Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive By William Dudley Pelley


Chapter XIX

AND SO here I am, at approximately sixty-five, looking back on twenty-six years of this out-of-this-world career in which I have been living in two worlds at once. Death as a finality has gone from my philosophy. I went to sleep that long-ago night in my Altadena bungalow to penetrate before morning into a higher reality of Etheria and return to this physical world and take up the burden of trying to convince the bereaved and grief-stricken that they are lamenting needlessly. Their beloved relatives have not “gone” anywhere; they have merely changed the conditions of their living and functioning. But along with such assurance I have cultivated the capabilities of my In ner Ear to follow the tacit thought-speech of those in such changed condition, and my converse with them has become continuous. I took down a 6,000-word communication on my typewriter from Ari, one of my outstanding mentors, no later than yesterday morning—since I have written the foregoing chapter of this book. I mention it to refute the claims of the skeptics that as one ages, his Inner Faculties gradually fall into disuse. The Inner Faculties do nothing of the sort. They sharpen and strengthen, as one is faithful in the exercise of them. This I know from personal evidence as well.

I have thus recorded from such mentor-speech something like 11,300 typed pages of higher-life intelligence, all of it faithfully preserved, indexed, and bound for instant reference. No question have I ever put to those so communicating to me without a sensible and rational answer forthcoming. And this goes equally for questions addressed to many of my communicators when they have materialized before me in temporary flesh. There is no evasion, no equivocation. If they possess the information I desire. I get it forthwith. So the great Soulcraft Enlightenment has grown up around such converse. A million-and-a-half words of treatises on every conceivable cosmic enigma, three hundred thousand words of strictly sacred material—long since

memorialized in the Golden scripts —twelve volumes of Soulscripts for laymen

students, something like twenty-one volumes of my own composition, of which this book which you are holding in your hand is one, … truly a great literature unparalleled in delineations of Mysticism has come into existence, and I can

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

term it such because outside of the last twenty-one volumes mentioned I have functioned only as amanuensis and recorder. There are, in my files, literally thousands of letters from scholars who have examined Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Swedenborgianism, Spiritualism and Christian Science, who unreservedly pronounce the Soulcraft writings as going far excess of these in quality, quantity, and profundity. By 1930 I had abandoned all further work for the popular American periodicals and was devoting my time the clock around to the zealous compiling of this great mass of erudition from life’s higher octaves. As I believe I have stated earlier in these chapters, I had closed my bungalow in California and disposed of it, in March of 1929, moving my effects to Manhattan

and taking an apartment at 56 West Street—between 5th and 6th Avenue. Here

in three rooms on the second floor of a “brownstone walk-up” I labored throughout 1930 and 1931, beginning the transcribing of the ineffable Golden Scripts. In these three rooms too, I had experienced my first mediumistic experiments. The celebrated “vacating” medium, George Wehner, author of the book A Curious Life, made an errand of visiting the little group of investigators I gathered around me, each Friday night. George would compose himself, sink into trance, go deliberately out of his body and leave his organism to be utilized by whomsoever wished to converse audibly with me from the higher levels of life and consciousness.

Joseph Conrad was the first of these, as celebrities, who thud made himself known to me. Accompanying Conrad on one occasion was Robert Louis Stevenson. These two declared they were thus honoring me because of our common devotion to the writing crafe. Conrad had told me that he had been interested in my stories of Vermont small-town life published n the English magazines before his 1923 demise. However, throughout the years covered by this narrative, my entertainment of celebrities has been rare. I have always held reservations on the type of psychical operative who seems to form contact out of hand with all the famous persons of any era, chiefly, I suspect, because accuracy of identification is so difficult. Perhaps an excessive modesty on my part has been responsible, but it has seemed to me that outstanding great souls would have no more reason for looking me up after their passing than they might have had before it. I had several times been apprised during the writing of the heavyweight book on Constitutional matters, Nations-in-Law, which ran to two volumes, that none other than Abe Lincoln was aiding me with the diction but I never had physical evidence that it was so. I had known through Detroit friends that Mr. Henry Ford, the auto magnate, a profound esoteric scholar during his lifetime, had retained the exclusive services of an outstanding medium to enable him to counsel with Mr. Lincoln in the management of his gargantuan motor empire, and that Lincoln appeared to Mr. Ford in materialized form constantly. I have talked with reliable and reputable persons who were present at some of the sessions. I understand it was because of this association that the highest priced automobile made by Mr. Ford, bore the Great Emancipator’s name.

