Psychography, A Treatise of Psychic or Spiritual Phenomena 1840 - 1892




FOR the past five years I have been familiar with the phenomenon of Psychography, and have observed in a vast number of cases, both with recognized Psychics known to the public, and with ladies and gentlemen in private, who possess the power and readily procure the result. In the course of these observations I have seen psychographs obtained in closed and locked boxes, in a manner similar to the experiment above recorded in the case of the Baron Guldenstubbe; on paper previously marked and placed in a special position, from which it was not moved; on paper marked and put under the table, so as to get the assistance of darkness; on paper on which my elbow rested, and on paper covered by my hand; on paper inclosed in a scaled envelope; and on states securely tied together.


I have known such writing to be almost instantaneously produced; and late experiments, to which I shall refer in their place, confirm me in the statement that the process employed is not always the same. Whereas at times the pencil is seen to write as if moved by a hand, at times invisible, but at others visibly guiding and controlling its movements, at others the writing would seem to be produced by an instantaneous effort without the use of the pencil. I


26                                           Psychography.

recall an instance which bears on this question of the use of the pencil.


I was present at a seance held at the house of an intimate friend, three friends only present. Paper, previously initialled by each of us, was put on the floor under the table, together with an ordinary black-lead pencil. One of us, feeling the pencil against his boot, put his foot upon it, and held it there till the seance was over. Writing, however, was found on the paper; and we debated the question how it could have been done, seeing that no pencil was available for use. The paper bore our marks, and had not been removed, so far as we could tell. We met again during the same week, and I privately provided myself with the means of testing the matter. I brought a bright green pencil, and substituted it without remark for the black-lead, keeping my foot upon it all the time. When the paper was examined the writings very short scrawl was found to be in green. The pencil, therefore, was used in some way unknown to me. I believe that this is the case frequently, and that instantaneous writing is done by some method other than that of the normal use of the pencil. This is noted by Baron Guldenstubbe, as I have remarked above, and was observable in some cases of slate-writing with Slade, as I shall have occasion to note hereafter; and one case at least is within my knowledge where a side of a slate is frequently covered with writing in a few seconds. The psychic in this case is a lady, whose name I have no authority to make public.