Anima Astrologiae






William Lilly, Student in Astrology










  1. To consider what moves a man to propose a question

  2. The course the Querent should take when he goes to an Astrologer

  3. How many ways the Planets operate in Inferiors

  4. Of the causes assisting to accomplish things

  5. How many ways such states of the Moon does happen

  6. Another way of the Planets being debilitated not much different

  7. To beware of those things that lead an Artist into error

  8. To see how many Considerations thou shouldst use

  9. To consider the helpers or hinderers of a business

  10. The Fixed Stars that so hinder or help

  11. To consider the Infortunes, what they signify

  12. What the Fortunes signify

  13. What the Sun signifies

  14. What Mercury and the Moon signifies

  15. How the Planets make their Impress ions on Inferiors

  16. Whether the Significator be afflicted by either of the Infortunes

  17. Whether the Planets be free from Impediment

  18. Whether a Planet is in the Angle of the Inferiors

  19. Whether the Moon be Voyd of Course

  20. Whether the Moon or Significator be joined to any of the Planets

  21. From what Planet the Moon separates

  22. Whom she next applies to

  23. Her condition as joined

  24. Whether a Planet be in his declension

  25. Whether a Planet be Retrograde or Stationary

  26. Whether Stationary or Retrogradation or Direction

  27. Whether the Infortunes be Significators

  28. Whether the Significator be slow

  29. Whether the Moon be in Corporal Conjunction with any Planet

  30. Whether the Significator or Moon be past 29į of the Sign they are in

  31. When one Planet applies to the conjunction of another

  32. If an Infortune be Significator, his condition

  33. Whether an Infortune be Significator

  34. On what to ground Judgment

  35. Whether a Planet be in Signs agreeable

  36. When the Infortunes signify Impediment

  37. Whether Fortunes are Significators

  38. If Significators are Cadent

  39. Whether the Significator be in Reception

  40. If an Infortune be Peregrine

  41. Whether an Infortune be Significator

  42. Whether a Fortune be Significator

  43. If Fortunes and Infortunes be in Malignant Places

  44. If the Significator be in his own House

  45. Whether Infortunes are in Angles of the Ascendant

  46. Whether the Significator be a Fortune or Infortune

  47. Whether the Significator be in his proper Light

  48. Whether if an Infortune be Significator, the evil shall be avoided

  49. Whether one of the Infortunes be Significator

  50. To consider the Ascendant or Moon

  51. Whether the Significator be Cadent

  52. When the three Inferior Planets come from under the Sunís beams

  53. Whether the Significator be under the Sunís Beams

  54. Whether one of the Superior Planets in 12į distant from the Sun

  55. Whether the Significator be Peregrine

  56. Whether the Significator give virtue to any of the other Planets

  57. Whether the Significator be in the 8th from the Ascendant

  58. Whether a Significator be settled in the Sign wherein he is

  59. Whether the Significator be 15į behind the cusp of an Angle

  60. Whether the Significator be in a Fixed, Moveable, or Common Sign

  61. Whether the Lord of the Ascendant and Moon be with Dragonsí Head or Tail

  62. Whether the Moon be void of course

  63. Whether she be far from joining with the Infortunes

  64. Whether she be in Cancer, Taurus or Pisces

  65. Whether the Lord of the 7th be afflicted

  66. When the Infortunes threaten ill

  67. Whether any eclipse be near

  68. In questions of sickness whether the Lord of the 7th be free

  69. In Journies whether the Significators be equal

  70. Whether the Lord of the New or Full Moon preventional, be in any of the Angles

  71. Whereabout the Signifcator happens in the Figure

  72. Whether the question be of a journey

  73. Whether it signify good or ill

  74. Whether a Planet be Stationary to Retrogradation

  75. Whether the Moon be afflicted

  76. From what Planet the Moon separates and to whom she is joined

  77. Whether the Significator or the Moon be in opposition to their own Houses

  78. To observe the Sign signifying the thing enquired about

  79. To observe whether the Significator or the Moon be joined to Fortunes or Infortunes

  80. In what Sign the Significator of the thing enquired after is

  81. Whether the Significator be in an Angle, Succedent, or Cadent House

  82. Whether the Significator receive virtue from any Planet

  83. Whether the Fortunes and Infortunes be equally strong

  84. Whether the Fortunes be strongest

  85. Whether the Part of Fortune fall well or ill

  86. Whether an Infortune behold the Significator

  87. To observe the Novenary of the Moon

  88. What Planet the Moon separates from

  89. To observe the Duodenary of the Moon

  90. Whether the Lords of the House where the Sun and Moon are, &c., and oriental

  91. Whether Mars be in an Angle

  92. Whether the Significator of death apply to the Nativeís Significator

  93. Of what kind of thing the Question is

  94. Whether the Significator be Cadent

  95. Whether the Planets signifying the thing enquired, joined mutually

  96. Whether the Significator and Moon be in Angles

  97. In what climate before the question is proposed

  98. Whether the meaning of the question be signified by conjunction or aspect

  99. What the issue of the Question will be

  100. To observe the Benevolent Fixed Stars

  101. Which is the Killing Planet or destroyer of Life, etc.

  102. How to find what it signifies

  103. In what Houre the Part of Fortune is

  104. Whether the significator be in his 7th House

  105. Whether the Infortune unfortunate be in the 7th

  106. Whether a Fortune fortunate be there

  107. Whether Mars be in the 2nd or 10th

  108. Whether any Planet behold two Houses

  109. Whether the Lord of the 5th, be in the 7th, afflicted

  110. Whether Scorpio ascend

  111. Whether Dragonís Tail be in the 7th

  112. If Virgo ascend

  113. Whether any of the Infortunes be in the 9th afflicted

  114. Whether a Fortune be Lord of the 8th

  115. Whether the 8th or its Lord be afflicted

  116. Which of the Houses are afflicted

  117. In which House the Dragonís Tail is

  118. In which House a Fortune fortunate is

  119. If the Lord of the 2nd be in the 7th

  120. Whether any of the Lords of the 3rd 4th, 5th 6th, 9th 10th, 11th or 12th be in the 7th

  121. Whether the Moon be in the 8th

  122. Whether the Part of Fortune be in the first 10 degrees of the 4th house

  123. Whether the Sun and Moon be in conjunction

  124. To observe the Significator of substance

  125. To note what sign ascends

  126. Whether Mercury be Significator in a Nativity

  127. Whether the Lord of the Ascendant at Birth be an Infortune

  128. Whether the Ascendant be a Sign resembling man

  129. Whether the Moon be in an opposition to Sun and with nebulous stars

  130. Whether the Moon be with Mercury

  131. Whether in an Manís Nativity the Luminaries be in Masculine Signs

  132. Whether Mars be corporally joined to a Fixed Star of his own nature

  133. Whether Gemini or Sagittarius ascend

  134. Whether Mars and Venus be in the 6th

  135. Whether the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon, Jupiter, or Venus

  136. Whether the Sun and Moon are in their Exaltations

  137. Whether Mercury be with Saturn

  138. Whether in a Nativity the two Infortunes are in term of the 4th house

  139. In what House the Dragonís Tail is

  140. Whether the Significator be weak

  141. What gifts are bestowed by the Fixed Stars

  142. What by the Planets

  143. To observe the Method of judging

  144. When the Significators show their intent obscurely

  145. Whether in a Diurnal Nativity Cor Leonis be in the Ascendant

  146. To observe who shall partake in the dominion with the Significators