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The Tree of Faith, &c.


Further Confirmation of the same.

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A Discovery of the NEW


By J. Lead.


By Faith Noah being warned of God, prepared an ARK to the saving of his House; by the which he condemned the World, and became Heir of the Righteousness which is by Faith.


L O N D O N,

Printed and Sold by J. Bradford, 1696












R E A D E R.

IT is hoped that this little Treatise, as well as the foregoing one, of which this is a Continuation, will not give Offense to any; but will afford matter of Joy and Comfort to very many, both in This, and in Several other Nations, to whom they shall come. Since it ought not to be supposed, but that as many as profess themselves to be Baptized into the Faith of JESUS, must be well enough satisfied to know what that Faith is, from such as have been a long time experienced in it, who must be allowed certainly to be the most capable Judges in that, which is not to be Learned without a continual and unwearied Application: or to be Attained to, in the Practice, by any low Degrees of Assiduity, or by the ordinary Apprenticeship of a Few Years. And although by this Prepared Instrument of God, some great Depths of his Love have been already Publickly Declared, which, not being apprehended, seem but Foolishness to the Wise of the World, and are a Stumbling block even to those who call themselves the Children of Abraham; these two Treatises being more Experimental cannot but find a more favourable Reception, if not from the former, yet at least from the latter. However, let it be as it will at the first, it is not at all to be feared but that God will vindicate what is from Him: and all the Promises in the Holy Scriptures being given to Faith, it cannot but reasonably be expected that he will do Right to one that is such an Eminent Asserter of it, in an Age and Day, of which it hath been Fore-prophesied, that Faith shall hardly be found upon the Earth.

Whether it be not now high time for God to put to his Hand, and to manifest his Sovereign Authority by all such Ways and Means, as he hath done of Old through the Operation of his own Faith, in all the great and mighty Elders of it: and to shew himself in the behalf of Truth and Goodness (as an Excellent Person, who was never Censured as I know of for an Enthusiast expresseth it) which are so every where trampled on and despised, and to vindicate his own Honour from all those Affronts and Contumelies, which stupid and Disingenuous Men, which rebellious Spirits have cast upon it; having made Shipwreck of the Faith that was delivered to them; deserves well to be considered and weighed by every one. The Consideration of which, as well as of the genuine Sense of our Blessed Master’s Words, made this most Judicious Author, to conclude all Christians under a necessary and daily Obligation to ask of God, that he would be pleased to assert the Supreme Authority of his Government amongst Men; whether it be by a FARTHER and CLEARER Manifestation of his Will, such as was made by our Lord and his Holy Spirit; or whether some ACTS of Power be exerted for the Protection and Preservation of his Obedient Subjects, &c. Dr. Burton, Of seeking first the Kingdom of God, Published by J. TILOTSON, 1684. p.402. Whence it is apparent that every true Christian may, and ought to Pray, both for New Divine Revelation, which may be of the same Authority as that by Christ and his Apostles, and for Miraculous Acts and Deeds, which may be a Declaration of God’s Sovereignty and Kingdom. Even so let thy Kingdom come, O God of the whole Earth: let it come even so: yea, Amen! Thou art King, let the Earth rejoice: yea, let the Great Isles be glad thereof. Thine is the Kingdom, and thou wilt now take it to thy self, let the People be never so Impatient, yea, let them be never so Unbelieving. JEHOVAH Reigneth, let the People tremble, He sitteth between the Cherubims, let the Earth stagger. Great wilt thou be O Lord in Sion, and thy Scepter shall be lifted up high above all the Nations. The Captives and Prisoners of Faith wilt thou set free, and thy Salvation unto them wilt thou openly shew, in the sight of the very Infidels. Let the Sea of thy Love roar for Joy, and the Fulness thereof make a joyful Noise; for that the despised Ones who have Believed thee, wilt thou bring with triumph into the glorious Ark which thou hast prepared for them. With Trumpets and with the Voice of a Psalm wilt thou bring them in; they shall clap their Hands aloud, they shall praise thy great and awful Name; for that thou, O Lord, art Faithful and True, and canst not disappoint any that have Faith in this thy Name. Therefore a Fire shall go before thee, and thy Messengers shalt thou send forth as Flames of Fire: Thou shalt speak unto them as in the Cloudy Pillar, and they shall be kept as in the Ark of thy Presence. Samuel shall be seen among thy Prophets, and Elijah among those that call upon the Lord of Israel; Moses and Aaron among thy Priests, and great shall be the Company of the Preachers, to publish that our God liveth, and that our Life which was hidden in him shall be made to Appear with him. Out of Philadelphia shall thy Word go forth, and in Ramath of the Prophets shall thy Voice be known. Upon Mount Sion shall they stand victoriously, they shall follow thee there in thy mighty Deeds, and from the Balmy Mountain of Gilead shall the precious Ointment distill. For in the Name of their God shall they cast out Devils, they shall speak with New Tongues: no Weapon formed against them shall be able to prosper, they shall take up Serpents, they shall drink any deadly thing; but nothing shall hurt them: they shall lay Hands on the Sick, and they shall recover. So shall they go forth, and Preach every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word with the Signs that follow Faith.

