The Babylonian Story of the Deluge

as Told by

Assyrian Tablets from Nineveh.


The Discovery of the Tablets at Nineveh by Layard, Rassam and Smith.

The Walls and Palaces of Nineveh.

Discovery of the Library of the Temple of Nebo at Nineveh.

Nebo and His Library at Nineveh.

Discovery of the Palace Library of Ashur-bani-pal.

Ashur-bani-pal, Book-Collector and Patron of Learning.

I. Colophon of the Tablets of the Palace Library. (K. 4870.)

2. Colophon of the Tablets of the Library of Nebo. (RM. 132.)

George Smith's Discovery of the Epic of Gilgamish and the Story of the Deluge.

The Legend of the Deluge in Babylonia.

The Legend of the Deluge According to Berosus.


The Babylonian Legend of the Deluge as Told to the Hero Gilgamish by His Ancestor Uta-Napishtim, Who Had Been Made Immortal by the Gods.

First Speech of Ea to Uta-Napishtim who is sleeping in a reed hut.

Uta-Napishtim's answer to Ea.

Second Speech of Ea.

The Building of the Ship.

The Loading of the Ship.

The Abubu (Cyclone) and its effects Described.

Ishtar's Lament.

Uta-Napishtim's Story continued.

The Abating of the Storm.

Uta-Napishtim Leaves the Ship.

Speech of Ishtar, Lady of the Gods.

The Anger of Enlil (Bêl).

Speech of En-Urta.

Ea deifies Uta-Napishtim and his Wife.

Uta-Napishtim Ends his Story of the Deluge.

The Epic of Gilgamish.

The First Tablet.

The Second Tablet.

The Third Tablet.

The Fourth Tablet.

The Fifth Tablet.

The Sixth Tablet

The Seventh Tablet.

The Eighth Tablet.

The Ninth Tablet.

The Tenth Tablet.

The Eleventh Tablet.

The Twelfth Tablet.