention of any of the usual methods of writing. Such abnormal writing is conveniently called Psychography.

5. That the evidence for the existence of this Force, thus governed by an external Intelligence, rests upon

(a) The evidence of the observer's senses.

(b) The fact that a language other than that known to the Psychic is frequently used.

(c) The fact that the subject-matter of the writing is frequently beyond the knowledge of the Psvchic.


128                                        Psychography.

(d) The fact that it is demonstrably impossible to produce the results by fraud under conditions similar to those under which the phenomena are obtained.


(e) The fact that these special phenomena are produced not only in public, and for gain, but in private, and without the presence of any person outside of the family circle.