Thus hath my Spirit been carried out, and constrained to bear this Testimony to the Subject here treated on, which is the Resurrection of the Faith of JESUS, that has lain for a long time as it were in the Grave, and is now to be raised up early in the Third Day of the Holy Ghost. For which let us Watch, Wait and Pray, that we may be of the First Fruits, of those that are Risen with him; that so we may be admitted into Faith’s Flying Ark here Described, which will transport us into the New Earth of Wonders, delivering us from the Deluge of the Curse, that is from Infidelity.

When the Great Diary of this Author, or as much as can be recovered of it, shall come to be Published, the Several Progresses of this Life of Faith, the Various Manuductions for it, and whatever else may conduce to its growth, will then more evidently appear: and all that which opposes the Secret and Hidden Divine Life, will be more easily Removed, and made to Vanish, than till then it can be. However to those that have been initiated into the Mystery of it, enough is said: and it is not in the least doubted, but that they will see what is Delivered both in the Former, and in This Treatise, to move upon a Real, Solid and Substantial Bottom; such as all the Powers of Darkness shall be never able to shake, or the Gates and strength of Hell to prevail against.



Ark of Faith, &c.

§ 1. THERE is a Cry that hath gone forth from the Heavens these several Years past, for the Preparing and Building of an Ark for the Lord’s redeemed Ones; and I am at this time, as the Natural Term of my Years seems to be expir’d, in order hereto, again reminded of some former Prophecies, that were altogether by me forgotten. But the Spirit of Wisdom hath now presented them afresh to me, as telling me they were in this Day to be looked into, for Faith to be thence revived, and Prayer envigorated, that so the Heavenly Powers and Constellations co-operating therewithal, they might bring down the Golden Floods of Love to cover the Earth; that may bring up what hath lain under the Death, that is to say, a Resurrection Body of pure Spirits in a new springing Paradise, which is the New Earth so much Prophesied of, upon which Righteousness must dwell.

§ 2. For the Signs of the Superiour Heavens do signifie out as much, that the Time is very near at hand for the Accomplishment of all these: for which End there was shewn to me an Ark in the Figure, but which was declared to me in the Mystery to be no less than the Substance of the whole Triune Deity, who would suddenly send forth Ambassadours from themselves, that are to be as the First Fruits and Representatives of the Bride to gather in all such, as were to make up the whole Jerusalem - Bride; whose Habitation is prepared in Wisdom’s Wonderful Paradisiacal Principle.

§3. Wherefore it was not long after I had received the first Manifestation and Figurative Opening of Faith’s TREE, from the Spirit of Faith growing up in me; before I had further Notice given me of an ARK, into which Faith’s Archers who had hitten the Mark, were to be received in. For in a little more than a Year after that, I had this free Communication with my Lord concerning it, which follows: And notwithstanding the latter Part of this, amongst many other of my Papers, has been lost, yet this which hath been by the All-wise Giver of it preserved for that end, will, I know, be of some Service and Use; and therefore have I been prevailed with, to insert it here, though I am not able to recall what either went before, or followed after it.