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

So the great sessions of my life—in Manhattan, Washington, D. C., Asheville, N. C., and Indianapolis —came and passed with varying degrees of fortune but with sales of these psychically transcribed books growing to extraordinary proportions and finding markets all over the world, when in October of 1953 came the climactic contact in a dramatic and kaleidoscopic career. The gracious personage identifying herself as Mary Baker Eddy walked into my life!

THIS unexpected, unsolicited, and altogether history-making advent of the founder of the great Christian Science faith into my personal affairs came on the 14th of March, 1953, and no history of why I have ample cause for accepting that the physically dead are consciously and spiritually alive would be complete without making the details of record. Remember that in what I now relate, putting the capstone on these memoirs, I have a great group of reliable witnesses to substantiate my statements. More than that, I have continuous

rolls of electronic recording tapes containing the celebrated Lady’s voice at all sessions of her materialized appearance. These I have duplicated exactly and

placed the copies in hands of trusted friends across many States, to assure their preservation. Fifty years from this present writing, the assertedly literal voice of Mrs. Eddy on recording tape 44 years after her retirement from the fleshly vehicle, may be hailed as a major advance in scientific proof of survival. We shall see.

The materialization of this celebrated woman had been prefaced by a visit one February evening of my head legal counsel to the Noblesville publishing plant to consult me on secular matters. He remained to chat informally about the work of far-flung enlightenment that Soulcraft was achieving among the spirituslly circumscribed. I had long since collected all the Master Transcripts of the Elder Brother received up across a quarter-century, and issued volume of 844 pages, which had gone out to over ten thousand spiritual leaders not only in America but foreign countries.

Attorney George A. Henry of Indianapolis had been my counsel almost continuously in legal matters since 1935, winning many important law cases for me. Enjoying an unblemished reputation among his Indiana colleagues , he had been a zealous student of Mrs. Eddy’s Christian Science writings since his return from military service with the U. S. forces in World War I. “I have a strange feeling,” Mr. Henry declared, “that you should give serious consideration to doing a book at an early date that bridges the gap between Mrs. Eddy’s Science & Health and the Golden Scripts. After all, there is startling polarity between the tenets of Christian Science and Soulcraft. Christian Science provides health and physical well-being for the student of spiritual matters on the earth-side; Soulcraft continues the instruction in higher octaves upon the ethereal side. Just file my suggestion away in your mind and see what confirmations you may get in your clairaudient work with your higher mentors.” I promised to do so, but overburdened with publishing responsibilities as I was in the early sprig of 1953, the chances of authoring such a volume then seemed

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

remote. In fact, I had almost dismissed it from my mind when the evening of March 14, 1953 arrived. Shortly before midnight on that date I was working alone in my writing studio at the plant, when in the eerie silence of the publishing premises I was distinctly interrupted at my editorial work on VALOR, by a feminine voice seeming to call me softly …

“William!” this semi-audible voice appealed. “Oh, William!” it seemed to be speaking in a half-whisper from ten or twelve feet behind me and slightly above my head.

“Yes!” I cried, half-aloud. “Who’s speaking?”

“Mary Glover,” the answer came at once.

One of the quaint aspects of this extraordinary liaison was the fact that not until my midnight visitor made passing reference to the tenets and affairs of the Christian Science mother-church did I “place” the name Mary Glover. It had been the first married name of Mary Baker Eddy.

I could “feel” the powerful feminine presence just at my shoulder after a moment, and it left me fazed with astonishment and shock. As the charming and cultured accents went along, repeating Mr. Henry’s suggestion about the proposed book, I cried, “How does it happen that you, who publicly repudiated Spiritist contacts in your much-emphasized chapter against Spiritualism in Science & Health, come to me like this and so address me?”

