Question 1- January 8th, 1866

ANIMALS have brains and nervous systems, and exhibit phenomena, mental, moral, and emotional, which seem to differ only in degree from those of human life: they think, they reason, and invent novel and ingenious methods of attaining their objects, of overcoming their difficulties and remedying evils; they also manifest, love, hatred, gratitude, revenge, joy, grief, jealousy, etc., and have also methods of communication with each other. In our superior human nature we regard these as manifestations of the spirit within us, acting through the machinery of the brain and nervous system, and we know that spirit to survive the death of our mortal part. What is it that produces these analogous, though inferior manifestations in the brute creation, and what becomes of it after their death?


Question 2 - January 8th, 1866

Is the spirit, in its progress, incarnated more than once?


Question 3 - January 8th, 1866

CAN you give any explanation regard the suffering which the animal kingdom is called upon to endure, in connection with the physical well-being of man, and the purposes of science; as also concerning the perpetual warfare waging therein?


Question 4 - January 8th, 1866

Can you throw any light upon the mystery of insanity and its purposes?


Question 5 - January 8th, 1866

 WHAT do you understand to be the conditions necessary to admit of mediums being lifted in the air, and of the passage of spirits through material objects, if they can so pass?


Question 6 - January 8th, 1866

WILL you explain the law of faith as a practical principle of life?


Question 1 - January 15th, 1866

CAN you assist us to comprehend the statement of Swedenborg, that in the spiritual world are neither time nor space, with reference to the accounts which he gives of its scenery, history, institutions, and occupations?


Question 2 - January 15th, 1866

MANY of the phenomena and communications which we are accustomed to attribute to spirits of departed persons have been explained by some on the principles of mind reading, of mesmerism, of clairvoyance, etc. Will you give us your explanation of this, and to what extent, if any, such phenomena may be thus accounted for?


Question 3 - January 15th, 1866

WHAT are the ideas revealed to you regarding the law of temptation?


Question 4 - January 15th, 1866

CAN you explain to us the origin and purpose of pain?


Question 1 - January 22nd, 1866

WHAT do you understand by the term “spiritual atmosphere,” as used by mediums? Does it imply the spiritual body or the proceeding therefrom?


Question 2 - January 22nd, 1866

 MRS BEECHER STOWE has written these lines:- “It is a beautiful belief, that ever around our head are hovering on angel wings the spirits of the dead.” Are the spirits of the departed always near us? Do they participate in our joys and sorrows? Have they the power to see into our inner life and thoughts? What evidence have those whose spiritual vision is not opened of these facts?


Question 3 - January 22nd, 1866

IT is asserted that the phenomena of the Bible and of modern Spiritualism are identical in kind and differ only in degree; if this be so, why should the former, that is the Bible phenomena, be regarded as the direct teaching of the Great Spirit, and accepted as authoritative, and the latter not so?


Question 4 - January 22nd, 1866

IS spirit developed along with the human body, or does it enter it fully formed, and at what period?


Question 5 - January 22nd, 1866

HAVE animals spirit? If not, what is the nature of their life, and how is it they have so many of the feelings, affections, passions, and mental endowments of men?


Question 6 - January 22nd, 1866

WILL you indicate the nature of the dangers, if any, attending the cultivation of mediumship, and how any such may be guarded against?


Question 7 - January 22nd, 1866

WILL you explain the meaning of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil,” and “the tree of life?”


Question 8 - January 22nd, 1866

PHYSICIANS and physiologists call the wonderful function of healing, in the restoration of animal or vegetable bodies which are wounded or sick, the vis medicatrix. What is this healing property? Is it a distinct power? Is it of, or does it afford any analogy to, any restrictive economy by which the disordered condition of the soul is to be supernaturally regenerated?


February 5th, 1866

The following questions were put and answered:­


Question 1 - February 5th, 1866

WILL you explain your own case, as to when and how far you are influenced by an attendant spirit, and how far and in what way this influence mingles with other sources of information? And how do you recognise the spirit communication? It is of primary importance and interest to all to be made aware of the exact nature and specialty of a fact before us.


Question 2 - February 5th, 1866

HOW are direct writing and drawing done by an invisible agency, as has been satisfactorily proved to have been done, in pencil, ink, and colours, when none of these materials are at hand?


Question 3 - February 5th, 1866

HOW are we conscious of continued identity, if, as it is believed, our whole frame - every organ of the brain among the rest, is incessantly undergoing waste and renewal?


Question 4 - February 5th, 1866

HOW do you explain speaking in unknown tongues?


Question 5 - February 5th, 1866

WHAT is the philosophy of prayer?


Question 6 - February 5th, 1866

HOW is it possible that things future, and not depending on any necessary sequence of cause and effect, such, for instance, as the upsetting of a boat can be foreseen or predicted?


ADDRESS  February 19th, 1866

ADDRESS  February 26th, 1866



[MISS HARDINGE was requested to deliver an Address on any subject she might select.]



Question 1 - March 19th, 1866

IT is alleged by most mediums that there are times when a suspension of the medium power occurs; will you explain the law which governs mediumship in this particular?


Question 2 - March 19th, 1866

WHAT is the connection, if any, between hysteria and mediumship?


Question 3 - March 19th, 1866

WILL you explain to us the origin of language? Are the element forms which we term roots mere abstractions? Are they imitations of the sounds of nature, or are they formed in obedience to some law by which sound becomes a fitting expression; first, of the outer, and then figuratively or correspondentially of the inner life of man?


Question 4 - March 19th, 1866

WHAT was the state of the human race in its first creation, and what did it lose by the fall?


Question 5 - March 19th, 1866

WILL you explain the process of death, and of birth into the spirit-world?


Question 6 - March 19th, 1866

WHAT is the philosophy of spiritual possession?


Question 7 - March 19th, 1866

WILL you define the difference between soul and spirit, as used by St Paul in the First Epistle to the Thessalonians, 5th chapter, 23rd verse, “I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless.”