Fifty Years A Medium



Estelle Roberts




Mistress of the Medium

Her name is Estelle Roberts. Her strange psychic gifts first manifested themselves while she was still a child, but she was thirty years of age and a widow before she allowed herself to be encouraged to develop them. From that point on, her whole life has been devoted to spiritualism.


Estelle Roberts has become famous all over the world as the greatest living medium - the woman whose mysterious powers go beyond life itself!


Dedicated to All my friends in both worlds


Introduction by Hannen Swaffer


  1. 1889 - 1919

  2. The Coming of Red Cloud

  3. Healing 

  4. Psychometry

  5. Haunting

  6. Murder and Suicide

  7. Clairvoyance : Public and Private

  8. Materialization and Apports

  9. Direct Voice

  10. Speaking In Many Tongues

  11. More Direct Voice

  12. Further Communications

  13. War

  14. The Other Side of the Story

  15. Red Cloud

  16. Final Chapter