Extinct Pennsylvania Animals


Book 2


Wolf Days in Pennsylvania

(Revised Edition)


By Henry W. Shoemaker

(Author of “A Pennsylvania Bison Hunt,” Etc.)




Aaron Hall (1828-1892)—“The Lion Hunter of the Juniata.” Slayer of 50 Pennsylvania Panthers between 1845 and 1869.



I. Preface

II. The Last Wolf—Who Gets the Credit

III. The Last Pack

IV. Three Kinds of Wolves

V. Description and Habits

VI. Former Prevalence

VII. The Biggest Wolf

VIII. A White Wolf in Sugar Valley

IX. Cause of Extinction              

X. Wolf Hunting in Pennsylvania

XI. Possible Re-Introduction

XII. Superstitions

XIII. Bravest of the Brave

XIV. Catching Wolves With Fish Hooks

XV. Historical Data