February 21. 1687

§ 4. Being upon my Internal Watch in the pure stillness of my Mind, this Word came to me, saying, The Ark of Faith which the Lord hath been these many Years in raising and building, is yet not persued, and as little understood although Warning upon Warning, and Sound upon Sound have gone forth for preparing and building such an Ark, which may float upon the broad River of the Holy Ghost. Then was I touched at this saying of my Lord, as being conscious how he had opened to me this effectual Door, and Mystery of Faith, charging me to keep to the Rules of it, which upon this Word I questioned whether I had kept up to so precisely, as I had received command to do. Whereupon the Spirit pray’d in me, Lord God Omnipotent, if I have been negligent, shew it me: with much more to that effect, in which my Heart was enlarged to pray about it. Then was it in this wise revealed, and answered me: Thou hast been learned and taught as another Noah to prepare and build an Ark of Faith in this Invisible World: therefore slack not, but go on forward, and I will strengthen the Studs and Stakes thereof, which shall be as stable as Gold, that shall be laid in as a firm bottom. Who further said to me, That there was One known by Name, that should have of the same Spirit of Faith to concur, and build with me, and so we should be mutually made able to strengthen one anothers Hands, to carry on this great Work, as Male and Female in one Person, or Spirit, to enter first this Golden Ark of the Presence, when reared up, for which we should receive further Advertisement, as we should wait diligently hereupon.

§ 5. Then it arose further in me by way of Query, to propound some things relating to this Fabrick unto the Great Master and Builder hereof; who answered me most freely, to whatever my Spirit was made to Inquire. But the Particulars of this matter being obliterated and passed away, the same Divine Spirit that was then present with me, and ready to dictate what was requisite by me to be known, hath now (after many Years) revealed, and brought again to my Internal Sight, this Ark of Faith, in the ensuing manner; which I am commanded to declare and publish, for the Information and Encouragement of all those that seek to be redeemed from the Earth, and would enter into this Ark.

February 18. 1696.

§ 6. The Virgin Wisdom sounded a joyful Cry, saying, Come and see what an Ark is prepared for them that are Born into the Faith, as mighty Hero’s to act the Wonders of the New Creation; which Ark is made in my New Paradise, that hath not yet been inhabited; whereupon great Floods came down from the Heavens as a Golden Rain; which covered the Face of the Mountains, as the Waters did in Noah’s time drown the Old World: So that there was a mighty Sea, which was called the Love-Sea. Yet did it not as yet universally cover the Earth. Then after this did descend also this mighty Ark, in which was Faith’s great Conqueror Christ Jesus; with Abraham, Noah, and all the High Elders of the Faith; which floated upon this Sea. This Ark was all of a most diaphanous fine Gold, with Six Wings on each side branching forth from it; so that it did Fly as well as Swim: which Wings were full of Eyes. Then was it said to me, What dost thou think this Ark is sent down for, but to take in, and receive such as have looked for the Redemption, to be Saved from the Violence and Curse of the Old Earth, and from the Malignancy and Venom of the Starry Kingdom? A loud Cry and Call then came out of the Ark, saying, Come, Hasten, and escape for your Lives, for here is a Shelter prepared for you, while those that do slight this Call, and have not Faith to fly away, must in another Deluge be swallowed up, which will be as the Waters in Noah’s Day, falling down upon them from the Starry Firmament, while the Children of Wisdom’s Kingdom, who have obeyed her Voice, shall here be kept, having the Wings of Power, which I had before seen, given to them, that they might fly into this Ark. Whereinto some Eminent in the Faith were received with great Acclamations, and Embracements, and these that first entered had great longings to attract in others after them; which they waited here in hope to see.

February the 19th.

§ 7. Then the Great Captain of the Ark of Faith, Christ Jesus, did steer the Ark, which with flying Wings did swiftly pass, and landed us in the New Paradise. Where we were received by the Divine Magus’s and Masters of the Faith, who understood the Mystery of all Miraculous Faith. This was a wonderful Place, the like of which I had never seen, for the Walks were all paved as with Transparent Gold, and several Temples were here, in which these Elders in Priestly Robes all glittering did pay their Homage to the Great and Mighty King, by whom they did work all their great Works, and give Existency to that which never had been. Then were we led out to view the pleasant Trees and Groves for delight and recreation: and the Trees did seem to be as of pure Gold, and the Branches to be laden as with Diamonds, and all the variety of Precious Stones. Besides which there were Trees also laden with all sorts of precious Fruits for Food: and Rivers with Fountains flowing with spiced Wine, and Cups and Flagons round about the Fountain. So we were called to drink at these Fountains, and to eat of these Fruits, being entertained by these Magi: to whose Care by the great Shepherd of this Fold we were committed. Who were to usher us back to the Ark, to bring in others, and transport them hither. Which accordingly was done.

