Being a record of Spiritualistic Experiences
in Ballarat and Melbourne.




"It [Spiritualism] demonstrates mind without brain, and intelligence disconnected from a material body.... It furnishes proof of a future life which so many crave, and for want of which so many live and die in

anxious doubt, so many in positive disbelief."—A. R. Wallace.

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"Gently as drops the feather

From the swan's breast, your dust, ye weary hearted,

Shall from you fall, and none shall ask you whether Ye feared or hoped. Each rankling wound that smarted

Shall pain no more, for peace dwells with the world's departed."

—Lyric of the Golden Age.


"This book cannot be slain

'Twill live, 'twill walk the world, and wing the air, Surviving every pompous priestly fane The weary Earth groans under, loth to bear. Dear shall it be to Maidens; it shall lie On the chaste altars of their purest bliss Read with a throbbing heart and glowing eye And sweet and sacred as Love's troth-plight kiss. Dear shall it be to Lovers; like a lamp With crimson radiance, rose-perfumed and fed,

That guides from Earth's low caverns, drear and damp, To where, in Heaven, true hearts are angel-wed."

—Lyric of the Morning Land.


"Light as a leaf they step, or arrowy

Floating of breeze upon a waveless pool; Sudden and soft, too, like a wave of light,

The beautiful immortals come to me."—Festus.


"Not one life shall he destroyed,

Or cast as rubbish to the void,

When God bath made His pile complete."

"If we could but once a year exchange two words with our loved and lost, death would be no longer death."—Renan.


"Whoever believes that he has something to teach us concerning our destiny and our end, should be welcome. "—Renan.


"Notwithstanding my age, and my exemption from the controversies of the day, I feel it my duty to bear testimony to the great fact of Spiritualism. No one should keep silent."

—I. H. Fichte.

"Were one world in the universe a hell,

Were one soul in the universe a fiend, Damned hopelessly to everlasting pain, 'Twould be the torturing atom that inflames The vision. Every world and every sphere Would weep in woeful sympathy with woe. The consciousness of all created life

Would yearn and grieve and anguish. God Himself, Who, in the universal consciousness, Dwells throned and radiant, would receive no joy, But only grief from His fair universe.


—Lyric of the Golden Age.


"The argument that nothing ever came From Spirits or the Spiritual World Is very ancient. The Philosopher

Said to the Seer, 'All that you see I know.' The Seer, in his deep wisdom, made reply, 'All that you know I see.'"



[Here is were the digital copy stops, the remaining pages are not included] Seances with Mrs. Reynolds 166

CHAPTER X.—Spirits Rapping

CHAPTER XI.—Seances with Mrs. Fielden

CHAPTER XII.—Clairvoyance and Trance Seances with Miss Harriet Keith Milne

CHAPTER XIII.—Personal and other Matters