Fruits & Flowers




The Nature and Use of them, either

for Meat or Medicine.



To Preserve, Conserve, Candy, and in Wedges,
or Dry them. To make Powders, Civet bagges,
all sorts of Sugar-works, turn'd works in Sugar,
Hollow, or Frutages; and to Pickell them.

And for Meat.


To make Pyes, Biscat, Maid Dishes, Marchpanes, Leeches,
and Snow, Craknels, Caudels, Cakes, Broths, Fritter-stuffe,
Puddings, Tarts, Syrupes, and Sallets.

For Medicines.


To make all sorts of Poultisses, and Serecloaths for any member
swell'd or inflamed, Ointments, Waters for all Wounds, and Cancers, Salves
for Aches, to take the Ague out of any place Burning or Scalding;
For the stopping of suddain Bleeding, curing the Piles,
Ulcers, Ruptures, Coughs, Consumptions, and killing
of Warts, to dissolve the Stone, killing the
Ring-worme, Emroids, and Dropsie,
Paine in the Ears and Teeth,

Contra vim mortis, non est Medicamen in hortis.


Printed by M.S. for Tho: Fenner at the South entrance of
the Royall Exchange, London, 1653.



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