§ 8. After which it was said to me, this Ark doth represent the Body of Faith, of which the Lord Christ is the Head, of whom the Church that is to be gathered into this is the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife. Then did it float and fly with great force, with outspread Banners: and a mighty Angel that was in it, did sound forth his Trumpet, that all that would come out of the Babylonish Confusion, should admittance have. At this Alarm came diverse in, the mighty Spirit of Cyrus resting upon some, the Spirit of Elijah upon others, of Nehemiah and Zorobabel upon a third sort, of Gideon, Barak, and Deborah upon others, of Miriam, Huldah, Dorcas and Lydia upon some; of Titus and Onesimus upon others, with the beloved Mary, Martha and Hephzibah, with numerous others, both Males and Females that were unknown, of this and other Nations. For they flocked from the utmost Parts of the Earth as Doves to the Windows of this Ark, having heard the report of this Good Land, from those who had been sent thither as Spies to seek it out. And when thus the Ark was filled, it was by a Principal Angel sitting at this Helm, Steered to this Paradisiacal Land, where they were Landed with a joyful greeting; and had all their Tents here prepared for them; this being said to be the Plantation for the Virgin Philadephian Church, which has in former Treatise been Described.

§ 9. And upon an Inquiry made, whether all were now Landed? It was by the Spirit of Wisdom, answered, No: For that the Ark was not to rest, but to Fly and Float for more to be gathered in, till the Full Body of the First Resurrection state was completed, and brought hither, to put on their Immortal Robes, for the Triumphant Consummation of the Marriage of the New Jerusalem Bride. This is a wonderful Mystery, which in its Fulfilling Day, will better be understood: for which we are to wait in great clarity of Mind, and sanctity of Heart, in pure and perfect Dedication, and Separation from all that is gross and vulgar; for that none else can have admittance into this Holy Ark, but such as are fully and wholly Purified by Faith.

February the 20th.

§ 10. Here I thought to have stopped, as not knowing there should be any further Addition from the Spirit of my Lord; but the next Morning, February 20, all was opened to me again, the Ark descending, and a Commission given from the Lord to the Beloved John, to steer it, with some Few Names born into the Love, and Practitioners of the High Mystery of Faith, who were here with him to abide, and as Heralds to Proclaim the Love-Message, and to call in such as were willing upon the Report made concerning this New found Paradisiacal Land, to leave the Land of the Curse, and to wind themselves out of the Sensitive Principle, so as to be Disciplined into the Faith. So accordingly as Report was made by these Persons of what they had seen in this New Paradisiacal Country, the strength and power of Faith and Love did so manifestly appear, and give such a Witness in those that were in this Ark, that they did attract many from all Parts. And when the appointed number was fulfilled, the beloved Great Apostle spread out the Wings of the Ark, in which were fixed the piercing Eyes, that did see the way by which they were to move till they came to this goodly Land; who then delivered up his Charge to the Princess and Governess of this Land. Who received all out here with an amiable Reception, telling them this Climate was of a Transmuting Property, which would put another kind of Body upon them, that should be of such Agility, Purity, and Clarity, as the Old Body should in all its Infirmities be swallowed up into this. Then was there given a Roll, wherein there was written certain Rules, which they were to Act, and be Practitioners in, as the Laws of this Kingdom, whereof the Kingly Shepherd himself did give them a pattern, and said, Ye are to Act and Work, as my self have done and acted, as an obedient Son to the Father. What ye have seen me do, that are ye also to do, as Followers of me: for hitherto the Father worketh, and I work, and ye must be fellow workers with me, as risen with me: and so must all your Works now be by the Faith of my Operation in you. Then the Roll was Read to these that were now Landed, as it had been to those that were before admitted to be Inhabitants.


The Laws of the High and Holy Calling,
that are to be Observed by those
that are admitted into this Paradisiacal Land.

§ 11. These are the Particulars of that Holy Calling, which all are in this Place to Profess.

I. The First of these, is to learn of me, (saith JESUS) to be Lowly and Meek in Spirit, even as I am, being contented with no lesser Degree. For this is the first Fundamental Qualification: for as much as my Lily grows only out of such a Ground as is all leavened, and of an even Temperature, neither too Hot or Cold, Moist or Dry; but found always in Contrition and Humility: from whence Exaltation to Higher things will certainly arise.