“I was wrong in that repudiation,” the Voice declared, “and am paying grievously for it. I have found, since gaining to this Higher Side of Consciousness, that communication between the planes is unquestionably scientific.” (I have the same statement since recorded in her audible voice on electronic tapes when she materialized in my studio on October 13th, confirming all of the converse in which we indulged this memorable March night.) “Would it be permissible,” I asked her after a time, ‘”to put paper in my typewriter and make of permanent record th e things you are telling me, for reading and studying later in the week or month?” “By all means,” she most graciously assented. And when I had prepared the paper, she went back to the opening of her converse and gave me the whole from the beginning.

The subject is of such engrossing interest to the millions of Christ Scientists throughout the earth, that I deem it expedient to reprint this monograph in the pages now following, to absolve myself of any charges of capitalizing upon Christian Science in the efforts which its celebrated founder seems purposefully making to extend Christian Science as she is able, into Soulcraft—

Mrs. Eddy’s Introductory Address:


IT IS excellent that you hear my voice, for I have much in which to instruct you.

We are both Children in the Spirit. That is, it is the care of God that we both perform excellent, you on your earth-plane and I in my heavenly plane—foe compared to yours of the present, this plane indeed is heavenly.

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

Now that I want to say to you in this initial paper is this: We have great common cause as the foundational structure of our efforts. I do not think you are going to be permitted to go too far out of season with your economic precepts until the spiritual foundations have been clarified. You will know this as you advance. When I headed the earthly sect of those that today are recognized as Christian Scientists, I had a very devoted end in view. I wished to help grief-stricken and blinded humanity out of its serious faults of perception about eternal matters, especially as they applied to current affairs of the presiding life. I had no idea that my own teachings were going quite so far as they did go before I finished. I have been assiduously employed I our Dear Lord’s work ever since the infancy of my soul, and shall continue to be so employed. But there are still strictures to be overcome. For instance, I had been seriously purblind all my mortal days respecting eternal life, or life beyond and above Mortality. I “could not see it,” to use that term, because my time and attention were applied solely to aiding persons in the practical—and usually ailing—circumstance. I am above that restriction now. I wish I might declare to you, dear Brother in Christ, all that I now see and know, respecting the true and correct nature of this so-called After-Life… you would be astonished if you could behold but a corner of it.

Now, however, it is not that I wish to superimpose any form of Spiritism upon so-called Christian Science. What I would like to see achieved is the extension of Christian Science as an earth-study of Matter and Materialisms into realms of the psychically abstruse, if I may use that term. I am not a Spiritist in the popular sense of the term. I am not a therapeutic religious teacher, even. I am a contrite and devout woman who wishes to transfer to my brothers and sisters on the earth-place an agenda of what I believe to be true in respect to the eternal survival of the human spirit for greater and greater performings in flesh and out of it as the age progresses into the Millennia of Beauty. Let us seek to work in liaison to such end, will you, please? I do not ask your fealty, I do not propose to attempt converting you to any of the doctrines I propounded at divine instruction while on the earth -place. I merely wish to convey to you as a person in the God-Work with myself, that which I should much like to have conveyed to my earthly disciples in the flesh. If you can find some way to do that, as by a published book or otherwise, you will earn my deathless gratitude.

FOR YOU SEE, I made certain errors of concept while in flesh and doing my teaching.

Privately I conceived of God as a Personage. And Holy Spirit in the God-sense is all the persons who have ever lived or ever will live, coagulated into a gesture that exhibits the God Purpose. It is likewise all the other manifestations of earthly phenomena that enter into the material or mental scene.

It is the question of a shortage of time “before the Night cometh” that I want to be specific about, and as articulate as I can be, in this my first written communication to you. Shall we proceed? …

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

Now you are not going to be shortsuited or let down in your plans for aiding to bring in the Kingdom, any more than is necessary to guide you into paths of correct performings for our Dear Lord. But there are principles you must be aware of, as a result of transcribing the beloved Golden Speaking of our Loved One.

