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Minneapolis Minn.




with drawings entirely from classic sources


The very cordial reception given this little book by teachers and children, both in school and out of school, has tempted me carefully to revise the stories, omitting some and adding others, in the hope of making the book still more welcome and more helpful. The illustrations in the present edition are all from classic sources, and reproduce for the reader something of the classic idea and the classic art.

The book was originally prepared as an aid in Nature Study, and this thought has been retained in the present edition. By reading these myths the child will gain in interest and sympathy for the life of beast, bird, and tree; he will learn to recognize those constellations which have been as friends to the wise men of many ages. Such an acquaintance will broaden the child's life and make him see more quickly the true, the good, and the beautiful in the world about him.


Minneapolis, October, 1901.



How the Horses of the Sun Ran Away (Greek)
Woden, God of the Northern Sky (Norse)
Jupiter, God of the Southern Sky (Roman)
Diana, Queen of the Moon (Greek)
Jack and Jill on the Moon Mountains (Norse)
The Man in the Moon (German)
A Story of an Evening Star (Greek)
The Giant with a Belt of Stars (Greek)
The Great Bear in the Sky (Greek)
Castor and Pollux, the Starry Twins (Greek)
The Milky Way (Russian)
How Fire Came to Earth (Greek)
Beyond the Fire Island (Russian)
A Legend of the North Wind (Norse)
Orpheus, the South Wind (Greek)
The Little Wind-god (Greek)
The Voices of Nature (Finnish)
A Bag of Winds (Greek)
Echo, the Air Maiden (Greek)
Iris, the Rainbow Princess (Greek)
The Thunder-god and His Brother (Norse)
Neptune, King of the Seas (Greek)
Why Rivers Have Golden Sands (Greek)
Old Grasshopper Gray (Greek)
Where the Frogs Came from (Roman)
The Birds with Arrow Feathers (Greek)
Why the Partridge Stays Near the Ground (Greek)
Juno's Bird, the Peacock, (Roman)
The Gift of the Olive Tree, (Greek)
The Linden and the Oak, (Greek)
The Little Maiden Who Became a Laurel Tree (Greek)
The Lesson of the Leaves (Roman)
The Legend of the Seed (Greek)
The Girl Who Was Changed into a Sunflower (Greek)
Why the Narcissus Grows by the Water (Greek)
The Legend of the Anemone (Greek)
The Mistletoe (Norse)
The Forget-me-not (German)
Pegasus, The Horse With Wings (Greek)
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