II. The Second Degree which ye are to take from hence, is to know how to understand the Manual Operation of the Hand of Faith, by which the goodly Tent must be wrought for Shem and Japheth to dwell together in great and full enlargement. For through the Exercise and nimble Activity of this Hand, all Provisions necessary will be brought in for the Bridegroom and Bride to live upon.

III. A Third Particular relating to your High Calling is to attend, and officiate in the most Holy Inward Court, there to wait, and be at hand to receive evermore fresh Command: as also to hear, and learn what further is requisite to reach to the highest Accomplishment towards Natures most Perfect Restoration.

IV. The Fourth Particular, or Law, is to come to a putting forth of all the Essential Properties into Activity, according to what ye have seen, and been instructed in from the Father and me; stirring up the Gift, that so it may not lie useless in you in any Degree.

V. Ye are not to think it sufficient that ye have Learned Part of my Calling; but ye are in this Place to learn All, even to the full Unity; according to the Example which I have set you. Therefore come, set your Hand of Faith to Work and Act, as I your Lord have done; who expect you should come up to those Measures I have set before you: who am, and will be to you, the same flowing Source of Life-quickening Power, if called out, that I was when planted in your Likeness.

Behold! I am at hand to do as great and mighty Works, as ye are able to receive. So will I imprint not only the Image of Purity, but of Power upon you; that so ye may full out be made Partakers of my Profession. Which doth not only consist in Love, Meekness, Gentleness, Patience, Wisdom, and Soundness of Judgment, but also in the Faith of the Omnipotency. For in my Calling it is not only requisite to have Light and Understanding, to find out the Mystery of this High Art, but Strength and Might to Work out the same from the Eternal Magia Root; from whence the Birth of Power doth proceed. Now before ye can Proficients and Practitioners in all things answerable to your President herein be; ye must come to be strong, and find ability to turn about that which moveth the Creating Word: by which all lost Dominion may be Renewed. But what can draw forth that, except it be somewhat, that is Equal in Might with it self; which will be found out if the Will-Spirit sinks deep into its own Central Root. From whence the Life sappy-Power may spring, which will do Miracles at Will. This was the Principal Work and Business belonging to my Calling, which on the Earth I did, and yet do appear again to walk, and to be admired through the raising again of this Mighty Power, which in all of you shall wonderfully work, that have ceased now to live promiscuously in that low Temporizing State, which I have called you out of: that so capable ye might be of this Worthy and Honourable Vocation; exactly in, and according to, the Method that I have shewn to you: That so not only in the Hopes circling about, but coming to the very manual Exercises themselves, ye may reap, and live upon the Benefits which this Pure Abstracted Calling shall and will abundantly bring in, and not only bare Grain, that is for and to your own Accounts; which the least in your Eye must be.

VI. For Abel-like ye are to bring the First Fruits of this high extracted Calling, to sacrifice all in a flaming Oily Perfume unto your Great Melchizedeck.

VII. Further ye are Excited to feed upon no other Fruits, but what the Tree of Faith doth give forth. I am that Tree which ye must feed upon; all other Trees forbidden are, which cherish up the Life of Sensibility. Therefore fix your Eye, and center your Heart upon that which may nourish up this Birth of Faith, till it reach to its full Maturity: then will it come to understand what Sovereignty and Dominion it is entitled to, as a King and Lord over all.

§ 12. Then Queried I with my Lord, What was meant by those Trees which I had seen all laden with Precious Stones, and the Trunks of them of such fine Gold? To which it was Answered me, that those did run Parallel with the New Jerusalem, representing the Bride of the Lamb that was thus to be adorned. For it was shewn me, that these Trees were Representative Figures of those that were brought into the Ark, and here Landed; whose Cloathing was to be in such variety of Sparkling Glory, that from the Golden Sap of Faith should be always fresh and flourishing.

§13. Then I Queried further of him that shewed me these things, Whether it were possible for Mortals, whose dwelling was in this lower World, to know such a Translation as this? It was hereupon Replyed, There is no less a thing designed: the Time and Age for this is already come to some, that in the Inward Figure as Representatives stand, who are in Spirit transported into this Mystical Land. But in obscurity they must be, till the Hand of Power shall rend away the Veil, that hath upon this Glory a Covering been; but yet the Faith is growing , and when to a full body of Strength it shall reach, then shall ye see the Wonders fly from each of these bright lustrous Trees, which in the New Paradisiacal Earth shall multiply numerously.