First you must be aware, every hour of the day and night, and all moments in between, that He never for one instant relaxes in His care or concernment for you and over you. For always recall that your work is His work, and vice versa. He’s more accurately aware of your need than you are in your own right. But you must also do this—

Acknowledge when matters do not terminate or proceed as you envision them for what you call Success in your efforts, that you are being prepared for a colossal task to begin in the very near future, and obstacles are really being removed from your path instead of placed in it. I can assure you of this, my dear brother, as I can affirm nothing else. So be it.

Now as to time. You have literally “all the time there is,” … remember that, remember it. True, worldly events are due to mature to a set and positive schedule, but not the golden cure for the hearts of harassed men and women. Those are not matters of fixed mechanical moments, in turning themselves, or yielding themselves, to His Grace. Remember, the great commander of Israel, Moses, never was allowed to do more than glimpse the Promised Land, and yet He by no means felt sorry for himself in consequence. He would be on hand in

spirit when His people did enter the Promised Land, so what difference did it truly make to him whether or not be happened to go there in physical flesh? You have been called to complete my work, or the work that stemmed from my pen, in a greater aspect in this generation than you realize. Because you are

given divine keys of understanding to that which was so abstruse to so many whom I tried to instruct in the Heavenly pathways. No matter. You will do it because I recognize that it is on the Cards of Accomplishment already. Be you aware and positive of much that is of lesser consequence. Why can you not be equally set as to will-power on this last?

You are not to think I wish my books or autobiographical material rewritten … nothing of the sort. I have no desire to see anything I have left behind on the plane of earth disturbed intellectually … that is not my point in addressing you …


shadow of Consciousness, so that Christian Science presents a well-rounded picture of the entire life errand, from the start of the Soul to ultimate glorification. Use my name and writings, as much as you please, but lift consideration of their import onto the next worthy plane of intellectual effort and you will not be proceeding far wrongly. Don’t try to tell what I failed to say. Tell what I might have said had I gained to a broader and loftier perspective of all equations entering into the Consciousness Exhibit and Performance.

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

Now I am going to withdraw for a time, but I do wish you would entertain my suggestions and see what we can make out of them. I will correct you if you interpret what I tried to express, incorrectly.

Do the thing you fell motivated to do, as you feel motivated to do it and rest assured you will not be falling into much serious error. I shall try to give you as much of my time and counsel as you may command by your attention to the principles involved.

And now for the evening, I say temporary farewell to you. In our Dear Lord’s name let us work in unison and see what matures from the combination of mental effort …


I WAS properly overwhelmed at recording such converse. Particularly was I overwhelmed at one statement the lady had just made, that I was “called to complete” her work. Well did I appreciate what havoc might result in the ranks o Christian Science who had long-since deified the lady and would tolerate no suggestions that in her worldly writings she could have “made a mistake”. As well imply that Christ Jesus Himself, in the Sermon on the Mount, could have “make mistakes”. But the phenomena were happening and I could but hide my time and see whether the whole thing proved up or contradicted itself. No October 14, 1953, Mrs. Candler drove up to Indiana from Miami for another week-end visit with us and gave us a sitting at 8:30 p. m. Judge my stupefaction when a commanding and personable materialization issued from behind the drapes, announced herself audibly as Mary Baker Eddy, and made reference to the clairaudient converse she had previously had with me when I transcribed the soul-spirit of the great founder of the Church of Christ Scientist apparently. The interesting feature of the materialization to me was, that I had not disclosed to Bertie Lilly Candler the details of the clairaudient session that had preceded the materialization by something like seven months. The alleged Mrs. Eddy’s remarks on this substantialized appearance encompassed the following statements —

“I came to you the other evening, and it was a privilege to make the contact … and I would like you to put this in print and I shall bring you many messages … I was a medium when I was on the earth-plane … the people of those days in Boston were not ready for the truth, and they called it fortune-telling, and so, I changed the form of the intelligence into the doctrine of Christ Scientist. But since coming Out Here in transition, I see many mistakes. After entering into this New World and looking back upon the space of time upon the mortal plane, I realize many mistakes … I should have acquainted my public with the fact that communication and survival is a fact. Because we live out here, and it’s beautiful in out world. I want the people to know that we do come back. The Church is doing a great amount of good. It’s reaching a multitude of people. But

I want them to know that communication between the two worlds is scientific! …

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

Proven by our return. It has to be possible, because if one Man survived the grave, and returned, as Jesus did, all men do. And I will come and help you with your manuscript, and we’ll have a beautiful story … but you have to write the book …”

THERE was more to her converse on this epochal evening, but this was the genesis of the book that I did write, Beyond Grandeur. I spent many evenings between the 13th of October and May the 8th in direct mental contact with this superb spirit that I identified and accepted as Mary Baker Eddy. That great volume, Beyond Grandeur, was the result of the collaboration between us. Already it is a bestseller. I finished the typing of it, put it upon the linotype, and had printed it to page 214, when Bertie Lilly Candler—totally unaware of what had transpired since her last visit—visited Noblesville again and gave us another sιance. Out of the cabinet in due order of event stepped this superb soul-spirit that I have accepted as Mary Eddy, and commented as follows—“I am delighted to come and greet you, my friend! … My partner, Miss Henderson, immediately put the question, “Do you like the Chief’s book?”

To this, the materialized spirit replied—

“It is the message that I gave him.” Then turning to me she said, “I gave you the words,” and I interrupted her to ask directly, “So that is your book?” meaning Beyond Grandeur. She responded positively, “That is my book!” … I said, “Good enough, j just wanted that confirmation. I didn’t know but some of the things I’d said in there had been contradictory to some of the things you might have preached in life.” Thereupon Mrs. Eddy favored us with the following homily—

“Probably some of the things would be contradictory to the things I taught in life, because when you make the change of Transition called Death, you see things as from a different picture and at a different angle. Then we change out viewpoints and our teachings in many ways. I was a medium in earth-life as I have told you many times before. And I want the world to know that I have had to return to give survival, that we live Out Here, and that I denied the great psychic force that worked through me to prove to humanity that man survived the grave and to stand on truth … I denied the truth that was in my soul. And I have had to work it out, and that is why I have returned to bring a message to the people.

“There is good in all religions. But we will not have the religion; we will have the Truth of the World of Wisdom that will lead mankind out of darkness into light. Truth will stand forever. Truth will release your soul from cares and burdens. It will give you a great understanding of the principles and laws of life. It will lead you into the great things that are spiritual. When you have found the Kingdom, all else will be added unto you.”

I said, “I know. Many of those passages in Beyond Grandeur, I’m very happy to hear that you approve of. I wondered if they were correct.”

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

“Yes,” Mary said, “they are correct! … And I want the people who read from page to page and from cover to cover to know it has been my message that has been sent through you, the teacher, to gibe to mankind upon the earth-plane.” Such was the spoken and audible dialogue of her second visit with me. The third occurred on the 13th of July—

GOOD evening, friends!” she announced herself …”Mary Baker Eddy! … A privilege to come to greet you, my children. (To WDP) My beloved William! … For I will be Mary Baker Eddy to you, and you William to me. I want to thank you for the great work, which you have finished—or not finished—which we are going on with, because we have a great work to do. Our work is never finished, and if I could have gone on while in flesh, and the peoples of the world had understood the great Truth of immortality of the soul, I would not have had to come back like this. My work was not finished. The things that I denied, I have to pick up the threads and give the truth.”

I said, “And now, Mary, how are we going to convince the public of this fact?

“It makes no difference,” she replied, “whether we convince them or not. Did the Christ convince all people when He was in earth-life?” “Well, He has, in the last two thousand years convinced an awful lot of them,” I argued.

“He has convinced many souls,” she agreed conditionally, “but has not reached all mankind.”

“No, He hasn’t reached all mankind.”

“Neither will our work reach into the hearts of all people, but it will fall upon the souls of many.”

“I was just wondering about the messages you gave us the other night—how are we going to get that across to the people that you want to reach? If you have any suggestions that would help, I would love to hear you tell me what I ought to do.”

“I want to say this to you… within their souls there will be arousing… and a desire will be created within their beings, so that they will wish to read between the lines of the book, and from one to another the seeds will be planted in their consciousness, and one by one as sheep they will find their fold and their leader.”