§ 14. It was then further said, To you that attentive are to these my Sayings, and obedient shall be to my Rules, I will put no other Burden upon you, but to hold fast the Faith, that springeth from the Golden Stem of Love; wherein your Strength shall be as Anointed Cherubs still to move, your Rest to find in me, where no annoyance can ever be. For this is a New Time, in which the new World will appear: therefore spare ye not it to declare and proclaim. By this now let all understand, what a wonderful Time is at the Door.

§ 15. Upon which my Spirit was carried to cry, O Mighty Alpha and Omega, Arise thou and Gather in, by thy great Power and Strength, into this Ark such as are to make up the First Resurrection-Body; to whom thou wilt be the Head, the Crown, the Joy and the Glory. Verily, this is the Time in which thou wilt send forth thy Messengers that shall sound the Jubilee Horn, and pour out therefrom that rich Anointing Oil to consecrate a Priestly Race, that shall no other thing mind, but to pursue, and follow after that which is highly Divine. For which there is this Day great Travail: O God, let not the Lordly Birth, which is the King and Heir of Faith, any longer stick: let thy Mighty Arm and Hand take hold of it, that no more drawings back there may be, but the Son of Joy and Laughter we may see. For surely the Virgin Bride preparing is her self in expectation that her Kingly Bridegroom will no longer stay, but make speed and come away; that all Redeemed from the Earth may be, that have waited in the Faith this Resurrection-State to see. And in this New World, do thou, O great Shepherd, plant us, as Trees of Righteousness and Glory, circling about thee, who the overspreading Tree of Life, and splendourous Brightness art, under whose Shadow we shall grow most fruitfully.

§ 16. Neither pray we alone for these First Fruits, but that a plentious new Sowing of thy Spirit may go forth, to bring in the rest of the Harvest, that lieth yet as under Death and Barrenness. For thou hast said thy Ark shall not take up its Rest till it hath made its flight to all Corners of the Earth. The Trumpet of thy Love shall such a loud Cry send forth, throughout all Nations, that constrained they may be, to fly as swift Dromedaries, and bring their Offering into thy sacred Ark. Even so, Blessed JESUS, let all these Prophecies fulfilled be, both what hath been in past Ages given, and hath been of late so plentifully Renewed, through them whom thou hast for this end chosen, though not worthy to be named, yet known by Name in thy Book of Life, which sufficient is: who shall never cease, or any Rest take up in, until thou hast made a Glorious Spotless Church upon the Earth to appear, as a Flying Ark with Banners, whose Eyes as Lamps of Fire may go forth, to gather in the whole Priestly and Heavenly Host, from all Quarters and Parts of the Earth. Even so, with thy Triumphant Church,

Shall we the Song of our Redemption Sing
Glory, Glory, Glory to the Triune King.

Even so: Amen, Amen.

F I N I S.





A D V E R T I S E M E N T.


WHEREAS some Things have been Scandalously set forth, and Printed under the Name of this Author to the Reproach of Truth, and the Dishonour of that which is Holy, it is thought fit for the putting a Stop to such Impostures, and the Evil which might thence ensue, to give a Catalogue of the Books which the Author hath hitherto Published.


The Heavenly Cloud, or, the Ascension Ladder, 4to. 1682. p.40.

The Revelation of Revelations, an Essay towards the Unsealing, Opening, and Discovering of the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the New Jerusalem State. 4to. 1683. p.130.

The Enochian Walks with God, found out by a Spiritual Traveller. 4to. 1694. p.38.

The Laws of Paradise; Given forth by Wisdom to a translated Spirit. 8vo. 1695. p.69.

The Wonders of God’s Creation manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds, as they were made know Experimentally to the Author. 8vo. 1695. p.89.

The Message to the Philadelphian Society whithersoever dispersed over the whole Earth, together with a Call to the several gathered Churches. 12ves. p.108 1696.

The Tree of Faith: or the Tree of Life, springing up in the Paradise of God: from which all the Wonders of the New Creation must proceed. 12ves. p.122. 1696

The Ark of Faith, p.33.