“Well, in other words, it is a proposal of just going along and letting them discover it.”

“You think they will?”

“Positively! They’re already speaking of it.”

“They are?”

“Oh, positively! Many of them are very much aroused and confused. Could it be possible? And then they realize and know what the communications of their being with the higher forces have meant to them in the silence and meditation of their souls and light breaks on them. There is something beyond that comes forth to help them.” Then she turned her specific attention to Attorney Henry

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

who was present and listening. To him she said, “I want to thank you, my brother, for gibing the power of thought and word to my beloved William, of whom I speak, and who has found my message sent through into the pages that you inspired him and helped him and told him to go on with. Would you understand that?”

George understood, and so indicated. Mary continued—

“Because it has been wonderful. And to you… you know the truth of Divine Love, don’t you?”

I interrupted, “In other words, Mary were you the one who inspired the idea for

Beyond Grandeur in George’s mind?”

“I did. You must remember this: through the Divine Mind of the Christ there is always a channel open that we can work through. We reach the channel that is opened to bring forth the message. We must have a channel, a clear channel, to work through, and you (WDP) were the only one whom I could find on the mortal plane with a high state of consciousness what I could reach through, that you could hear my voice, that I could turn in with you and bring forth the message to the peoples of the world.”

I said, “That’s quite a compliment, … thank you.” After a moment’s reference to a recent Christian Science visitor from Boston, I asked, “Do you want us to communicate with any of the heads of the Mother Church?” “I will impress him,” Mary answered concerning the visitor. “You can tell him that I was here. And through the Divine Love and through communication between the two worlds we continue to live out here and we do not die. And we continue our work in the ethereal form, out upon the high planes of expression to teach back and help others. I was inspired when I was on the earth -plane. I was a medium. The people of those times were not ready for the truth and they would persecute and condemn, and I went into the study and I came forth with Christ Scientist, Christian Science, the development of the soul and mind. Because the soul and mind are part of God, the Christ Consciousness, isn’t it right?”

A physician who was present, interrupted to ask, “Will you help me, Mrs. Eddy?” She responded, “I shall help all the peoples of the world. All people of the world are my brothers and my sisters.”

My partner in the Soulcraft work, sitting at my left, inquired, “Mrs. Eddy, would you see or talk a moment with the doctor’s wife?” “I would be happy to see your friends,” the Superior Lady answered. Then a moment later she addressed the wife, “You, my child, are in the state of consciousness of not understanding the great laws of communication between the two worlds. You do not appear to know, and understand the great laws of life as your companion. But in the future, and through the reading-matter and the meditations of your soul, you will realize the spark of divinity within you and that we move on, out of one house into another. The mortal flesh falls but the spirit rises and goes on, and I come in my ethereal form to bless all of you at this time. Blessing of the Divine Christ of love upon all of you!” she paused. I felt a dozen

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

persons were then summoned up to meet the visitor, and she overlooked none of them. Finally turning to me, she said—

“You have a great work to do, William.”

I said, “But what I most wish is you cue as to whether I’m doing it right.” Thereupon she gave voice to this: “You know, we should put up the threads that were left broken when I came to This Side of Life, and we should have a school, a teaching of the fundamental truths of the immortality of the soul of man and the development therein. We will not take from our Church of Christ Scientist, but we will only add to it, because of life eternal.” One of the ladies standing close by, said, “Mr. D—‘s aunt is a practitioner in California, Mrs. Eddy,” referring to a man-friend on her left.

“Oh, that is very splendid,” the Supernal Lady said, “She is probably doing great work.”

“Yes,’ said the first speaker, “in a State Mental Hospital, Mrs. Eddy.” “Healing?” Mary suggested.


“You know, my children of earth, there’s healing of the body and healing of the mind, through the Christ Light of our Lord … May the blessing of Divine Love that is ever present be with you, and I will go on and help all of you … Good evening! …”

Orthodox critics who rant purblindly about such appearances being of Satan, should be present and hear the great sanctity in which such blessing are uttered. Truly have I heard more devoutness, more solicitude and sacred compassion evidenced by such higher callers at these sessions than I have heard in any churches. Christ Himself once remarke d to similar critics on the absurdity of Satan’s house being thus divided against itself by such pronouncements.

Then on August 27th of this year of 1954, Mary came to us a fourth time and said in the same reverent and somewhat melancholy tone—

“M ARY BAKER EDDY!” I said, “Good evening, Mary!”

“Again it’s a privilege to stand among you … I want to speak to him,” indicating my attorney who was again present, —Henry.”

I said, “Oh, George! … Mrs. Eddy would like to talk to you!”

George arose from his chair and came up within twenty inches of the figure robed in bejeweled white. He stood stiffly owing to a foot injury he had suffered many years ago. “This is Mary Baker Eddy,” she repeated. “I come with my blessing. And through the Divine Mind of the Christ may His healing inflow and come and make you well.”

Then turning back to me, she went on, “You must always remember, in Science & Health, it is Mind over Matter. But I have changed many of my theories and beliefs since the Transition called death. Because I have found many things that I left undone. Now you are picking up—and have to tuck in—the threads for

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

me because I need a channel to work through. And you were my inspiration and my channel that I chose to work through. And we have other work that we’re going to do. We’ll go o with Science & Health, and our Church. But our people are going to be quite confused in trying to understand the great laws of Spirit through the Divine Consciousness and the Light and illumination of the Divine Christ. I want you to go on. I want to help all your helpers to find the great consciousness of understanding of Truth, of immortality of the soul of man, because we only move on and out … out here into the Land of the Living where there is no more parting, and the light of Spirit to guide you on your way. Bless you, my people! We must tie the threads and weave the links of chains together that they may never more be broken. Because links of the Golden Chain of Love and Wisdom will guide the human race into the New Age and into the New Time of the Great Spirit of the Risen Christ … I want you all to work together for the great cause which we represent from this side of life, through the channel which I have come to work through. I want you to go on and lay your plans, and let us b uild our temple, and let us have our school and our lessons of life to help others, that the Light may shine on the weary peaks of the world that life is eternal and that God is a loving God. Through the Divine Mind of the Christ may He bless you all … Good night!”

THUS the four materialized appearances of this Supernal Spirit Lady who has made herself known to me as I have described. Nothing that has occurred in Soulcraft since its inception surpasses it.

Remember that almost nightly from October to May, I conversed with her by the Inner Voice and heard her respond to me through the Inner Ear. Before I had thus formed this platonic attachment, I had assumed her to be a somewhat autocratic lady pedant with a trace of aloofness for other denominations, given almost to what I might call religious snobbery. In those evenings of writing Beyond Grandeur in her company, I discovered her compassionate, magnetic, super-intelligent and altogether charming. Small wonder, I frequently remarked to friends, that during her life in this earth -world she had acquired three husbands. Supposedly eighty-nine or thereabouts when she passed on in 1910, she has since grown back toward her prime—or is in the process of growing back. She appears to be in her fifties at present, easily recognizable for her likeness to the celebrated portrait painted of her by a grateful Howard Chandler Christie for her healing of him before her Transition. But what an irony that the anti-spirituslistic instruction she gave to her communicants throughout her life now works to sustain a barrier between then and herself in these years of the overwhelming success of the Church of Christ Scientist. The tragedy of her postmortem years is this self-imposed insulation from them. She declares that she “knew better” when she wrote as she did, but that she wrote earnestly enough in her desire to keep her people from indulgence in promiscuous sιances with nonspiritual discarnate entities.

It is as clear an instance of the karma that is so prominently delineated in

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

Soulcraft as anything that has come beneath my observation.

How long it can maintain—this alienation—presents an intriguing problem. I have covenanted to do all that lies within my power to aid her to rectify it, and we shall note what it brings forth.

But this is not a volume about Karma; it is a volume reviewing my outstanding experiences of the past two and a half decades that have resulted in my conviction that Death, as a reality is utter fallacy …make of it what you will. At any rate, in any ideological controversy with Christian-Science orthodoxy, I would seem to have the founder of that mighty institution in my corner, as I am in hers.

The outcome may be history making

We shall see.